The University of Illinois has canceled a talk by Nobel Laureate James Watson because some faculty members think his theories are racist…

James Watson, who co-discovered DNA, has been uninvited by the University of Illinois after faculty accused Watson of racism. Watson said something in 2007 that he would apparently regret for the rest of his life.

James Watson, famous for his research on DNA and molecular biology, insinuated that people from the continent of Africa might not have the same IQ as people from the rest of the world. Watson said his outlook on the continent of Africa was “gloomy,” because policies implemented there were a one-size-fits-all strategy based on the theory that “their intelligence is the same as ours.” Watson has faced so much criticism that he’s had to sell his Nobel prize claiming that nobody wants to admit he exists anymore. Ten years later, Watson isn’t allowed to speak at the University of Illinois.

Whether or not Watson is (or was) a racist is neither here nor there. What is interesting is how willing Universities are to cancel speakers at the first sign of controversy. Although Ann Coulter isn’t a molecular biologist, she’s arguably less controversial a person than James Watson. Ann Coulter isn’t immune to University suppression either though as UC Berkeley caved to pressure and canceled her speech. Universities seem like they’ll cancel anything if the words racist or homophobe are aimlessly lobbed around enough. One University even canceled class after students allegedly found a hate note. Whether it’s a molecular biologist with a controversial past or a conservative pundit students don’t agree with, Universities are canceling events all over at the first sign of upset students and faculty.

Watson has since apologized and tried to clarify his statement, according to The Chicago Tribune

Watson apologized, saying he did not mean to characterize Africans as genetically inferior but that he was referring to geographically separated populations evolving differently.

Faculty considered the fact that the comments were in the past and that Watson has since apologized but that wasn’t enough to allow Watson to speak at U. of I. about his Cancer research according to Gene Robinson, Director of the Carl Woese Institute for Genomic Biology:

“We tried to consider this very carefully in going forward, and different perspectives on the possibilities of him giving a science-based lecture,” he said. “With respect to his past, the email that I sent out stated very clearly that we didn’t condone any of his past comments, racist comments and sexist comments. And we noted that he had apologized and thought about all those very carefully.”

Listen to MILO talk about why Lyndon B. Johnson was an actual racist:


The Chicago Tribune

  • Alessio Pinna

    That is the one comment that will never be forgiven… because it could actually be true. No one would be scandalized by someone noting how africans are typically better suited to some sports, or how northern europeans are more resistent to cold (and more sensitive to the sun); no one would deny how some ethnicities are more resistent to certain illnesses, how others show a longer lifespan. Yet, when it comes to intelligence, there is no difference. There MUST be no difference. Politicially i can even understand why its such a taboo topic. But, from a scientist point of view? Its pretty obvious that it is a legitimate question, and one that should be addressed if we are even remotely interested in finding out what genes are linked to intelligence (which has, i dont know, maybe a trillion of possible uses?)

    • Bill Frank

      Actually, these days it IS considered scandalous to say Africans are better at sports such as basketball. As if anybody with even 1/50th of a brain couldn’t tell that by looking at the NBA.

    • Mike JY

      You know what the irony of cancelling his speech based on his statement that “geographically separated populations [evolve] differently”? This is exactly what is happening at American universities. University faculty and administrators are separating American universities from the rest of America. Or rather, separating them from any and all thoughts, ideas or statements different from those which the faculty and administrators want to indoctrinate in their students. Thus, they are going to end up proving James Watson’s point right here in America. Because this generation of students — which is (1) being denied a wealth of information, facts and ideas and (2) being indoctrinated into one way of thinking — is going to end up evolving differently and, arguably, badly. And that is exactly the purpose of the denial of some ideas and indoctrination of others. So the irony is that the ‘leaders’ at these Universities are just proving James Watson’s point: groups separated from other populations evolve differently. That’s exactly the purpose of the actions by the university members: to evolve today’s young generation differently, in the mold of their (the university faculty’s and administrators’) world view.

      • Stacey Sutton

        Mike JY….Exactly!

      • Sphincter1

        Well said. I can not find a flaw in your logic.

      • dave bainard

        Chances are good that these recent grads and sjws will be too stupid to reproduce therefore not extending the gene pool.

