A Gateway Pundit reporter trolled Kathy Griffin with a photo of her ‘beheading’ her lawyer during the pair’s defensive press conference this afternoon concerning Griffin’s now-infamous ‘Trump beheading’ photo.

“What is your opinion of that First Amendment expression of you beheading Lisa Bloom?” the reporter demanded as he held up the mock image.

“Is there a comment you would have about this image of beheading Lisa Bloom? I wonder,” he continued as Griffin and Bloom promptly shuffled out of the room.

The reporter – whom The Gateway Pundit has confirmed is one of theirs – continued to mock Griffin’s defense of her own ‘beheading’ photo.

“I’m sure Kathy will protect it.”

When the reporter had finished speaking, his colleagues in the briefing room asked to know who he was with.

“Gateway Pundit,” he stated.

See footage of the troll for yourself below.

During today’s press conference, Griffin lamented the backlash her photo has received.

As reported previously, she stated, “this wouldn’t be happening to a guy. This is a woman thing. I’m just going to come out and say it. And I’m sorry if you don’t agree with me but I live it. I’m 56 years old. Everywhere I play there’s a male promoter, there’s a male who owns the theater, the people who sign my checks are white guys.”

Griffin also cried and stated that she doesn’t think she’ll have a career following this controversy.

See the full press conference below.

The Gateway Pundit
Fox 10 Phoenix

  • DaisyToo

    Hahahahaha! Not even a fake comment from her.

  • positively4thstreet

    I wish some artsy talented person would do a photo meme of Kathy’s head. I’d love to flood her FB and the internet with them and see how she feels when the bloody head is hers. This woman is so out of touch.

    • Kc Evans

      I agree. And have it sent to news stations, while she’s out of town, so her family could see it and not have her within easy reach. Let her feel what Momma and Daddy Trump had to deal with when they’re 10yr old son saw it. I wonder how the shoe would fit on her feet… I imagine sloshy.

      If TRUMP Posted a response pic of the same thing, she AND her family and friends would have FLIPPED saying that he’s going to kill her or have her killed…. which.. btw… he could. But he hasn’t. Even if HE thought it was funny, it wouldn’t be funny to her or her family. Let’s be honest here. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Eye for an eye? Karma’s a bitch that loves retribution…. LOL just sayin. dumb move.

  • Tummple

    She’s taking a page out of Hillary’s book…blame the white guy…

    • Lefties gotta keep trolling the white guy until somebody does it right. Kind of like Bernie keeps pushing socialism even though it has failed and failed and failed.

    • Chuck Wilson

      Democrats party is looking good. Average age of 75 between Biden, Sanders, Hillary, etc. Bunch of old white guys

  • CrusadaB

    Cry me a river Kathy. You knew what you were doing…go on to Mexico now.

    • Deborah January

      YES! They will like her, they decapitate people there!! Is where she belongs.

      • Chesapeake

        Send her to the Arctic Circle to feed the polar bears.

  • John Kaleski

    Breaking news… she had a career befor this?

    • testify

      “Years of rejection and failure until she’s finally spit out the bottom of the porn industry.” – Jerry Seinfeld

      Hopefully she’ll be doing donkey shows in Tijuana by this time next year.

      • Chuck Grigg

        It’s unlikely that the poor donkey will be able to achieve an an erection looking at that face, her other end can’t be any better.

        • David Watts

          Come on, an animal abuse charge is the last thing she needs.

          • Rick Fishslayer

            I lawlded… 😀

        • Shelly Baier Wayne


      • NoTreading

        I thought the porn industry had standards.

      • Crewthief

        Or hopefully not, depending on how drunk (or not) you are.

      • Terry Aneilia Golembiewski

        I might pay to see that 🙂 – WILL THERE BE TEQUILA? LOL

        • testify

          Only mezcal, but I promise you can eat the worm.

      • Herman Reynolds


      • Chuck Wilson


    • Christopher Grieb

      She did indeed… one that’s given her a $20 million net worth if you can believe that.

      • Eh Jh

        and now, infamy! lol.

    • Beaches1

      Yes,she had a career: she was on TV with Regis Philbin.

