Kathy Griffin reportedly feels betrayed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper after the latter refused to defend her during her recent ‘Trump beheading’ controversy.

According to Page Six, associates of Griffin’s state that she expected “golden boy” cooper to be by her side after that now-infamous photo of her holding up a fake severed head with resemblance to Trump drew backlash.

Of course, Cooper – who co-hosted CNN’s New Year’s Eve special with Griffin from 2007 to now – did not turn out to be Griffin’s knight with shining hair.

Instead, he promptly tweeted his condemnation for Griffin’s decision to conduct the shoot, stating, “for the record, I am appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in.”

“Kathy totally misjudged this,” said an associate of Griffin’s according to Page Six. “She truly believed that Anderson would stick up for her. She considered him a friend. While she has nobody to blame but herself, she feels somehow betrayed.”

Page Six goes on to cite another source, who reportedly said Cooper is looking to replace Griffin as his New Year’s Eve co-host with “longtime buddy” Andy Cohen.

“Anderson wants Andy to co-host with him,” said the source according to Page Six.

“They are already doing a multi-city tour together, they are besties and have a great rapport.”

Griffin’s alleged feelings of betrayal appear to match her reaction to the topic during yesterday’s press conference.

When asked if she had spoken to Cooper since the debacle, Kathy Griffin shook her head and began tearing up.

Griffin also teared up when asked if she was fearful for her career, stating, “I don’t think I will have a career after this. I’m going to be honest. He broke me. He broke me. He broke me.”

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  • Jimmy Ray Butts

    Boooooo Hooooooooo… Karma …………Bytch

  • Jo

    He broke YOU? You piece of sh*t. YOU hold up a beheaded Trump head and have the bloody audacity to claim that HE broke YOU? Go crawl back into your cave, you nasty old hag.

    • legtingle

      Perhaps old hag can fit in to her twin Andy Dick’s shed.

    • rwg1949yt .

      a couple of comments by a father to someone who terrorized his 11 yr old son and she is broken? feminism is brain cancer and disables women. the patriarchy survives.

  • Dante Alighieri

    She isn’t evil she’s dumb.

    “Kathy totally misjudged this” Exactly.

    No, Kathy Griffin’s Big mistake was selecting her plastic surgeon.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fde1d9b9fbbd4ccee1f96237213bbf341945318e06da975b736b2fcdb62ea428.jpg Fairweather Friends.

  • Colin Durham

    But, but …. she’s a woman, & a liberal. How can somebody in the mainstream media not support her?

    • legtingle

      Colin, you forgot it is ugly, and not funny. THIS IS COMEDY GOLD!

      • Colin Durham

        I was trying to satirise KG’s grotesqueness.

  • ICH5000

    Shes a top gun actor. The Film Actor’s Guild (F.A.G) would be very proud of her.

  • ICH5000

    One minute she is acting contrite – that didn’t work. So I am betting
    she got a call from the nasty lawyer and figured $$$$.
    Any publicity is good publicity. Whilst some may defend her,
    they are generally the same sort of people that we all know at least one.
    And we all don’t care for them too much. You know the type.

  • EyeVey

    Oh boo hoo!

  • Clybourn

    Drop dead cvnt.

  • memphis

    Unbelievable, blaming Trump for this crap. She really deserves to have no career anymore. No regret. That stunt is so pathetic and ridiculous that even the liberal MSM can’t support her and that means a lot. They usually do not have any limits.

  • Nancy Graciela Pippo Ruggeri

    ding dong, the witch is dead, which ole witch, the wicked witch is deadddddddddd, shes gone below, below where ole hags no talent ho’s are laid to rest! And the world rejoice that this no talent will never have to be deal with again. Even the gays , she is so fond of thinking of herself as their QUEEN…have had enough of her! Bravo Rainbow community, YOU CAN DO BETTER!

  • b.macintosh

    She’s been throwing not stop punches along with the rest of the idiotic money class and the first time she didn’t get the howler monkeys on Twitter applauding her she took it for an attack. The Trumps handled it with grace. Terse simple statements aren’t attacks. They’re barely self defense.

  • Fishface222

    Just wondering who is going to replace the man of the show now that Griffin is gone.

    • ntt1

      shep smith or don lemon. they both belong to coopers liberal circle jerk.

  • mistel

    He broke you? If he did, hooray for him.

    • DaisyToo


  • Rick G. D. S.

    She still has a career: ISIS mouthpiece.

  • emersonushc13

    Dollar Store Joan Rivers stepped in it this time!

  • Deborah DeStefano

    You broke yourself! Take responsibilty for you’re horrible behavior and your bs apology. Your shows were cancelled because you portrayed domestic terrorism you are pathetic nothing but a golddigger looking for attention. Shame on you for disrespecting our President, our First Family, our Veterans , AMERICA and all the children who had to see that image on
    TV You ruined my vacation last week and caused me stress! Go get help you I am afraid of you and your mental health you are a danger to society even your bff Anderson Cooper doesn’t think what you did was right! Look in the mirror you did this to yourself woman!

