A Philadelphia Antifa woman has reportedly been arrested and accused of using a flagpole fitted with a nail to stab a state police horse during Saturday’s March Against Sharia in Washington.

According to Penn Live, 23-year-old Lisa Joy Simon was allegedly one of several protesters who brought weapons to the event.

The outlet states, “police accuse Simon of hitting the horse in the side of the neck while obstructing troopers from performing their duties to move the crowd onto the sidewalk.”

The Associated Press reports that Simon – although “she” is unnamed and (understandably) misgendered as a “he” in the AP report – came from the counter-demonstration area, as did the sole other person arrested at the Washington March Against Sharia.

According to Philly Voice, Simon has been charged with:

  • Aggravated assault to police
  • Taunting police animals
  • Prohibited offensive weapons
  • Obstruction to law enforcement function
  • Resisting arrest
  • Disorderly conduct

The outlet states that she is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for July 6.

Simon was not the only Antifa member who got aggressive at a March Against Sharia last weekend.

Conservative journalist Lauren Southern wound up being sprayed with animal pee while attempting to interview someone at a march elsewhere in the country.

As reported previously, while ACT for America – the group behind the March Against Sharia movement – described its efforts last weekend as an attempt to protect America from Islamic law, many liberals and far-left anarchists like Antifa have characterized the marches as a fascist attempt to demonize Muslims.

Pro-Sharia activist Linda Sarsour was among that crowd.

See protesters face off against counter-protesters at the March Against Sharia below.

Penn Live
The Associated Press
Philly Voice
The Miami Herald

  • Rob

    Whoa she looks tough….compared to an Antifa man. Compared to anybody else, not so much.

    • Denileriverafter

      Compared to an Antifa “man”, she looks like Hercules. I wish they would exile her to Syria, Qatar, etc..anywhere they practice Sharia Law. SEE how long she lasts!!

  • Manius

    Ugh, disgusting… fucking nasty. Someone give it one of those black face masks!

    • fugly

      Two bags please. One for her, and one for me in case hers falls off.

      • Greg


  • RGonz

    And they call everyone else Nazis. She looks like a skinhead!

    • Miles to Code

      Not completely, she had stubble 😉

    • memphis

      More like a meth addict

      • BigNanaUSA

        Coke nose?

      • Cadence Wallace

        Nah she looks like a coke whore

    • trid2bnrml
      • Lbt

        She just needs long hair, a bit of make-up, a nice dress, lobotomy and complete ideology overhaul and then maybe she’d find happiness.

        • Brendan Cleary

          I must not sure her fellow chimpanzees would like the idea of her joining them, however.

        • ShikokuPrincess91

          That’s a girl?

          • Ferenc Kemény

            Nope. It’s an antifa. Whatever it may turn up to be.

          • Nunyo Bizness

            Nope that’s a communist. Look at her parents I bet they aren’t far from her ideology. They most likely support her. Start deporting these communist to a country of their choosing.

          • nurseheidi


          • 440_Daytona

            Gitmo. Then they can really play fascists, communists and real died in the wool terrorists. They like boy looking girls. Everyone will be happy.

          • Erik de Vries

            Shorn of hair, a lot of women and men look gender neutral, particularly when young. This is a surprise to you?

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            If you say so.

          • Erik de Vries

            I did. Did you not notice?

          • ShikokuPrincess91

            I wasn’t listening. I was watching Maury on YouTube.

          • bambi hussein

            She is likely more masculine than most liberal men.

          • ShikokuPrincess91


          • Thomas Lalor

            have to check her jeans to be certain.

          • ShikokuPrincess91


          • 440_Daytona

            That’s the rumer

        • MissAnna

          She wants one of those hats….

        • Darrell Kendall

          No She needs to find Jesus as her Lord and Saviour then she will be Happy

      • Danlantic

        Is it just me or does she look like Emma Watson without hair?

      • Nunyo Bizness

        One face that needs a beat down. Wipe that smurk off of her face.

      • jahpdq

        What an ugly little twat. If I looked like her, I’d be mad at the universe too.

    • Rekt

      She certainly acts the part, that’s for sure.

    • HT

      What amazes me is that no one in that movement has the sense to realize that they are using the exact tactics that fascists use and that they claim to be against. I would call them morons, but that would be an understatement.

