Kathy Griffin’s appearance at the Uptown Theatre in Napa, California has reportedly been canceled.

“Kathy Griffin’s offensive against Donald Trump Friday apparently fell on deaf ears because the only remaining venue that would allow her to perform has just pulled the plug,” reports TMZ.

The “offensive” in question was Griffin’s press conference earlier this afternoon during which she accused President Donald Trump and his family of bullying her, stating the backlash to her now-infamous ‘beheading’ photo was “definitely a woman thing.”

Griffin also broke down in tears during the conference, stating, “I don’t think I will have a career after this. I think he. I think he. I’m gonna be honest. He broke me. He broke me.”

According to TMZ, prior to that press conference, the Bergen Performing Arts Center in New Jersey cancelled Griffin’s performance there.

A statement on the organization’s Facebook page reports that the decision was made “after very careful consideration.”

After very careful consideration, bergenPAC has decided to no longer move forward with the scheduled performance of…

Posted by bergenPAC (Bergen Performing Arts Center) on Thursday, June 1, 2017

Uptown Theatre, meanwhile, appears to have made the decision after the conference.

Kathy Griffin’s appearance at the Uptown Theatre Napa, on June 17, 2017 has been cancelled. Ticket holders will receive a full refund at place of purchase.Thank you!

Posted by Uptown Theatre Napa on Friday, June 2, 2017

Many have responded to Uptown Theatre’s statement with praise.

Others, however, appear concerned about alleged infringements on Kathy Griffin’s right to free speech.

Kathy Griffin apparently has yet to respond publicly to news of the cancelation, which follows quite the disastrous week for Griffin, who also lost her gigs co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve special and being a celebrity spokeswoman for Squatty Potty.

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  • Bill Fleming

    Nobody is denying her her free speech. She is just learning what the circumstances of her hate speech is.

    • disqus_I9PrFap6Pk

      Exactly. She’s not entitled to any platform. CNN is a private company as are these casinos. No one owes her a forum, no one made her take down anything, her rights have not been violated in the slightest. Sidenote, hope Lisa bloom and her mother are bothkilled by an oncoming truck.

      • Susan Salisbury

        Please no violence wishes

        • Thomas Hoff

          Telling the above person to not say something is a violation of freedom of speech. Dropping someone from a gig because of what they said is not a violation of freedom of speech.

          Before you trample me for what I said in the first sentence, it was intended in general. When harm and hate are added in speech, it no longer falls in the freedom of speech so you are correct in asking for what you asked.

          • REEarl

            Folks don’t seem to understand the first amendment. First amendment says that the government cannot block speech. Employers can always fire an employee if they fail to uphold the employers standards. First amendment does not apply between two individuals or an individual and a business.

          • sez-who

            Telling someone to shut up isn’t violating their freedom of speech, it’s exercising yours. They don’t have to listen to you! It’s when you start going to being simply saying ‘shut up’ that you start to run into issues.

      • January

        Be careful there. You know that old thing called “Karma”? Well it just kicked Kathy right in the A$$. She has been so nasty to people in her comedy routines for years and she finally got paid back and she doesn’t like it. Lisa Bloom probably wrote and coached Kathy to say what she said today.

        • Chuck

          Yeah I also think Lisa Bloom made things a lot worse. She was yelling and not likeable. Very unprofessional as a lawyer.

          • January

            I find it funny that Lisa Bloom was taken by surprise when that reporter brought up what she said about going after Trump and Barron. That was said in an interview awhile back. Not nice to use a child in your comedy act. I would call that bullying a child by an adult. Even if you are a comedian, that is wrong.

          • Chuck

            Omg, I just seen what happened after the press conference. Apparently as Lisa and Kathy turned to walk out a man confronted them with a picture, asked if it was ok. The picture showed Kathy holding the decapitated head Lisa Bloom. Perhaps that is a good analogy of Lise Bloom’s career. Google search for it.

          • Sickofliberallies

            The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…her mother is Gloria Allred!

        • R.j. Barcellona

          TMZ who ‘set her up’ has thrilled at reporting all her cancellations!! Odd she does not accuse them of any abuse or bullying! Whichever way the wind-bag blows!! She can dish it out, but cant take it! Hope she cant pay taxes on her beautiful home
          she rubbed in all of our noses! And has to kiss it GOODBYE!

          • January

            Whatever happens is her fault. She owns it. She ticked people off from the right & the left with this last news conference. If she would have just said “I was wrong and I’m sorry”, then left it at that but no; she blamed “the White Men” and the Trump family for her failures. Karma kicked her in the butt big time. She has torn down people for what she calls comedy for years and laughed about it, now Karma said; “It’s your turn”. You get what you give.

