Sydney Boys High School can’t seem to get it right, as their video celebrating feminism has been attacked by Sydney Girls High School.

Feminism is important to us.

We asked the women in our lives why feminism is important to them. This is what they said.Filming and editing by Ronald Luo.

Posted by Prefects of Sydney High on Sunday, March 5, 2017

The video shows prefects of SBHS reciting feminist statements that were written by women and girls.

As reported by NewsAU, most people have commended the boys on their efforts to show their support for feminism; however, Sydney Girls High School has written an open letter slamming the video by confronting the “culture of misogyny present in boys’ schools.”

“As female students we experience first-hand the objectification and devaluing of women by male students,” the girls write in the letter.

“The fact that a tokenistic video, which appropriates women’s voices and reinforces the idea that women’s experiences must be voiced by men in order to be validated, has gained international praise is troubling.”

“We do not wish to discourage further support of feminism. But we believe the question must be asked of why it is that male voices are needed, even on International Women’s Day, to bring attention to these issues that, if expressed by women, would be disregarded.”



  • Dudley Morris

    Bitch, bitch, bitch.

  • Tim

    Understanding Women. Vol. 1

  • DaisyToo

    Wait a min – did the boy quoting the girl @ 45 seconds say feminism is important to her because she was called a ‘w/h o^% re and a stupid beech for sending naked pictures of herself to boys? Did I get that right?!

    Run boys, run.

    • Spongehead

      I think he said “feared to send naked pictures to their friend.” Kinda hard to understand him, though.

      • DaisyToo

        Well, that’s some relief .. then again …

        • Thomas Zachary

          How can you not understand our accent? It was “refused to send naked pictures”

          • DaisyToo


    • Bryan Scandrett

      ‘refused to send’ is what I heard.

  • Tim
    • LiveFreeOrDie

      of volume 6969

      • HT

        More like 666.

    • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

      No, that is “Explaining Women”, understanding women is just impossible across all the multiverse.

      • phaidros52

        You are completely wrong. Take the red pill and your life changes. But be warned: There is no way back. You will understand and even be able to predict female behavior.

    • Bill Frank

      *Understanding liberal women.

    • PaulMurrayCbr

      Understanding women (qua women) is as simple as learning a little high-school biology.

    • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

      The index to the snow flake para

    • Michael Allen

      Current Listing of All Gender Options

    • Mr. E

      Undoubtedly it’s all blank.

  • brendariley

    As a woman of 69, I say to these girls, grow the fuck up! You are not hindered in any way. Previous generations have already fought the battles for you, enjoy your rights, and try to make the world a better place instead of whining and crying about every little thing. You may now go to your safe place, snowflake!

    • Robin Anderson

      I love you!

    • tn_tea _ partyer_420

      I hope your kids call you everyday and tell you what a wonderful person you are

    • Ginger Evans

      As a woman of 71 I totally agree with you, Brenda! They are making a mockery of womanhood!

      • Russell

        Those boys were making a mockery of themselves too.

        • Szebran

          More evidence the feminism is sexism.

    • Sylvia Adams

      Agree completely Brenda. Never once in my life have a felt hindered or held back, or treated any different. I’m secure and well adjusted and maybe that’s the difference between me and a feminist. I’m not sure what world these people live in, but it’s not my world.

      The one where the girl’s father said she had thunder thighs has nothing to do with feminism. It’s emotional abuse which also happens to boys who get get abuse equally on their end, and sometimes it’s physical instead of emotional because an abuser thinks a boy can “take it” so he beats the boy and goes light on the girl and just makes snarky comments. So yeah, thunder thighs girl, you have your equality and complain.

      • awake

        as a woman of 61, mom of 3 granny of one i feel POWERFUL as a HUMAN BEING! Never felt less than anyone! i love my female privileges! get extra special attention at Lowes! extra special attention everyday of my life! life is great!

    • Clementine

      As a woman of 44 I also totally agree with you!

  • just1guywhocares

    Guys rock!

  • Jimmy John

    Such anger, Much wow.

  • 0bsoleteMan

    I hope the boys learned an important lesson from this… you can be the biggest cucks in the world and the militant feminists will still hate you because you have XY chromosomes.

    • Goran Boskovic

      I hope many of these boys will take Red pill after this humiliating epirience

      • Martin Evans

        Let’s hope so.

  • LiveFreeOrDie


    • HT

      Kekistani’s across the globe support you!

