It appears a group of May Day protesters attempted to stop a pickup truck yesterday in Durham County, North Carolina.

According to ABC11, the protesters were blocking traffic outside the Durham County Jail when the truck began approaching them.

A video clip shows the vehicle was moving slowly before protesters began hitting it with their signs and jumping in front of it in an apparent effort to make it stop.

“There were kids there and people with different mobilities that were not able to pick up and move,” said Christine Hawn, a safety marshal with the protesters according to ABC11.

The footage of the incident directly contradicts this, showing apparently well and able protesters placing themselves in the truck’s way.

See the clip for yourself below.

According to ABC11, the driver will not be charged.

The outlet states that yesterday’s incident comes as a North Carolina Senate committee is looking into a proposed bill that would make drivers immune to lawsuits if they hit protesters who are disrupting traffic.

According to The News Observer, the bill passed the state’s House on Thursday in a 67-48 vote.

The News Observer

  • abaton7

    No sympathy for these lawless fools.

  • Outlaw

    I’d run down anyone who came that close to my car and I thought they were violent or could harm me. If I run em down then, I’d say SELF DEFENSE.

    • David Doria

      none of those people demonstrated likelihood of violence or harm, so your comment is basically completely useless.

      • susan5042

        Damaging someone’s vehicle is violence fool.

        • dahat

          It is violence, but in most places does not automatically warrant the use of lethal force. Even if the damage to the vehicle reaches felony levels and your state allows lethal defense at that point, you still have no guarantee that the judge/jury will let you off.

      • simpleman

        a mob on the highway stopping cars….I doubt it’s to have tea.

        it’s a threat, I’d come out , er I mean…I will come out shooting.

        trucker during Rodney king was flashing through my mind your honor and I said hell no and just on instinct attacked in self defense..

      • Jim Bush

        Surrounding someone’s car with a chanting, angry mob is all the reason anyone is going to need. People have been run over in protests. Go search for the videos if you like.

        You’re probably the guy on the side smashing the window while your gullible friends in front get run over.

      • William Arnold

        you are a paid Soros shill, fuck you traitor, i hope someone tracks you down and puts you down.

      • Honesty

        You’re an asshole. And you know it. But you get off on it. Freak.

      • LameRandomName

        Yes they did.

      • Beverly Levitt

        When you are beating on someone’s truck, it’s violence. There has been great violence by your kind across this Nation. Denial doesn’t change riots, people attacked, property damaged. You and your kind attack complete strangers for what you assume are different beliefs. You have no right to imprison, threaten, impede, stop, attack either verbally or physically a single soul for your beliefs. If you chose to be a thug and that’s what you are, then you chose to take the consequences that come with violating other’s freedom to move, live safely and have their own beliefs. You are in fact a danger to this Republic, a criminal minded individual who needs to be locked up or shipped out. Block my truck buddy and I will without hesitation, run over your sorry arse.

      • Wearyman

        Eeeexcept the people throwing pop cans at the truck windows. And hitting it with sticks. and fists, and kicking it with feet. No violence there.

        Of course all of that entirely misses the point that they were illegally obstructing a public highway and impeding traffic. So they were criminals already, and had already forfeited the “moral high ground” simply by doing what they were doing. You block a road, expect to get run over.

        Note that I have no problem with peaceful and legally organized protests. Get a permit and have a designated route, cooperate with the police and generally be nice and I won’t have a problem with you. Heck, be especially good at “selling” your point via eye-pleasing displays and informative handbills and I might even listen to what you have to say and seriously consider it.

        However, if you run around like a dickhead, block traffic, scream obscenities, throw things and just generally be a douchenozzle, not only will I actively despise what you have to say, I might run your ass over to boot if you block the road and make me feel threatened as I am passing through the area.

      • Scott Bair

        Damn! You are a dim bulb.

      • Outlaw

        To you. I have law enforcement training and crowd mentality is REAL and those idiots could become violent at any time.