          • Sickofliberallies

            My God, she used every social justice buzz word ever invented by white apologists to get people to feel sorry for her. Karma is a biatch and so is she!

    • Zipowitz

      That’s exactly correct. You can say whatever you want in public, but don’t be shocked if it comes back to kick your behind. The left is MERCILESS when it comes to this. I always remember the CEO of Firefox getting the boot because he donated his own money to a marriage proposition in CA . He can donate to whomever he wanted and they attacked him until he quit. Unfortunately there are HUNDREDS of those examples and they almost always come from the left.

      • Defiant Rebel ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

        I contributed to Firefox development from the version 1.0 era until the unfortunate witch hunt drove Brendan away. I haven’t contributed any time to the project since then. Others left as well, causing lasting damage.

        • 2muchcafe

          I switched to Opera and independent browsers like dolphin and search through duck duck go. It was a sad day they did that to Brendan. Karma will eat them alive.

          • Zipowitz

            Yet the left was ecstatic and called it a win.

          • strubabe

            Thanks for info I will check them out. So sick of these conglomerates pushing their views down the throats of their employees but even more so impressionable young people. This is McCarthyism threatening the livelihood of people who have a conservative opinion

          • Defiant Rebel ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

            +1 on using Duck Duck Go. The only reason I still use Firefox is because of the personal time investment I made in it in the past.

        • RAH

          Eich produce Brave as a browser Try that It cuts out a lot of ads

          • Defiant Rebel ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

            Thanks for sharing that. I’m trying it now, and am fairly impressed so far. Not sure why it is chrome/chromium based, though. So far so good!

    • Disproportional

      Now if only the rest of the left will take note and realize that all hate speech is unacceptable including against white males. But alas I am only living in a dream world where that will never actually happen.

      • Bill Fleming

        Agree that will never happen. The left is too self righteous to admit how fucking awful they actually are.

        • Disproportional

          This is true.

        • Tzione

          Yes,Case in point…Hillary

    • Kansokusha

      This is the standard SJW excuse for their censorship crusades. This allows you to censor with impunity and then claim “This is the consequence of exercising your right to free speech.” We should aim to minimise the consequences of freedom of expression. I’m not defending Griffin’s ideas, but it’s essential to defend her right to express them.

      • Charlig

        She exercised her right to free speech or graphic picture as it were. Now we are exercising ours. She’s just whining because nobody backed her play against Trump and his child like she thought they would. What she did was not humorous at all so that is no excuse; just like when ISIS beheads Christians and claims to be a religion of peace; it’s not peaceful. Karma just came back around plain and simple.

        • Kansokusha

          I’m just shocked by the clear demonstration of horseshoe theory by Griffin’s critics. This is exactly how progressives have been shutting people down for the better part of a decade. It doesn’t matter if we find it funny. It doesn’t matter if it’s hateful. It’s essential that ideas can be freely communicated, particularly ideas we disagree with. Honestly after the last few years we’ve had, the right should know better than to try to destroy someone’s career over an illustration.

  • Zipowitz

    She is following the Hillary playbook to a T! Blame everybody else, claim sexism blah blah blah. The cartoon is the reality. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/da2757f6768c46e92a8fbc067fd4bb3847a618ff82c0634e6eb0b4d60cf54603.jpg

    • Nancy Graciela Pippo Ruggeri

      NICE graphics…good for you

      • Zipowitz

        Not mine, it’s on loan.

        • Brendan Jones

          Ok I am going to “loan” it too! hahaha

          • Zipowitz

            Feel free as I think it is awesome!

    • CT

      I have never seen a meme so perfect.

  • Lynn Giacinto

    She can speak all she wants…. people just should not have to pay for it 😉

  • floridapossum

    Good riddance.

  • Rhett Jones

    now can we please stop talking about her this was all for attention so dont give her more than she deserves and allow her to play the victim card to liberals and get the career boost she is now trying for

  • spongeO

    We are just playing the game that the leftists invented.

    • Adam Oakeley

      This isn’t over. We must continue because, as the left has taught us, we can not allow a venue for hate speech. We must beat the dead horse, we must use Mook tactics against media until Mook tactics are unacceptable to all.

  • kamenetz

    This is how dumb libturd pussssy hatter gets shut down! Who’s next? Chelsea Handler? Ashley Judd? Katy Perry? Sarah Silverspoon?

  • Nebokenezzer

    You keep using this phrase “freedom of speech”, like it’s a carte blanch excuse to act without repercussions……

  • memphis

    Holding the artificial head of the president in the way ISIS does it with their enemies is probably still free speech or maybe already incitement to murder. I don’t know but I’m pretty sure that a theater has the right to decide to put some distance to this person and their business.