      • Chris Shoemaker

        That’s Kathy Lee Gifford lol.

        • Beaches1

          Wait a minute, I have to learn the names of two “Kathys”?

          Too much work.

    • Kyle S.

      she was on seinfeld once, honestly though, I always thought she was a nice woman, but I haven’t kept track of her for a while

      • Bobby GoNoles

        She’s been a nobody d list actress since Seinfeld

    • Boommach

      Well a big dam DUH dude. Breaking news like my dog’s bark is breaking news…. What I want to know is WHY she had a career prior to this. Get me THAT story and you’ll deserve a Pulitzer.

    • Charmaine Taylor

      Several years ago she had a reality type show, on it she PLANNED the most outrageous things to get herself OFF the D list to get MAX. attention!! (wasn’t that her beginning saying she was a D lister?) she knew EXACTLY how to milk the media THEN, as now..she saw Brittany Spears falling from a car with no panties.. so KG DID THE SAME..she fell out AS IF dead DRUNK..it was all a hoot as they SCRIPTED the attention getting event. Anyone see this episode? She drove her poor sweet passive hubby off from the attention whoring that replaced a marriage ..she just gets more like a scrawny chicken each year..and now a total crybaby libtard too. I wish idiots would remember they MAY have the right to say something but I have the RIGHT TO NOT LIKE IT, and say so too. I am certain the FBI scared the crap from her already withered body..not a joke now, eh?

  • Kevin Watts

    Evil white guys again . Its not her fault its everybody else’s .

    • Crewthief

      Typical liberal victim card.

  • I Troll Libtards

    What a (C) (U) (N) (T).

  • Bobby Bartlett


  • Adam Bradford

    OMG, a WOMAN thing??? Really??? That is how far deep in it they all are??? I make a huge blunder, and blame a guy? A WHITE guy? That is my excuse for EVERYTHING from now on. I run a red light and kill someone…..”It’s a WHITE guy’s fault! If it weren’t for a bunch of WHITE guys we wouldn’t have CARS, and I would never had run the red light! I bought my car from a white guy! A white guy designed it! Sorry if you don’t agree, but I just lived it!” Kathy, love your comedy……sometimes……but you are a complete IDIOT and NOT a victim! Give me a freakin’ BREAK!

    • Ellen Smith Twitchell

      it is really just incredible, isn’t it? I can barely respond because my mouth is gaping open watching the idiocy of this interview.

  • WhatWouldYodaDo


  • War Thunderer

    Took her a week to make up a story for her stupid decisions.

  • David W. Smith

    Better use the standard excuse…”White Guys fault”, “Cuase Im a Woman”, “Conservatives Fault”, I’m still waiting for her to play the race card. 🙂

    • Trey Von Dinkis

      She DID. ‘White guys’ is racist – even IF you are white.
      Generalizing and targeting a group – based on skin color – IS racist.

  • Jane Wilson

    This is what’s called ‘paying the consequences’ or KARMA. You reap what you sow. ON and on – tough titty KC – you fucked up and now you are paying for it. Maybe the snowflakes in college will learn something from it.

  • bd1143bc✓ᴷᵃᶠᶠᶦʳ

    This is the first time she has ever been funny.

  • Frank Munafo

    Always playing the victim. Always…

  • V F

    So,, she holds a press conference,, to blame the president for her own poor choices

  • Shaken-not-Stirred

    More proof from the screaming mentally ill libturds that they sincerely believe the masses cannot see through b°!!s#!t.

  • Bob Kittel

    Ohh Kathy, worried about your non-career? You can work at McDonalds, wages are 12 an hour I have heard.

  • TR

    Just like obama……Me, me, me…….Blame whitey……Oh Lord.

  • Ronnie Gates

    There is a difference between making fun of Trump, and having Trump beheaded.

  • happytortuga

    She made a bad career choice and now she’s blaming other people for her mistake.

  • liz

    She must be one of those kids who when in school thought the song was called “The Blame Game” OH…poor Kathy Kathy bo Bathy

    • David Watts

      “… and there isn;’t anyone who I can’t Blame!”

