A gay Serbian couple was reportedly almost beaten to death earlier this week by the residents of an asylum home they were staying at in Germany.

As Breitbart reports, Javid Nabiyev, a gay rights campaigner, posted a video on his Facebook page in which he claimed that two Serbian men who fled their country and sought asylum in Germany were nearly beaten to death at the asylum home they were staying in, resulting both of them being admitted to hospital.

Although Serbia is considered a safe country to many, Nabiyev said the couple who was attacked fled from their homeland due to violent threats from their family.

Homophobic attack in refugee camp

Javid Nabiyev talking about the homophobic attack, which gay couple from #Serbia faced in #Germany, in one of the refugee camps.

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎Queer Refugees for Pride‎‏ في 12 يوليو، 2017

Nabiyev went on to say that the couple tried to hide their sexuality, and were encouraged to do so by social workers.

The hospitalized couple contacted reportedly Nabiyev months before the attack as they felt uncomfortable with their asylum home.

Although Nabiyev attempted to transfer the couple to another residence, he was unable to do so as authorities did not deem the couple to be in any danger.

“They don’t want to believe you about your situation when you are complaining in a verbal way,” Nabiyev said in his video. “How many people should face this kind of attack, to make all of you believe, to convince you, our situation is urgent?”

“How many people should face this kind of attack, to make all of you believe, to convince you, our situation is urgent?” he said while addressing the authorities.

The attacker, who was not named, was reportedly arrested and questioned by police but was released afterward, right back into the same asylum home in which he allegedly beat the Serbian couple.

Featured Image via Business Insider/REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

  • Daniel Sundkvist

    Still, we can not blame this on Germany. The problem lies with their home countries.

  • Jean Collier

    This article is poorly written. Don’t you proofread?

    • Typical

      Well, most of it is quotes, so….

    • Fønixfjerden

      We ain’t all native speaker 😉

  • Julian C

    So Germany and Uberfuhrer Merkel invite muslims to enter en masse and bring their barbaric, murderous ‘culture; with them; muslime in refugee camp attacks two gay men nearly killing them. Germany refuses to put gay men in a place where will be safe from attack, and lets muslim who tried to kill them, go free and return to same camp the men will be sent back to. Cultural enrichment.

    • Fønixfjerden

      If it should sound German, it should be “Oberführer” 😉

      • Danlantic

        How about Akbarfűhrer?

  • daz2002

    The destruction of Europe is in full swing. It is a war and our leaders are complicit.

  • I_h8_disqus

    That activist sure is lslamophobic. He needs to be more culturally sensitive.

  • Mustafa Curtess

    Aren’t Serbians Christian? I thought Christians didn’t do such things. Oh wait — there was that genocide thing —–(very confusing).

    • Fønixfjerden

      It is so sad that some Christians don’t follow the Holy Bible. Attacking homosexuals is illegal in Christianity.

      • Mustafa Curtess

        The here is no difference between the “best” and the “worst” Christians. They do any thing they please – knowing that it will be “Forgiven In Jesus’ Holy Name”. “Illegal” equals “sinful” and all sin can be forgiven.
        Even so: It is NOT “illegal” to suppress, oppress, and withhold equal human rights from homosexuals. (It is even unacceptable for them to express their love in marriage.) Christianity is the greatest tyranny the human species has ever known – and no horror is too terrible to commit in its name.

        • DaisyToo

          You reveal yourself as someone suffering insanity.