    • simpleman

      fight or fright,
      you panicked cuz you feared for your life and hit the gas…..

      • Outlaw

        Yep. I’d gladly go to court and justify it. Cops can shoot people if they’re threatened, so why can’t someone run down threats with their car?

  • MisterGoldiloxx

    If my car is surrounded by ANYONE I will honk once as a warning, pause to a 3 count, then floor it.

    • David Doria

      no you won’t. shut the hell up

      • James Williamson

        David protest in front of my car PLEASE!!! douche bag.

        • J Hall

          You don’t have the balls, Cupcake.

          • John Ford

            Try me bitch

          • Proud2bfromtheUSA

            wow all these stupid people telling us we will have to be victims to a mob because they think we will not use a 5K vehicle to get our families to safety. Must be the products of government education.

      • James Williamson

        You are a special kind of stupid. Law passed!! get over it protesters are free game.

        • Jack Gamatta

          No bag limits???Thats great!!! Is it legal to get them after sundown or with a spotlight???

          • Colonel Colonoscopy

            people who say “special kind” of stupid, usually are. 🙂

          • Jack Gamatta

            Whats your post got to do with me???

          • Colonel Colonoscopy

            Was trying to post reply to James, but it kept putting your name, it was frustrating so I just posted anyways after a couple tries to fix it

        • J Hall

          How much crack did your mother smoke while pregnant with you, dude?

          • John Ford

            Fucking snowflake getting upset because it’s open game on faggots in the street. Lol

          • JDS


      • simpleman

        in 1986, I was traveling between Navy bases, Lakehurst NJ and Philly PA Naval Hospital, when I got to Philly there was a bro riot, they had blocked the entrance to the Navy base and I was in my ford f-150 pick up and I just floored it and went right through them, you shoulda seen the look on their face when they realized I wasn’t stopping but accelerating, their faces hit my hood, the fenders, there were scratches, blood and even a tooth embedded into the hood…….never heard a word about it…, YES….DAVID, I WOULD DO IT CUZ I ALREADY HAVE.., and I enjoyed the hell out of it..

        • Jack Gamatta

          Man I am so jealous…..did the guys buy your beer for you after that?

          • Colonel Colonoscopy

            Wow this guy is tough AND cool

          • BooBooBaby

            Oh my Lord! Go away….YOU Lunatic Libt4rd TROLL!

          • J Hall

            OK, BooBoo, simmer down. Your mom needs to get on her computer.

          • BooBooBaby

            Get a Life!

          • BooBooBaby

            Sorry about that! That “Get a Life” response was NOT meant for you!

          • Jack Gamatta


          • simpleman

            I had just left the Naval Technical Training Center and reported to Philly to be processed out with an honorable discharge, I never said a word…., it was 1986, before all the wars and chaos…, they didn’t have guards manning the gate…no-one saw me or knew it..

        • TheOminescent

          Are you a sadist? You literally ran over a bunch of people. If you really enjoyed it, then you don’t deserve an honorable discharge as much as you deserve mental help.

          • simpleman

            those weren’t people, they were niggers who were burning the city down, fk them. And you too
            I will do it again if they block me.

          • TheOminescent

            I understand you were trying to defend yourself,
            But you treat them as less than human. If you can’t feel empathy for people after you fucking ram them over, you are merely a psychopath.

          • simpleman

            I don’t care…..

          • simpleman

            I drove up real slow , gave them a false sense of security and then punched it to get maximum kills….

          • JDS


          • Jack Gamatta

            Thats not the definition of psychopath.You know what they call what he did???GOOD JUDGEMENT AND A FUN EVENING!!!

          • Jack Gamatta

            Please define psychopath and what he did,in behavioral terms,that fit the definition of psychopath.

          • Jack Gamatta

            Ill buy the rope for that kind.

          • Proud2bfromtheUSA

            ok you lost me with the racist language.

