In light of the recent announcement that the 13th Doctor Who would be the first female lead to ever grace the show, one would think feminists would be thrilled and content enough to stop their REEEEing for a few moments.

Not quite.

Notorious miserable harpy feminist Anita Sarkeesian appears to have taken issue with the fact that Jodie Whittaker, the actress cast to play the first female Doctor Who ever, is white.

Her reaction to the news – shared via the Twitter account representing her horrible excuse for a blog Feminist Frequency – started out on a happy note…

…but quickly turned sour…

…then more sour…

…she just kept going…

Sarkeesian wasn’t alone in her lamenting of yet another white person in Doctor Who.

Over at Variety, critic Maureen Ryan acknowledges that while she’s happy the new Doctor Who is not “yet another white man,” “some might be disappointed that this makes for the thirteenth white Doctor in a row.”

“I do want to see a woman of color, or a non-white man, as the Doctor, of course. Those fans are still being asked to wait, and it would be hypocritical not to note that that is still not ideal.”

The Daily Caller’s Ian Miles Cheong points out that there are literally hundreds of tweets expressing similar sentiments.

The Daily Caller

  • Jason Kauppinen

    So how come none of these snowflakes ever create books or comics or youtube video series of their own that consist of something other than criticism? Like actual creative works of art?

    • Dom Pizzarro

      Because they don’t have what it takes to create. They just whine and bitch and moan – and make a living of idiots that fall for their BS.

    • Disproportional

      I keep asking that myself. I think it is because they are bitter angry people consumed by their bitterness and anger which makes them unable to be truly creative.

    • Nohbody

      It’s easier to take over someone else’s work than to come up with something yourself (generic “you”).

      Especially when that “someone else’s work” is actually popular, because it offers what people want… which usually isn’t to be harangued by some never-was harpy about how the audience is sickbadwrong if they don’t believe the same way as the hijacker (so to speak).

      (Please note the above is a general comment. I’ve never been interested in Dr. Who so I have no personal skin in the game for this particular issue.)

    • GTKRWN

      Parasitic lifeforms don’t create, they feed off of other more advanced lifeforms.

  • January

    No matter who the show added, somebody would complain. I really can’t take these idiots seriously.

    • Disproportional

      I admit that I am not going to watch the new doctor but only because
      they have just ruined the entire story line as they have stated in
      previous episodes that time lords cannot regenerate as the opposite sex.
      I loved that they sort of overstepped for Missy because she was amazing however now they have
      overstepped and subverted yet another established (main) character
      (hero) in the name of “diversity” and “pc culture” and that I cannot get
      behind. It did not work for Marvel Comics, I do not see why they think it will work anywhere else.

      • James Hoppe

        Actually in one of Matt Smith’s storylines he mentioned a Time Lord named The Corsair who at least once regenerated as a female.

        • Disproportional

          Not going to argue as it is 50 years of canon. However, in the 70’s or 60’s (early on) when they first set the canon for the show. This was not a thing. We can agree that SJW’s have had their hands in things during Matt Smith’s tenure as the Doctor yes? Then it is a moot point.

          • James Hoppe

            I agree. Changing an iconic character and throwing out so many decades of canon to appease a minority is not a wise move, especially when I hear the actress chosen can’t act her way out of a wet paper bag.

          • Disproportional

            Which sadly is why I cannot support this Doctor in order to hopefully slow the SJW tide against this show.

          • James Hoppe

            I stopped watching about halfway through Matt Smith’s time as Doctor. And what little I saw of Capaldi’s Doctor I was fine with. When I heard about “Bill” I couldn’t even bear to try to watch online. But the SJWs get their way everywhere. As much as I love the new Power Rangers movie for example, the change of one of the characters to being gay just put me off. Then to make it worse the cast wanting to change the single most iconic Power Ranger to female for a sequel just for diversity made me realize more than ever….Social Justice and PC culture is a problem.

          • Disproportional

            i could not agree with you more.

          • James Hoppe

            The funny thing is during the era in which SJWs were pandered to, the ratings of Doctor Who dropped considerably. Viewership has dropped. Of course the SJW fans just wanna blame Moffat, instead of seeing how pandering to them may be the issue.

