While the killer of Justine Damond, Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor, still refuses to explain why he shot the Australian woman, more questions have been raised.

Investigators searched Damond’s house for bodily fluids, weapons, and drugs after she was shot by Noor, The Daily Mail reports.

Court records that were released on Wednesday indicate that investigators asked for two search warrants. One was for the alley behind Damond’s house where she reported a potential rape, and the other was for her house.

Criminal expert Joseph Daly said there was no reason for detectives to search Damond’s home.

“When I read that I really cannot find probable cause to search her home,” Daly told 5 Eyewitness News. “I don’t understand why they’re looking for bodily fluids inside her home.”

“Whose bodily fluids are they looking for? Is she a suspect? I don’t understand why they’re looking for controlled substances inside her home. I don’t understand why they’re looking for writings inside her home. The warrant does not explain that to me,” said Daly.

“I think the Australians are going to go berserk if they think that the focus is on this woman as a suspect,” he added.

Michelle Gross, who is a part of the US based “Communities United Against Police Brutality” group, said she was “very concerned” to hear the Australian’s home was searched. “What was the purpose of that?” she said to Fox 9.

“This is always an effort by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to try to criminalize a person who was killed or their close family members.”

“I think that’s really inappropriate and wrong,” she added.

Damond was reportedly set to marry her fiancé, Don Damond, next month. (Image via The Daily Mail)

Court documents claim that the police car which Noor and his partner were sitting in was “slapped” by a woman just moments before Damond was shot. There was no specification as to whether the woman who slapped the car was Damond.


The Daily Mail
Fox 9
Eyewitness News 5

  • Unlucky#

    She must have had incriminating evidence on Noor. Of a sexual variety.

    • Folly67

      They were trying to find evidence that she was drunk, high, or suicidal so they can justify her murder. Pretty sad when they are willing to blame the victim to protect a Muslim cop.

      • Tracy Almasy

        This whole thing is going implode . There is no way this can be covered up . Justice for Justine Diamond . This is totally wrong and public sentiment is high , people all over the country are furious . The media may not cover this but the people of Minneapolis are and of Australia . How many more innocent people have to die because of this social experiment ?

        • Unlucky#

          The context of my comment was that Noor and Justine must have known each other, and that he may have been harassing or even stalking her.

    • Sbadge697

      You’re a fucking retard, aren’t you?

      • Tracy Almasy

        Your the retard . That is exactly what their trying to do but she never used substances so they will never get any where . Bring back the death penalty . We the American people are not going to put up with the Liberals bullshit so you can convince your fragile self esteem that your life counts for something . The victims life means nothing , the devastation left for the family means nothing . I have contacted the Government of Australia more than once and they need to send their own investigators they are aware of the situation . We the people want justice and we will get it through the courts or whatever means is necessary . This is not getting it with the American people .

      • OpusX

        Your mother fucks diseased goats

        • Arthur Phillips

          Sounds like a college educated remark from a liberal fool. And it’s the Muslims in the middle east who fuck goats, and little boys.

  • HT

    Why is that fu**er not in jail yet?

  • Brendan Armstrong

    Can you imagine if she was a black man and he was a white officer. BLM would be rioting everywhere.

    • zi


      • emeralda1

        and plenty of ” dindu nuffins” ” he wasa good boye” and my favorite ” pulease brutality”

    • MichaelCrackMonkey

      Where’s the governor speaking out against the police saying “If the victim was a Muslim she’d be alive today”.

  • I_h8_disqus

    It will be ironic to watch the BLM protest the arrest and conviction of a cop for the killing of an unarmed woman. Then will follow the riots, and next year white women won’t be allowed to march in the pride parade.

  • wiessej

    Can ANYONE explain to me how a native-born Somali can absorb American values and culture enough to EVER be allowed on ANY police force in the United States after being in the country only TWO YEARS???? Is there no minimum?????

    • Joseph

      aclu and liberalism

      • SteelerBabe13

        I hate the ACLU…and you’re right…

    • Carmen

      what I read was that the hiring was because of “”affirmative action””

    • dmprisk

      maybe this should tell you just how bad the police are…They are not on your side. They are on their own side, they are trying to find anything to excuse what that cop did. Remember this folks.