  • mikebatl

    Everyone is free to say what they want. Just don’t be surprised when actions have consequences. Just because you can say something doesn’t mean you should.

    • Shari Smeltzer

      Totally agree, they need to understand the meaning of taking personal responsibility!

    • KennyB

      She should consult with the Dixie Chicks on this.

  • Deborah Urquijo

    She still has her right to Free speech. But that does not mean that anyone has to hire her. And any company that hires someone has a right to expect that person will not to disgrace them by making a public fool out of themselves.

  • Nancy Graciela Pippo Ruggeri

    To those that say she is titled to freedom of speech and all that …Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame, lost his career when doing a stand up routine called out the N word to a heckler, HE WAS TRULY sorry , he is known not to be a racist and it did nothing, nothing to put him back in good gracious even though black people use that word ever single day! So as far as I am concern , that was a very bloody, disgusting, very real looking picture , IF SOMEONE HAD DONE THE SAME WITH HILLARY OR OBOOBOO THE LEFT WOULD OF HAD A HISSY FIT. I AM SHOCKED THAT THE LEFTEST MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT THEATERS EVEN REACTED LIKE THIS AND I SAY ABOUT FREAKING TIME!

  • SJ DC

    How did “he” break her for what she said? Just kill yourself, Kathy

  • Gale60

    What goes around comes around…or so they say. It is for Griffin. She choose of her own misguided free will to hold up the bloody, severed head of a sitting President for a planned photo shoot. She knew what she was doing, she joked about it, laughed, and even said she might have to move to Mexico after it. The press conference only adds fuel to the fire due to its just plain stupid narrative…boohoo…Trump made me do it…boohoo…What a freaking fraud!!!

  • Christiana Weber

    She absolutely has a first amendment right to say what she did!! But that does not mean she doesn’t face consequences, when it backfires on her! Others also have a 1st amendment right to call her out on her “art”, and put her in her place!

    • Spotted Feather

      except that what she did WASN’T free speech. It was a threat against the life of the president.

      • Duhitar

        Hmm, interesting point you make. It was free speech in that anyone is free to break the law and wear the consequences, but not in that is illegal to threaten the President.

  • Donna Greenmeyer

    Yes there is free speech but yours was vile, despicable and hateful. Everyone has or should have a filter. It is the one that says yes, this is good and no, lets not go there. Obviously your filter has malfunctioned or is entirely broken. That is a shame. Now you pay the cost of having to take accountability for your actions. Be a big girl and move on.

  • Jennifer Sands

    Billy Bush was FIRED for a recording he made TEN years prior! HE did not say or display anything near what she did! Give me a break, consequences, accountability, every action has an opposite reaction, WELCOME to polite society!

  • Adam Seidner

    Has any government entity prevented her from using her freedom speech though force of law? No? Has any government entity used the force of law to force her employers or venues to cancel her appearances? No? Then her freedom of speech has not be denied or foreclosed upon. Private entities and concerns may act in anyway they see fit, in accordance with the law, in response to speech made by others. All of these venues, after seeing her “speech” and today’s press conference, made the decision they felt appropriate. No curtailing her freedom of speech. How people fail to understand this simple concept as to how the 1st amendment and Freedom of Speech works is beyond me.

  • HokieBird

    She is so full of her own lies that she will never see the truth.

  • Jesus Christ

    Make a lesson out of her to liberals. They’ve been pulling this stuff for years and the conservatives have just been too nice, too principled to get down and dirty with them but now the gloves are off. You will suffer the full consequences now if you try to pull something.

    • fountainhead

      I hope you are right. Will the left suffer consequences if they call for boycotts/ list advertisers to get them to drop a program..publish people’s addresses and phone numbers and go vomit on their front lawns..?? The gloves may be off- we may be boxing Kathy around the ears right now- but– this really does need to translate into something that includes ALL the Left and their vile behavior.

  • Greg Miller

    You broke yourself honey, now put your application in at Wal-Mart like a good little unemployed gal.

  • deplorable big dingus

    Now all she is fit for is making $$ at a Glory hole

  • MaryTN

    You can pretty much say whatever you want. But you don’t get to get paid for saying whatever you want.

  • Defiant Rebel ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ
  • Auction Hunter

    Tell the truth… Was canceled because no one was going to show up.

  • FreeYourMind2

    Simply reaping what she sowed.

  • FreeYourMind2

    Look how the Left tried to destroy Chick Fil A because the owner said, when asked, he didn’t agree with gay marriage. How about his free speech rights?

  • FreeYourMind2

    Even more reprehensible is that vulture ambulance-chaser Lisa Bloom.

    • Chesapeake

      A chip off her old hag mom Gloria Allred.