          • simpleman

            I don’t care

          • simpleman

            you didn’t live in a neighborhood where they shot into your home at night and had gang fights and you found dead black men’s body’s in your flower beds, they are animals.., go live with them, practice what you preach…I dare ya..

          • simpleman


          • Jack Gamatta

            He deserves a whole night of free drinks and lap dances.

          • Jack Gamatta

            Why would one need mental help because he exercised the most basic human instinct of defending your survival???Feeling satisfied/good about it seems reasonable when others attack you and you put them in the hospital etc and you come out on top…..You must be an enabling lib.

          • TheOminescent

            I understand he was defending himself, but at least give a warning before you hit the pedal to the metal. I’m not gonna sit here and claim that the rioters were kind gentlemen, but at least honk the horn or something and rev up to show you mean business, so some people with the brains to move would do so.

          • John Giametti

            Why??? they put themselves in that position of danger.I would guess the law says its an assumed risk and the burden’s on the demonstrators.If he felt like it beep but even then he cant be sure that wouldn’t trigger an attack by the morons stupid enough to stand in the middle of a freeway trying to block vehicles weighing from a ton to a semi sized vehicle.
            The body breaks easy so wisdom dictates dont walk in front of a bunch of steel moving toward you and being controlled by someone that is at least irritated by you.

          • TheOminescent

            Technically, in order to run over the protesters, you would have to reasonably be fearful of your well being, or be preventing a serious crime, like murder or rape.

          • John Giametti

            Largely correct but I would add it could be an accidental incident that you would e so sorry it happened but they put themselves in front of you to quickly to e avoided.Then you could sue them for being the proximate cause of your emotional distress and damaged vehicle ie make it their fault.

          • TheOminescent

            Well it depends, from this scenario we are discussing, they were already in the middle of the road.

            However I feel this guy (simpleman) is just being an edgy shitlord making stories, looking to mess with people, so it doesn’t really matter.

          • John Giametti

            Im just talking from a lot of time spent in court giving expert testimony etc and how I learned to make it most other’s fault at least legally.If they scared/ threatened me then I would drive through them.
            I might get out and talk with them,especially if any were decent looking women, just out of curiosity since I’m the curious type.

          • Proud2bfromtheUSA

            Well I will tell you what he was not…something that liberals want us all to be ….A victim. Grow up snowflake.

          • TheOminescent

            Did you read any of my posts? I agree that he was protecting himself, and that the protesters were being idiotic, but he should at least honk or rev up before driving. All in all, I’m quite sure this guy is an edgy troll that has nothing better to do than to concoct bullshit stories on disqus.

      • William Arnold

        david doria, i will run your ass right over, you are a bitch!

      • I would… Reginald Denny is the reason.

      • watching_rome_burn

        Of course we will — we’ve all seen the videos of innocent drivers being attacked, sometimes pulled out of their cars or worse. We’re not all stupid enough to volunteer to be sitting ducks. I’m not stopping for a mob of lunatics … regardless of race, sex, pussy hats, signs, and all that goes with it. I would feel threatened and bullied, therefore I would respond in a manner that would get me to safety quickly — floor it!

      • Bob Holcomb


      • LameRandomName

        You’re a special kind of stupid, ain’t you?

      • Scott Bair

        Don’t underestimate people that are tired of the bullshit. I’ve already seen this happen. One person died.

        • J Hall

          And the driver should be tried for murder.

          • Scott Bair

            They were pulling him out of car and he stomped on the gas. Self defense. He walked

          • Scott Bair

            Whats up with liberals getting all pissy when people react to their violent bullshit? Common sense is a flower that definitely does not grow in your gardens.

          • Jack Gamatta

            Not a case of murder it was self defense.

      • Aaron M

        Step in front of my car and scream at me.

