Piper Harron, a professor at the University of Hawaii, wants “white cis men” to resign from their faculty positions. 

The assistant professor of mathematics at the public university, who’s interests include Calculus II, intersectional radical feminism, Number Theory, and anti-racism, is claiming that “actual solutions require women of color and trans people.”

In a blog post titled “Get Out The Way” Harron says that “If you are a white cis man (meaning you identify as male and you were assigned male at birth) you almost certainly should resign from your position of power.”

“That’s right, please quit. Too difficult? Well, as a first step, at least get off your hiring committee, your curriculum committee, and make sure you’re replaced by a woman of color or trans person. Don’t have any in your department?  HOW SHOCKING,” she says.

“Right now, I want to talk about gender equality because the fact that women aren’t actually a demographic minority makes certain arguments easier, but please know that actual solutions require women of color and trans people. Remember having white cis women run the world is no kind of solution,” claims Harron before posting the unsourced statistics below.

In her “What does equality look like” section of the post, Harron gives us an idea of how we can ‘fix’ our universities.

“What can universities do? Well, that’s easier. Stop hiring white cis men (except as needed to get/retain people who are not white cis men) until the problem goes away. If you think this is a bad or un-serious idea, your sexism/racism/transphobia is showing.”

In a response to the criticism she received, Harron wrote this on a now deleted social-media post. “The terrible people are coming out of the woodwork to tell me how awful (‘racist’ and ‘sexist’) I am for writing this post.”

  • Dante Alighieri

    …”Stop hiring white cis men … until the problem goes away.”… Honestly?

    Stop making Liberals look like idiots. What happens if it takes 30 years. No more male chemistry instructors for 30 years.

    The woman’s problem isn’t that she is a feminist, it that she is insane. –D

    • jonklement

      Feminist and insane are the same thing.

      • Dante Alighieri

        I’m being to believe it.

  • TR

    The biggest so called anti-racists, are actually the biggest racists.

    • Diane Brejack Bennett

      Well said! Point the finger ‘at them’ so they don’t see it ‘in me’ attitude!

  • Roger Edward Harris

    True bigotry in action.

  • Daniel Sundkvist

    She is the one who needs to be fired. Is it possible to demand her resignation from the university? Who can apply the proper pressure?

  • disqus_Htchuqvzae

    Oh my god, go look at her website. It’s a freakin’ laugh riot. “The Liberated mathematician”. She has her professional CV and her “liberated CV” where getting her masters included “surviving misogyny” etc…Every thing you click on brings you to another ridiculous caricature of what a flaky, entitled, leftist professor looks like. Oh, and it seems she’s a “Temporary, Assistant Professor”. She probably found out they don’t want her full time, so now the obvious answer is racist misogyny.

    • disqus_Htchuqvzae

      In her opening statement of who she is and what she does, she attacks her students –

      “…my only students are very small irrational overly energetic humans who mostly just want to know what time it is and whether it’s their birthday.” — Maybe because you suck as a professor.

      Gives her take on state of math –

      “My view of mathematics is that it is an absolute mess which actively pushes out the sort of people who might make it better”….”I want to empower the people.” — Right. Because they don’t want YOU.

      And rather than teaching or doing math research she spends most of her time “dealing with childcare, worrying about politics, or researching the history of social injustice.” — Perhaps this is why you don’t get hired full time, and why your students don’t care.

      • name

        Er, isn’t she talking about children there? (Perhaps her own, that she has to look after?) I agree she’s a loon though.

    • NoTreading

      “Professors” like her are part of why tuition is going through the roof.

    • MuchLoveFrom

      The sad thing is that this temporary assistant professor will probably soon be promoted to some super fancy administrative position. Then she can further screw up the school and steal student tuition while earning $3000,000 as a Chief Diversity Officer or some bullshit like that.

      • DaisyToo

        Looks like she’s following in Mister Hope and Change’s footsteps.

    • V F

      OMG,, She actually starts off her first Paragraph on thesis page with “If you are
      a human person” ,, LOL,, Are their any other kind of person than the
      human kind? and then claims shes proud of working with students.. Good
      lord please help / save her students,, from Her.. 🙂

      • DaisyToo

        Same way Michelle Obama did.

      • name

        If you are a human person as opposed to “literal human garbage!!!!!” presumably.

  • ThatBaldGuy

    Nothing racist or sexist there, right? People like this won the election for Trump but they just keep doubling down on this garbage. I try to understand it and I just…don’t.