  • Yan Yan

    Isn’t she trying to get him to lose his job, but she’s crying boo hoo saying he’s doing it to her.

    • DaisyToo

      More like she’s trying to get Trump to lose his life, but I hear you.

  • 10th Amendment Guy

    The right strikes back, lol

  • pffft.

    welcome to what you helped create Kathy.

  • BrokeGopher

    It’s Trump’s fault. It’s misogyny…..next up: It’s the Russians. It’s climate change….

  • TR

    Bloom is Gloria Alred’s spawn.

  • KooKKy

    There’s no such thing as gender….but, it’s all the white man’s fault. What if the white man identifies as a black woman?

    • David Watts

      I identify as Tina Turner. My pronouns are “Proud” and “Mary.” Please use them!

      • KooKKy

        Hi Proud.

        • David Watts

          Now THAT’S respect! Thank you. 🙂 I think we all learned something here today. I have no idea what, but something.

      • Polly


  • yneemee

    BIG MISTAKE, BIG BIG MISTAKE – and your lawyers thought this was a good idea ?

  • I_heard_Buddy_Bolden_Say

    He needs to learn a little Photoshop, cause that was a photograph of Lisa Bloom just slapped over the image of Trump. You can digitally decorate Lisa Bloom and pour blood on her face, come on guys, if you’re gonna troll, do it rights it has the impact

  • ben

    This bitch is crazy and should never been heard of again. Put this bitch in prison or a mental ward!

  • Janet Ted Hampton

    I was wondering who that horses ass was at the end of the news conference. Just another goon trying to get his own 15 seconds of fame. Kathy is loaded with money….so this wont hurt her financially just publicly.

  • Sheri

    Why can’t i see my previous post and the replies to it???!!!????

  • Chuck Grigg

    How did they get the ten pounds of Bondo body filler needed to make up her face to be that flexible and not crack and spald off while she was yapping and blaming everyone else for her lack of good judgement and miscalculation of public reaction.

  • Michael Wheaton

    Don’t fall for the pity party folks. This bitch did it to herself. That said, she only worth a paltry $20 MILLION. I see nothing but hard times food stamps welfare checks and unemployment benefits for her. It’s going to be tough to make $20 MILLION last but I think she’ll figure something out. Maybe her friends will give her some handouts or something. You’d be surprised how many meals you can get out of a single can of Campbell’s Soup if you streeeeeeetch it out. Mix in a little rice and you’re good to go. It’s a liberal pity party! 😛

    • wig

      She recently upgraded to a HUGE spread in Bel Air. Uh-oh.

  • robin

    Looser!!! STFU!!

  • Keith_Indy

    She didn’t have much of a career before this, so… not much to lose.

  • Smarmalicious

    Blaming men, white men, for her epic failure, why doesn’t she just take it a step further and blame the jews?

    • Gibson

      Probably because she is Jewish. It’s the only thing that stopped her.

  • Stacie Shannon

    Chelsea Clinton tweeted at her too. Why no accusations of bullying there?

  • patrick quinn

    Hey, who’s that “White Man” to your right that’s speaking up for you in attorney/media spokeshole “Jargon”, you know the one with the glasses and bald head?… The oppressor..

  • positively4thstreet

    “the people who sign my checks are white guys.”…well don’t worry Kathy, you probably fixed that. They won’t be signing a lot of cheques anymore since CNN dropped you and 5/6 of the venues you were supposed to perform at in your ‘celebrity run in tour’ have cancelled you.

    • Jackie Mutchmore McPherson

      And most of the others are run by white guys. Who would want to hire her only to get thrown under the bus the next time she does something stupid. And, make no mistake about it, there will be a next time.

  • Lucie Dean

    No she is not nervous with a news conference. She is in her underwear on New Year’s Eve on T.V. It’s not that President Trump does not want to see you. It’s the people of this country. You are an embarrassment!! You disgraced the office of the President of the United States! Give it up. Your not funny anymore. I ounce liked you but now please go away!!

  • Trey Von Dinkis

    An overt danger to society – and now an admitted racist and sexist.

    That pretty much sums up the definition of EVERY Leftist.

