Leftist journalist Eric Limer’s recent attempt to shame a man who was reading DANGEROUS on the subway has backfired horrifically, with insults being thrown on Twitter and said DANGEROUS reader achieving internet fame.

On Friday, Limer tweeted “I bet this guy is real cool,” along with a photo of a sharply-dressed man with his head buried in a copy of DANGEROUS by MILO.

MILO himself was very quick to respond, issuing a call on Instagram for the DANGEROUS reader to come forward.

The man ultimately did come forward and was treated to a bottle of champagne from MILO himself.

A piece of shit journalist called Eric Limer (formerly of Gizmodo, lmfao) tried to publicly shame a private citizen for…

Posted by Milo Yiannopoulos on domingo, 23 de julio de 2017

Amid the flurry of attention, many people have taken to Limer’s tweet to lash out at the Popular Mechanics deputy editor.

In other DANGEROUS news, Barnes & Noble is coming under fire for its refusal to stock MILO’s debut book.

Shoppers who attempt to get their hands on the book are finding that, while Barnes & Noble has plenty of copies in warehouses, getting one in-store is impossible.

This doesn’t appear to be an issue with any other bestseller…

Even Hitler’s Mein Kampf is on the shelves in Barnes & Noble…

  • pt020

    It just shows The Weakness of the other side.

  • Greggore

    OMG they have Hitlers book but not Milo’s! Wtf

    • I wonder…do they have Trump’s book(s)?

      • Archie Bunker

        I bet you they have a billion copies of Hillary and Chelsea’s books that will never sell.

      • AverageJoe1987

        Stop pretending that you left-wingers don’t read Mein Kampf to get inspirations, you Nazi trash don’t approve of people having rights unless they think how you demand them to.

        And have you seen how eager Antifa trash are to agree with Hitler quotes?

        • 0bsoleteMan

          Well yea they’re all socialists, so…

    • AverageJoe1987

      Well libs do agree with the beliefs of Adolf Hitler.

      Just throw out some Hitler quotes on left-wing comment sections and those brainless goons will be gleefully agreeing with the quotes.

      Then will act like you’re lying when you tell them they just agreed with Hitler.

      • Isahiah62

        I have done this as an experiment… you are right!

  • Dante Alighieri ????

    Leftist journalist Eric Limer’s recent attempt to shame a man who was reading DANGEROUS on the subway has backfired horrifically, with insults being thrown on Twitter and said DANGEROUS reader achieving internet fame.

  • Daffy Q. Duck

    Same Ol Crap, Day after Day. Do and Think like the Lefties do OR ELSE!

  • Dante Alighieri ????
  • Typical of the CTRL-LEFT.

    Trying all sorts of tactics to control people…but we know their tactics. More importantly, we’ve gone “Honey Badger” and we just don’t care.


  • Dante Alighieri ????

    Leftist journalist Eric Limer’s recent attempt to shame a man who was reading DANGEROUS on the subway has backfired horrifically, with insults being thrown on Twitter and said DANGEROUS reader achieving internet fame.

    Such desperation. Some retard on the subway posted a message. Big FUCK.

    You need new material. To quote you “u you’ve become predictable. And tedious.”

    Stand up for the unborn.

    • Jean Collier

      look in the mirror – predictable. And tedious

      • Dante Alighieri ????

        man, that’s low — im tedious

    • AverageJoe1987

      I thought you libs demanded that the unborn be butchered in the womb?

      I thought libs wanted death to those who stand for the unborn?

      • Dante Alighieri ????

        i didnt buy the complete package

        im a trans-liberal

  • GohomeRamona


  • Stacey Cooper

    Think its kind of unfair that people are going into the stores and complaining to the staff there though, i mean, its not like its their decision not to stock it and they probably dont even give a shit that its not there they are just doing their job. Would be better if there was a conversation with corporate to find out why?

    • Hairatic Rick

      You are so right, instead of complaining to the staff at B&N they should just walk pass B&N on the sidewalk and think their complaint. That will show B&M’s management! HA! ????

    • ActivistAngel

      See my above conversation with Corporate…

  • Rob

    That cowardly bitch Limer should’ve confronted the guy if his choice of reading material bothered him so much. Instead he sneakily took a picture and attempted to publicly humiliate him. Typical Leftist.

  • Hairatic Rick

    Let us be clear here, keeping 1000 copies of the book in a wearhouse locks up those books and keeps them out of readers hands at the same time B&N can say they carried the book but no one asked for them. Then after the demand is over (lets be real here) they return the books back to Dangerous Books for full refund. An Antifa, SJW, Alt left Marxists thing to do. B&N way to burn books.

  • Hairatic Rick

    B&N, you are dead to me, I don’t need your store I can buy all the books I want at Amazon.

    • Conservwarrior

      Amazon also sucks! I avoid using them like the plague. Most major stores can send you their stuff directly without using Amazon.

  • Peanutmom2001

    I am honestly shocked that this is true. I tried to check on copies at 5 local stores – none had copies available via online info. I called the corporate sales hotline and they told me that there are no restrictions on the book and that the stores are just out of copies. I called one of the local stores to ask if they had it. The representative told me, “We do not have it in store, but I can send it to your home.” I told her that I would like to know if they were expecting any more copies soon and if they had already sold out. She suddenly became very cool with me and replied, “We have not gotten any copies, and we do not plan on getting any copies.” I left it at that, for now, but this is a real thing 🙁 And, they do, indeed, have Hitler’s book at that same local store.

  • kamenetz

    Already read all of “Dangerous”. Awesome book! It’s like having 30 of Milo’s DFT events all at once.

  • AverageJoe1987

    Libs despise gay people who forget their place.

