Today on Good Morning Britain, co-host Piers Morgan shouted over right-wing activist Tommy Robinson and accused him of “stirring up hatred” against Muslims.

“The former leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, has caused fury after accusing the Finsbury Park Mosque of creating terrorists,” began co-host Susanna Reid.

Piers Morgan proceeded to share a tweet Robinson posted one hour after the recent terror attack outside a mosque in Finsbury Park.

During the meat of the interview, Morgan accused Robinson of “fermenting hatred and almost suggesting that somehow this attack, this revenge attack as you put it, was somehow [deserved] because of historical behavior of certain people at a completely different mosque [than the one at which the attack happened].”

Robinson proceeded to say, “the newspaper you work for said the same exact thing within an hour. Were they fermenting hate at the newspaper you work for?”

“I don’t run The Daily Mail,” Morgan insisted. “I write columns for The Daily Mail. I’m asking you just to simply explain why, within one hour of this terror attack, your first thought process was to go on the attack about another mosque and to point out to people that it was a terror hotbed… with the clear implication that somehow what happened that night was a deserved revenge attack.”

In an attempt to share the hatred that has been spread in British mosques, Robinson proceeded to present Morgan and Reid with literature from Didsbury Mosque, which the attacker behind the recent Manchester bombing attended.

Morgan cut him short, accusing Robinson of being an Islamaphobe.

Further in the interview, Robinson held up the Koran and, quoting Sir. William Gladstone, stated there will never be peace on earth as long as it exists.

“Show some respect,” shouted Piers Morgan. “Show some damn respect for people’s religious beliefs.”

See the especially heated part of Robinson’s interview on Good Morning Britain below.

See the full interview below.

Following this morning’s broadcast, Robinson took to Facebook to criticize Morgan’s handling of the interview.

“Piers Morgan usual technique [sic] of not letting the person he is interviewing actually answer any questions,” he wrote. “Just scared of the truth.”

“Trying to bringing [sic] up my past rather than debate the problem at hand. This is coming from a guy who was involved in hacking missing children phone messages and being sacked from Daily Mirror for endangering British soldiers lives by printing FAKE photos of soldiers torturing Muslims. Don’t let morals and truth get in the way of a good headline hey Piers.”

Many people have subsequently voiced their agreement with Robinson.

The Sun
Tommy Robinson, Facebook

  • Isa Guy

    When the Islamists respect the bible/torah/etc., then we can talk.
    Until then…pizzonit.

  • Lana

    The koran preaches death to anyone who doesn’t think like them. Yes the bible had a lot of killing in it, but we have progressed and don’t kill women, and children just for the hell of it ! Muslims are stuck in the 10th century, they will never become part of a modern thinking society and will never stop killing.

    • Shadowfax

      And the killing in the Bible can’t be judged along modern lines of thinking. In a world of warring tribes, pacifism was suicide. When the cohesion of the tribe was essential for it’s survival and success as a whole, dissenters had to be punished more severely. The current condemnation of most of history because people didn’t follow our contemporary ‘western ideals’ is just beyond stupid.

    • DaisyToo

      Yes, and t goes more deeply: Jesus was not a war lord. Mohammad was. Mohammad’s war lordism is what constitutes the ‘perfect man’ in Islam.

      Jesus came to set us free, to redeem our sins through his own suffering. God is a loving father who mercifully loves ALL of his creation; we are made in the image of God. Jesus asks us to love each other as we love Him, as we love God.

      Allah is a slave master, Muslims are his slaves (infidels his enemies). Allah is unpredictable (think of an abusive, say, alcoholic father) keeping all on edge and in constant fear, continually trying to appease an unappeasable slave master. It’s a cruel, bullying system.

  • Christopher Raisele Whippy

    Piers Morgan did what?

  • The 12th Imam challenges Piers Morgan to visit Islam and correct their activities and caliphate goals. If Piers survives he would be knighted and considered savior of the modern world and a hero to the wonderful Muslims that are on standby for peace.

    • CrusadaB

      Standby for peace? Since when?

  • Shadowfax

    They all have already internalized Islam.

    * Speaking about the van rushing into ‘believers’.
    * Defending the Koran.
    * Making it clear that a different laws apply to ‘Kuffar’ than to ‘believers’. (Revenge is evil from the latter but understandable from the former; one side is obliged to distance themselves from lonely perpetrator, the other are above that…)
    * …

    Brexit has come many years too late.