          • jonklement

            That’s why it’s pronounced social IN-justice, not social justice. They are Social Injustice Warriors.

          • Heywood Jablowme

            They give faggot cocksuckers a bad name lol. But seriously you are right , they are no fun.

          • MLMII

            I fully admit that I could be wrong, but it is my understanding that they had looked at various female actors to play the Doctor throughout the years but always decided to cast a male actor as the best choice.

            As for me personally, I don’t so much care whether the Doctor is a man or a woman (as long as the actor is great, I STILL wish Clara’s lie about being the Doctor was actually true), what I don’t like is that apparently the casting was female only and was part of BBC’s commitment to diversity so it just feels forced. The actor’s words about “please don’t be afraid of my gender” and promising to be a feminist also do not bode well and I fear that the show is going to be about the Doctor’s gender instead of the Doctor being “THE DOCTOR”.

          • Disproportional

            my lack of a reply is silent agreement with your evaluation about the general death of THE Doctor…

    • JIm Kress


  • Elisabeth Stone

    We stopped watching doctor who three seasons ago when Moffat (who the SJWS love even though he is a hateful man) tried to make every episode about some social issue. We watch to see episodes about VanGough, not about a lesbian lizard woman and her struggles fitting in on earth ???? Terrible that they’ve made a classic into nonsense.

  • tz1

    I’m waiting for the Adipose to take over earth and the doctor can’t do anything about it because of fat-shaming.

    Note how the Doctrix isn’t obese, doesn’t have hair a color that doesn’t occur on earth, nor has more piercings than pin-head from the hell raiser franchise.

    (or the comics – the lesbian latina, Thorette, etc., rarely do you find any ugly portrayal, and when you do they are inhuman).

  • Disqus Profile Name

    Yeah put more Christian churches and Buddhist temples in muslim countries too while you’re at it!

    • January

      Why don’t you go on their twitter and suggest adding a Muslim woman doctor. Watch their heads spin.

  • Disqus Profile Name

    Recruit moar white males into your women groups and people of color groups!

  • Randy Dockery

    i just wish these cun&5 would die already. they just had a black lesbian on. what do they want next, a fucking toaster oven as the doctor?

    • thos1787

      Only if it burned the toast !!

  • The Chinese Noise

    My company is hiring a trans disabled woman of color, but I am not sure of the position just yet.

    • Manius

      Race baiter?

  • DoomGuyBFG

    Let’s cast The Doctor with someone who is an ugly fat black transsexual hermaphrodite with a flock of seagulls haircuts and only one nostril, flying around on a wheelchair powered by the tears of SJWs.

  • Carey J

    How the mighty has fallen. Bimbo Who?

  • Bemyguest

    Ironically over at Breitbart some of the locals are complaining a Female Doctor is the triumph of SJW’s.

    Here is the deal. If she is analogous to wonder woman or Buffy she will be awesome. If OTOH she is FemaleThor/Ghostbusters she will suck harder then Milo does at the NAACP(only not as fun as Milo).

    I’ll give her a chance but if Anita Sarkeesian doesn’t like it well I am happy when she is upset but I will still judge for myself.

  • Can we just not shut them down and ignore them?
    They aren’t even worth the time to create a parody.

    Just a bunch of whiny losers.

  • AlexCorvidae

    Um…they are talking about a fucking Alien, the Timelords are not human, so attaching human sjw bullshit to them is retarded. And technically this new Doctor will be Trans. 12 lives as a male and now a female. They have had poc as companions and guest stars. Also as a matter of personal opinion, nobody should listen to Anita Sarkeesian anyhow, telling the world how women are marginalized is literally her job. Nobody would Patreon or GoFundMe her if she couldn’t convince them that she has ‘important’ stuff to say about muh patriarchy n stuff.

    • James Hoppe

      Yeah they’ve obviously forgotten Mickey, Martha and Bill

  • Aitch748 the Дeplorable

    Trying to make SJWs happy is never worth the trouble.

  • Shannon Howell

    I’m sad the doctor is no longer a man… I do not want a male wonder woman OR a female Dr. Who. 🙁

    • Manius

      I wouldn’t even want a white male American DW. Get out with that crap. The character is a white male with an English accent, what’s so hard about keeping that tradition?