  • jw

    I could fill in for her, I’m ugly and my jokes suck…

    • Calvin Harrison

      That alone is better than any thing i have heard that slag say. Sir you may have a career in show biz.

    • ShikokuPrincess91


  • rick

    McDonalds is hiring

  • EmeraldAl

    Liberals only want their speech protected, not the resulting speech. But her lawyer should be fired too. That was a mess.

  • aquaticApe aquascape

    Fuck this cunt, its a woman thing? he broke me? Bitch, you took a photo with the severed head of the president of the united states of america. Did she honestly think any good would come of it? Your 15 minutes of fame are up kathy aka andy dick in drag

    • WheresMyReacharound?

      Andy Dick in drag. I spit coffee on my laptop when I read that. Win!

  • There’s a HUGE difference between “Violating Freedom of Speech” and “The Consequences of Freedom of Speech.” She’s 100% allowed to post her crap. She’s allowed to try to share it. Her being allowed to share it has literally nothing to do with the fact that NO ONE WANTS TO ASSOCIATE WITH SOMEONE WHO GOES THAT FAR!

  • LoriBoriAlist

    Karma is a bitch. And so is Kathy Griffin.

  • Chesapeake

    What she did wasn’t freedom of speech. It was a threat. Just like finding horse’s head in your bed.

  • Suzy Madden

    I’m laughing at her, this is the funniest she’s been in years!

  • YelowJezamin

    “You have freedom of speech – but you are not free from the consequences of that speech.” The only difference between Griffin and a low-rent stripper with a filthy mouth is that Griffin has a publicist.

    That said, I firmly believe that these lefties like Colbert, Griffin, et al who scream and yap and giggle and bully, have one single goal – to influence far left crazies like the Portland stabber to attack and hopefully kill not only conservatives but Donald Trump himself. They are still moronic enough to think that they could then demand that Hillary be crowned as their President then – if they just squall loud enough and long enough.

  • Pat Patrix

    Wtf did Trump do?

  • Michael Gibney

    It’s not denial of free speech, but like she said in her use of ‘the Spiderman Defence’ with great power (i.e. a public platform) comes great responsibility. Just because free speech still exists in America (coz it’s nearly dead in Britain) doesn’t mean there are no consequences. Just ask any Brit who publicly denounces Islam. They’re either arrested or investigated. Griffin gets fired and criticised. I think she got off lightly. But hey, you reap what you sow and Griffin mocked Christ a few years back and now look what’s happening to her – the Good Book says the Truth – “G-D shall NOT be mocked.”

  • Kelleytoons

    I tend to agree with those who state they are worried about censorship issues, but OTOH venues have every right to be concerned they won’t be making money since a whole lot of folks just won’t come out to see her. If there are many that are concerned she is being silenced unfairly, they ought to step up and show, with money, that they believe it. Otherwise? STFU.

  • Scooterific2762 .

    This was carefully planned. She’s not a victim… obviously. She stated last year that she would go after Barron Trump. I truly don’t know her motive… but she’s getting what she wanted.

  • MuchLoveFrom

    Can’t believe that a liberal is actually getting in trouble for doing something! Hope that Alec Baldwin and Bill Maher lose all of their gigs as well soon.

    • David Watts

      You may not have to wait long for Maher. The Left have their bibs on and are sprinkling salt on him as we speak…

  • Christine D

    It’s not a matter of freedom of speech. She can say anything she wants. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences. This is capitalism at work. The people she offended are voting with their money. Venues have to listen to that if they want to be smart.

  • Tidybowlman

    She absolutely has the Freedom OF Speech. She does not, however have the Freedom FROM Speech. What you say has consequences. What you do has consequences. Her and her Lawyer coming out and blaming Trump for her actions is so far beyond the pale… then they imply they were making up Barron’s reaction to seeing a very realistic picture of his father bloodied and decapitated head?!?!. This woman and her lawyer are horrific!!! They cannot accept the fact that they responsible for their own actions, and the result of those actions

  • January

    Nobody is denying her freedom of speech. It’s how you use that freedom is what can get you into trouble with others that, (here it comes,,,sorry) that are offended by it and then they use THEIR freedom of speech to tell you just what they think of what you said. It’s a two way street there but she can’t seem to understand that. “He broke her”, who Trump? He didn’t break her, she broke herself. Her crying how all the Trumps came out and bullied her. No, when that picture appeared, a lot of people started blasting her before the Trumps even came out and said anything. Then she goes on to say she will still make jokes about Trump and blamed the “white MEN” for all her problems. She even made it worse for herself when she did that news conference today. Must really hurt to find out that even the Liberals turned their back on her.

