Members of the Islamic State and its sympathizers are reportedly celebrating yesterday’s deadly terror attack in London.

According to Breitbart, the militants and sympathizers have taken to the encrypted messaging service Telegram to express their glee.

According to The Telegraph, Telegram is the same messaging service that was used by ISIS hours before yesterday’s attack in London to issue a call for losers to attack civilians with knives and vehicles.

Breitbart Jerusalem alleges to have obtained specific messages posted by ISIS following yesterday’s attack.

The outlet quotes ISIS member Abi Abdullah Alamasri as saying, “thanks to Allah, thank you, thanks to Allah, Allah is great, thanks to Allah from faith that he will make his promise reality and give victory (the the faithful).”

“Allah will bless the lions,” his message reportedly continues, mimicking language used by ISIS at the start of Ramadan calling for “lions” to attack innocents in celebration of the holy month.

“Allah will reward you as long as you run over and stab these infidels in the depths of their countries,” Almasri’s message reportedly continues.

“Put fear into their eyes, increase your hits, increase your attacks, don’t let them feel secure in their countries.”

Another message, reportedly written by a Telegram user under the username “The Chechen Syrian,” reads, “we wait impatiently for such news. We wait for the official media of the Caliphate to bring us more such tidings on the actions of these lone wolves in the infidel countries as they turn these countries into military bases and sow fear among them with the help of Allah.”

“The infidels don’t feel safe despite having the newest planes, missiles and guns. A number of lone wolves have turned the centers of their lives into a hell that’s burning them. Our brothers have sworn to turn Europe into a military base. May Allah bless your graves, you lone wolves.”

According to Breitbart, a user by the name of Alfarouq Omar wrote, “thank Allah before and after. Sheikh Osama [Bin Laden], may Allah receive him as a martyr, said, ‘you won’t be safe as long as he children of Muslims and the faithful don’t live in safety.’ These were the just and sincere words from the mouth of a leader who was convinced that Allah will grant us victory. Today our brothers are realizing his (bin Laden’s) will with minimum resources and knives and are turning the infidel and atheist countries fighting against the religion of Allah and the Muslims into a huge destruction, with the help of Allah.”

Abou Qatada Almosuly reportedly wrote, “whoever thought the killing of Muslims in Raqqa and Mosul would pass without punishment was deluding himself. These infidels must pay a heavy price, even if those who committed the attack in London aren’t from the Caliphate, then as lone wolves.”

While the perpetrators of yesterday’s attack have yet to be identified, it has been reported that the three men shouted “this is for Allah” upon emerging from the van they used to ram pedestrians on London Bridge.

According to The Telegraph, the men proceeded to wield knives 10 inches long and attacked passerby, allegedly slitting their throats ISIS-style.

The Guardian reports that the death toll following the attack sits at 7. Forty-eight injured people are reportedly in hospital, 21 with critical injuries.

All three attackers are reportedly dead.

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