  • Chesapeake

    Don’t have a discussion just scream and shut down anyone that has a different point of view. Morgan should be ashamed of himself. He’s not a journalist. He’s a paid spokesperson for Islam.

  • DaisyToo

    Piers Morgan’s attempt to feed this man to the alligators in order to save himself from them is readily apparent.

  • perryrants

    still odd. morgan yells at robinson for fomenting violence. yet who yells at the actual (muslim) perpetrators of violence who were fomented by someone!

  • twosense

    Piers Morgan doesn’t live anywhere near Muslims and probably has little contact with them. Tommy grew up with them and watched his neighborhood destroyed.

  • Another Canadian in the USA

    Comparing the bible to the Quran, asking what one has more violence… Even if you used the old testament, the Quran would still be more violent. Christianity has grown up, Islam hasn’t.
    But, Morgans interview style is always the same. Shout, badger, accuse, interrupt and never let your guest answer a question by changing the subject.

    • NoTreading

      Islam is unique in the sheer number of passages exhorting terror and death to non-believers.

    • Hacksaw_Duck

      The question about the Bible is designed to get people off topic. Even if we were to grant the point — that the Bible is more violent than the Koran — it’s a moot point. Nobody is going around blowing things up because of passages in Leviticus. This stupid red herring comes up in all discussions like this.

    • Cindy Brooks

      Why does anyone have to or need to run their life according to any book? Don’t people have the intelligence to do this on their own? You can’t be a good, God loving person without some sort of bible to go by or some religion to follow? I swear, I’ll never understand that. It’s like people don’t want to use their brains!

      • KP

        The law is what our country is based on, the law is given to us by God, and exists written in a book! Books are important for recording history and events to assist us in learning from our mistakes, and preventing us from doing them again. It is not the book, it is the way people interpret these books, and unfortunately the Koran is filled with instructions on how to kill the rest of us! Do you understand that?

    • UStodd

      The difference people don’t actually do the violence that is in the bible.Muslims actually believe in doing the violence that is in the Q’uran

    • G.A. ‘Bear’ Millsaps

      Old Testament violence is in the sense of what DID happen. Quran violence is in the sense of what MUST happen!!

  • DistantEarlyWarning611

    The bottom line is this. These two Liberal traitors to their own country and people, never had the intention of letting Tommy Robinson get his point across. Every time Tommy tried to point out facts, these two Liberal traitors spoke over him. Their whole tactic was so f-cking obvious that it was a pathetic display of the Left’s refusal to listen to truth because it goes against their agenda. Islam IS without a doubt, an ideology that is absolutely incompatible with Western Civilization. Just wait a few more days or a week or so and I’m sure one of these ungrateful savages will kill some more people somewhere in the UK or Western Europe. They keep doing it and the Europeans keep burying their heads in the sand. Tommy Robinson is NOT one of those people and he’s trying to save his country from the savages who wish to conquer it. To me this man is a hero. Piers Morgan and the stupid twat sitting next to him are nothing but traitorous bastards who answer to the commands of the Globalist Progressives who are responsible for this Muslim Invasion of their country. Tommy, you have our support and respect here in the USA and we are watching closely.

  • Jeff Johnson

    Gee Piers, if terrorists poke the bear, they gotta expect a response sooner or later. Christians aren’t attacking Muslim civilians routinely, this van attack was boiled over frustration at a government too ignorant to realize Muslims do NOT mix well with….anyone, even each other (check out the Middle East old chap).

    • harlan leys

      A Middle East plagued for decades by Western terrorists, engaged in ‘military actions’. So far, the West’s been let off lightly by comparatively tokenist blowback.

  • Darwin Award Giver

    Poor girl, she got in between two raging bulls.

  • Steve

    What bothers me the most about this is that, at least from what I’ve seen, not one single right wing commentator has condemned what happened there. As a matter of fact when it came out that it was a white guy driving the van and not a Muslim who considered these other Muslims to be “impure”, Fox News stopped talking about it altogether despite having wall-to-wall coverage of the event on Sunday night.

    It wasn’t okay in Nice, it wasn’t okay in London a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t ok on Sunday. It’s the same action no matter who the victims were and who the driver was. We on the right expect for Muslims and Leftists to denounce the crazy behavior on their side and accuse them of being complicit when they don’t – but are we any better?