  • Michael Mazziotta

    Anti-racist but the first thing out of her mouth is racist.

  • Eldrick Wo

    they should quit the same day she stops using any product invented or produced by white cis men

  • Christopher Harding

    Universities should to hiring leftist retards.

  • Jan Leedy

    This bitches’ gums got their own area code. . .

  • ikungfuyou2

    So, stop hiring because of race and potential political affiliation? I love it when racists try to act like civil rights spokesmen. Sad thing is morons on the left will more then likely agree with her racist fascist jargon.

  • Michael Allen

    Feel free to head over to Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, or one of those other countries that pander to the feminists and LGBTQ bullies who vilify innocent people because of their gender and race. How can you specifically state that you hate people that are white (RACE) and male (SEX), then point the finger at the victim and call them a racist? That’s like shooting somebody. then dropping the gun and screaming “ASSAULT!”

  • Kass Wilson

    What a complete idiotic piece of shit. She’s in charge of shaping young minds? Are we seriously paying people this ignorant to teach? How can anyone that racist and bigoted teach anything worth a damn. Waste of oxygen

  • freenclear

    Cut the funding to this “school”. She can use her mathematics degree to budget her food stamps. Dumb bitch.

  • anna

    If you think this is a bad idea or not serious, your intelligence and ability to reason is showing

  • richard

    So, what were her solutions? Get rid of whitey? No one is stopping her or the transgenders from doing anything right now, so why aren’t they?

    • V F

      Yeah but i think she tries, unsuccessfully, to do it with big words.. LOL )

  • Bill Frank

    At my university, the computer science department faculty is like 80% Asian and more than 50% women (all great professors, btw). I know this is just one example, but I seriously doubt in this day and age universities are just overflowing with “cis white men”…

  • Bill Frank

    I also like how she thinks she can just tell white men to up and “resign”. As if they have other ways to provide for themselves and their families. Bitch, I have the job I have to provide food and shelter for my family, not to make you feel good about yourself. If you don’t like it, then fuck off.

  • Katy Bross Pollington

    How about it is served a big cup of STFU and moves along. Ugh!

  • Eric Selin

    racist, nothing but racist. she should resign from life.

  • Honey

    They should stop hiring illiterate morons instead.

  • Brandy

    Good luck with that, stupid!

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    You discrminate, you will be discriminated against. Same goes for you, my nig&shyga.

    • #OffThePlantation


  • Sally

    Let’s look at another way: if the University fires this professor,they can probably hire 2-3 Lower jevel professors, or 4-6 part time ones. And the new professors will actually be GRATEFUL for their jobs. Everyone wins, especially the students.

  • Archie Bunker

    Thank you, affirmative action!

  • U of Hawaii student

    I am a student at UH Manoa. I have already filed an official complaint with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights last night regarding her advocacy of discrimination against white men. If Milo would like any comments from me feel free to reach out. I sent you an email.

  • Mauny Kaseburg

    Racist and misandrist…and heterophobic.

  • James Sadler

    Did she go to an all Black college…..just wondering

  • Philip


  • Dawn Miller

    Get out the way? Is that how Professors talk? This country has gone to hell in a hand basket if this is what we have teaching our kids.

  • DaisyToo

    Any and all union employees responsible for passing this creature out of elementary school, high school and then college, need to have their licenses revoked.

  • DaisyToo

    Is this the same place where Obama’s crazy sister teaches?

  • sez-who

    Aren’t white people a global minority? Does she advocate sterilizing people of color until white people catch up?

  • dennis williams

    You are a wack job and the UH should fire you.

  • Heather Noble

    She looks and sounds like a winner.

  • Floyd D Barber

    Universities should stop letting idiots like Piper Harron speak.

  • Sandy Logan

    If you were a human person you might have other human persons like you and then you wouldn’t have to be such a hateful inhuman unperson. #totalpenisenvy #dumassliberaldog

  • RunningBulldog77

    I bet she’s a black trans woman. An ugly one at that.

  • fugly

    And has any of these lunatics thought through what happens if all their hopes and dreams come true and colleges begin segregating by race, orientation, religion, etc.?

  • topowernine

    How convenient. Lots of people move out of the way so can go to the top and get a substantial raise.

  • topowernine

    Was this woman hired because of her competency or because of her gender and race? Anyone has access and can comment on her mathematical work?