      • colinaitt

        ANTIFA Know that they are the NAZI’S but it is Just their MAIN DECEPTION TACTIC OF DEFLECTION in the same way a POLITICIAN DOES A SONG & DANCE AROUND THE QUESTIONS which just Proves How Many MORONS that can be FOOLED BY THESE DECEPTIONS so they then Follow Up with the STANDARD NAME CALLING & VIOLENT ATTACKS on everybody WHO CAN SEE THROUGH THE MAIN DECEPTIONS TO SILENCE US. But the Way You Put it you make it sound like AN ACCIDENT or MISTAKE when it’s NOT IT’S DELIBERATE but that is the same Mistake a Lot of People Make with their GRAMMAR that leaves them with the Benefit of DOUBT instead of the DELIBERATE ACT

    • Jim

      If SJW antifa made a country with ISIS it will be the fourth Reich.

  • Arnold Layne

    Trans violence. Why are trannies so violent? Trans groups should be labeled as hate groups.

    • ntt1

      its basically frustration, imagine trying to finish off a home project but all the extension cords are male or female only at both ends. Now imagine living with that your adult life , they are just defeated by their own contrariness.

      • CQ

        Great analogy with the extension cords!

      • I_h8_disqus

        Extension cords should come in 536 genders, so they don’t trigger gender fluid. ????

      • Denileriverafter

        Well, it’s NOT the horses fault, OR mine, OR yours, OR anyone else on the street, who has suffered at it’s hand.

      • jim cipp

        Hey, there ought to be a trans cord.

    • CORMAC___NJ

      Most of those people were sexually abused as children, often horribly.

      • findthetruth808

        Socialist liberal excuse.

      • I_h8_disqus

        But instead of the medical world helping them to heal, it exploits them. It profits off of lifetime hormone therapy and plastic surgery.

      • joe m

        Theres therapy for that

    • LadyoftheCats


    • joe m

      Obvious the are mentally ill

    • jsl55

      Is Lisa a tranny? I thought maybe a lesbian.

    • mshutt

      What are you smoking? Where did you get trans violence from? Because she shaved off her hair? That makes her a skinhead/white supremacist not a trans person. Get your facts straight before spouting your own brand of hate.

      • Voodeux Delacroix

        On behalf of white bald people, please get your facts straight before you assume she’s a white supremacist not just a batshit crazy whore. Get your facts straight before spouting your own brand of hate.

        • Nunyo Bizness

          And arguing with strangers on the internet. You are more correct at the batshit crazy whore. Get an island that no one can get to and ship them all there. Let them see how good they HAD it..

        • mshutt

          You are correct. My apologies.

      • Arnold Layne

        Why are you assuming it’s gender ” Because she shaved off her hair?” Your hatred of trans people is showing. Maybe being from Phila. I know Ze, never thought of that did you? Why are you assuming Ze shaved, maybe Ze is just folically challenged. You should look up trans violence statistics. The trans community is very violent. Just had a trans shoot up a supermarket in PA. Your assumption of the folically challenged as skinheaks/white supremacist is extremely prejudice and hateful, you should apologize to all bald people.

        • mshutt

          My child is transgender and I support them ! So no I do not hate anyone that is transgender.Not all transgenders are violent. and as for my comment I did.
          ” You should look up trans violence statistics. The trans community is very violent.” No many are defending themselves against an attack. My child has had to carry pepper spray for protection.

  • HT

    PETA vs. Antifa. Any survivors get deported.

  • jnc

    where was the diaper changing room for these little dirty asses?

  • AverageJoe1987

    When will Antifa be declared a terrorist organization so they can all be rounded up when they come out in their ISIS cosplay?

    • LadyoftheCats


    • Lbt

      Thanks Antifa, all those wonderful new anti-terrorist laws designed for Muslims will be conveniently used for white indigenous extremists, AKA anyone who disagrees with what the Government wants people to consider normal.

  • January

    These people are just evil. I hope when she is found guilty she goes to jail for a couple years and gets one he$$ of a fine. Say $250,000 or more. Antifa is just made up of a bunch of losers who don’t work and want everything for nothing. She really is one ugly, angry looking female. Her mom and dad must be so proud of her.

    • Laurie J.

      Kind of were hopeful for her with the middle name “Joy”, weren’t they?

      • HT

        Overly optimistic. Kind of like Reality Winner. Tada! Here’s what you’ve won, prison.

    • Bob Whbr

      i thought that was a male.

      • January

        lol I did too until I read the article.