      • SteelerBabe13

        This is a foolish comment. Please—–stop.

      • conjugations M8

        Well, then, next time someone robs you, or assaults you or a loved one, or if you are in a car accident, by all means call your local BLM representative, or a New Black Panther Party member, or an ANTIFA spokesperson. If you feel that way about the police, I would urge you not to force yourself to suffer their presence during those difficult times. Obviously it would only add to your distress.

      • Richard Saunders

        There are about 900,000 cops in the country. In 2016 there were about 957 people killed by police. That means 899,043 cops didn’t kill anyone. While there are some bad cops and in some cases mistakes do happen, almost all those killed were killed while in the commission of a crime. I don’t know about you but I like my odds of getting a good cop if I dial 911. If you don’t like your odds, don’t dial 911.

      • Bill Via

        Your accusations are right on spot but your accusations should not be directed towards the police but the mayor who cleared this muslim to be on the force. The mayor is the one that screwed up big time. The city attorney now is doing what the mayor directs him/her to do and that is to investigate the victim. Typical liberal bullcrap.

    • Arthur Phillips

      Thirty years of Islamic indoctrination in Somalia pretty much set his values for life. When it comes to women, especially infidel women, there is no value in his culture. The mayor threw the chief of police under the bus but she is guilty of championing these Somali Muslims for positions on the force.

    • MGTOWMonster

      The mental disorder of Liberalism can certainly explain this to you.

  • Jerald

    The judge that approved this needs recalled.

    • wavesofgrain

      One of the more important posts here…I am hoping the constituents of this city will begin to re-assess the Motives of the PC, Anti-American Government they previously elected. Anyone who has children must be VERY afraid, and consider leaving this state.

      • Clara Reyna

        most of people living there are from Somalis that is the reason authorities love to get this people to get elect again and again, i love the police no colors but this time justice has to provide to the family of the victim , but sound like the victim is the police officer , what about his partner i did not hear nothing about what he o she said , mmm good question right ?

    • MGTOWMonster

      There is no basis whatsoever for this warrant to have been issued. I hope the family wins HUGE against the police department and city.

  • JimSherwood3

    Disgusting behavior by local authorities…grasping for something…anything…to distract from their stupidity for allowing this guy to pin on a badge.

  • Sbadge697

    Lots of speculation on both sides. In a world far, far away, does anyone remember a fine upstanding citizen, named Michael Brown? The whole country was up in arms (pun intended) when it was reported Brown was ‘walking away from the police officer, with his hands up, saying ‘don’t shoot’. And, then, a funny thing happened, irrefutable, scientific evidence proved that the allegations made by other ‘eyewitness upstanding members of society’ were grossly overstated.

    The crime scene investigators, with the use of a search warrant, went INSIDE the police vehicle, in order to collect this, crazy thing, called e.v.i.d.e.n.c.e.! Which proved, beyond reasonable doubt, Brown had attacked the officer INSIDE the police cruiser and attempted to gain control of the officers handgun. Which totally destroyed the narrative that Brown was a fine upstanding member of society.

    So, children, instead of making allegations of something you know nothing about, unless you witnessed this incident, keep your cake hole shut. Let the adults do their job. UNLESS you were sitting inside that police vehicle, standing outside that police vehicle, standing next to the Australian woman, in your backyard near the alleyway or, your $5.99/minute psychic told you what ‘really’ happened, keep your opinions to yourself. It’s fine to say ‘I’m sorry this woman was shot and killed and my prayers go out to her family’, but, don’t assume anything UNLESS you were there during this incident.

    Search warrants are issued EVERYDAY based on ‘probable cause’, meaning, the crime scene investigators went before a judge and swore that probable cause existed, somewhere. Otherwise, the crime scene investigators would’ve been DENIED a search warrant. The police officers on the scene don’t pull search warrants out of their pee-pee. One or more crime scene investigators must’ve had some evidence and would have had to present the evidence to a judge in order to get the search warrant signed. Being that this is an ‘ongoing investigation’, contrary to popular belief, the, public DOES NOT have a right to view any evidence collected. So, quit making s**t up.

