Representative John Lewis (D-GA) stated during an interview on Friday that he believes the 2016 election was rigged in Republican nominee Donald Trump’s favor.

During Friday’s edition of  CNN’s “Axe Files,” CNN Senior Political Commentator and Director of the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics David Axelrod asked Lewis, “So, despite the fact that he got the requisite number of electoral votes, you — he [President Trump] often uses the word ‘rigged.’ You think the election was rigged in his favor?”

“I truly believe to this day, that this election was rigged in his favor,” Lewis responded, as transcribed by CNN.

Lewis also attempted to compare President Trump’s creation of the Commission on Election Integrity to former Alabama Governor and outspoken segregationist George Wallace.

“I think the person we have in Washington today is uncaring,” said Lewis. “[Trump] knows very, very little about the struggle and the history of the civil rights movement.”

When pressed as to how that argument confirms Lewis’ prior smear of Trump, the Democrat simply went off on a tangent about Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity, stating, “that is a form of intimidation. That’s a form of harassment.”

See Lewis’ statement below.


  • DaisyToo

    You know, as much as I abhor Obama, and regretted his Presidency, neither I — nor ANY of my Conservative Reps in DC — trashed him like the loser Dems and RINOs do to Trump.

    • David Watts

      Yeah, I think I missed the ‘celebrity poses with Obama’s severed head’ photoshoot, too… the version of “Julius Cæsar” where Obama gets slaughtered live onstage, etc. Was I out of town for eight years?

      • AlexCorvidae

        Apparently there was a Julius Caesar with an Obama look alike, it wasn’t anywhere near as bloody or graphic though. And regardless of that, your point still stands. We just need to make sure not to make a mistake the left can latch onto to scream fake in our faces. The open contempt and disdain for this President is mindboggling I’ve not see anything like it in all my years. I mean you always have your outliers who take things to the extreme and it use to be everyone would denounce them and move on. But today if it comes from a ‘leftist’ towards the ‘alt-right’ which for some reason seems to include anyone on the right, and anyone in the middle, or formerly of the left, there is celebration, congratulations. How a group of people that is so large in our country, who so adamantly believes the absolute truth of the provenly biased and not all that concerned about facts news media.

  • Jan Hellsund

    This president “should be taking us forward”? Lewis spent about 90% of this segment discussing things that happened over 50 years ago. Shouldn’t there come a time when you just face facts and understand that it’s not 1965 anymore?

    • David Watts

      They want to be Freedom Riders so badly… but there’s nowhere to ride *to,*

    • 0bsoleteMan

      That says a lot about the voters who keep sending him back to Congress every election. It is sad that they want to continue to live in the past and not move forward.

  • CrusadaB

    This man will never be satisfied with anyone who is not crazy like him. Stfu.

  • Audrey Thomas

    Ha! This ass is a nasty, ugly racist. The people who vote for him are ignorant morons.

  • 0bsoleteMan

    John Lewis me everything that he fought against.

  • 1TSMommy

    Geeee, does he have to lead him much? Such a crock.

  • findthetruth808

    So is he admitting that his brothers were the ones who casted the extra 3 million popular voted for killary. There right about one thing how can someone win the electoral college yet no win a larger part of the popular vote? Easy. Illegal, dead, multiple vote by one person. Yes he is right. The election was rigged but the one who did the rigging lost.

  • Me

    drain the swamp

  • Chesapeake

    CNN said HRC had a 96% chance of winning the day of the election. Explain how the Republican party rigged the election. Mass hypnosis at the polling place?

  • Jena Witherson

    Term limits – this is why need them.

  • Robert A’Beuy

    Segregation? You mean that thing that MLK worked to abolish and the black community is fighting to bring back?

  • Sally

    Wipe that scowl off your face, John Lewis. It’s probably putting so much pressure on your brain that it makes you come up with these harebrained schemes occur yours.

  • Dante Alighieri ????

    Must everything on God’s green earth, be compared to a civil rights issue ??? The more you use it, the less effect it has.
    It’s called the Law of Diminishing Returns.

  • Pablo Jay

    Lewis is Hillary in blackface.

  • rwg1949yt .

    “Rep. Lewis, (D-GA) once was quoted as saying sharks still follow ships, “to this day across the Atlantic,” looking for people that have been thrown overboard, referring to the slave trading vessels of long ago. No one with any common sense should take anything he says with anything other than a grain of salt.”

    “I believe Lewis is the one who once proclaimed, during a speech on the House floor, that slave traders dumped hundreds of millions of blacks overboard of slave ships to feed them to the sharks. And to this day the sharks still swim the slave trade routes looking to eat more black people. While all my details may not be 100% accurate, I did not make that up.”

    “John Lewis claiming that the slave trade, by dumping slaves overboard, permanently altered the Migratory Patterns for Sharks. i’m no shark, but i feel i can speak for them when i say, well, thats just not true.”

    and you thought mad max was an idiot.