  • bloke

    “It’s just censorship….just a bunch of white guys……” you can see the hamster wheel of predictable liberal rhetoric spinning of it’s axis inside these femtards minds.
    If a man did it about a woman president,or a muslim guy did it about anyone,they would be imprisoned for an act of terrorism/hate crime.
    Look at her act of tears,playing the sympathy card,oppressed woman card,projection,deflection etc I just hope Trump makes her pay dearly behind the scenes. Dead woman walking’……Dead woman walking…….

    • Phasmatis75

      Best part was when they asked her serious questions and she realized they weren’t going to listen and believe.

  • ntt1

    what tears? she’s is just being true to her inner manipulative bitch.

  • BullyBoyeeee

    Buy some knee-pads and a stomach pump, Kathy. Hit the streets.

  • BullyBoyeeee

    Kathy “Isis” Griffin

  • smartone

    And still celebrating.

  • OzarkAggie

    I love watching this “trainwreck” though it’s taken some heat off of Clinton. Kathy needs to blame the photographer, and Nikon (?) for good measure. LMAO

    • Phasmatis75

      Photographer is probably better connected and blaming him would nose dive her career even faster than it already is.

  • Edzepplin

    Pandering the social justice warriors ? “Old White Men are trying to ruin me.” POS.

  • Ray Johnston

    Anderson betrayed Kathy. Bitches forever 🙂

  • isabel matos

    Greatest punishment for KG right now would be for everyone to ignore her completely. This was an important story on many levels. Let her lick her own self-inflicted wounds by herself. Libs hate being isolated. If she gets Alinsky treatment she will hurt. She’s been ridiculed. Let’s see what happens. Milo, I have such great respect for you. Thank you for all you do. This article was fresh and different like you.

    • DaisyToo

      Kathy who? 😉

  • Phasmatis75

    She learned the hard way that SJWs will turn on you the moment it is indefensible.

  • Barbara LeVan

    of course Anderson is not going to stand up for her. he is not an entertainer, but a newsperson, there is no way he can stand up for this. i’m sure he realizes she went too far and i’m sure he understands this often happens with people in comedy. however, he has to take this seriously and has to stand with the network that pays him – cnn. I like Kathy, but yes, this was in very bad taste and there is no defense for it at least she apologized. people defend trump all the time and what he says and does carries a whole lot more weight than anything Kathy could ever say. does he ever apologize for the ugliness that comes out of his mouth, or his rudeness both at home or abroad? Kathy just represents herself. trump represents our entire country and he has embarrassed us and demeaned us and has never apologized.

    • Disproportional

      The difference is that Trump does not hold up bloodied severed heads of people in high political positions in the style of our most vicious current enemy. There is literally no comparison to the things he says and what she did.

      Now, you can be offended by the things he says, that is your right, but you have to understand his right to say whatever he wants. It is covered by the constitution.

      I personally think all of these people making death threats and death suggestions against our sitting president (Including CNN, Snoop Dog, Kathy Griffin, and all of the idiots on twitter calling for a “presidential assassination”) need to go to jail so this particular act will stop being committed. You must see that had someone done this to Obama the outrage would be more pronounced and you guys (the left) would be calling for the death and destruction of the person that did it.

      All this said, I need to ask you why you (the left with a brain) have allowed these extremists to take such ridiculous control over your party. You do realize if you do not get that back that your party has a very short shelf life yes?

  • Wake up fools!

    Own that shit bitch!

  • Jesus Christ

    A lot of women, well, shallow women are like this. Tribal. They think a friend is supposed to stick by you whatever crap you do. Nope, don’t make an opinion of the situation by yourself, you’re my friend so you stick by me.

  • BooBooBaby

    I found an old Tweet of Kathy Griffin’s from 2009 talking about some show she was doing. At the end of the Tweet she wrote something Nasty about Sarah Palin, and her “retarded baby!” Those were Kathy Griffin’s Words! I can’t remember what she said exactly..but she did use the words “retarded baby”…..referring to Sarah Palin’s baby who has down syndromes.

    Kathy Griffin has always been evil and nasty….I am so glad Karma finally caught up to her and Broke her! Lolz!

  • Disproportional

    The smug look and smart ass smirks through the beginning of the interview are all I need to see this idiot for what she truly is. She is too stupid to realize when she is being used. This lawyer seems to have no intention of doing anything beneficial for her. I do not see this ending well at all.

  • deplorable big dingus

    Well she can always make a few bucks at a Glory hole LMAO The customers can’t see that face .

  • Gena Stratham

    These bullies that then whine about retribution crack me up. What a perfect example of what our society has become. She’s a vile, unfunny, and apparently not sane excuse for a human being

  • Dave Marriott

    i hope nobody ever goes to her shows again but people have short memories.. i don’t however.

  • Ylem00

    Take responsibility for what YOU did, you stupid Liberal!

  • Chesapeake

    For someone that’s broken she has a lot of rage. Menopause really scrambles some women’s brains. She doesn’t know if she’s going to walk to work or pack a lunch.

  • Truth Gun

    damn she ugly

  • Heywood Jablowme

    She could still get some late night truckstop action for a few more years.

  • Constitutionalist56

    Too bad Kathie, you screwed up and there is no one to blame but YOURSELF!

  • Rightgirl89

    What goes around comes around…