  • Lucie Dean

    You broke yourself. I dislike people who cry because they will lose money. Cry for someone with terminal cancer. Stop already. The people don’t want you. Stop!!

  • Travis Harper

    Now it is Men’s fault. Straight from the Hillary book of pass the blame.

    Now she tries to flip it as her being the victim as a woman. PATHETIC.

  • Lucie Dean

    This news conference is ridiculous. Blame white men? Blame the President? Please blame yourself !! No one made you do this. IT WAS NOT FUNNY!! End of story.

  • Becerrazoo

    Hello….you took a picture of the President beheaded. Of you holding and dropping a likeness of his head. No excuses.That is nothing to joke about!!!

  • Jacki Engel Volz

    Why the blame and continued joking in a moment that should be more serious? Do you think the President and his family don’t get death threats? You can make fun of people but if you can’t dish it, you should be able to take it! Shut up! Stop trying to bring up other topics….Talk less…you are digging yourself in

  • Roving Gambler

    I’d rather hear about the Paris Climate Agreement.

    • Crewthief

      We pulled out of a bad deal for America and liberals are completely losing their minds (as usual) and engaging in round-the-clock hyperbole, the end. There you go, a quick recap just for you.

      • Roving Gambler

        …as if the Liberals had any mind left to lose.


  • Scarlett

    Hopefully no more white guys will be signing any more checks to the loser, ugly, hag.

  • Fred Ducque


  • Rotha

    Jew victim, Jew lawyer, Western audience. Let’s watch how it plays out.

  • Floyd D Barber

    She made sure to pretend to cry.

  • steve leblanc

    Make sure her advertisers and/or clubs that she is associated with know our displeasure and we will vote with our wallets. Make sure she never gets another opportunity to insult anyone with that vulgarity that she insists she will repeat.

  • William Anello

    She can cry all she wants, and her stupid lawyer can spin it however which way, at the end of the day just like hillary. You have nobody to blame but yourself.

  • westcoaster

    Awww. Poor baby – she’s surrounded by men and it’s all their fault. Tells you how sincere that apology was the other day. “I’m sorry. But it’s not my fault.” My kids were taught at an early age that an apology followed by a “but” was an excuse, not an apology. And she doesn’t know this yet?

  • Shelley Squires-Horn

    omg she is an idiot deluxe

  • DemocracyRules

    There is no there, there.
    – She is doing this to distract form the Seth Rich murder and other Democrat scandals.
    – This photo tells it all. She will do anything for a few bucks and a bunch of publicity.
    – But this will blow over by Monday, and the Dems will still be in trouble.

  • Terry Aneilia Golembiewski


    • DemocracyRules

      Yes it is.
      The limits to free speech are related to threats of violence, the encouragement of violence, and threats of violence or harm against another person. Example: It’s illegal to incite a riot, through speech or publication..

      In my opinion, Kathy Griffin was calling for violence against Trump.

  • Bobby GoNoles

    The apology where she couldn’t stop rolling her eyes?

  • SallyForth

    Oh, dear God… Lefty victimhood at its sickest.

  • Herman Reynolds


  • Justaguy

    Really? “She” is playing the victim? Typical woman really.

    • wig

      You lost me at “typical woman.” You must have a little penis.

  • Lisa Bartley Macdonald

    you knew was a shiny object and you tried to exploit that . you are a looses and you have hit the last red head. Is Barron your target? He is 11. She is not even Funny. Kathy Is a Looser.. We think Kathy is so DUMB and needs to lose her jobs. She only hopes to restart her career. So as a woman you are not as funny as the male comics? so you need to do stupid things. And he did not grab a PUSSY he just said it.
    YOU ARE MAKING HISTORY now you are History.

  • Sharon E. Pemberton

    As an older, single woman, I resent her playing the victim card. Negative actions beget negative consequences. If women are to be equal to men, that means they’re going to have to roll with the punches, not suddenly turn into a delicate little flower.

  • HT

    Too funny, she fuks up royally and tries to play the victim card? How very Iibtard of her.