    The fact is, yeah, this dude behind the wheel of the van probably DID kill some future terrorists. He probably DID save London from a few terror attacks. But there’s no way to know for sure, and this sure ain’t the way to do it.

    • harlan leys

      How does injuring innocent Muslims amount to killing future terrorists?!

      • Steve

        Assuming Tommy Robinson is correct and that mosque was known to be radical, chances are some future terrorists died.

        But again…that doesn’t make any of this ok.

        • harlan leys

          If many Muslim had been killed, maybe. But he was apprehended and held by Muslims, before he managed to kill any of them!

      • KP

        How do you know they were innocent Muslims? Do you know something everyone else doesn’t? The authorities know who these radicals are, and they continue to let them exist within their borders, instead of rounding them up and deporting them. If we can’t distinguish who the radicals and who the moderates are, do we just ignore the problem, and allow them to continue to kill us?

        • harlan leys

          Well, as the guy failed to kill any Muslims, it’s besides the point. But, as the percentage of ‘radical’ (murderously minded) Muslims is a tiny percentage of the total, unless he killed hundreds, the odds are against any of them being future or actual ‘terrorists’.

  • Brent Swapp

    Islam doesn’t deserve respect, it deserves expulsion and criminal charges. Ban the cult.

    • harlan leys

      How can a religion be expelled?

      • Steve King


        • harlan leys

          Deport all religions?

          • KP

            Do you have shit for brains? The European culture was built on Judeo Christian values and morals, it is successful, and thriving, until we let these barbarians in to ruin our culture! Maybe someone should deport you, you brainless ass, do you think moronic comments like this solve the issue? No you just add to the problem! Get your head out of your ass!

          • carlos bento

            lol…funny, the guy made simple questions that show you didnt formulate your argument correctly, and what you do, personal attacks…he probably even know more about this issue than yourself, maybe not, one thing is sure, he outclassed you

          • KP

            His argument is ridiculous and not on point! World wars I and II were not fought over religion! They had nothing to do with what we are talking about, his logic and comments are stupid! No where is my statement was I talking out deporting religions, I said get rid of the terrorists, the government knows who they are, they are listed.

          • carlos bento

            harlan leys Brent Swapp • 2 days ago
            How can a religion be expelled?
            Steve King harlan leys • 2 days ago

            you jumped to quick to answer, his obviosly a troll but you fell for it

          • harlan leys

            Yeah, it really thrived during World Wars 1 and 2, and the Depression. The West, with its ‘Judeo Christian values and morals’, invaded much of the rest of the world, destroying other cultures and suborning them to Western ways. The West imported foreigners to serve it’s greed; any payback has so far been token. And any ruining, self inflicted.

            The idea that a religion can be ‘deported’ is daft enough. To claim that deporting all religions will solve the problem, adds even more shit-for-brains.

      • KP

        Stop building mosques for one thing, and dismantle the madrases – they should not be allowed to teach their children in secret, they should attend public schools with the rest of society! Either they assimilate, and dismantle the no go zones, or leave or be deported!

        • harlan leys

          So public schools should exclude all faiths, or just one?

          • KP

            They already threw OUR God out of public schools 20 years ago, but Muslims are allowed to pray in Schools! What are you talking about?

      • Brent Swapp

        I imagine a set of laws could accomplish a close approximation. Japan seems to have it under control.

        • harlan leys

          Japan, like the US, respects freedom of religion as a fundamental right.

          • Brent Swapp

            lmao OK. educate yourself, like the Jappos did.

          • harlan leys


  • Per Knutsen

    Tommy took an Alex on Pierce. Must say im impressed with Tommy`s skills.

  • Anita Rabar

    …It would have been fairer and more interesting had they brought in some the relatives of the victims from Manchester, for a real truthful and balanced debate. What a disgraceful pair of sly hateful b******s Morgan and Reid are…

  • Istanbul_chick

    “Show some damn respect for people’s religious beliefs.” No.

  • Rosemary Atsma Paul

    Poor Tommy, when he said he has been knocking his head trying to get his point across, and seeing these open attacks against him, makes my heart bleed. Piers Morgan is a “truthaphobic”. Stay strong Tommy

  • Cindy Brooks

    Morgan is the WORST interviewer I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s rude and all he can do is try to try to run people down. He’s obviously never read that freaking book, it is NOT religion, it’s an ideology! Call me islamaphobic or whatever, I call it being smart to be able to recognize that these people believe in murder, rape, oppression. They are taught to kill anyone who isn’t of their belief. How can anyone respect that? No, sorry but I don’t believe in any of those things! I don’t know how anyone could yet these moron snowflakes just think it’s all lovely! Oh hey, if they want to behead people, throw gays off buildings that’s perfectly fine because it’s their *religion*! HOGWASH! It’s violent bullshit! When they chop off your son or daughter’s head or throw your lover off a building for being gay we’ll see how tolerant you are then. You’re like a herd of cattle being pushed off the side of a very high cliff! WAKE UP MAN!