    Also, police officers are citizens and are awarded the same rights as any other citizen. When a police officer is involved in an ‘OIS’, or, officer involved shooting, he is read the same Miranda rights as John Q. Public, if he wishes to not make any statements that, he/she ‘has a right to remain silent, anything you say may be used against him/her in a court of law, you have a right to have an attorney present before any questioning, if you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed, you can decide AT ANY TIME to stop answering questions, do you understand your rights as I have read them, to you. When I was involved in a fatal OIS, while at the hospital, being treated for my injuries, involved in the shooting, the state BCI investigators, whom I never met in my life, came into the examination room and read me those same rights, I’ve read thousands of times. Yeah, it’s strange when you’re lying on a bed, two guys in plainclothes walk in, flash their badges and read ME my Miranda rights. Because, any police officer, involved in a shooting is referred to as a ‘defendant’, or, suspect, in which a person was wounded or killed, by gunfire. Even though I was acting under ‘color of law’, if a coroner rules the death a ‘homicide’, which in my case, it was ‘homicide’, he died as a direct result from two gunshot wounds to his face, from rounds fired from my weapon. But, until all evidence is collected and analyzed, my life was hanging in the balance, the same someone who’d shot a convenience store clerk in a robbery, was subjected to. When all the evidence was collected and presented to a grand jury, same as John Q. Public, and a ‘no bill’ verdict was returned, I was a ‘suspect’ in a homicide, the same as every officer involved in a shooting. We don’t go back to the police station high fiving our fellow officers. We are given ‘administrative leave’ directly after a shooting to collect our thoughts and decide if we need or want an attorney, the same as every other citizen. I still wish I was one of those officers who’d ‘never fired their weapon in the line of duty my entire career’.

    If the big words are too hard to understand put your helmet on, take some crayons and find a 4 year-old so they can draw you a picture. Heck, you can use sidewalk chalk, even.

    • OccamsKatana

      Is that your opinion? LOL.
      Do Miranda rights still apply when you’re not arrested? Think carefully before you answer.

      • MLMII

        As much as I love the snarky response, the answer is why wouldn’t they still apply since I have the right to hire a lawyer at anytime and it is generally accepted that a common citizen doesn’t have to speak to the police if they don’t wish. (The Law & Order threats of charging people with obstruction of justice is an effective tactic but way overused.)

        Now with that said, its my understanding that Noor hasn’t filed a report about the incident which is part of a cop’s duties.

        • OccamsKatana

          My point was, Miranda doesn’t apply unless he is arrested, in which case, he is given his Miranda warning.

          Miranda Warnings Don’t Always Apply

          There are two very basic prerequisites before the police must issue a Miranda warning to a suspect:

          The suspect is in police custody
          The suspect is under interrogation
          It’s crucial to understand these prerequisites because if you aren’t formally in police custody, and you aren’t being interrogated, the police don’t have to give you a Miranda warning. This, in turn, means that the police can use anything you say until those two requirements are fulfilled as evidence against you.

          • Walter Holliday

            The standard for requiring Miranda rights is NOT arrest or lack thereof; it is CUSTODIAL INTERROGATION. If you are free to leave, not detained, you are not in custody. Interrogation is any attempt to elicit information from the subject; it does not require direct questions. This is why you always ask “Am I being detained? or am I free to leave?” If you are free to leave then LEAVE! If you stay and “talk” you are engaging in a voluntary, consensual interaction with the police “professional”.

          • MLMII

            Sometimes you are “free to leave” even when you hear the door locking behind the officer leaving the room.

          • MLMII

            Oh, I completely agree with that, I thought you were trying to argue that somehow you didn’t have the right to remain silent until you were being detained.

    • Deguello

      Is there anything approaching a cogent point in any of that?

      I don’t need to be there to question the actions of a cop, in the passenger seat, shooting his gun inside the car, across his partner’s seat, to kill a woman without a weapon and in her pajamas. All the more so when the cop closer to her perceived no threat and was stunned that his partner fired.

      • WRLO56 .

        Yes, you do need to be there. Anything else is just speculation on your part. There may be more to this story than meets the eye, for all we know. If we start jumping to conclusions based on “everybody knows” assumptions, we are really no better than the media who jumped on the Mike Brown “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” BS without knowing all the facts.

        I would love to know what the grounds were for a judge authorizing a search warrant, but that information will come out in due course. That’s his point, I believe.

