Fox News host Tucker Carlson is having none of Kathy Griffin’s ‘poor’ me attitude.

Carlson made his remarks in light of the comedian’s press conference yesterday, during which she complained that the Trump family is “bullying” her because of her infamous ‘Trump beheading’ photo.

“Whether she realizes it or not and I bet she has no idea, Griffin is an important figure in American life and… she’s the perfect embodiment of what the modern left believes.”

“Griffin publicly fantasizes violently about murdering the President yet she holds a press conference to announce she’s the one who has been wronged,” said Carlson during his show last night, as transcribed by Breitbart.

“Trump and his family bullied her she says, so have unnamed older white guys who have oppressed her despite giving her a series of very high paying jobs. In other words, she is the real victim here. Of course she is, liberals are always the victims.”

He went on to state, “the most remarkable thing about victimhood is that it allows the alleged victims to commit the very offences they are complaining about. They will punch you in the face and accuse you of assault.”

“They’ll crush a bible club at a school that never even been to and then tell you that other people’s beliefs oppressed them,” he continued.

“They will take over a college campus forcing spineless administrators to enact every one of their demands and then claimed to be powerless victims of a climate of racism. And then they will conduct a nationwide witch-hunts for Christian small businesses trying to shut them down if they don’t violate their own faith.”

See Tucker’s full scathing rant below.

In case you missed Kathy Griffin’s press conference yesterday, see the full victimhood speech below.

Not long after that press conference, the only theater that hadn’t already canceled a Griffin performance pulled the plug.

As TMZ puts it, “Kathy Griffin’s offensive against Donald Trump Friday apparently fell on deaf ears.”

The Washington Post

  • Dante Alighieri


    Poor Tucker Carlson. Offended because Liberals are always the victims.
    TUCK: Conservatism are never the Victims. What a clown.

    • Jean Collier

      stay on point Dante. You are so annoying.

      • Dante Alighieri

        No just on point. It’s a bullseye.

        • arena

          No. It’s a bullshit.

    • jane171307

      thanks for the pic. he looks hoooooooot. oh yeah, trump is your president.

    • GardenPathMuch

      Nothing you said is on point and is in fact known as the logical fallacy of false equivalence. As proof I recommended you go to youtube and look up SJW,liberal,feminist,leftwing/ meltdown, freakout going crazy. I then dare you to find the same type of groups in the Right leaning party who are losing their shit and rioting in the same manner over • Abortion • Gay Marriage • Pray in Schools • Removing Confederate Monuments • Flag Burning • Too much Sex on TV • Violent Video Games. The right leaning reactions to your listed issues/debates and modern leftists SJW’s reactions to issues/debates are not even in the same scope. The only person you are fooling and tricking is yourself, if you actually believe what you posted. So pick up your bullshit and put it back inside the cow’s butt and question why you stuck your hand up there to pull it out in the first place.

    • RevDrEBuzz

      “Like Progs never weep like a toddler who dropped his ice-cream cone. Shall we enumerate?”

      – Planned Parenthood marketing of baby body parts
      – gay marriage and bakeries not baking cakes for gays
      – forcing Islam in schools and that little shitbag Clock Boy
      – removing confederate monuments, because the little pets of the progs, blacks, are all hurt and just can’t take it no mo!!!
      – flag burning, Moldylocks getting nailed in the face, and not by a big cock, but by a fist because she decided to brawl.
      – too much sex on tv, if there isn’t gay sex on tv and pedophilia normalized, progs get majorly butthurt
      – violent video games, progs claim video games are sexist with no proof, and decide to attack gamers because of their sexism and shit like that, spend YEARS going after neckbeards because they are all hurt about sexism, which there is none.


      • Manius

        Hilarious – it’s too easy destroying these morons, isn’t it?

        • #OffThePlantation

          All you need to do is state actual facts to them.

    • Duwane Clark

      you obviously do not have pride in your country

      • DaisyToo

        He’s a Canadian, sooooo … it IS odd that he’s always going after the USA, though.

        • Dante Alighieri

          Canada’s to small. Can’t be bothered. But for the record Canada’s just as good/ bad as the USA.

          • Shaken-not-Stirred

            *too small. FIFY.