  • Susan

    Isis Kathy wonders why people are repulsed by her so called “joke” a week after yet another terrorist attack occurred where children died? And she poses like the terrorists have done? She is really stupid.

  • Forrest Cook

    I could not even watch all of this. “He broke me”…GIVE ME A BREAK. You broke YOURSELF when you made the choice to do what you did. IT’S CALLED CONSEQUENCES and you deserve it all. At 56 years old you KNEW better but did it anyway. You will not be missed.

  • Mickey Mouse

    She broke herself. She opened her sewer hole of a mouth and inserted her foot. Then she opened it again then inserted the other by blaming him after she threw the 1st punch. Liberals don’t like any backtalk. They want to say what they want but don’t you talk back. Welcome to reality where you reap what you sow. Liberal celebs take notice.

  • Libertarian_with_a_brain

    Sure she has the right to free speech but at the same time, they have the right to say that she won’t be conducting that free speech at their place of business. That right is also in the constitution. You don’t get to pick which constitutional right you like and dislike. You are also allowed to be offended but the rest of us do not have to care that you are offended.

  • Matthew James Murrian

    Freedom of speech arguments? Really? How idiotic. A private citizen made a very public spectacle and private companies decided not to associate with her.

    If you think the Constitution has anything to do with this … it doesn’t. And you don’t know what the Constitution is.

  • Whatbull

    People who say she has the right to free speech and can say what she wants, no matter how vile, are tip-toeing around the rules of the FCC. That being said, we all have the right to say what we want, but business is business, and if what you say or what she says is bad for business, then expect to get fired from your employer. She can stand on a street corner now and rant all she wants. She just won’t get paid for it. If anyone walked into their bosses office and told him to F-off, why would they expect to have a job afterward??She is the problem, not Trump.

  • Thomas Cahill

    People who are complaining about her free speech don’t understand the Constitution. Kathy Griffin has a right to free speech. The Constitution protects peoples right to free speech from the government. That is why she wont go to jail for her speech. If a person who owns a venue cancels her show over something that she said, it isn’t a free speech issue. Its the right of a privately owned business from not wanting to do business with a controversial entity or person.

    • solid_m

      The business choice to express not wanting her is their right to their free speech also.

      • Thomas Cahill

        That’s exactly my point. Business owners have a right to free speech. And them telling Kathy Griffin to take her show someplace else isn’t violating her right to free speech.

  • Denise Christine Mahoney

    Hate crimes are not free speech! This was a hate crime! I find her attitude baffling, her comment it is a woman thing….err no! not a woman thing, most woman wouldn’t stoop so low. How has Trump gone after her, by protecting his son? It was her doing, he didn’t break you, you did that yourself. It is not the first time you have gone after this child, your a bully, pure and simple. When are these people going take responsibility for their own actions? The irony here is she started this mess and cries because it back fires on her, so now out comes the sympathy card, so she can dish it out the hate, however, cries foul when returned, which by the way was from the public. There needs to be more outrage from the public, the moral compass from the left has hit an all time low with their vitorol, hate and character assassination.

  • Duhitar

    Free speech means exactly that. I support Kathy Griffin’s right to make a complete ass of herself and ruin her career.

  • Dante Alighieri

    The comedy-shaming of Kathy Griffen has become an exercise in overkill. We get it. Move on.

  • Jimothy Timberline

    Free speech? She can say whatever she wants. Private businesses can book, not book, or cancel any performer they choose.

    Now if she was actually invited and booked to perform and people not related to ownership or management of the venue actually caused the show to be cancelled that is suppression of free speech.

    You know like on Conservatives on College Campuses.

  • tim

    Obviously ppl forget that hate speech isn’t covered by the 1st amendment. Liberals scream it every day.

  • Trey Von Dinkis

    Freedom of speech works in every direction.
    Sure – Griffin can do what she wants – but not threaten the president, and that’s a legit debate that she did just that.
    Club owners also have free speech – and they’ve said – ‘We don’t want your C-league crap here. You’re cancelled.’

    That IS freedom of speech (which basically also covers thought and choice) – and the club owners are exercising their 1st Amendment – just as much as she is entitled to.

    • REEarl

      Actually what the club owners did has nothing to do with free speech, rather it has to do with their right to conduct business as they see fit.

      • Trey Von Dinkis

        Which is a matter of free speech, thought, choice – noted in my post.

        • REEarl

          Free speech per the first amendment covers the right for citizens not to be suppressed by the government, not business. Sorry you are wrong.

          • Trey Von Dinkis

            Dude – Free speech covers freedom of THOUGHT and CHOICE also.
            In THIS case, the business owner is making a CHOICE and EXPRESSING that choice – which is free speech.

            Thanks for playing.