      • William Drumm Sr.

        Shame on them. Makes people want to remain uneducated and street wise.

    • Robin Anderson

      I’m Caucasian, and I don’t fly off the handle when I read about how Asians have the highest IQ on average. Plus, I’m friends with, and know people who are black and have better than average IQ, who have jobs that required years of university/college education. So, he didn’t say, and didn’t imply, that ALL Africans have lower IQ than other races.

      • Marine 2525

        What he meant was that on a bell curve blacks have a lower mean IQ than whites.The average being around 70,which is borderline retarded.Whites have an average of 100.

    • rockycupcakes

      Its not possible true. It is true.

  • Christopher Harding

    I cant wait for Milo to go fuck shit up at these universities for being a bunch of pushovers to the leftist agenda.

  • ytuque

    I agree with Watson’s statements.

  • Daffy Q. Duck

    Science. It’s the FEEEELLLLZZZZZ and not the Facts today.

  • LibertyDwells

    Could be true? Actual observation has shown it is true. But that would explain the reaction: The left hates the truth with a passion.

  • Bill Frank

    I’ve always thought that science must be very tough to perform these days, because if your findings happen to go against the SJW agenda, then God have mercy on your soul. Science is about discovering the truth, regardless of how unfortunate that truth may be. I’m not saying this guy was correct or not, I’m just saying that liberals don’t care about truth nearly as much as they pat themselves on the back for.

  • Jerald

    Science disregards feelings and does not care what people have to say about it. Sometimes you have to accept what IS, and not hide in the ideal utopia in your head. Some people don’t like that.

    • mharper42

      Jerald. No longer true, especially in government supported sciences and elite academies. You must toe the PC line or you are not allowed in.

      • Jim Kahler

        Especially pertaining to scholarships and grants.

  • Honey

    I fear for the future

  • Fagget

    They ended up getting Nick Offerman so it seems like it was a good choice to cancel on James Watson

  • MuchLoveFrom

    James Watson should be regarded as a great American hero. Along with Crick (and who can forget Rosalind Franklin?), he discovered the structure of DNA!! Talk about a fuckin big deal. The single most important discovery of the 20th century. I am sick of the endless admiration for dumb pop stars and Hollywood actors. He may be politically incorrect, but Dr. James Watson is THE MAN!


    China would love to have Dr. Watson to lecture anytime he wants and would even hire him permanently as their senior science adviser in a heartbeat if Dr. Watson doesn’t mind living there part of the year.
    China would not succumb to that kind of “political-correctness” malarkey.

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    Simply put, Africans are black, and that is racist. At least that’s what some idiots believe. Universities are worth nothing. Nothing!

  • Bug eater 357

    The truth is racist!

  • 1TSMommy

    So an institution of higher learning basically saying that one can never learn from mistakes one has made…pretty high bar that I hope they are held to as well.

  • Nate Daniel

    But it’s inarguably true. No matter what metric you use, blacks, on average ARE stupid. Their IQ is significantly lower. It’s a fact. Aren’t universities places for facts anymore?

    • Eric Watkins

      Every other statement I’ve read has been good and logical, but this is just garbage that helps nothing and reinforces the stigma that the alt right are retarded racists. Learn. Tact.

      • Nate Daniel

        Learn the taste of my weiner.

    • suqsid4

      The irony is that IQ doesn’t define the individual’s greatest qualities.

    • antoniathatcher

      Get rid of Affirmative action, and let only those of merit in.

  • John Angrisani

    We’re in the early stage of an intellectual dark age. How long will it last? God only knows.

    • suqsid4

      >> an intellectual dark age.

      Perfect characterization and unfortunately a frequent historical occurrence. Many mathematicians throughout history have paid the price. And now we know who the perps are.

  • Jerry Bumstead

    I swear luke Wilson is a time traveler and ideocracy is a biography of our future.

  • SuzieB

    In other words… he’s a SCIENTIST… not a RACIST.

  • Dante Alighieri

    …Watson has since apologized…

    At times, Liberals are like a dog with a chew toy. They can’t let it go. He apologized — move on.

  • Speakers? Speakers? We don’t need no “Speakers” on college campuses anymore.
    Unless, of course, they just further the indoctrination.