        • Deguello

          No one on a jury was there. Clearly, one needs not be there to form a judgment. If something comes out in the cop’s favor, it will be time to reevaluate. Until then, he looks somewhere between monumentally negligent and murderous.

          Everyone wants to bring up the Brown case as if it proves anything or is comparable. In that case, there was an alternative story from the cops. Where’s the alternative story here? You think that’s a coincidence?

          Let’s not pretend it takes much, or anything honest, to get a search warrant.

        • MLMII

          I disagree, there is a HUGE difference between people discussing and rendering judgement in a peaceful manner and rioting in the streets.

        • tessaprn

          Since Noor is not talking then we shall never know truly what happened so if people wish to make up their own scenario so be it.

    • joe m

      So you missed the statement from his partner about being shocked and horrified…that being the case…sounds like no reason to shoot

      • Clara Reyna

        that is a good point , the partner officer most have to answer a good questions because he was talking to the victim , i just will like to know more about the partner information about the shooting but sound like everybody is missing it ,

    • dick

      Gonna lecture people for their opinions? who the fuck are you?

    • Reginaruswscissors

      Your comparison is so weak, a five year old could knock it down. I have to believe you realize that or you are mentally handicapped.

  • joe m

    Protective custody sounds like a good place for him.

    • Tracy Almasy

      The end of a rope sounds better .

  • Robert Widdowson

    Shameful. Noor made a very bad judgment call that caused the death of an innocent person. What does bodily fluid and writing in the victim’s home have to do with the fact that a cop shot a woman because he got jumpy?

  • James Palmer

    They are looking for any way out of this cluster fuck the officer put them in. Why they don’t want to just hang the dumb fuck out to dry, when he’s clearly at fault after the repeat investigations he’s been in, and currently under, I don’t know. With the blank check reasoning search warrants they’ve used it just SCREAMS “witch hunt” on the police force and D.A.’s part to put the blame on ANYONE else but where it really belongs. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/72b7824d973201705b792198f39deb7cf17e7424c766177c701283a7d9b58de0.gif

  • rrmin437

    Confusion here… as her last name is Damond, and the picture says she’s going to marry someone named Damond next month…. Only guess is she pre-took his last name… ??

  • Ann N Gerald

    That’s your answer right there, “……documents claim that the police car which Noor and his partner were sitting in was “slapped” by a woman just moments before Damond was shot. There was no specification as to whether the woman who slapped the car was Damond.”

    She slapped the police car, with the men in it, that’s the reason. The authorities are gonna use the cultural/religious dysphoria thingie??!!

    It is getting crazier & carizier, I was hopping this madness would stop with President Trump but, the sewer goes much deeper.

    The authorities should be sued for wrecking the victim’s house, total disrespect for the woman that got shot??!! I suppose it’s the wrong color & religion??!!

    Heaven help us all??!!

    • Tracy Almasy

      I recall initially there was a loud boom . Now it’s someone slapping their hand on a car ? Liars should have good memories and anyone who stands behind this is just as guilty as the cop . Let the games begin .

    • cheray

      Try slapping your hand on a car what sort of noise does it make? And why on earth would anyone do that? Nothing makes sense.

      • MLMII

        I MIGHT be able to see it if the two were simply sitting in their car doing nothing and she was trying to get their attention, but lets be honest, even that is a huuuuuuuuuuge stretch and means the two are lying.

  • NotStoned

    I can’t believe the department is on board with this. I guess they are all corrupt. Blue state. What do we expect?

  • angel

    What can you expect from a Liberal run city! They will never do the Just or Moral thing! They are on a fast track to hell and destruction!

    • buenos

      Leftist morality includes destroying ourselves (same as in Satanism), our morality includes saving ourselves. Culture war.

  • buenos

    Why he shot her? – because he is a barbaric somali muslim. For the same reason we need a 1000year 100% muslim ban in immigration, and deport all muslims. And prosecute any westerner who advocates for the enemy. Only if we want to be safe from our enemy: barbarians and islam. ENEMY WITHIN THE GATES, PEOPLE!