      • joe m

        Thats funny as shit cause she thinks shes one too

    • caussie

      I was just thinking the same thing… her parents must be so proud…. not!!! hope she go to prison, more of them should be arrested and gaoled…what a waste of an education, learnt fuck all and have no idea how to live in the real world…

    • HT

      Attacking a police horse, or dog, is the same as attacking an officer, she’ll get 25 years minimum. Of course, that may depend what kind of judge presides over the case.

      • January

        She is accused of attacking a police horse which is now covered under a Federal Law that was put in place. I think the law went in in 2016. If found guilty the person could be find “at least” $1,000 and up to 10 years in jail and I hope she gets the at least the 10 years. I’m sick of all this crab.

        • HT

          That’s just one charge, here’s what they are charging her/him/it with:

          Aggravated Assault-Police
          Police Animals-Taunt/Torment/Strike
          Offensive Weapon
          Obstruction Administrative Law
          Resisting Arrest
          Disorderly Conduct

          I’m still hopeful she gets at least 20 years.

    • Nunyo Bizness

      I bet her parents are proud of her. They most likely trained her to be a pain. Just part of the infiltration.

  • Brian miller

    Everyone is focusing on antifa, but lets be honest, captain sikh was the highlight of the video

    • Chriseve Lyons

      He’s a riot!!

  • CraxyD

    I’ve seen several bald females that still manage to look good. THAT ain’t one of them.

    • Trey Von Dinkis

      Natalie Portman – V for Vendetta.

    • Adam Nugent

      Sinead O’Connor

      • Adam Nugent

        Though there was some stubble on hear noggin…

      • CraxyD

        Back in the day she was cute as Hell. The years have not been very kind though.

      • CraxyD

        She was cute-hot back in the day. Now, not so much.

  • Carole Sayer

    Sarsour has brass, stating “her fellow Americans will not stand for this kind of hate”. My fellow Americans don’t consider any proponent of Sharia Law to be American. Read the constitution babe. Then anyone trying to injure a horse should be locked up.Enough said.

    • Miles to Code

      Horse or any animal. Locked up then fired out of a catapult in a random direction.

      • trid2bnrml

        Fired at a random brick wall would do nicely…somebody get a water hose…easy clean up.

        • Michael Bearden

          She would look more beautiful hitting a brick wall…

      • Nunyo Bizness

        In the ocean 20 miles out..

    • January

      Sarsour is a cop hating terrorist. She may have been born here but her parent are Palestinian immigrants and that’s says it all about her. I believe she has an agenda to cause as much unrest in this country as she can.

      • Al Gee Brah

        ACTUALLY her parents are ARABIC immigrants.. there is no such a thing as a “palestinian”

        • January

          You are right and that land does not belong to them.

        • Taryn Eldredge

          close enough

      • Nunyo Bizness

        Now is the time to take away any citizenship her and any member of her family has. Send them back and ban them from ever coming back.. She hates America she can hate it on the other side of the wall..

    • Cirris

      if you check Linda Sarsour’s bank accounts you’ll find arab oil money. Most likely Qatari money as she’s prominently featured numerous times on Al Jazeera +

    • Taryn Eldredge

      THANK you Carole — very eloquent and SPOT ON. S.L is ANTI – FEMALE. Just look at the stats of misogyny, e.g., mutilation, stoning, acid on face, cutting off digits, etc. SICK.

    • Ms Pearl

      and read the Koran I hope someone stops her soon

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Ladies of antifa swimsuit calender lol.

    • fugly

      Maybe she thought she’d try to look like Demi Moore in G.I. Jane, but instead looks like G.I. dumbass.

    • joe m

      I dont need to know what day it is that badly.

  • Chriseve Lyons

    F f f F is all you hear…using the lowest of the lowest ,the most ignorant to fight their “battles”What’s with the old Soviet flag??

    • January

      I didn’t notice that they were carrying the soviet communist flag until you posted your comment. During the October Revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks overthrew the provisional government and formed a communist government. In May I taught the history of this to my homeschooling class. To think Sarsour is behind all of this. I truly believe she is trying to cause total unrest in this country.

      • Chriseve Lyons

        Sharia law is totally incompatible with LGBT and affords few rights to women,Sasour knows this.I doubt she is a practicing Muslim,for Islam would not allow her to act the way she does.She is an American political opportunist from Brooklyn who cleverly uses the ignorant and hides behind a hijab !! The enemy of my enemy is my friend!Too bad they are so blinded by hatred to see what they are doing.