  • Keith_Indy

    Wonder how many of these twits actually watch Doctor Who

  • Rob Patriot

    Blind, paraplegic, lesbian, gender-fluid, trans aboriginal. Would that be good enough?

    • Manius

      Nope, also needs to be half black, half latino, and half asian like ManBearPig. You racist.

      • Jim Trent

        Ooohhhh they can have puppymonkeybaby as the new Doctor Who 🙂

  • David Rocha

    what the fuck is POC?

    • AlexCorvidae

      people of color

    • Manius

      Another SJW invented racist term with no value in rational conversation whatsoever.

  • Pröksié SteelyDanzig Shürvaar

    Anita Sarkesian is diversifying her SJW brand. She’s a moron so it’ll probably blow back on her.

  • Eden

    i really love doctor who and i hope jodie is good as the doctor but these idiots are seriously ruining any fun i was having. who was the companion for season 10 again? a straight white woman? no it was a goddamn lesbian woman of colour you fucking morons

    • MLMII

      The sad thing is that was ALL “Bill” was … well that and French fries I guess.

  • #OffThePlantation

    There is no way they’ll ever be satisfied.

  • Homeroids

    These ppl are so ffn low IQ’d.

    It’s not a “step” for anyone. It’s a character of fiction that happened to be created in the UK where it is/was predominately white and that legacy has carried through for non-racial diversity reasons. It’s no big deal. These people make political mileage out of benign things. It’s just stupid.

  • The R.H. Deplorable

    “social justice” is nothing more than a cancer that destroys everything it touches

    • James Hoppe


  • Manius

    Why can’t they invent their own stupid show featuring a half-black half-latino gay tranny albino with one arm if they care so much? Probably because they have zero talent or creativity. Looks like this is “cultural appropriation” of the white devil’s entertainment.

  • Jessica Durbin

    For fuck sake.

  • Brady Möritz

    lean in here, i have something to whisper in your ear…


    All these bitches complaining yet i guarantee non even watch it!

  • Anita Sauzier

    Female Dr Who now a female 007 I wonder who they had to sleep with to get the roles bahaha

  • Michael Rader

    Actually if you think about it the new Doc is Trans, the perfect trans. So the only complaint they could claim is she’s still white. It’s the same person, so he regenerated within into a fully functional she without all the mental hangups of depression and hormonal issues… Oh wait she doesn’t experience ‘the struggle’ so they’ll just say she’s fake trans in that case. The butthurt rolls on eternally.

  • Myob Nosy

    Do you know why feminists have 2 sets of lips? So they can piss and whine and the same time. I say go back to white men. Damn shame Tom Baker got old.

  • Paraschiv Adrian

    will the companion be a man now? or will that get they panties in a bunch also?

  • Charles Borner

    Basically they won’t be happy until it’s an obese, black, quadriplegic transgender gay woman who happens to be a Muslim who champions Sharia law and wears a hajib while breast feeding in public and killing every white man they come across while allowing white women to get away with only a good slapping.

    And by then, they’ll find something ELSE in the show to be unhappy about.

  • Jason Caulkin

    Hmmm…. isn’t it about finding the best Actor for the role??

    • MLMII

      Not anymore it seems.

  • HT

    Why don’t these SJW’s use their talent to create their own characters and put them forth to decide if the public will accept and financially support their endeavors? Oh, wait, that would require actual talent, taking risk and giving up their victim-hood mentality.

  • misha1d1

    I think it bodes well that I don’t know what a POC is. I will give Whittaker a chance, as she was fantastic in Broadchurch, and Chibnall as show runner too for the same reason. However, the last season (series as the Brits would have it) was entirely awful and full of SJW shite moments. So I don’t have much hope for it.

  • TruthHurts2013

    There is a reason why Doctor Who is not a trans, mentally and physically disabled black actor in a wheel chair. Because Doctor Who producers don’t want to make the show a laughing-stock. The majority of human beings are not trans disabled people. Get used to it.

  • Tobi Alafin

    Diversify! Diversify! Diversify!
    SJWs would probably not stop until they’ve erased White culture and history, and even then they still wouldn’t be satisfied.