      • Jack Gamatta

        Lib authoritarian scum…. they don’t have to have any weapon at all but their fists. They are attacking someone.Under the law that makes them the aggressors.A reasonable man would realistically have fear of injury or death with a crowd attacking him …..LOOK IT UP MORON. .I worked in the legal system and have known a number of murderers in prison for 20 to life for killing others with their bare hands.Your idea of the law doesn’t make it so.Ignorant authoritarian lib.

        To bad your mother didn’t swallow.

        • J Hall

          Your mom swallows for me every time, Jacquie

      • Bud359

        Just, FYI, if I feel reasonably threatened by these asshats, I assure you that I’ll run them over. They’re dangerous, and any broken appendages they incur are their fault

      • BooBooBaby

        Go take a Hike, YOU Lunatic Libt4rd TROLL!

      • Noishkel

        Not only have I actually driven through groups of leftist idiots like this before I also knocked a union protestors teeth in when he tried to open door to my truck when he wouldn’t get the hell out of the way. Both him and the union screamed bloody murder about it too, but the cops didn’t do shit since he started it by trying to climb into my Freightliner.

      • Proud2bfromtheUSA

        try me I dare you Mother f^cker.

      • Proud2bfromtheUSA

        try me I dare ya,.

    • Honesty

      So will I

    • Jack Gamatta

      You get a $500.00 bounty for all you put in the hospital or graveyard above 1.

    • J Hall

      And if I’m there when you do that, you’ll be shot at.

    • Jack Gamatta

      Know what they call that kind of behavior….SMART AND SELF DEFENSE.


    Too bad about the trailer. Otherwise he could have backed up and tried again.

    • simpleman

      I know he left 50 points behind

  • YelowJezamin

    In Las Vegas, people were complaining about the “window washers” who would approach their vehicles, wipe the glass with filthy rags, and demand money. LV passed a law that said that no one could ‘assault’ your vehicle, and if they did, you had a right to defend it. All it took was one armed driver, one dead homeless person, no charges filed, and Las Vegas doesn’t worry about obstructing pedestrians any more.

    • allbuss84

      When was that? I haven’t thought about it until now, but I haven’t seen the window washers in years.

      • Jean Collier

        I would like to know too.

      • YelowJezamin

        Over 15 years ago. I was out there for my son’s wedding when it was going on.

    • Michael Mazziotta

      Nice I forgot all about those guys too.

    • David Doria

      so you’re saying it’s ok to kill someone for trying to defraud you of window washing money? Are you stupid? Or are you just incredibly stupid? Just curious. Please respond about your level of obvious stupidity, thanks!

      • thushjz

        get a job and grow up snowflake…by your age I had a job, was playing gigs in a band on weekends, and had a hot girlfriend 3 years older than me. you, and all like you are punks…no, that’s an insult to punks, you’re like snail slime only lower…

      • Dan R. VanWormer II

        Stupidity is defending the act that will lead to your ass getting shot, when even the guys who were doing the act have realized its stupidity and stopped. You’re the weakest link.

      • simpleman

        you just cant seem to grasp ” STAY OUT OF THE ROAD ” can ya ?

      • jackschmidt

        Go back under your bridge, troll.
        You’re a special kind of stupid.

      • tessaprn

        In today’s society in the good old USA one has to be alert to all situations and be prepared to defend self and property. Nothing stupid about this fact.

      • John Ramirez
      • LameRandomName

        Yes, that’s what we’re saying.


      • Scott Bair

        This is the only comment you respond to. You know why? Because you have been completely WRECKED on your original comment by people waaay smarter than you.

      • YelowJezamin

        It is obviously you who are incredibly stupid. These window washers are NOT doing a service; they are holding up traffic, impeding someone in their rightful right of way, and demanding money for (frequently damaging) NOT washing their windows. They were aggressive and even in some cases threatening.and violent. Of course your wide eyed open mouthed purposeful misunderstanding of this is exactly what the LV whiny liberals sounded like. Fortunately the City council ignored them too. No one has a right to impede or threaten or stop anyone in their pursuits, as long as they are within the law and harm no one else.

