According to #NeverTrump Russia conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch, it’s not radical Islam that’s to blame for yesterday’s terror attack in London. No, in her mind, the blame lies with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Make no assumptions as to who caused it,” she wrote on Twitter. “Look as to who capitalizes on it.”

Ironically, Mensch proceeded to do exactly what she told her followers to avoid and assumed responsibility lies with none other than Putin himself.

“Peace my dear Muslim brothers and sisters,” she wrote, “we know Putin funds ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Assad. We hold him responsible. Not you.”

Mench further declared, “we can see what Putin is doing. It kills him that we do not care to ostracise [sic] our Muslim compatriots.”

Confusingly, Mensch went on to mention Nazis.

As with so many of Mensch’s other unhinged rants, people quickly got to roasting the woman famous for saying things that make absolutely no sense.

As mentioned previously, Louise Mensch is known for her prolific sharing of Russia-related conspiracy theories.

Even BuzzFeed called bullshit on Mensch’s list of “suspected Russian agents,” stating, “mangled English syntax appears to be good enough to prove Russia ties.”

“She has accused people of being affiliated with Russia simply for disagreeing with her or calling her theories far-fetched, but she has also called someone a Russian agent for being too enthusiastic about her own theories,” the outlet stated in its April 21 article.

And there are instances like that time Mensch claimed “America First” is a Nazi slogan being pushed by Russia.