    • harlan leys

      As there’s over 1.5bn Muslims, being smart is to be able to differentiate a minority of militant, murderously minded Muslims, from a majority of more moderately, peacefully minded ones.

      • Elle Ay

        US intelligence fix a conservative estimate of extremists as 15-20% – that minority you are talking about runs into millions that want to destroy the western way of life.

        • harlan leys

          If that’s true, it’s vitally important to distinguish and target that minority, from the rest.

  • John Dziki

    I am an atheist. sod him. I don’t show respect to anyone’s religion. I watch lots of British television. They show no respect at all to Christian religions.

  • Lince Ibérico

    Muslims dont respect women nor gays.

    • harlan leys

      Some do.

      • Steven Smith

        Who? which muslims respect women and gays?, they would not be following muhammad if they did? What do you know about muslims

      • Lince Ibérico

        not genuinely

        • harlan leys

          Yes, genuinely. Even the Koran can be interpreted in that light.

  • Deo Fayte

    If one of your deeply held religious beliefs is that gay people should be thrown from the rooftops then I’m just never going to show respect to your religion.

    • harlan leys

      That’s a cultural thing.

      • GeekMom

        Yes, some Muslim cultures allow their gays young boy sex slaves.

  • Bill Hunter

    He said “like Donald Trump” HEY STUPID! TRUMP DID NOT EVER BAN ALL MUSLIMS! Liberals are stupid!

  • Bill Hunter

    Psssst…there is no such thing as Islamaphobia!

    • harlan leys

      There is. Many Sunnis and Shias direct it at each other.

      • Bill Hunter

        sorry, but the word was recently made up by the left

        • harlan leys

          There are plenty of people who express an ignorant fear of Islam. Go to Breitbart and see them in their horrific (haha) hoards.

          • Bill Hunter

            Sorry, conservatives aren’t afraid of anything, it’s the left that is afraid of faith. You don’t have to look on Breitbart for that….pick a thread any thread.

          • harlan leys

            Conservatives who support banning Muslims from the US, do so through fear of Islam.

      • Bill Hunter

        Try typing it on facebook…..even extreme left FB underlines the word, because it isn’t recognized

        • harlan leys

          Why would anyone waste a moment of their all too brief lives, typing anything on a Facebook? It’s fantasy for feeble fools. And then there’s all those twits tweeting trash on Twitter..

          • Bill Hunter

            Lol@the troll talking about wasting time! You’re such a cute lil clown. I dont have a Twitter account, because THAT is a waste of time!

          • harlan leys

            Facebook and Twitter: two sides of the same fake dime.

          • Bill Hunter

            Thanks for proving that liberals are impossible to teach. Their brains are already full of misinformation.

  • Bill Hunter

    So according to Piers….”phobia” means “hate.”

  • harlan leys

    Oh, God, please take him back, Yanks!

    • Gibson

      Fuck no stop trying to pass off your turds on to us or we won’t come and save you when you are completely over run with muslims looking to cut off your heads.

  • Phil St. George

    Morgan sounds drunk and it’s a terrible interview.

  • Jan Hellsund

    It’s “fomenting hatred”, not “fermenting hatred”. Jeez – no wonder we don’t respect the media anymore.

  • How many times is Piers Morgan going to show his dishonesty? This guy is one of the worst journalists in the UK.

  • Rafa

    Piers Morgan is the ultimate Islamic tool. Unlike his fellow liberal Bill Maher who at least has the decency to learn the truth about Islam, Piers could care less about learning the truth and silences anyone who disagrees with him. Now who’s the one in favor of free speech?

  • Pearlbuck

    Tommy straight up kicked your asses, Piers and ho.

  • Dante Alighieri ???? Peirs Morgan — a Challenge

    Ya, Piers, don’t disrespect the book that instructs you to kill gays.

    I’d like to see Piers Morgan walking down the streets of Tehran dressed in drag. And see now long he lasted.