      • sez-who

        You must lead a very sheltered life, David Doria.

  • Eric Selin

    if you’re a child you should know better than to play in the road, as for the adults of all ages and disabilities ditto.

    • dahat

      Not if your parents taught you that pedestrians had the right of way, and that they should expect vehicles to respect their walking space.

      Mine taught me the laws of physics instead.

      • #OffThePlantation

        They weren’t pedestrians.

  • Allen Scott

    I love my Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 Hemi it’s a step up from the old days of getting out and locking in your Hubs not anymore Boys & Girls! Protesters block you just reach down on the dash and turn the knob to 4WD low you don’t need 4WD high just keep it in low! Creep right over the protesters that way you can hear the bones break and the whimpers of Snowflakes! And go ahead and Blast Toby Keith “Made in America” and piss them off more!

    • frenchie mama

      International Harvester plays on ours lol

    • legtingle

      Sounds like a nice truck. I don’t think I would feel happy hitting somebody (even a scum antifas), but if they started crawling on my car/surrounding me with weapons, you bet I’d honk a lot and KEEP ON GOING. I do admit I giggle when some of the scum try to chase the car after the blow through. hahahhaaaa.

  • Jean Collier

    Wish they would make that immune law all over. I did not see anyone “differently abled”

    • MisterGoldiloxx

      Well, mentally “differently abled”.

  • Jean Collier

    Obviously the guy was working, you dont tow a trailer like that unless you are working. I dont blame him one bit.

    • sleeper48

      Also, have you seen the video of the rioters beating out the windows and pulling people out to beat them, too? I wouldn’t stop. I’m too old to take a beating and I spent too much for my vehicle to let it get trashed.

      • legtingle

        Reginald Denny let them swarm his truck. NOT HIS FAULT, OF COURSE, POOR GUY….but a lot of people learned from that video LA riots to keep moving. NOBODY is going to swarm my car while I sit like nice person and let them murder me or damage my car.

        • simpleman

          Bingo, exactly
          ( me) ….that was flashing through my mind your honor…I acted on instinct and neutralized what I perceived to be a threat to my life, fight or fright..
          ( judge) yeah, but 30 shots in the head ?
          ( me ) yes.

      • Bob Kenney

        Two words. Reginald Denny.

        • Dan R. VanWormer II

          Or how bout that French cop who stopped and let them throw flares n shit into his car a couple weeks ago, then tried to beat the shit out of em when he got out. If the guy had been a foot shorter and 50 lbs lighter, they’d probably have killed em.

  • freenclear

    One person approaching my vehicle may need assistance and I won’t fire. But a mob with sticks in their hands is a lethal threat. These people are going to start being shot when they cross the right person.

    • David Doria

      How is anyone with a stick a lethal threat while you are locked inside a metal and glass multi-horsepower vehicle? Just curious, posed from someone who is not a moron.

      • Terry Christopher

        Why are cunts like you allowed to disrupt ordinary people’s lives and attack people who disagree with you politically, you realize that makes you the fascist right?

      • Giggle

        Shut it commie filth.

      • dahat

        You say that you are not a moron, yet your words suggest otherwise.

        1st, ones car may not be locked, as not all have auto locks when in gear, and some are simply broken.

        2nd, that metal and glass can protect you from some attacks, but not all. Even the president’s limo has a limit, your car & mine though are less secure from the start, and easy to injury is through much quicker.

        3rd, the multi-horsepower nature of your vehicle is worthless if you are torn between running people down blocking your path and allowing their associated to continue to beat on and possibly damage your car and/or you. If you see someone draw a gun at you (as no regular commercial vehicles are bulletproof) it might be an easier decision, until then… will you be charged?

      • jackschmidt

        Obviously you ARE a moron.

      • J. Wade Harrell

        Ask Reginald Denny. He can tell you.