    Libs claim to care about gay rights, but only as long as the gay people (like black people and women) stay on the plantation that white male Democrats have built for them.

    They want death for those who don’t agree blindly with the left.

  • Ivan_in_Phoenix

    It must be difficult for honest B&N clerks to explain away the disgusting treatment their company is doing to Milo without actually admitting to their true reason for trying to suppress his book sales. I won’t buy another book from B&N. Ever.

  • Ray Johnston

    Yes, those B&N sales clerks are merely pawns in a B&N v Milo power play. It’s time to attack the rear (ouch!), the baggage train (oh, how very Sun Tze).
    No doubt, tens of thousands of Dangerous’ are being held captive, locked away and treated “horrifically”. I say send in to rescue them some real men…….navy seals, SAS etc….if not available then order Will and Mike Ma and P.P. Ben to try……if they’re useless then I can imagine only one other person who could succeed.
    Yes, you guessed it…..that blond tattooed lady with the huge….interest…..in obtaining a copy of Milo’s book. Surely, her talents have breeched many an obstacle in the past?
    Off to New Jersey they must go – One Barnes and Noble Way, Monroe Township, NJ – or any other distribution centres across the USA to film or photo (by any means fair or foul) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4672ff4e1f42361698955ce29dfac2bb1d994d2ed86aa40b5b163813cb856dbd.jpg the “captives”.

  • Jay

    He wasn’t manspreading at least. I bet if he had a copy of rules for radicals Mr. “Journalist” would have gotten all tingly up his leg…

  • bookish1

    Nicely done, Milo!

  • Jesse James

    LOL. I guess I won’t be shopping there at Burnedbooks & Nazis! Political Correctness, feminism, and idiots on the far SJW left are a societal cancer!

  • ActivistAngel

    A call to Barnes And Noble (I am a member, it helps) got Heather, then her supervisor Janet. All they could tell me was “we have the book on our website, but it is not in the store inventory.” I asked who could tell me the reason that the book is not moving from the warehouse to the stores, and they could not tell me that information either. I asked Janet, as a fellow Barnes And Noble book lover, what her personal opinion about banning books was, and guess what. She couldn’t tell me that either. My specific question is “what passage from the book can anyone point to as a reason it is being banned.” We’ll see if I get anywhere with Corporate.

  • ActivistAngel

    Calling all Barnes and Noble members… let’s ask for our membership fee back. They are not keeping up their end of the implied contract.

  • ActivistAngel

    Damon in corporate Barnes And Noble customer relations said the book is not “banned” it’s just not available in stores. I asked him who made that decision and he said corporate. He could not give me a way to reach anyone there. I informed him that the book was, in fact, being “banned” and explained about the videos on line and the trouble B and N workers were having who wanted to bring the book in to their store. I told him that Barnes and Noble had broken their implied contract with me and that I wanted a refund of my membership fee. He told me he could not do that and that he was as high as I could go in appealing that decision. I had him remove me from future membership.

  • JLGP16

    They are selling the book online so it has not been banned. Did it occur to any of you that maybe they don’t want a bunch of Antifa jackasses showing up and trashing their stores?

    • KevinPhoenix

      That’s letting terrorists win.

  • Elisa Lenz

    Way to go B&N one of only remaining walk in book stores still conveniently located to me and you do something so libtardish and unforgivable! You sell books….if you sensor books and authors because your candidate got her ass handed to her we will go elsewhere. Funny how one calculated conscience decision destroys everything you’ve worked for and you’ll be remembered for the Nazi book burners you really are.

  • MuddyGurl

    why not have Dangerous buyers send in a pic taken with them reading the book in ANY place they are FREE as citizens to do so? or at a laughably UN-dangerous or lefty hangout? In front of their local Dem party HQ? or shown reading it next to the local lib politician in their town? in front of ANY PP ‘clinic’? ideas, anyone? A small breakfast chain in CA (Hobee’s) has people send a pic of themselves -wearing their store’s logo T shirt- in front of a destination– the Great Wall, Grand Canyon, etc.. for a free breakfast….a similar idea here. then chose a Milo’s favorite, or most clever, odd,etc.

  • megajess

    B&N refuses to stock Milo’s book. LMFAO! What is it they are trying to accomplish? B&N should just have a good old-fashion book burning. It’s more exciting. Then B&N can explain to everyone with a visual, that they will burn in hell if they read “Dangerous”! The American Business School/Model of SJW’s. Oh it worked so well for Target!!

  • Steve Obeda

    I think I’ll go to my local Barnes & Noble the next time I’m passing by, and I’ll ask for Milo’s book. When they say they don’t have it, I’ll ask “Well, when do you think you’ll get more in?”

    I imagine the conversation will progress naturally from there.

  • ActivistAngel

    Update: Calabasas California Barnes & Noble
    2 days ago I asked about our book. “Well it shows we have it, but for some reason all three copies are in the back.” I asked him if I could buy two of them and if he would put the other on display. I have video of him coming down the escalator with all three books in hand.
    Will follow through soon.

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    lol, I hold my book up like that when I read it in the train, too. I always make sure that any snowflake in the vicinity will have no choice but to notice it.

  • Lambo2468

    Milo, darling…
    I couldn’t get onto the comments thread on Breitbart, (our wifi is messed up at the moment) but was so glad to hear you are getting some props from ACLU. A good sign!!! Love you. Stay strong and thanks for your courage and stamina.

  • Kilroyishere

    These people are one step away from burning books. As we all know, where books are burned, bodies soon follow. I thought the left detested bullies, yet time and again I see the left engaged in this contemptuous practice. Teach the left not to hate!