  • disgustedvet

    Thank God Morgan is the UK’s problem again.

  • A Eagle

    Piers put on quite a production there – to keep from admitting he never read the biography behind the ideology of the pathology. Lol.

  • Pat Patrix

    How does Piers Morgan even keep getting work? How many times has he been fired for being an unethical fuckhead so far?

  • Bill Smith

    The answer to the question is the Quran more violent than the Bible, is yes…by far. That Muslims have killed 270 Million people over 1400 years makes that a factual statement not refuted that I know of by any credible source. That the Muslims killed every Jew and Christian in the middle east for 400 years from 630 AD tells you there alone, the answer is yes. It took 400 years before the Christians responded to this violence. Remember, ther were NO MUSLIMS AT ALL in 600 AD. None! All conversion was done by the sword! Is there a difference between the the bible and the Quran? You tell me. Who are the Jews converting by the sword or gun? Who are the Christians converting by those methods? It ridiculous. Piers Morgan can’t read and comprehend if he thinks otherwise. My guess is he did read Quran. No reading of it would yield the thought s he voiced.

    • KP

      Right on!

  • Dave Mc

    Wow, this was painful to listen to, and a total waste of time. CTFD and communicate next time.

  • LindaRivera

    I didn’t know that Piers Morgan was guilty of deliberately endangering British soldiers. Why is this profoundly evil, satanic being still employed by the media?

    What kind of media would employ the monster?

  • Steve King



    • KP


  • Patrick DiSandro

    Guy backpedeled and sounded crazy a bit, but Piers was doing everything in his power to put words in his mouth.
    Robinson asks a question, Piers talks over him asking a question back.
    Rob asks question again, Piers insists “You’ve been invited onto on our show, when we ask a question you should answer.”
    Rob goes to answer, Piers instead talks over him presenting his assumptions as fact whenever Rob tries to actually answer.

    So yeah, Robinson sounded a bit batty at times, but Piers did everything he could to stop this from potentially becoming an actual discussion or debate of ideas.

  • Hammer

    So glad we sent this fat ass leftist gas bag back to you in the U.K.

  • SBGrin

    Always stuns me how angry islam apologists get when you criticize their hateful book, they get so mad so quickly… they’re mentally ill

    • KP


  • Chris Duncan

    The Christian Scriptures,are composed of many books, which are divided into two parts, the first part is called the Old Testament,and was written in Hebrew , and the second part is called the New Testament,and was written in Greek .The first part or Old testament is Jewish scripture, inherited by Christians as part of their historical background.These books are full of wars and killing,even genocide.No Christian wrote any of these scriptures or agrees with any part in them that advocates mass killing or murder .The second part, or The New testament, was written by those who knew Jesus personally, or his followers.It nowhere advocates killing or murder, but upholds the teachings of Jesus Christ who preached love and forgiveness .Christians take their morality only from this second part of their scriptures.

    • KP

      Better read it again Chris, I think you missed something! Christians agree with every part of it, cause it is the word of God, and it is a history of the Jewish people who brought forth our Saviour Jesus Christ! Obviously, you need another Sunday School lesson! The killing and slaughter in the old testament was basically in self defense, and for survival. Even God himself told the Jews to go in and take land and kill all of the people, because they were desperately wicked and did abominable things, like sex with animals, sacrificing their own children. Does any of this sound familiar, it’s happening even today!

      • Chris Duncan

        Thanks for your reply, my statement was aimed at Muslims who think they Know all about Christianity. Hardly any of them know anything about the Bible or the books that are in it.I debate with Muslims, perhaps you do too.When it comes to stoning People to death they say the Bible supports the Quran .I say that the gospels do not. How do you reply? By the way, I did not go to Sunday School.However, if you really want to where I’m coming from theologically, I would refer you to the Heretic Marcion of Sinope. Check him out on google.

  • Kim McCann

    FFS Morgan. Piers, you are trying to attack a man, and not addressing his arguments. You are a disgrace to the journalistic profession and should be deeply ashamed to show your face in public.

  • Joe Hill

    Stupid Infidel !

  • Jack Georatis

    Piers total coward bully. Lost all respect. Wouldn’t let the guy get a word in edgewise.

  • Bozena Harvey

    PIERS MORGAN doesnt give Tommy a chance to speak. Piers’dominates in a one sided debate. Piers is a hypocrite and a creep.