        • Nunyo Bizness

          She is allowed to look and act that wy as long as it is too fool or lie to the infidel..or commonly known as you and me..

  • TimP.

    She looks like one of Mason women in her mug shot.

    • Trey Von Dinkis

      Yes – Manson.

    • Tobias Keith

      A freemason? Or Manson?

  • Trey Von Dinkis

    Let’s see if PETA weighs in on this one…

    …I doubt it…

  • Barbara Barrington

    So its not hate…Sharia is hate….fellow Americans don’t agree with Sharia…silly…and you can’t intermix the terms Muslim and Sharia….or can you?

  • Randy Eubanks

    They are blowing the whistle now! oh my! when will it ever end!

  • Aron

    What we need is a Mini EMP device to take out all the antifa Cameras within 50 feet. Then while the cameras are down kick the living shit out of them

    • fugly

      A large ESD from a capacitor bank should do the trick.

  • memphis

    Uf the picture was not necessary. I would have believed it without this piece of evidence

  • CrusadaB

    That’s a girl???…looks like identity mis-information to me then.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Good, another one with felony rap sheet. In years to come when you can’t vote or own a firearm and you’ve grown out of your rebellious stage she’ll be asking herself “what the f#ck was wrong with me?”

  • lisa

    Animal abuse…inexcusable a-hole

  • keren

    If she thinks sharia is so great, punish her according to sharia…. a transgendered male would get stoned or thrown off a building, Now lets see if she thinks Sharia is so great…

  • Augray

    Protesters full of love hating the religion of peace. You can’t make this stuff up.

  • freenclear

    Bend it over a park bench and let the horse have his way with it.

    • NoTreading

      Why would you inflict that on the horse?

      • freenclear

        Everyone needs a good hatefuck once in a while. Especially a horse that just took a nail to the neck.

  • Chris Bergen

    “Her” parents must be so proud….

    • NebraskaFilly

      “It’s” parents

  • Michael Pietrobono

    She doesn’t look too Joyful! LMAO! Ding Dong!

  • James Lipton

    Holy shit! She could have accidentally stabbed Chelsea Clinton!

    • joe m

      Nah chelsea a special kind of ugly. Shes so ugly if she gives you head it counts as anal


    then we as conservatives should bring balloons filled with mushed up feces water and smashing them in the face with them

    • fugly

      Just use them as dart boards with HIV needles.

  • JohnJGalt

    One animal abusing another.

  • findthetruth808

    Why do these people go to the streets to cry like little children then cover there cowardly faces or try to block the camera. Obviously they are cowards. If I were and employer and saw one of my workers doing this they would be unemployed/

  • John Sally Sullivan

    Just because you are
    “Islamophobia” does not mean that the Moslems are not out to get you.
    Best way to battle “Islamophobia” is for Moslems to stop trying to
    kill us.

  • Lulu

    Give that WORTHLESS POS the MAX. Is she a TRANS????????????? Or SKIN HEAD??????


    No PooosieHat is going to post her bail. She will sit in jail, just like “Professor” Eric Clanton, another violent liberal.

  • CQ

    My definition of Sharia is that of the Qur’an and Hadith interpreters. Those two sources of Sharia are further expressed by the ‘Perfect Man’ billboard in Indiana.

  • Dustwitch

    Jail time for that snowflake.

  • Lisa


  • Ruger 1

    And Why not an Assault Charge against this Antifa Freak?? Aren’t Police Horses and K-9’s the same as Regular Police? To bad the Horse didn’t take a bite out of her after being stabbed!!!! These Antifa Cowards All Need to be Rounded up and Air Dropped Over Syria!!!!!!

  • commonsense4sure

    Too bad the horse didn’t kick her in the head – really really hard! I don’t care if you go protest 24/7 and … make complete asses out of yourselves but don’t you dare lay a hand on a defenseless beautiful horse! You wretched vile scum!

    • Nunyo Bizness

      Now I like that. Let the horse bite back.. I mean fight back. I’m 30 to 40 minutes away from Filthadelphia and the cops in our area trained their horses to grab the suspects.. Ever been biten by a horse.. bwaaahaha.. ouch..

  • Hairatic Rick

    Antifa is a psyadelic snowflake terrorist organization ran be lesbeians with cuckolds as troops. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a!so a terrorist organization and crazy. Hell, they declared Kekistani a terrorist group and defiled the great KEK religion of peace, the last and final word of god. The hate group TSPLC is racists towards green people and anti KEK religion.

