Several people are reportedly injured after a van plowed through a crowd of pedestrians outside a London mosque.

The Sun, citing police, states that there is a “number of casualties” with one arrest being made. The outlet states that armed police officers have rushed to the scene, with a police helicopter seen circling above.

Tommy Robinson has uploaded a number of images to Twitter, one of which he claims shows the vehicle used in the attack.

Another post by Robinson allegedly shows the suspect being arrested.

Europe has seen a number of vehicular attacks lately, the most recent having taken place in late May, when three Muslim terrorists plowed into a crowd on London Bridge and proceeded to stab several people, killing 7.

This is a developing story. Please stay tuned for updates.

The Sun

  • CrusadaB

    Looks like a Muslim to me. Ramadan 2017.

    • Valar Morghulis

      To me he doesn’t. which is kind of funny. lol people started using the same tactics on the Muslim terrorists.

      • Manius

        That’s what this sounds like it might be – not good.

        • Valar Morghulis

          Before London and Nice, the Muslims used this tactic of vehicles a lot against Israelis. Its ok, they deserve a bit of their own medicine. Finally people are getting angry with these terrorists.

      • 0bsoleteMan

        You have to do what works.

  • he looks english what lol

  • Ronnie Gates

    Question is, Is this a family member of someone who who was killed in a Muslim attack or not? Is he someone that had breakdown, had enough of the government not doing anything about the Muslim terrorists attack? Not sure.

    • Marek

      Possibly, it’s out of order but seeing the Muslim response on Facebook and Twitter he should’ve reversed and got a few more in since loads of Muslims are trying to use this as an excuse to victimise themselves…

  • James Lipton

    Has it been two weeks already?

  • Soul-sprite

    Ya know the left are gonna dylan roof this into the dirt, watch he be some poor sap who lost his wife and kids to one of these numerous attacks. even if he is this is still vile. you cant eye for eye this shit

  • harlow field

    Good to see the same treatment been served to those who do harm to others. Eye for an eye. We are an animal rule. Humans are a evil bread. Need to be taught the same in return.

    • Open Here

      Evil breed?

  • cestmoi

    well payback was gonna start eventually

    • bryandale

      If the government did its job and arrested jihadists in Britain and kept new ones from arriving, no one would feel this was necessary.

      • cestmoi

        fully agree … too bad they won’t … things will get worse before they get better, I’m willing to bet on it

  • cojar

    I know it is wrong, but if this is a vengeance attack, I am glad.

    • ShikokuPrincess91

      Why is it wrong?

    • Travis Harper

      Eye for an eye. It’s in their own Quran too

      • Arlow Cain

        Hammurabi’s code. One of the oldest forms of law

    • keldabe

      I agree with you, but at the same time I feel like we should be above this sort of recklessness and reaction.

    • James Clarke

      You’re a fuckwit then and you’re no better than those cavemen radical muslims

    • 0bsoleteMan

      I blame the British government.

      For decades they have allowed for their country to be colonized by foreigners who have no intention of assimilating into British culture. They do not protect their own citizens from attacks by these foreigners and they act shocked when the citizenry starts to take the law into their own hands?

  • M&M

    Christianphobia cause van to drive into a crowd of people in Finsbury Park, north #London. so now you know how victims of muslim feel. it is a start to good public service.


    Tit for tat, maybe with people taking law into own hands, they will think twice before hiding the shits and defending them, if they know someone may return the favour on them.

    • bryandale

      The government will treat this far more harshly than the Islamic attacks. There will be massive round ups and arrests of British nationalists.

  • ShikokuPrincess91

    Sooner or later the Britsh people were going to start fighting back.

  • Sally Rosminkos

    Payback is hell

    • Claudio Cugliari

      Everyone that got hit by a car were innocent. This guy is a terrorist. The terrorist want us to fight the Muslims. They want a holy war against the Christians. If we start down this path of hate we are playing in to the terrorists hands and the Devil. Peace and understanding are the only way out of this mess. Peace to you everyone.

  • Travis Harper

    No blood on the van and windshield still intact,
    no dents,,,,,,,,,FAIL.

  • janderson2000

    London sounds like Pakistan. So disgusting.

  • Geoffrey Harris

    He looks like a white guy who is stressed. He has a European caucasian nose. Give him a medal for every sand nigger he took out.

  • Trey Von Dinkis

    I don’t TRUST anything coming from the UK – and the media there.
    Sorry to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but…

    1) The UK Intel and UK police KNEW of the Libyan cell who ‘conducted’ the London bridge attacks for 2 YEARS in advance.

    2) The terrorists were ON VIDEO declaring jihad and hate – in ADVANCE.

    3) The UK Intel and UK police KNEW of the specific London Bridge attack plan TWO WEEKS in advance of the event.

    DO the MATH on that…

  • Rich Sensale

    Looks like the brits are finally growing a pair and fighting back.

  • ^^pretends they know

    what if it was just a accident and he blacked out after a long hard days work in the summer heat…something Muslims in the UK don’t do…work.

  • CN

    If this is vengeance, this is sad. On the other hand, there’s not much the people can do if their government keeps on going against their wishes.

  • Mike Jacobson

    What comes around goes around.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    Well, according to the Mayor of London it’s all just part and parcel of living in a big city.

  • Mike Jacobson

    Someone needs to start a fund me account to help defend this guy.

  • Dave Pinoy

    its called, “lex talionis”…

  • Samuel Alterio

    Look, any time someone from any religion commits an act like this it’s sickening and breeds hatred.
    We don’t know who did it or what their motivation was. It could have been a parent who lost a child, a husband who lost a wife, one who lost both, a random guy who did what he thought was best for his country or even another Muslim who wished to punish moderates for not pursuing a holy war against non believers.
    But please, show some compassion, wanting to send people back to their home countries is one thing, wishing people dead because of their race or religion makes us no better then the ones who would wish ill of us.

  • ShikokuPrincess91

    This attacker was a colonized man reacting to the invasion of his country by a foreign imperial army.
    When the whites came to America and the Indians fought back, they were defending their native country, just like this man.

    The leftists need to be consistent. And the cuckservatives need to grow a pair.

    This man did what he did to defend his country and people from a genocidal wave of third world invaders brought in to destroy and displace his people. This is a fact.

    For all the whining that these Muslim invaders are going to throw out there;

    When English mothers can get back their children whose faces were ripped off by a nail bomb, I will give a damn about these third world savages who shouldn’t even be in Europe to begin with.

    No Muslims in Japan!

  • Christina McClain

    He’s Muslim himself. Look at the hair.

  • It could just be sand nigger on sand nigger crime. The Shia and the Sunni don’t like each other.

  • Matthew Lathum

    Bravo Britons at last you pay back !

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Anders brevik. Not mickey mouse van stuff.

    • janderson2000

      That psycho killed dozens of White European children. I can’t believe he’s still breathing.

  • Ralph Gottlieb

    That is so sad. People are taught to kill (thank you islam), the government is just letting that happen and now peaceful Muslims are being killed because Britons are scared and not protected by their government. If the government doesn’t protect its people, the people will start to take the “justice” in their own hands.

    I am really scared. If we know what happened in history, we know that this is how a civilian war starts. Why can’t people live in peace? Why aren’t the governments doing something about it?

    My heart is with the one killed victim in this attack, with his family and friends as well.