  • kzF

    The average IQ of those men from Somalia who are coming in is 70. Most are below that. They can not integrate. They have no skills and no way to survive Western systems.

    • Larz Oldenburg

      They had to lower the IQ bar in the late fifties early sixties I believe because most Africans were at the Retard level and that was racist

    • Dante Alighieri

      How can the IQ of most be below 70, if 70 is the average? (Median maybe?)

  • arkpaul

    The liberal idea of academic inquiry seems to boil down to simple navel-gazing.

  • Ed Akerman

    Science is not opinions Report the findings, results and conclusions.

  • sickofOmom

    I’m Mexican. Out of about oh I don’t know 85 relatives I can think of me and my sister made it out alive we got out of the barrio and made something of ourselves. She graduated with a bachelors in education. I didn’t even complete my bachelors but I went to work for an insurance company they paid for me to get a cert to sell bc I worked my A** off and prove myself! It helps that both of us did not get knocked up and we waited to have kids (only 1 each) until we were married for a couple years. It’s a little choices like this that make a huge difference. I have read this man’s research I know that Mexicans are not exactly high on the totem pole of intelligence but I feel as an individual I am making some progress

  • William Drumm Sr.

    If Jesus was to speak at a college now a day, they would find a reason to cancel him. There loss.

  • Robin Anderson

    So, a guy co-discovers DNA, but these snowflakes can’t cope with hearing something they don’t want to hear, even though there’s a good chance it might be true? Science has turned theories into proven fact due to it being challenged, and science challenging what it observes. That’s how it works. There might be some smart kid in the crowd that becomes inspired and eventually adds something important to this, or any other theories. “Protecting” them from listening to different ideas, does more harm than good. These are adults, yet these schools prefer to keep treating them as children. Their maturity and intellectual level, and the rate that it increases, will be way behind that of past generations. Very sad.
    It’s also sad that everything is now racist. Every person has no choice but to be racist. Even the ones who point out this new-wave racism. By claiming everything is racist, especially when it isn’t – incites racism. These snowflakes are so hypocritical.

  • James

    I’m black and not to clever but Mother Nature has compensated me with a big penis.

  • ignatius

    Has everyone forgotten “The Bell Curve” controversy in the 90s? The book uncovers several inconvenient truths about intelligence and IQ and includes tons of scientific evidence and an extensive bibliography. Well, “uncovered” is maybe not the right word, as everyone dealing with this matters professionally knows very well, that women rate lower than men and blacks lower than whites on average. It’s just publicly acknowledging makes you an un-person. It has not, however, hindered Universities to “award” extra points in entrance exams based solely on the fact that you are female to compensate. Or to ban the usage of IQ tests in hiring unless you submit to a race quota. Orwellian double-think at its finest.

  • topcat_99

    A recent paper was getting some press the past few days about how scientists had discovered more genes which had an impact on intelligence. They did this by using results of intelligence tests and comparing that to certain minor differences (SNPs) in genes (although a single SNP can make a big difference in the activity of the protein coded by a gene) . Of course this implies that the intelligence tests actually are measuring intelligence. That is the key learning for the average person from that study… the study of intelligence is proceeding, the study of the genetic factors influencing intelligence is proceeding, this work appears to be accepted as legitimate scientific work, BUT it all depends on the results of several types of intelligence tests. These are the same intelligence tests which show significant variation in intelligence by various groups. We can’t say the results of the intelligence tests are valid for doing research into the genetic factors of intelligence, but invalid for showing differences between groups.

  • mike

    97% OF scientist agree the debate is over! Liberals suck balls!

  • Joe Blow

    Let me guess, most of the faculty complaining were stupid low IQ affirmative action hires

  • Tobi Alafin

    I’m a Nigerian male. I’m also a race realist. African’s have lower average IQ than Caucasians who in turn have lower average IQ than Ashkenazi Jews.

    I am appalled that the Western culture I fell in love with–the bastion of liberty and hope–has become this; it has become an oppressive place when free speech is suppressed under the guise of political correctness and “hate speech”.

    The truth is sacrificed because it is politically uncomfortable. People can’t do objective science anymore.

    Politicians, evangelical Liberals, and their ilk should get the fuck out of science.