Muslim groups in Indiana are reportedly angry over a billboard which they believe mocks the Prophet Muhammad.

As Fox 59 states, the billboard, seen on Interstate 465, features the headline “The Perfect Man,” followed by six bullet points describing him:

  1. Married 6-year-old
  2. Slave owner & dealer
  3. Rapist
  4. Beheaded 600 Jews in one day
  5. 13 wives, 11 at one time
  6. Tortured & killed unbelievers

The Indianapolis Star traced the billboard to Don Woodsmall, a principal for a firm called LightPoint Impressions.

He said he sold the ad to a “group of patriotic Americans” who were denied advertising by national companies.

“Their desire, born out of love and not hate, is to launch a national conversation,” Woodsmall said in a statement.

He refused to name the group behind the ad, saying they had requested anonymity.

“After talking to a half-dozen Islamic scholars and receiving and reviewing numerous citations from Islamic law and literature, I was convinced that each point listed on the billboard was historically and factually true,” Woodsmall continued.


Several Muslim groups have criticized the sign.

According to WRTV Indianapolis, the Muslim Alliance of Indiana has described it as “an attack on all Muslims.”

“It is a horrible billboard,” said Rima Shahid, executive director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana. “I’m outraged by it, but saddened at the same time.”

“At any point this would have been highly offensive, but we’re in the holiest month of our faith, when we slow down and reconnect with our communities,” he reportedly continued, claiming that the billboard “perpetuates hate.”

“I was a little disappointed when I saw that,” said Faryal Khatri of the Islamic Society of North America. “We’ve seen them in New York and several other cities on billboards as well as other transit ads.”

Indiana Senator Todd Young (R) denounced the sign in a tweet Monday night.

Indiana Rep. Andre Carson (D) believes the billboard’s author took Islamic text out of context “just like Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Klan do to religious texts to justify their bigotry.”

The caption ‘Educate Truthophobes’ appears at the bottom of the ad. A Google search of the phrase shows results for an organization called ‘Truthophobes,’ which it says is dedicated to “exposing Islam and the left who fear the truth.”

Many responded to initial reports of the ad’s appearance on Twitter.

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Indianapolis Star
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  • Anton Gostev

    >Muslim Alliance of Indiana has described it as “an attack on all Muslims.”
    How do they know it’s about their religious leader and religion in general if the sign doesn’t say it’s Muhammad?

    • The Major

      Good point. How are they so sure it was aimed at islam and Muhammad if no mention was made on the ad? Sound like they know the truth and the truth hurts.

      • Phht10

        I would assume because it stated facts point to Muhammad and since they study their own religious texts, recognize him immediately. I guess if a sign said, walked on water, feed the masses, raised the dead, I would know immediately it was Jesus.

    • Jo Alex SG

      Spot on, clever guys!!

    • Luke Bailey

      I thought Muslims wanted to spread their faith and teach all us heathen non believers about the wonders of Islam and the prophet Mohammed..

      Yet they get offended when a billboard does it for them?

      Just can’t seem to win with these people..

  • Jerald

    If the shoe fits.

  • Chad Heroman

    Muslims and blacks only identify as liberal because the crazy liberals back them on all things. Make no mistake, blacks and especially Muslims aren’t liberals! So why do liberals come to their aid? Because Liberals think the ONLY enemy is straight white men (and Milo of course). Fuck liberals

    • NoTreading

      Lefties think they can use muslims to forward their agenda. Muslims are using the idiot lefties to forward theirs.

      • jakesdad

        That about sums it up…

  • English Claro

    hahaha nowhere does it say mohammed. How do muslims know that’s who is being described? Are they admitting it’s true about their nymphomaniac founder?

    • Tony Filipeli

      I think you do not understand what a “nymphomaniac” is—nothing on that sign suggests, Nymph….Paedophile is what you are looking for.

  • ytuque

    “Indiana Senator Todd Young (R) denounced the sign in a tweet Monday night.”

    Young is a cuck and should be voted out.

    • 0bsoleteMan

      A proper response to this should have been “This is America. People have a right to free speech. If you don’t like it you can leave.”

      • ytuque

        He should have also observed that the billboard is factual.

        • C_Alan_Nault

          And that nowhere on the billboard does it say Mohammed, Islam, or Muslim.

          • ytuque

            No, but the Koran states Mohammad is the ideal man.

          • C_Alan_Nault

            The Quran also states that the prophet ( Mohammed) split the Moon in half. Obviously the Quran/Koran can be dismissed as childish fables.

          • ytuque

            Nothing good came out of 7th century Arabia, and the Koran is no different.

  • Aurren Ryld

    So, are they “appalled” and “angered” at finally finding out that their “prophet” was a piece of shit? Or are they appalled that a group is letting others know the truth? Seems like an intolerant bunch of butt-hurt cultists need to take their anger back to the mother land. And without actually naming names or mentioning a specific religion, it seems that someone’s guilt got the better of them and made them confess their sins 😛

    • Hairatic Rick

      “Back to their mother land” yes indeed, Muslemsylvania the land of mothers. ????

      • freenclear

        They could simply go halfway back. Right into shark infested oceans.

      • Caroline Mc Gilloway


  • PaulMurrayCbr

    The billboard does not mock Mohammed. It mocks people who believe him to be the perfect man.

    • 0bsoleteMan

      The board names nobody. Why would moslems assume it is talking about Mohammed?

      • AverageJoe1987

        Because they know the truth about their Prophet. They know he took a 6 year old bride and advocated terrorism and beating women.

  • Did the billboard mention any names? Why the guilty conscience, Muzzies?

  • Christopher Harding

    “Truth dosn’t care about your feelings” ~Ben Shapiro

  • jp

    Facts “offend” some, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not educational… facts are ALWAYS educational, Senator.