          • REEarl

            Dude, go read the first amendment. It does not cover interactions between individuals or businesses and individuals. It protects citizens from the government suppressing their speech. OH and thanks for playing, you lost again.

          • Trey Von Dinkis

            The business decision made is BASED on the choice and the thoughts of the business owner – who then EXPRESSED those thoughts.
            That’s free speech.

            Thanks again for playing.

          • REEarl

            Read the text of the first amendment as I posted above. Here it is again: First Amendment – Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
            Notice that it says CONGRESS shall make no laws. Nowhere in the text does it mention BUSINESS. By necessity it includes the press. You lose again.

          • Trey Von Dinkis

            Freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom of speech – ALL the same – used to make a business DECISION.
            Thanks for playing.

          • rockypauly

            You are wrong there friend.

          • REEarl

            If it was the government supressing the business rights of the owner or suppressing Kathi Griffens post, then you would be correct. As it is, you are wrong. Businesses have the right to contract and cancel contracts. That is a business action, not an exercise of freedom of speech. Done with you, you are too stupid to understand. Have a great weekend dude, and thanks again for playing, even though you lost again.

          • Will

            That’s wrong again.

          • Trey Von Dinkis

            Business owner is making a choice, their thoughts, their RIGHT to EXPRESS those thoughts. It does NOT matter if it IS in business or if it is NOT in business. They have the RIGHT to make the choice and to verbalize that choice – ‘you are cancelled.’
            THAT is freedom of speech.
            Thanks for playing.

          • Will

            The business owner is a citizen who is expressing their thoughts and decision verbally. That is freedom of speech.

          • REEarl

            It is only regarding the first amendment if it is the government that is surpressing what they are atttempting to do. Has nothing to do with the first amendment.

          • Trey Von Dinkis

            Correct also.

          • REEarl

            Here is the text of the first amendment: First Amendment – Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

          • Will

            Expression of choices when conducting business is free speech.

          • REEarl

            NO it isn’t. they are just exercising their rights as business owners. Nothing to do with the first amendment.

          • REEarl

            The first amendment is part of the Bill of Rights. Here is the definition of the Bill of Rights: The first 10 amendments to the Constitution make up the Bill of Rights. Written by James Madison in response to calls from several states for greater constitutional protection for individual liberties, the Bill of Rights lists specific prohibitions on governmental power.
            How much clearer can I make it?

          • Will

            What part of the word expression do you not understand.
            Freedom of speech is the 1st amendment. That supersedes business or any other area of life.
            It’s an expression of the owner of the business.
            That is freedom of speech.
            What part of that do you not understand??????

          • REEarl

            If the owner were making a statement and the GOVERNMENT was trying to supress the business you would be right. As it is right now they are exercising their rights under contract law, not the first amendment. What part of the bill of rights protecting the rights of the INDIVIDUAL and the first amendment being part of the bill of rights? Should be plain enough for anybody to understand. The government has not told the businesses to keep Kathy Griffin hired or to fire her, it the government had applied pressure to the business you would be correct. Again read the part where CONGRESS WILL PASS NO LAW, It says nothing about the businesses right to contract, break contract or hire or fire anybody. That is under a separate set of laws enforced by the FLSA.

          • Will

            It’s not a right under contract law.
            It’s just their right, period.
            That right is their freedom of speech.
            Whether it is business or not is totally irrelevant.

          • Trey Von Dinkis


          • REEarl

            Nope, wrong. so wrong this is hilarious. Take a citizenship exam, you would do well to learn what immigrants to this country are required to learn. Or consult with an atty.

          • Trey Von Dinkis

            Thanks for playing.

          • REEarl

            If what you said were true, businesses could fire people without regard to the FLSA or Civil Rights. A business action has nothing to do with the government. If the Government is trying to supress what the business did, you would be right, but the government is not taking that action.

          • Will

            Covered by different amendments for that very reason.
            The business owner has the right to “express” themselves, and therefore make business decisions as such.
            You’ll find that in the 1st amendment, expression.

  • Lester Millheim

    Freedom of Speech allows you to say what you want, but does not offer any protection from the fallout which occurs because of it. Go into a Mosque and say that Mohamed is gay , and see what happens! The ass kicking ( or worse ) that you receive is Who’s fault then ?

  • Reiver

    Constitutional morons

  • Typical

    Good, fuck her, I’m tired of seeing her ugly cunt face anymore.