  • HT

    These feminists just need to be ignored, or heavily ridiculed. They are insane by definition, no rationale, only raw emotion based on fabricated grievances. I feel sorry for true and traditional feminists who only seek equality. This current wave of feminists is just batchit crazy.

    • Peter

      It’s going to a wonderful time to be a cat in 20 years.

      • Carey Allison

        Make damn sure you don’t scratch or spray the furniture, lest you have a little trip (to the vet) for a little clip.

        • Peter

          I’ll try.

    • Russell

      IMO, the current wave of feminism is just more open about their ideology. It’s been the same since the 19th century.

      • HT

        I disagree. The problem with movements, of any kind, is that when they achieve their goals the leaders of those movements are desperate to continue the fight, even though it has been for the most part won. Their battle is now for relevance and just to exist, and unfortunately there will always be some followers who are more than happy to adopt the more ridiculous and radical stance taken in these next steps. Unions are a great example of this. They fought for decades for a host of improvements for workers, most of which are now covered by federal and state laws. They became a victim of their own success, but the leaders, who enjoy a higher of standard of life than the workers they supposedly represent, will come up with all sorts of ridiculous claims these days to justify their own existence. But like the more radical feminist movement, they have fewer and fewer supporters as each year passes.

        • Russell

          IMO, feminism is not so much fighting for relevance but supremacy. It is a very well funded industry. It uses chivalry as it’s business model. This is why everything needs to be gendered. If it didn’t only happen to women, the cash would dry up.

          • HT

            I agree, but are running into problems with the whole “non-gendered ” crowd. I love it when they start eating their own.

      • Guestronomy

        “19th century”
        Feminism dates back to at least the man hating clubs of France in the 17th 0r 16th century

  • toddm123

    Probably a bunch of ugly girls. They’re pissed that they aren’t being devalued.

  • “The fact that a tokenistic video, which appropriates women’s voices and reinforces the idea that women’s experiences must be voiced by men in order to be

    Nothing in that sentence is a “fact”.

    • Peter

      Feminist say that men need to stand up for women, a la, “He for She.”

    • Sir Nigel

      There’s a circular argument: Young men speaking out for the first time in their lives are guilty of tokenism.

  • Scooter McFurry

    They should have used falsetto voice so as to avoid the male voice problem.

  • Andrew J

    Just another example of how it doesn’t pay to be a cuck.

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    Women will never be happy, whatever it is that you do. And those women demand a sacrifice. They want those… let’s say “men” to chop off their di&shycks and balls and those dumb bit&shyches will still have something to complain about. Even though those guys would deserve it, they are as emasculated as you can get.

    Biggie Smalls says: “man up and smack a hoe!”

    • Spongehead

      Not ALL women. Early feminists were not like this. These are so-called “3rd wave feminists”, which is completely different from previous generations. They are the ISIS of feminism.

      • Russell

        IMO, it’s the institutional and State support that feminists have received in the last few decades that have allowed feminists to reveal their true nature and motives.

        • Stu

          Correct. All feminists have always been like this. It’s just that now, they are free to expose their true nature because society is now so man hating and full of pandering simps that there will be no negative consequences for being an insane man hating bitch

          • InHocSignoVinces

            Well. at least they finally found something they’re really really good at…

  • Justmakeitallstop

    ugh the screeching harpy matriarchy in full illogical mode…they must be fun to be around…

  • Mauny Kaseburg

    No way of making 3rd Wave Feminists happy…and these boys were trying to be supportive! #equalist

    • Russell

      One should never appease bullies.

  • tn_tea _ partyer_420

    These young men tried, it was not good enough for the little feminist Nazis. The proper response at this juncture is to say to the little princesses ” Yo bitches, suck my dick, make me a sandwich and STFU” . This is more evidence that modern feminism wants nothing more than to destroy manhood

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    Just one more proof of what we all already knew: females are never happy, so don’t even try to please them.

    • Steffy93

      *feminists* are never happy, so don’t even try to please them.

      • True.Epic.Crusader

        Nah, it’s really a female thing.
        Well, I must perhaps make an exception- They’re never happy except when you stop giving a f* ck about what they think. In which case they can’t get enough of you.

    • phaidros52

      Definition of female: a bunch of unsolvable problems.