  • JL Straight

    Did she just double down on stupid as a defense to this idiotic “stunt”. I think all of us “white men” should file a class action lawsuit against this soulless ginger for defamation

  • Jeff Lappin

    So she attempted to kill another persons career, but in turn destroyed her own. How ironic.

  • JV JJ

    Maybe CBS can hire her to become a co-host with Stephen Colbert. Then they can be unfunny together.

  • Kc Evans

    Ok… you’re edgy…. cool…. but your pic went VIRAL, and the speed that the news and Internet posted this, there was NO WAY that Barron wouldn’t have seen this. Not with him being in school. Barron’s friends would have showed him. Mocked the boy, I’m sorry but it could have and probably has spiraled even in Barron’s school making him a target for bullying. We say DOWN WITH BULLY-ING yet it’s ok to bully the child of the president…. or even the president himself? Let alone ANYONE? No it’s not right. She didn’t seem remotely sincere until she felt the TRUE Backlash behind her actions.

    Let’s be honest, hind sight is 20/20. People say things they shouldn’t all the time, they even do stuff they shouldn’t. All the while not being mindful of the people they effect or hurt, not until someone calls them out on the BS. And that’s what happened here. She thought it would be funny…. it wasn’t. Free speech doesn’t mean free of consequence. But in time this will ALL blow over as the news finds something “shiny” again. Some car chase or mass murders, etc. So she should just take her lumps with humility, keep her head down until the other Shiny things come in and then come back out. But MANY comedians have killed their careers because of politics. George Carlin is an example. And when Robin Williams went Political for a while, his career suffered. WHY? Because they excluded the thoughts and feelings of their audience base.

    Yes there’s Bill Mahr (???) or Louis Black, these are POLITICAL comedians, they are not comedy for the every day joe. So when people go to a Louis Black venue they expect “DOWN WITH TRUMP” or anti any president. But with comedians like Griffin, Williams or Carlin, they were the “every day joe” comedians. The ones that included something for ALL of us. She hurt her fan base, she hurt a child (and let’s be honest, if your parent was hated like Trump is and one of YOUR Parent’s most VOCAL opposition showed a pic of them holding up your dad’s severed bloody head, YOU”D FLIP OUT TOO) OR if it was YOUR head, and your friends pulled a prank that involved the news, and your kids weren’t in the same room with you when they see something like this on TV. Your kids (if they loved you) would FLIP OUT and be traumatized. All because of a prank. If you weren’t part of that prank, would you ever speak to your friends again? Be honest. If you had to now take your kids to therapy daily for 10-20years, (as an example only) How COULD you treat your friends like they were still buddies? I know I wouldn’t. I’d have disowned them and I’m passive aggressive enough I’d have done the same thing to them and their kids. I believe in the school of hard knocks.

    And right now Kathy is going thru one of those knocks, rightfully so. I’m sooo beyond upset with her…. Not that she cares, since I don’t know her. Btw, you don’t take on a person that could have you “disappear” for messing with their family. Mobster, politician, etc. Just saying, it was career suicide, and if it was Hilliary, she’d have been dead. Just sayin.

    • wig

      I kinda feel bad saying this, but not one person read this book you wrote. Save the muscles in your fingers. Anything with that many paragraphs is wayyyyy too exhausting for people to take on in this forum.

      • Mr B J Mann

        So you reported it for being TL!!!

        Despite the fact you :DR!?!?!

        • wig

          Reported it?? I commented…is that reporting?? What is DR??

          • Mr B J Mann

            So who reported it?!?!?

          • wig

            No clue. Who knew you could report on the length of a post anyway??

  • Rias29

    Well if anyone laughed at this then we have a big problem in America. This was not funny and might even be a violation of US law. This is no joke nor is it a first amendment thing, she knew exactly what she was doing and this is her 15 minutes of fame. So I guess only she can make a statement and those she goes after can’t respond? Wow double standards!!!! Well you can make fun all you want…. we will not be watching! Thanks CNN for having the balls to fire her.

  • My2Cents

    Yeah, but she showed a fairly realistic looking photo of a severed head. The presidents severed head, while the world is being terrorized by ISIS. That isn’t funny. Now she’s crying sexism and racism. If people go with the racism sexism angle I will lose all faith in humanity. She should have just let the apology resonate and then come back funny.