  • qweztionz5

    Finally I’m getting a laugh out of a Kathy Griffin routine

  • lynchmob561

    Hahahahaha!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! SERVES HER RIGHT!!!!!
    Crocodile tears from a repulsive, reprehensible LOSER!! She can’t say she didn’t know how controversial it would be to portray herself with a severed head of our President, Donald Trump. There is a video of her conversation with the photographer. They discussed pushing it to the max. She even joked that she would have to move out of the country!! It disgusts me that she is now lying, trying to get publicity (and her putrid legal whore) by trying to turn the tables on our President! He did nothing to “ruin” her life, she made a cognizant choice to ruin it herself. Sheer stupidity!! Even her friend, Anderson Cooper, tweeted “It is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.”
    #Hannity #TuckerCarlson #DonaldJTrump #Trump2020 #MAGA

  • nomasillegals

    She shot herself in the foot for the second time. If she wouldn’t of gone on the defensive today blaming the Trump family for her poor judgement everyone would of forgotten the whole mess in a couple weeks. What she did crossed the line and I hope she gets everything she has coming, going after Barron is beyond crossing the line.

  • One-Eye

    So this hideous fag-hag wasted no time in shamelessly blaming Trump for her stupid actions.

    Oh, do fuck off.

  • Victoria Bauer-Gojmerac

    I was never a fan of Kathy Griffin or her so-called comedy… but what she did with this photo was totally dysfunctional and moronic. When someone, anyone, decides to do any action… one MUST look at all possibilities… evidently Griffin never learned this. She states she wanted to give people something to talk about.. well that worked… we are now talking about how stupid Kathy Griffin truly is. Take responsibility for your actions sweetheart.. you did it.. now own it! No on broke you but yourself with your selfish, stupid actions… you want to sue the Trump kids because they are bullying you… how many people in your past so-called comedy acts did you bully? Aaaaaa, Karma.. it’s a “B”!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Guthrie Packard

    “He broke me”. No, she broke all on her own! And her right to free speech has not been violated. She got to make her point…and now the venues get to make their ‘s!

  • Earych

    Free speech works both ways. Sure you can say or do anything you want but people have an equal right to respond…and they have.

  • The R.H. Deplorable


  • Troy McClanahan

    Couldn’t help but laugh my ass off at this comment on the theaters facebook page – “Did you have this opinion when Bill O’Reilly got fired? Or when Hulk Hogan was torn from the WWE hall of fame? Or when Berkeley students set fire to their school and surrounding area because they didn’t like Milo Yinnapolopolopolopolopolis or whatever his name is?”

  • leslie stevenson

    Now it is sexism and bullying her……she has the sex appeal of a radish, does she even have ovaries? Scrawny, flat chested, hair like a Raggedy Ann, and the mouth of a river delta. She is real safe as far as sexual harassment goes. She would be safe in a penal colony! POS!

  • KevinPhoenix

    No one is infringing on Griffin’s free speech. But they sure as hell aren’t obligated to host her gigs if they decide it’s no longer appropriate. Just more lame duck excuses from the left.

  • mschmidt48

    With her scarecrow hairdo she had when she was making the eyeroll apology, since she is now apparently unemployed, she can always apply for the part of Ronald MacDonald for their advertisements.

  • Leslie Wendle Wiebe


  • Brendan Jones

    “He broke me, he really really broke me” hahahaha

  • happytortuga

    This is the funniest she has been in her entire career!

  • Tzione

    “A MALE comedian”?? WHAT? I thought this WAS “Carrot top”?!No,he’s actually funny.

  • TheKathleen1963

    She has the right to do whatever she wants…BUT – everyone else has the right to not PAY her to see it. She has committed career suicide and just needs to move on

  • ShikokuPrincess91

    What did he do to her?
    Does she mean his dislike of a picture of her holding his bloody, severed head?

  • Beans

    I hope that more of this happens to the clueless, progressive left. Their reality is not OUR reality. In OUR reality, the image of our President’s decapidated head is NOT funny. No, the blanket of, “I’m a comedian, I can do/say anything because it’s comedy” will not work here. These famous, over priveledged progressive hacks need a smack of reality and that reality is that their views are not in the majority! They think that because they have the camera in their face, that their beliefs are in the majority. HA! Real Americans out there aren’t going to stand for it anymore. Real Americans are out there working hard to provide for themselves and children. Real Americans believe in freedom and peace. We totally see the media manipulation, we don’t buy into the political theater. We know what’s really going on. We want the nonsense to end. The wonderful thing for us, the majority, is that we can just turn the tv off. We can just not click on the link, we can not buy a product or buy tickets for shows. And if this is what it takes for these progressive assholes to get the picture then so be it.

  • Barbara Vilardi Ippolito

    Threatening the President of the United States is a class E felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States”.

  • Boris Fogelson

    I just don’t understand how he broke her? Oh, he didn’t like it. I got it.