  • Toxophilite

    These women are total idiots. What do they think? That the muslimes won’t beat and rape them because they were on their side? They don’t realize that muslime men can rape a woman and she must have 4 men testify it happened? That women aren’t allowed to drive a car? That they will be required by shariah law to cover their bodies and faces? Or ELSE!

    Liberalism truly IS a mental disorder.

  • Just(R)ight.

    Linda Sarsour needs to have her jihadi asssss deported.

  • Kellie Maree

    Horrible bitch. I thought it was a man. These nazi’s have stabbed police horses in Sydney Australia with pens and thrown horse poo at the mounted officers. They are just like the brown shirts of nazi germany.

    • Nunyo Bizness

      ding ding ding.. that is where they are getting it all from. Look it up..antifa are communist.

  • jsl55

    Maybe her middle name isn’t appropriate for her anymore.

  • Jeanne Wallace

    Why is n’t PETA protesting her abuse of the police horse?

  • Knights Hawk

    I’m not buying the “she” thing. If that truly is a woman it’s not surprise that she’s so angry. Shrek much?

  • Klea Rusnim

    Yeah that cunt is offensive to every sense a man can have (A typical feminist trait here in the US). When she walks by the horrid fetid stench lingering out from between her legs where the festering broccoli crotch lives has a mind of its own and it emanates a reek that is so fucking bad the smell alone can strip the most resilient paint off of the most absorptive and hardest material on earth.

  • Lynn

    I wish that people would wake up! The one’s we are trying to keep out our the one’s who are out to destroy and kill us all. Thinks to Obama we already have the one’s who want to kill us in our country! There is a lot of them up in the West Virginia mountains! I wish that we all could get along put they don’t even go by the same holy bible! I stsnd with my heveanly father Jehovah and his only begotten son Jesus Christ! And the holy sprit! We are living in the END TIMES. I ask eveyone to please read The Harbinger ! THE holy bible seems to back it up ! People say that everyone has been saying this for ever and I will say that I agree that they have. But if you read the holy bible! You will see that in the frist time since everything that our lord Jesus Christ said would come to pass is already! . Please if you don’t know our heveanly father and his only begotten son Jesus Christ! Now is the time to get to know him. Because once he return’s it Will be to late!

    • Nathan Pinnhead

      Honey, take a long walk in the woods and don’t come back.

  • Eric

    Treat her the same way she treated the police horse

  • Kevin Curl

    Tweeting on their whistles like the freaks they are .

  • Denileriverafter

    First, Muslim and Islam are NOT races! You don’t even know WHAT you are protesting!! Second, THIS is a woman?!! Then, I’m ashamed to be in the same sex as this “person”. Third, the horse is INNOCENT!! You are NOT allowed to abuse animals for ANY reason, but, especially for HATE purposes!! Too bad, the horse didn’t raise up and kick you in the ugly face!! YOU are a lowlife, pitiful excuse for a “human being”!! I think your punishment should be to have to go live in one of the Muslim countries where they practice Sharia Law, and SEE the pure Hell, REAL woman there are put through!!! Spoiled brat!!!

  • Covfefeghost

    What a vile, nasty wretch. She better not get a little pat on the wrist and set free, throw the book at her.

  • John

    THat can not possibly be a woman

  • duder1897

    I bet when AP called her a “he” was the greatest moment in this psychos life.

  • Dante Alighieri ????

    women with brush cuts always spell trouble

  • Dante Alighieri ????
  • Rd Carrington

    Should have let the horse take her down…

  • Dante Alighieri ????
  • Tony Bennett

    The answer is bear spray and bean bags…. show them the error of their ways… show them just how misguided it is to taunt serious men while wearing the uniform of the Viet Cong, ISIS, or the SS… whilst sporting a mask to conceal their identity… I’m all about everyone’s right to peaceful protest… everyone’s right to redress their quarrel with their elected masters… but better not do so violently or trample the rights of others… violence begets violence

  • Dawn Kyle Davis

    Kinda resembles a white supremacist skinhead scumbag…..

    • Nunyo Bizness

      Nope antifa are communist. I learned about their hate on FB page USA Stopping Antifa. There are people posting on there that are at the rallies on the other side.