  • myddrinemrys

    “We do not wish to
    discourage further support of feminism. But…”
    See that word there. It is a qualifier that totally negates what came before, meaning that you ARE discouraging further support of feminism. Do please keep it up.

    • Spongehead

      “I’m not a racist, but…”. Same damn thing. “But” is a complete disqualifier. Every.Fucking.Time.

  • dennis williams

    Only two caucasians left in a boys high school in Australia. Did not expect that.

    • FuerElise

      To be precise, there are three white boys in that group of school prefects. I dare say the racial composition is probably indicative of the overall school population at SBHS. Perhaps white boys need to get their act together and improve their academic performance in order to gain places at the selective schools.

    • Crash

      Can’t you just feel the diversity? Sydney now has large areas that are so ‘multicultural’ that a white face stands out from the crowd. I travel though the south western suburbs to get to work. It’s commonplace to see women wearing full face covering. I reckon about 50% of the women have their hair covered. That part of Sydney is so culturally enriched and vibrant that I very rarely see a white person. I doubt you will find any boys out there claiming to support feminism though.

  • Greggore

    LMAO! I think the boys learned a valuable lesson…..eff Feminism!

  • NoTreading

    Dear boys: Do NOT celebrate feminism.

  • Victor

    “We do not wish to discourage further support of feminism.” – Well shit, had me fooled there for a second.

  • Steffy93

    The “female students” sound like a bunch of biotches.

  • David Knight

    Trying to think of another group of people who can’t seem to climb the social ladder due to blaming everything on others instead of working harder to overcome their mythical barriers…….

    • phaidros52

      Females, glass ceiling?

  • Turtle of Australia

    Mark Latham was sacked from Sky for pointing out that these boys sounded gay. They did sound gay.

  • fcabanski

    The girls are complaining that boys act like boys in an all boys school. Good grief.

  • Nikk Person

    3 actual Australians and a bunch of spergy gooks.

  • ghebert

    This is the epitome of “alpha fucks, beta bucks”.

  • Bemyguest

    The left just loves to eat their own.


  • Am I the only one who notices the 10-foot tall blond giant on the left side of the photo?

    EDIT: Nevermind, he’s normal height in a group of Asians.

    • FuerElise

      No, you are not the only one. I’m sure just about everyone noticed him at first glance. Problem is, lots of us don’t dare to comment on it. Self-censoring to avoid charges of ‘racism’ and similar non P.C. ‘isms’ and phobias?

  • Is Sydney a city in Malaysia?

  • Pure unadulterated faggotry!

  • suqsid4

    Doubtful the students attempted to appease anyone. More likely the predatory adults in charge forced the issue.

  • Darwin Award Giver

    Wow. Even a show of solidarity cannot lift the veil from over their eyes filled with misandry, it’s why they didn’t see the sentiment the boys were trying to have toward their feminine sensibilities. They attack the very ones who are trying to stand with them, why meet their sentiments with complete irreverence?

    • 0bsoleteMan

      This happens every single time whites, especially white males, attempt to stand up for some group that plays the victim card.

      You’d think more whites would learn to not do that, but each time it happens most seem genuinely surprised.

  • Dante Alighieri

    Confused women. Is it more than that? Why does the Right treat every Left aberration as a MANIFESTO of the Left?

    You’ve got your crazies too. So don’t define us by the bizarre extremities of the Left. —D

    • Letthemeatcake

      Unfortunately, with the left, the crazies are the norm.

      • Dante Alighieri

        You’ve got your Patrick Buchanan & George Wallace fanatics.

        • James Nunya

          Yes, the right does. But as pointed out by cake, the fanatics are the norm for the left. Or, to put it another way. The crazies on the left quite noticeably outnumber the crazies on the right.

        • FuerElise

          Patrick Buchanan is a perfectly rational and logical man who tells home truths the left doesn’t like and can’t handle. Your are making an apple and oranges comparison here with the loony lefties.

  • Randy Dockery

    tell these little bitches to shut the fuck up already. like a 13 year old girl has a fucking clue about the world?

  • Mud


    • Russell

      Australia is usually about 5 -10 years behind the social changes in the US. Don’t worry, Australia will eventually pick up the finer points of the gender fluid movement. This movement is the logical conclusion to ‘social constructivism’ and feminist ideology and will eventually see the demise of both of them. IMO, for this reason it should not be opposed.

      • Guestronomy

        On the subject of gender fluid.
        Whats the best way to get gender fluid stains out of a silk dress?