  • ModdKenwood

    reading some of the replies about the cancellation of her gigs…the 1st Amendment is the right that says GOVERNMENT will not curtail speech.It does not say EVERYONE has to accept all forms of speech and thus is prevented from acting in their best interests to cancel an event based upon speech that was abhorrent to the majority of its customers…


  • Hal Slusher

    Freedom of speech and people have freedom of action against the speaker.

  • Elisabeth Stone

    It’s so silly when everyone is citing her first amendment; her being fired isn’t stopping her right to free speech, it’s the OTHER people using their first amendment. You’re more than allowed say whatever you want, but I have every right to think you’re insane, and I DONT have to accept it or interact with you.

  • Kansokusha


    Sorry, the right are starting to sound like progressives. If you support Ann Coulter’s speech, you have to support Kathy Griffin’s. What she did was reprehensible. There will naturally be repercussions for what she did. But angling for her career is what SJWs do. There is nothing about Griffin’s comedy routine which is “unsafe.”

    People on the right need to wake up before they find themselves in a safespace.

  • It is called Capitalism! Not infringing free speech. No tickets no show! Making our voices heard through our check books!!

  • Milktea

    Kathy = bad acting + fake tears

  • Charlig

    Those of you who defended her right to free speech, you are absolutely right. She exercised her right to free speech by posting the heinous picture. But we also have the right to condemn her for her actions as sadistic, threatening to our president, threatening to an 11 year old child that she stated she would “go after” and offensive to almost every American in this country. She had her moment of free speech. Now we have ours and it cost her her career. No venue would want to waste time on someone no one will show up to watch. That is their right too. So she is cancelled.

  • Rob V

    It still boggles the mind that people do not understand the difference between the right to free speech and the fact that there are consequences for actions.

  • Ron Woods

    She has freedom of speech. That is inalienable. What she doesn’t have is freedom from the repercussions of exercising said freedom.

  • Glenn Griffith

    Trump didn’t break you. Your hatred for Trump and your own stupidity broke you.

  • Peter Toth

    She didn’t just burn bridges with her latest vile stunt. She blew them up with an atomic bomb! Now she is crying and trying to blame anyone but herself for the fall out. Typical idiot liberal Democrat.

  • Jim the Scott

    You have Free Speech Ms Griffin just not consequent’s free speech.

  • Charles Goodspeed

    Die Bitch Die

  • Drake Ramoray

    Yes she has free speech which she did ..but businesses have the right not hire her. Shes free to say whatever but theres always social consquences ..one cant control who you offend with your words or in her case a picture and they in turn have the right to disagree or refuse service.

  • lonebear

    Throw the first punch and whine when you get your ass kicked

  • Donald Johnson

    Freedom of expression does not protect you from the consequences of what you expressed.

  • John Angrisani

    Old white guys are out to get her. I doubt it.

  • gvanluvanee

    That’s too bad. I wish we’d grow up and know that people make mistakes and give them a break and a chance to correct their mistakes — which she has done. Yes, she went too far, but we WANT people who are willing to take chances, even if it means making a mistake. If we don’t give them that freedom, we lose out on the innovations/etc. that they’d come up with. AND TO BE HONEST, she only fleshed out and gave pictures to what COUNTLESS other people have been putting to words ALL OVER THE PLACE on social media.

  • Michael J Concanon

    Why is it that some people just don’t get it? None of these venues are trying to block Griffin’s right of free speech. They are just exercising THEIR right to decide who performs on their stage. They retain the right to avoid public controversy if they choose to. At the same time, she has no right to expect to have the right to force anyone to hire her. She can say whatever she wants to, just not on their stage, period!

  • joyauto

    Freedom of speech does not include yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Not does it allow suggesting that the President be beheaded. Damn fool leftists!! I bet someone will take me to task for saying that. Duh, freedom of speech!!

  • Brian Smith

    It amazes me how these celebrities can brazenly face the public and call the man who was smart enough to beat all the odds a fool. Their minds are so shallow and self absorbed that they really believe that President Trump just sits alone in the Oval Office barking orders without any input from anybody. Kathy, the man you called a fool has the best foreign policy advisors in the world, the best military strategists in the world, and the finest economics experts available giving him all of the information that he needs to make him smart as hell. What do you have to match? Oh, yeah, that’s right you’re a funny girl on stage…..to some. Who’s the fool? You’ve got a few million bucks so I’d say maybe you should just punch out on early retirement, get a little place in Palm Springs, and enjoy life.

  • RAH


  • fffffffffffff

    Yes, you are next Mr Vanderbilt. LMFAOOOooooooOOo-jaghhhhhhh!

  • frantantoni

    Her ONLY talent…using profanity to make a living. It is amazing that there are so many dingbats that think her crude, vulgar act is worth watching.