  • Hairatic Rick

    What? They are upset to learn that the Bandit Mohammed was a bandit? They should read their book, I did and it made mean Atheist. They left out a lot like Mo saying that their god allah snack bar lives in the seventh heaven where he rides his seven goats. HA! And The bandit’s mother said that when Mohammmmmmeeeeed was born that a light came out of her vagina and gave light to all of the middle east all night. HA!. There is so very much more ???? ???? ????

    • Dan Fisher

      They know he was an ass that they idolize; they don’t want you to know.

  • Trey Von Dinkis

    IF Kathy Griffin can do as she did – then I don’t want to hear JACK from Leftists over this sign.

  • Raymond Daley

    How can they take offense if that is what they are taught to be fact?

  • David Brumby

    SO Muslims are offended by their own prophet then?
    Exactly, how brain dead do you have to be to see the flaw in their argument that it is

  • DistantEarlyWarning611

    Truth hurts sometimes.

  • Midak of the Nynrah Ghosts

    Isn’t this something they’re proud of?

  • GuardPhantom

    The beauty of this is that it doesn’t include any words directly pointing to islam, yet they still immediately know it’s about them.

    • Jo Alex SG

      Indeed, LOL!!!

    • Luke Bailey

      They know deep down their prophet was a monster.. they know..

  • AverageJoe1987

    If the truth hurts the Muslims, they can always take an aspirin.

    But they know everything on that billboard is true about Muhammad. They just don’t like people criticizing their pedo/terrorist Prophet.

  • mike

    That’s pretty Ballsy in the current climate we live! I always love how Forked Tongued Snake Oil salesmen seem to live out of their meaningless platitudes of tolerance and diversity whether or not the Attacks are true!

  • Michael Smith

    “It is a horrible billboard,” said Rima Shahid, executive director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana.

    And Mohammad was a horrible man. Horrible billboards for horrible men.

    • BloodyMonarch

      That’s right, Gremio. You tell em.

  • Joseph Flannagan

    Interesting that all these muslims know EXACTLY who is being referred to here. IF what is stated is not factual then how do they know who the person in question actually is ?.

    • Dante Alighieri

      And they don’t even remotely feel shame.Their leader “marries a six year-old”, & Mohammedans celebrate.

  • Dante Alighieri
  • icy69hot

    What are Muslims afraid of? They worship the man, talk about his teaching in their holy book, so what are they afraid of? They are afraid of the fact that the man they profess to being a messenger of GOD is in fact a killer,rapist and pedophile and to the world that makes them look like idiots who don’t know wrong from right.

    • DaisyToo

      They don’t want the We, the Infidels, to know.

  • DaisyToo

    The truth disturbs Muslims in the same way it disturbs Illiberals.

    Not mentioned on the sign: Like the perfect war lord, Mohammad raided camel caravans in order to finance his Islamist movement. He also took, as his first wife, an older – rich – widow, for the same purpose.

  • us

    ok muslims, which part is false and back yourself up with factual evidence …..

  • Llort Bew

    I’m disappointed that people still believe in religion.

  • Scarlett

    Love it!!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Nowhere on the sign they even allude to Muhammad. These tards just ratted out their own prophet.

  • Dan Fargo

    Hahahahaha, How do they know it is mocking muhhamad?

  • texas123

    Indiania senator Todd Young..”this is beneath us, disturbing and divisive”

    If the Truth (ie Fact) is disturbing and divisive, I think Mr Republican Indiana Senator better leave political life and opt for academic life where he will remain sheltered and cozy and safe spaces abound.

  • Jo Alex SG

    And, as the smart guys already pointed out in the previous comments, how do they know it´s about the infamous Mo if his name is not even mentioned in it nor of its toxic doctrine? We know the answer, no need to reply, LOL!

  • jonesnate

    Like so many have said, how do they know the sign is talking about Mohammed? How do they know it’s not talking about Hitler, Stalin, Jeffery Dahlmer, or some other big-name criminal? Of course, we assume it’s talking about Mohammed, but if they think Mohammed was such a great man, they shouldn’t be the first people to assume the sign is talking about Mohammed.

  • nwgunslinger

    Muslims are disappointed, offended and outraged. The sign does not mention a religion, specifically it does not mention Islam. It does not mention any specific person, specifically it does not mention Mohammed. Why would Muslims be outraged by it? Do they see something on the sign in those bullet points that they recognize?

    If the billboard was about Mohammed then everything on it is 100% factual. None of the Muslims responding to it ever claimed the billboard contained falsehoods, did they?

    Saying Mohammed married a six year old is a fact. It’s like saying JFK married Jackie. It can’t be taken out of context, it is simply a fact.

    Saying Mohammed owned slaves is a fact. It’s like saying George Washington owned slaves. Again, it can’t be taken out of context, it is simply a fact.

    Facts cannot be taken out of context.

  • Lyudmila Noble

    This is HORRIBLE! Unfortunately it was my experience as well, and not once.But I found another place with Christian & even Atheistic surgeons. That Muslim Drs were openly very rude to me.
    But I never filed any complaints due to realizing the very fact that it would be “highly inappropriate & politically incorrect.”

  • Philip Millard

    Screw their little sensitive little black hearts.

  • Wraith

    And 2nd generation Islamist goes on a murderous rampage to protest blasphemous billboard in 3,2,1…,

  • The Comedian

    The facts are out there, it’s the Muslims that have the problem. Islam is NOT compatible with western culture and laws.

  • Darlene Baker

    Nothing to do with hate, and not intended to outrage. It’s a message for those who outrage easily to indulge in some personal reflection to see if they can figure out why rational people find it difficult to like them.