  • Al Gee Brah


  • Ferenc Kemény

    Is it what an antifa looks like? Now i know… I’d recon her as a Neo-nazi were it not for this article….

  • emersonushc13

    Another resentful underachiever from a failed rich white home clutching a useless college degree anchored with a large student loan.

  • Ego

    That’s not a “girl”. That’s a hardened criminal..

  • Vunderkint

    None of these idiots have ever bothered to actually live in a Muslim country especially the airhead women, if they actually got to experience what sharia law really means for them they might change their tune. These people are just useful idiots and cannon fodder for a global agenda they know nothing about!

  • HT

    Antifa needs to be officially labeled for what it is, a violent domestic terrorist organization and they need to be wiped off the map using any methods necessary.

  • Nunyo Bizness

    She needs to be put away. Take all her priviledges and money away. Let her fend for herself.. Let;s see how she likes America then..

  • Nunyo Bizness

    I hear get the F out of NYC.. Ok and lets also take our American dollars until they can control their animals..

  • Taryn Eldredge

    i AGREE W/the ANTI Sharia b.s. but to harm and animal — NO Way. She deserves a harsh reprimand.

  • Jim

    I didn’t know antifa are hiring white lesbo nazi skinheads!

  • Thomas Reidenbach

    So douchenuggets like this are going to show up at a protest to counter protest something that would give her no rights and would probably get her thrown from the roof of a building. Then attack a Police horse. What an idiot. I still say that we temporarily implement Sharia Law and see how long these nitwits last.

  • 0bsoleteMan

    This should be a capital crime.

  • Tim Francis

    Antifa is actually a Nazi Fascist organization, and they are marching in support of Sharia Law. Adolf Hitler had an alliance with the Grand Mufti, who was the holy Islamic leader in the Middle East during World War 2. let that sink in for a moment……….

  • Artie Higgins

    ha,ha bitch. you going to be big Betty’s girl to night….lo

  • Cadence Wallace

    If that had been my horse, this bitch would be in the ER right now after I was done with her.

  • Wayne Ford

    FAKE NEWS!!! lol

  • riffraft

    That it one ugly guy! What? It’s a girl? Oh, in that case, she is still an ugly guy!

  • David

    Calling Islam a religion and allowing them to enjoy religious rights, in the United States is the equivalence of allowing gangs the rights to the same. The only difference between Islam and MS-13 is the number of participants or members. I dare to guess, if all the ILLEGAL gang members were counted together, they would total near the same as Muslims in America. Both represent an attack on our society and must be stopped.

  • nurseheidi

    F’ing pigs

  • Tom Cook

    Much rather be anti muslim than anti white, like these racists are.

  • Louise Mitchell

    Woman where?

  • Rich Bawol

    What a bunch of freaks!

  • Paul Bryant

    Fluck with a Horse and The Stae Police Fluck you over good!

  • Cindy

    Cowards… take things out on animals… Glad she’s going to be sitting for a while until her court hearing…

  • bambi hussein

    Someone should have driven that nail through her nose.

  • Bob Emerson

    90 days in a jail cell may cure her violent tendencies in future demonstrations, if she shows up at all.

  • Muzz balls

    These fuckers need stopping. the snake is well and truly eating itself alive.

  • Jan Krendel

    “Antifa” which are supposed to be anti-fascists come to interfere with an anti-fascist march (anti-sharia) and then one of those who are supposed to be anti-fascist stabs a defenseless animal (the most fascist thing to do?)… WTF IS WRONG WITH HUMANS!! go f*cking vegan! Maybe your brain will start functioning again..

  • Eliane Moura

    The horse will gonna be fine?

    • Tobias Keith

      Yeah, Chelsea will be fine.

  • tiredofcrookedcops

    Atleast she has the balls to fight to keep Muslims out of our great Country while you fkn muslim lovers want to help you kids and grand kids live a life as a muslim.

  • PD MacGuire

    Hopefully, she will never be allowed to own any animals or pets.

  • Marilyn Burns

    Not on your side Ms Sarsour Sharia law is not allowed in America it is antithetical to our Constitution.

  • John Blosser

    Needs a tuneup

  • Andy Johnson

    Is she infectious? She doesn’t look too good.

  • melvin boyce

    Nothing about her and her group is right. When will the doj start going after these terrorists. Is there that many of obamas plants still buried in the doj?

  • E Q

    Where are the fathers in America?? Because this female obviously lacked one growing up.