          • DaisyToo

            From my perspective, Canada is waaaaay too far upstate NY provincial to find at all interesting. Although, I will say that you have given us some pretty fine comedians.

            The USA is exceptional. You ought to come down some time and experience it for yourself.

          • arena

            No, man, there are no men in Canada, all cucks.

      • Dante Alighieri

        I personally don’t Burn Flags, if that’s what you’re implying. What others do is up to them.

    • DaisyToo

      Are you actually proposing that unborn babies are not victimized by abortion?!

      Your entire list is made up of issues in which Constitutionally protected rights have been ravaged by the Left. Conservatives are not the victims of Leftists; we are the protectors of the Constitution they enjoy trashing.

    • Caroline Mc Gilloway

      Dante GROW UP.

      • arena

        He is paid to come here and spread crap.

    • Rekt

      Not that I disagree completely with you, but most of the points you bring up, against conservatives and Tucker Carlson, have some basis in observable reality. The grievances of the left are mostly imaginary or based on a complete misjudgement of reality. “Bash a Fasc” – then play victim when the “fasc” beats you up for acting like a hooligan – use acquired Victim Status Green card to “Bash the Fasc” – Rinse/Repeat.
      But good on you, again, for missing the point, yet again.

      • Dante Alighieri

        I Try.

    • Spoken like a Lib-tard. Griffin threw the first punch. Now she’s crying because the Trump family punched back.

      Change the subject much?

    • Jason Miller
      • Dante Alighieri

        oh I see, when conservatives complain they rant, but when libtards complain they “play the victim card”

  • YelowJezamin

    “Today it’s me – tomorrow it could be you!” And yesterday SHE did it to Donald Trump. But SHE’s the victim here. I don’t want to see her dead – I want her performance venues to be nothing but low-rent, white-trash strip joints – where mean old white guys stuffing dollar bills in her filthy underwear are her only source of income.

    • BS Button™

      I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around The Nana Plaza Comedy Hour. Perhaps it’ll be produced by ESPN.

    • Debbie

      It wouldn’t be me, cause I’m not that stupid.

    • Jesus Christ

      You put it so eloquently!

  • Renaissance_nerd

    This hasn’t happened to anyone in this country before”

    oh really Kathy? The House Unamerican activities committee, the Alien and sedition acts, oh and the entire African American community would like to disagree with you.

    • DaisyToo

      Actually, what she’s claiming ‘happened’ to her, didn’t even happen.

  • Markus

    Imagine this, but made by a white republican guy, and with the head of Obama.

    Liberals would have wanted him DEAD.
    Classic fucktards.

    • BS Button™

      That’s the problem for the left. We don’t imagine this garbage, and they say it’s because we don’t live their lie. (Well, they don’t really say that, but we know it’s that way.)

  • Manius

    Destroy this bitch, no fucking mercy.
    Can’t allow this delusional bitch with no talent to gain a higher profile and profit from it in the long term.

  • Zipowitz
  • BS Button™

    Wow. Tuck is the man.

    • SeansonW

      Yeah, that was a pretty deft dismantling of the left. Lol I started watching him about 2 months ago, him with Gavin is good.

    • Deplorable Viktor

      I think the move to Tucker was a refreshing change. I was worn out with Bill O’Reilly’s and his smug attitude.

      • BS Button™

        O’Reilly: Moderate with attitude

  • Rekt

    I actually feel sorry for her, to have such a wretched mind. Completely psychotic.

  • Bianca Devino

    I f-ing HATE her. She’s insane. Please everyone— RUIN her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Hunt

    Now she knows what it’s like to be a conservative.

  • Phillip Taylor

    HAHAHHAHAHAA That was more painful than watching porn stars try to act lol All she was missing was a fat white cock in her mouth, seeing she so against white men too lmao Bend over whore, we will give you a new career 😀

  • Jason Hunt

    And this thing about being ‘bullied’? This just points to my assertion that progressives are nothing more than children in bigger bodies.

    • That’s an insult to children everywhere. They’re not child like at all just grossly immature, irresponsible lunatics

  • Denis Ian

    About this New Absolutism … born during the pompous arrogance of the Obama years.

    It’s that autocratic spectacle of snot-snobbery that insists there are absolute principles or doctrines. And that everybody … you and me especially … had better toe the line. And not dare rub up against any judgements.