  • Bryan Scandrett

    Selective editing to demonize men. A simple matter to find amazing quotes about incredible men who sacrificed much and more for the women in their lives. And treated horrifically and destroyed by those women for it. Give me a camera and a bunch of school kids and I’ll show you what that sounds like.
    I need feminism to STFU and fuck the fuck off.

  • FuerElise

    Nearly all of the boys pictured are Asian of one sort or another. Is Sydney Boys High School still located in Sydney, Australia? Only three white boys! Are Asian boys setting the scene for Beta males?

    • Jasmine

      Sydney is not one colour or one culture. For the most part it is a melting pot of cultures that have worked together for generations. Italians, Greeks, Indians, Vietnamese, Jews, Chinese, English, Polish, Kiwi. We tend to get along with anyone who’s willing to get along with us (Therein lies the issue with Muslim culture). Besides, Asians are willing to do the work it takes to succeed here financially, then they have the money to send their children (who are most likely born here in Australia) to a ‘good’ school. Us white Aussies tend to have different values – sport, or happiness for example. So we send our kids to the local public school. There is nothing wrong with this picture. It is what it is.

      • FuerElise

        See my other comment above to get an idea of where I stand on selective schools (and private schools) getting ‘swamped’ by Asians. The “problem” is that those Asian boys, who are elected prefects at SBHS, set a poor example being such Beta males who are easy prey for little feminist b*****s…. such as the ones at SGHS. Or as a far less polite commentator put it: “Indoctrinated beta cucks virtue signalling to feminist shitlords their ready willingness to be harvested
        into a life of indentured servitude.”

  • Stu

    Serves them right. Pack of future pussy begging lava. I have no time for males who pander to feminism.

  • InHocSignoVinces

    What, the Sydney Girls High School didn’t get Emma Watson’s ‘He For She’ memo, even though the UN and the MSM went out of their way to back her incredibly gender biased campaign???

    • 0bsoleteMan

      Funny how she didn’t include places like Karachi, Tehran or Riyadh on her speaking circuit.

      • InHocSignoVinces

        The UN made up for it by putting Saudi Arabia in charge of Women’s Rights worldwide, I kid you not.

  • bloke

    let that serve as a harbinger for schools who attempt to indoctrinate young boys into the non-existent virtues of feminism. They will be crucified by the eternal grievance brigade of feminism social justice,and lose dignity and self respect in the process.

  • bloke

    Indoctrinated beta cucks virtue signalling to feminist shitlords their ready willingness to be harvested
    into a life of indentured servitude.

  • Chris

    Keep up the self hating masochism boys, eventually you’ll go crazy and become the very next Russian Dead Pool.

  • Keith

    “This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality: you’re on a through route to the land of the different, the bizarre, the unexplainable…Go as far as you like on this road. Its limits are only those of mind itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, you’re entering the wondrous dimension of imagination. Next stop….The Twilight Zone.”

  • Jesse James

    These girls exhibit all the symptoms of the programming done by the cult of misandry. Cult, thy name is feminism. Your machinations, like all social Marxist societal engineers, si the ruination of all in your charge.

  • BooBooBaby

    I am sorry but is this suppose to be Sydney, Australia!??? Oh forget it…..I forgot Only ALL White Majority Countries have to except Massive Invasions of Multiculturalism! (Sorry, off subject….but I blew up that picture to look at it….Thank God Australia is doing a crackdown on Illegal Aliens/Migrants/Boat People/So-called Refugees and Asylum Seekers and etc.!

  • phaidros52

    Why is it that whatever men suffer does not make it to the light of day if not a women writes and talks about it?

  • Martin Evans

    “We do not wish to discourage further support of feminism.” But that is EXACTLY what you have done by condemning these boys in the first place – is it any wonder why more and more of us are swallowing the Red Pill and going MGTOW in the face of your hatred?
    I feel sorry for those boys, they are damned if they and damned if they don’t!
    And it begs the question, would the pupils of the Sydney Girls School stand up and address the inequalities that men and boys face in society? Nope! One-way traffic as always: the feminist way.

  • jrsp

    Little ignorant twats!

    The girls, not the boys.

  • Mr. E

    Feminism is a hate group. What further evidence do you need? Everything they THINK, everything they SAY, everything they DO is about hating men and tearing down masculinity. It’s time to call them out on it now. Feminists are HATEFUL PEOPLE.