  • Aleksandar Tomić

    Isn’t that like….cultural appropriation ?

  • Linktothepast

    are they expecting doctor who to regenerate minus his fucking legs? i don’t get it! fuck off! just fuck off with your SJW bullshit trying to soil something thats been amazing from conception. fuck….OFF. Also if pearl is white the colour in my TV has gone! these people will not be happy until doctor who is so diverse he’s unrecognisable as the character he portrays. again FUCK OFF. Thank god for milo.

  • Mango

    I remember as a kid watching the Cosby show and Family Matters on TV and never wondering why there were so many black people or why the only white people were the silly friends or inconsequential neighbors. It didn’t make a difference nor was it on my radar screen, I just liked the shows because they were funny and had heart. It’s the same now, which means I can just enjoy quality acting without the prejudice. While these pathetic racists are busy counting white people on TV and dismissing them as if they don’t deserve the roles, the rest of us will get on with our lives and continue not being racists.

  • Suzana

    These feminists are so brainwashed by west-white-supremacism that they didn’t realized he should be a medicine man instead of a doctor.

  • tott

    What is poc?

  • Stopped watching when Tom Baker was replaced…

  • emersonushc13

    The next Wonder Woman movie should star one of the gay bears who dressed like her recently in Providence, RI.

  • Philip

    Doctor Who is a shitty fictional TV show. That’s all.

  • Der Waffleman

    Why not create your own damn characters and stop hijacking everyone else’s?

  • Franks Trate Writes

    It’s the most boring show on earth, so WHO cares?

  • Luke Bailey

    The funniest part about all this is they honestly think this is a victory XD


    Poc stand for piece of crap? Sounds about right.

  • Jon Skinner

    why must the west be the ones to change everything about our culture to include those from other cultures? I’ve never seen anyone go around China, India, Iraq, Egypt, etc asking for them to put in more people from non-native races into their media.Sure we take in people from all other cultures but at the end of the day we still have our own culture to preserve. If we’re the only ones trying to globalize, that’s not called globalization, it’s called being conquered through non-aggressive means.

  • duder1897

    Why they want a Piece Of Crap person to be the Doctor? Makes no sense.

  • Danlantic

    And the Doctor has not traveled to Mecca ca 640 CE and met Mohammed and converted to Islam. !!!!!!

  • Heather Davis

    I don’t really understand. The most recent Dr. Who companion is a black, female lesbian.

  • gminsane✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    here is an obvious question:
    Why does ANYONE listen to these people?
    Why are they not laughed at, mocked then ignored?

    • Susan Gallagher

      That is SO true! It’s time someone in the media stood up to these SJW’s but they are so terrified of them squawking “prejudiced”!!!!!!!!! that they bow and scrape and pander to them, even though it’s highly likely they don’t read, watch, etc. the stuff they bleat about. And remember; “inclusion” and “representation” in their widest sense means giving the consumer what they want – which dosen’t always mean a “just like me” character as the lead!

  • Oogity Boogity

    Pretty simple fix to this scenario. Just tell her she to say she ‘identifies’ as a black man. Problem solved.

  • Danny

    The show is long overdue for cancellation.

  • Bombastic

    Why all the shilling for Leslie Jones?

  • PoliticallyIncorrectDeplorable

    They should rename it to Dr. Hoe

  • o541o

    Dr Who a woman? What, there aren’t enough movies/shows with a “Strong Female” lead and men (especially white) portrayed as emasculated, immature sexist morons? REALLY?

    I would be fine with a female Dr Who EXCEPT that I already know they’re going to use it as a platform to endlessly spew boring feminist/SJW garbage whilst denigrating men as often as possible and projecting all the universe’s problems onto white hetero males. Count on it!

    (BTW season 10’s “Bill” was the most completely pointless sidekick ever. Nothing against the actor, the writing just didn’t give her much to work with.)

  • Ludovico Technique

    I’ll take Anita’s Dr. Who thoughts a lot more seriously when she finally becomes a black trans woman. Bonus seriousness taken if she becomes a black trans man. Best is to do a revolving trans woman-to-male-to-woman, with a velcro change-out option.

    Don’t deny the voices inside any longer, girl!