    It’s the “ism” that endlessly irritates.

    It’s government by decree … by ultimatum … because it’s “either/or”. My way or the highway. Take it or leave it.

    This global warming swindle falls into that absolutist black hole. So does the immigration nonsense. And the gender junk. The racial idiocy. And white privilege gunk.

    But to the absolutist, if there’s something else goin’ on in your head … like questions or opinions … well … you’d better smother that stuff because that’s absolutely against the absolutists. And absolutely not allowed.

    The original Age of Absolutism first happened in Europe when monarchs gathered up gobs of wealth and power … and ruled from a delusional dimension all their own. It lasted longer than it should have … until folks smartened up. Which they always do.

    And now … the New Absolutists have assumed that we’re all dumb again. So it’s absolutely safe to be absolutely absolute again. And that perfectly explains this modern moment of the liberal-progressives. Those irritating snots who have all the answers, none of the brains, and endless intolerance.

    And if you challenge these modern peacocks of condescension, well, you’re in for a ride of ridicule … because you’ve committed the unforgivable lapse of owning a different opinion. And that’s a shocking sin because it absolutely violates their command that you be absolutely dumb … and numb.

    That you be dweebs. And stooges. And twits.

    Because there’s no logic allowed. Absolutely not. And no facts! Except their absolute facts. And no arguing … at all. Because that absolutely bothers them.

    And if anyone dares to disagree or expresses an opinion … well, well, well … that earns you some noxious nicknames like “homophobe” or “Islamophobe” or “misogynist”. And “bigot”, of course.

    Or a snide-slap from the ever popular “ist” list.

    “Racist” … “Antifeminist” … “Isolationaist” … “Capitalist”. “Fascist”, for sure. Did I forget “sexist”? I’m sorry … let me be the apologist!

    Don’t forget the more momentary slurs … like “Rethuglican” and “Tea Bagger”. And, of course, “Trumpkin”.

    All pissy mad-lib tattoos favored by absolutists to absolutely shut you the hell up. And to allow them run the world any damn way they please.

    And for a time, it worked … absolutely perfectly. But not any more.

    The days of commanding folks to think this, and say that, and act how ever are absolutely over. And that’s a hard swallow for these cultural oligarchs … these societal despots … these legislative tyrants of the absolute.

    And now, logic is on the rebound. Common sense, too. And, at last, that dysfunctional madness masquerading as heavy-duty intelligence has been frauded out.

    And fewer and fewer are high on a hoax … like this global crisis fleecing. Or this white privilege lunacy. Or that open-border rot. And that radical Muslim ‘root cause” idiocy.

    And this nation is done with mea culpas. And world-wide apology tours. And bailing out every socialist failure on planet Earth.

    We’re done excusing every weak-kneed ally who’s made “Kumbaya” their national anthem while under attack from godless butchers who slaughter their citizens and threaten their own nationhood.

    We are so done with Third World toads smirking us … then turning over their palms. Finished with wannabe Caesars who think they can shake down the planet because they can launch a kite a few hundred yards into the heavens. And we’ve absolutely lost our patience for foreign leaders who think a James Taylor songfest is the antidote to terrorism.

    America’s done being used by everyone on this screwy planet.

    We’ve absolutely had enough. Too much, in fact.

    And it feels absolutely great to hear a President say so.

    Denis Ian

  • Aaron Cissell

    I’ve said it time and time again she is nothing but a has been that’s never been in with the fake ass people of hollyfake,, This troll is getting just what she want,tv time so she can try and look good to those other ponies of fakewood

  • Dianne Sigismondi Leach

    She’s a vile, disgusting piece of trash, who blames everyone else. Wow, she took a page from the HRC playbook.

  • John

    Jews master the victim card.

    • Valar Morghulis

      Kathy Griffin isn’t Jewish lol. Griffin is an Irish name.

  • memphis

    I see a new book coming, “fu**ed” by H. Clinton and K. Griffin

  • Shay

    So if I mail KG a photoshopped photo if me holding her bloody head in my hands, she’d laugh and take it as ‘art?’ She wouldn’t see that as a threat in any way?

    Good to know.

  • Shay

    “The band G… W… A… R…”


  • Steffy93

    Oh my…she’s insane.