  • My2Cents

    Are the American public angry with you because they are racist and sexist also?

  • My2Cents

    The only thing unprecedented here is that it is a Dem being ostracized.

  • Jason Foster

    She actually tried to play the “it’s cuz I’m a woman” card… baaahahaaha.

  • tammie

    OMG!! Being bullied?? BIATCH You did the bullying! Not the other way around and you deserve to be punished for what you did! Bully you my azz. Shut the hell up and at least admit you are a horrible person!! You started this, you thought you were above retribution, Now suck it up buttercup!. Go home and think about how you are nothing but a hate filled Biatch that needs to grow up and realize that is far from funny! Oh no fuggin pity for you. Oh poor little you my azz!!!!!

  • Michael Robertson

    LOL….love it.

  • Chichiluv

    Another liberal tactic to keep Trump in a negative eye. This was a press conference/comedy skit with bad acting.

  • Trumps Warriors

    You can always find these super power lawyers with sleaze bags, riding that bank account until its dry. That’s when her career is in the crapper .

  • Daniel Love
  • arisgma

    One minute she is saying she is sorry – the next minute she is saying she won’t stop doing what she is doing. Go away Kathy Griffin no one wants to hear or see you.

  • Victoria Bauer-Gojmerac

    This is NOT freedom of speech… this is NOT comedy… this is a stupid so-called comedy stunt that was so wrong on so many levels….. Take responsibility for your actions Kathy Griffin… you did it so now own it! You wanted people to have something to talk about…well we’re talking about YOU and how stupid YOU are for doing something so horrible! I, personally, don’t think you ever had a career… when you were on stage professing your comedy… YOU WERE THE BULLY making snide remarks and calling out others … Karma, it’s a “B”

  • UrbanCamper

    White men are devils. Barron Trump is my target. Donald Trump ruined my life. Do these kind of people even hear with the same ears as normal people do? Wow- she is a stereotype of a left wing loony.

  • TheWay

    Trump broke her? she is the victim? Holding up a bloody head of Donald Trump was stupid! She broke herself! what a stupid, stupid human being!

  • fugly

    Let’s be honest here. She’s a 58 year old childless comedian who is way beyond her shelf life. To top that, what was left of her career is over, and no one feels sorry for her. She’s been fired from every gig and publicly shunned, save a few die hard fans, for posing in a mock execution of a sitting president. There’s really not much left anyone could say to make her life any sh*ttier than it has become.
    Maybe now would be a good time for democrats to change their tone and become the voice of calm and reason instead of pandemonium for their constituents. We’ve seen what the latter has produced.

  • Stacey

    I saw this as a direct threat to the President; just the same as I saw the effigies created for President Obama as a direct threat. I don’t give a damn who the President is; if you show a picture of a President beheaded; or hanging by a noose and on fire; your ass should be arrested.

  • InTrumpWeTrust

    Carrot Top has really let himself go.

  • WheresMyReacharound?

    Hey stupid: This has nothing to do with ‘white guys’ running anything. It has everything to do with your actions. Now do us a favor and STFU you underfed, over-rated un-funny classless moron. And take that goofy looking lawyer with you back into obscurity where you belong.

  • Steve_o

    If she was funny she wouldn’t have needed to do stupid and outrageous things.

    Should’ve worked on being funny.

  • Charmaine Taylor

    If she REALLY wanted to shock she could have inserted a large “orange baboon” dildo, and photographed her own skinny twaat saying she’d been raped by Trump…you know… like all the other ‘iidentifying-as-female gender celebrities’ expressed verbally? Why not go the extra mile for her “comic art’ ? I know..raw, but right up her ‘alley’ eh? there’s another idea…

  • theglawe

    If she holds up my bloody head I think her so called career is the last thing she would have to worry about.

  • joe

    we can only hope shes right and doesnt have a career after this. I still dont know how she even had a career…

  • BlackHorde

    Cries and Laughs like all good actors, she has no hope in hell to find another job without someone holding up HER head in the audience.