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    So now the PC machine in Minneapolis is looking for a way to excuse the murder of an innocent Infidel by a Somali Muslim Cop who was never fit to carry a badge or gun. As usual the state of Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis are more interested in political correctness than justice. If one White Infidel woman must die so that Muslim men can get on the police force well then so be it. That’s the justice that MPD offers it’s citizens.

    • Ram6

      This is the same state that elected Jesse Ventura as Governor and Al Franken to the U.S. Senate. The latter by cheating in the election.

  • Joe Flores

    They shot her because she was a Trump supporter

  • Calvin

    So glad I don’t live in that backward nation.

    Oh, wait….

  • Ram6

    It is an attempt to justify the shooting. There is no justification but they can’t let a Muslim be guilty without trying to demean the victim.

  • Vickie Setzer

    So the story has changed from “hearing a loud bang” to “the car was slapped by a woman” You have got to be kidding me!!!! Arrest him already.

    • OpusX

      Or someone could just kill him…

    • cheray

      Next it will be she had a gun and was aiming at him ………………..

  • megajess

    I think it won’t just be Australians upset with a search warrant being granted to search the VICTIM’S home! I’m American and I’m outraged! WTH is going on? Was Noor’s house searched for writings, Bodily fluids? The real question is: How much more of this do we as a nation tolerate from an out of control government?

    • tetse

      It’s inexcusable that they are trying to pin something on the victim and getting away with it.

      • megajess

        I wonder if this poor woman’s loved ones will ever see Justice? I have a bad feeling about this case. My husband is retired LEO from an urban PD. He said it just doesn’t work that way, your partner leaning over you and discharging their weapon! It doesn’t happen! Too dangerous.

        • tetse

          The guy couldn’t wait to take a shot even though he was in the wrong position to do so.
          The ability of this wannabe gunfighter to damage the credibility of the person he executed ( not shot ) should be severely limited. The people that live in that area should be out vocally demanding swift justice and perhaps recall the mayor ( who feels it’s her job to bring about diversity hiring – so she could take a bow- instead of seeking qualified people ).

  • Ron bunting

    I have mentioned this a lot, I am convinced that Noor was either on a high or was coming down from a high from Chewing khat . It wouldn’t be apparent to American non somali police, but khat is a stimulant that is chewed and it would appear to them that he was chewing tobacco or gum . His jumpiness and then his hiding from view, then refusing to be interviewed all point to Khat use. My question is therefore’ why has he not been arrested and charged or unlawful use of a fire arm and unlawful killing. The uniform is not there to protect people from the proper application of any laws. But in the meantime he is purging himself,somewhat painfully, of the alkaloid to escape ithe very laws designed to protect the public .

    • MLMII

      How “strong” is khat? I ask because from a quick google of the drug it is often compared to being comparable to strong coffee but considering that “its the internet” …

  • wavesofgrain

    Unbelievable! Was a search warrant issued for Michael Brown’s residence when he was shot? How about Trayvon Martin. Or, any of the murdered Officers gunned down by thugs? Were the officers residences searched? If I were here family I would SUE, SUE SUE!! Where is an attorney to take a case like this for her Fiance’ and Family?? Sue the pants off this Mayor, the Police Chief and the City! And…I just read the a new mayoral Candidate. With all the protection for the foreigners and disregard for the citizens…with nauseating PC…this would put Minneapolis in Contention for the Sister City of London England

  • DocRambo

    The bovine scatology titer of the MPD is rising higher and higher….this department is rotten to the core…top down,,,

  • tessaprn

    Well now we will never know if she did indeed slap a damn thing since neither idiot had their cameras on. Might not have seen it but it could have been heard.

  • tessaprn

    Did the idiot ever yell “stop, police.”

  • Jeff Bankston

    execute that f n pig for murder


    they should investigate that muslim cop’s home.. and when they find that he was a sleeper.. then they got their answer.

  • ranterator

    So when is the Somali police officers home going to be ransacked?

  • jag1182

    There is no longer any minimum because as part of its ongoing effort to change this country to suit the tyrants, our Supreme Court barred any state, county or municipality from requiring that an officer be a citizen – which was pretty much uniformly required before the Court’s ruling.

  • Christophe Bourdoiseau

    Blue code of honor.

  • jack4cap

    Even if she did slap the CAR, is this a reason to shoot her… wow.