  • M Wilkens

    What an ugly human being. No remorse, no regret, only crocodile tears with her victimizing herself and threatening to continue to attack the president. I never found her funny and as such she was previously irrelevant to me, but now I’m disgusted by this repugnant creature.

  • Denise Christine Mahoney

    Well said Tucker Carlson.

  • Jesus Christ

    I love Tucker. Never really liked Bill, felt like a relic of the past. Tucker delivers the takedown every show.

  • Maria

    I hate this scumbag. I would love to be able to break you…in half, bitch!!!

  • Dave Marriott

    this lawyer is pathetic.. i can’t believe what i am hearing..

  • Justaguy

    In the second video. I like the way the lawyer tried to demonize Trump, his wife and son by mentioning Liberal lies that the news just put out there. As for bands like GWAR and others who “allegedly” did this for presidents of the past, their shows are expected to..they were horror show metal bands. Kathy Griffin is not in a horror show type entertainment circuit. GWAR was never on the mainstream media doing this for the whole world to see either, so only a select few audiences would have seen it. Not to mention, if I had any power, and she did the same to me…..I would have tried to take her out too. What is “she” trying to do to Trump with that image and all her statements? Trying to get him impeached or put the idea into the minds of extremists to murder him. So yeah, she tried to “take him out”…’s fair game. I have no pity for her, she did what she did, no “man” was to blame for what her own hands did. I saw the videos of her preparing all of this, and it was bad calculation on her part. SHE is to blame, and her alone.

  • Rich Mars

    Typical lawyer nonsense, deflect and cast blame on others.

  • Jim white

    more bull shit from a ambulance chaser

  • Paula Weber

    You can make fun of the President. You can make fun of anyone. But things are simply over the line, especially with all that’s going on in the world, and that’s what she doesn’t seem to understand.

  • Nancy Harte

    B rate entertainer trying to get publicity at someone else’s expense.
    Well she got publicity maybe she will just go hide under a rock now
    with her reptilian ancestors.

  • Keith-Dawn Lee Johnson

    That clown you call a president goes over the line every day with his remarks about women says one thing and does another what has he done for this country not much that I see but piss a lot of people off with health care and such then 1 comic does something like that and whims like a little girl wow

  • DistantEarlyWarning611

    She’s a “Has-been-never-was” looking for notoriety. That’s all. She’s too stupid to have an intelligent political thought. Say what you want about the Kardashians being talentless but at least they don’t hurt anyone or insult anyone doing what they do………….whatever that is.

  • Ylem00

    “I’m gonna make fun of him [Trump] even more now. More! I’m not afraid of Donald Trump. He’s a bully!”

    She’s such an idiot! She can’t see that SHE is the bully.

    • Sam Adams

      Yep, she’ll continue to make fun of him, before an audience of one, in her mirror. 🙂

  • The Traveler

    And now for the good news! The “I’ll do something to myself, then claim “you did it to me” ploy has remained a bit obscured, a bit hidden from view by the socialist agenda… until now. Between Hilary claiming some 38 points on “why losing wasn’t my fault… but yours” (“for not voting for me, because the DNC didn’t have any money for me… to ‘The Russian’s did it”) to now Griffin, lighting the bonfire under her own feet… then crying “Trump has broken me.” The real, insidious and psychotic intentions of this group are having the curtain pulled back for all to clearly see who they really are. They are self-destructing in front of the eyes of the world… and all without any help from anyone. The statement “Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves” was never more true. So, please Tucker… Have Hilary, Pelosi, Schumer, Griffin and the rest of the gang on your show, and… just let them talk! The GOP will be forever grateful!

  • Sean Ward

    Dear God, she’s a moron.

  • Rickey Jones

    She’s an ugly person on the out side and inside. I’d rather not see anymore of her liberal mug. Truthfully I had never heard of her before this stunt.

  • Christian Wowra

    the point of martyrdom is that the martyr does not get the benefits.
    my guess is that she had some… bad friends who advised her that this could boost her media presence… and now these people will reap the benefits.

  • cowcharge

    Where do you think they got the tactic of getting someone fired? From all those bakery-closing assholes.

  • Jayne Foreman

    What a stupid cow (Griffin)!

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    Ms Griffin: It’s not about Trump. It’s about your democratically elected Head of State.