Jordan Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, has testified against the Canadian Bill C16, which proposes to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination.

The full video can be seen above.

According to a summary of the Bill on OpenParliament, the Bill will seek to amend “the Criminal Code to extend the protection against hate propaganda set out in that Act to any section of the public that is distinguished by gender identity or expression and to clearly set out that evidence that an offence was motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on gender identity or expression constitutes an aggravating circumstance that a court must take into consideration when it imposes a sentence.”

“The idea that identity is something that you define purely subjectively is an idea without status as far as I’m concerned,” Peterson said in his opening statement.

“I also think it’s unbelievably dangerous for us to move towards representing a social constructionist view of identity in our legal system, the socialist constructionist view insists that human identity is nothing but a consequence of socialization, which there is an inordinate amount of scientific suggesting that that happens to not be the case.”

“The people who are promoting that sort of perspective, or at least in part because the people promoting that sort of perspective, know perfectly well they have lost the battle completely on scientific grounds,” he continued.

Later in the testimony, Peterson described the silence in educational discussion around gender identity.

“It’s already the case and I’ve seen this among my own students when they’re teaching personality, which is what I teach, which also involves assessment of gender differences between men and women, that the proclivity now is for the advanced Ph.D. students to avoid any such discussions in their classrooms because the potential cost of transgressing against an unknown norm, let’s say, is so high that it’s just easier to teach other things.”




  • Rekt

    Undeniably. Yes, he’s a Hero!

  • DrumminInACave

    Liberals on religion: “You shouldn’t make a basis for government policies based on what some people feel and believe. How can you believe in a made up man in the sky?”
    Liberals on gender: “You must make and protect government policies based on what a few on us feel and believe. How can you not believe in letting a man use the women’s bathroom?”

  • myddrinemrys

    His points were well articulated, and they pretty much proceeded to ignore all of them.

    He also made a really interesting implication that needs more exploration:

    If sexuality and gender are fluid, as they are simply “social constructs,” does this, then, legitimize conversion therapy?

    After all, that therapy is simply a way of RE-socializing a person. If gender and sexuality are not fixed, then it is possible for them to be altered.

    • bloke

      yes ,the belief in the social constructivist ideology means those kids identifying as trans or gay can be converted back to their birth gender and sexual orientation.
      It has to work both ways. None of those people sitting at the same table seemed to be at the same level of comprehension as Jordan Peterson regarding C16.

      • myddrinemrys

        The cognitive dissonance evidenced in such beliefs is appalling. It is a real life example of Orwell’s doublethink.

  • Gale60

    It’s like middle school, some folks just cannot wait to embrace the newest craze no matter how nuts it may be. Liberals are the loudest and they monopolize the media. Canada, US, and others have lost their minds these days, throwing logic out the window. Now the craze is about “FEELINGS” and not intelligence. Dumbest thing ever…

    • Disproportional

      According to the left feelings ARE intelligence.

      • DaisyToo

        Feelings are facts, according to the Left.

  • BluMeany

    It’s absolute MADNESS that these hearings even need to happen. Dr. Peterson’s last couple responses said it all. Facts don’t care about your feelings. It blows my mind that the left, which was once a HUGE proponent of real science, only uses it for certain arguments and ignores it for others. There are TWO genders. Male, with a penis, Female, with a vagina. The male and female can naturally create life together. THE FUCKING END. Everything else is, essentially, witchcraft when compared to the HARD SCIENCE.

  • Clean up your room and sort yourself out!

  • Dante Alighieri

    Here’s the whole list:
    Creed (religion)
    Place of Origin
    Ethnic Origin
    Sex (including pregnancy, gender identity)
    Sexual Orientation
    Marital Status
    Family Status
    Receipt of Public Assistance

    Now, say it three times quickly

    • MuchLoveFrom

      Senor Alighieri, I really enjoyed your latest book of poetry. You have a lot of potential as a writer.

      • Dante Alighieri

        Ah shucks.

  • Javier Carmona

    I believe the legislature passed the bill anyway.

    • infidelijtihad

      Whatever the function of the Senate in Canada, it doesn’t conventionally block bills.

  • Clay James Belter

    Science only matters if it agrees with idiots. Doesn’t matter the ideology really the methods are the same. If you can’t beat them with facts you just legislate it so that you can “win” against reality.

  • MuchLoveFrom

    I don’t agree with Professor Peterson on this particular issue, but I really admire his boldness. One thing that surprises me is that Canada’s parliament would let him speak in the first place. He would likely be blocked in the United States on the grounds of “spewing hate speech” or some silly thing like that.

  • May Loo

    Bravo. I wrote my MP Michelle Rempel on this issue. The professor is absolutely right. I’m glad I don’t live in Ontario. Their provincial government wants to provide alternative birth certificates where you don’t have to enter M or F on them. I’m a liberal and voted Liberal, but this issue is my line in the sand. What is next? Do it like the city of New York where you can be fined or jailed for misgendering someone.

  • Ishare

    A hero, who devotes to speak out for the truth and what’s right.

  • Ishare

    He should run for Prime Minister.

  • NeonCowboy

    Well, like, men have more testosterone than women? Don’t they? And women have babies, and men don’t – right? So, there seems to be SOME SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that gender is biologically determined.

    • Emma Jane

      Yeah, I have never understood the idea that gender was a social construct. I think those people are only considering gender expression as gender. How could anyone not acknowledge that the different hormones between male and female have no impact on the gender?

  • Φοίβος Αθανάσιος Σύρος

    that hearing was an intellectual massacre

  • Agent 99

    Jordan Peterson is amazing.