      • William Arnold

        dont block someone from living their life like a dick and you wont get run over, douche bag!

        • Michelle Smith


      • tessaprn

        Reginald Denny. Started just by attacking the truck.

        • Jack Gamatta

          Think his truck was much larger than a pickup.

          • BooBooBaby

            Why didn’t Reginald Denny lock his truck doors…..or was the window Knocked out!?

          • Jack Gamatta

            It was some type large truck maybe even a semi.Think He wasnt expecting to be attacked and thy dragged him out of the door.

      • Dwayne Jackson

        Ever hear of Reginald Denny?

      • Scott Evans

        Baseball bat is a stick….right?

      • William McLean

        What right do the people have to disrupt traffic. Hit your windshield with a stick and see how that works for you. You have a bunch of people around your vehicle screamimg, intimidating and approaching you get out of dodge and step on the gas. Libtard

      • proctologsOfZion

        I can kill you with a stick, but that’s besides the point. The point is that blocking someone’s freedom of movement with sticks is not a protest, it’s assault. the assault is treated like assault is treated. If I assault a person holding a gun with a stick, I AM STILL THE AGGRESSOR even though I’m no match for him, and he’s STILL entitled to defend himself.

        get it?

        • Stephen

          eh it has to be an appropriate level of response to claim self-defense when not on your own property in stand your ground states, but I agree with your assessment that disrupting traffic in that fashion, along the lines of the vehicle, is assault and should be treated as such.

      • Alessio Pinna

        They are certainly a threat to your property, as a single strike on your car can damage it for hundreds of dollars, sometimes more than a thousand. Plus, all it takes is for them to smash one of the glasses and you could get hurt by the shards.

      • James

        Actually yes, you are a moron. Because only a moron would call people names simply because they disagree with their “sainted” opinion.

      • Brenton

        anyone imposing their will on you is a threat, your reaction may or may not be in proportion to the person enacting the threat, as a potential victim to that threat your actions will not and cannot be predicted, any person making a threat towards person or property is placing themselves in uncertain danger, the person imposing the threat should be under no illusion that the person be they, Old or young regardless of gender may act in a way that could end in possible loss of life, through duress or fear.
        anybody watching this clip knows one thing, the actions of the Activists in blocking the road is illegal and somewhat foolish regardless of wether you believe their actions have merit or not.

      • Beverly Levitt

        Someone with a stick can break out your windows, drag you out and beat you to death. This is how it goes snowflake…….you hold people against their will from their right to move freely, you suffer the consequences. Look up the definition of consequences. I know you believe you live in fairy dust and dragons, where you have the ability to literally hold people a prisoner because you believe you are the only ones with rights, but the reality is you don’t. I would not hesitate to defend myself in whatever manner needed to remove myself from lawless, thugs, who are violating my rights and safety. If it required running over you or shooting you, to remove myself of being a potential victim, I have that right and will most certainly act on it. So I would suggest to those of you that think your right to act an idiot and act with criminal intent understand that simple word……..consequences.

      • Scott Bair

        You actually are a moron. I mean….Look at the situation and flip it on yourself. People have been ripped out of their cars by people like this and beaten inches from death. Screw THAT! It’s you or me. Lol, I’ll let you guess who I’m gonna choose.

      • simpleman

        hey dumbass, approaching someone with a stick in your hand is assault with a deadly weapon, you can kill them with full immunity, you idiot.

      • Scotty Gibson

        They have broken into vehicles and pulled people out. No mercy for the stupid.

      • Jack Gamatta

        Because they give you reason,as a reasonable man,to fear for your safety.The law isnt what you think it is.You obviously are to stupid to think beyond your own view point but the law does.I feel threatened I run your ass over.Ask your mother who your father is and go slap him/her for giving you a retard IQ ….you one of the bros???

    • Scott Evans

      They are in towns with strict gun laws

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    Try that in Johannesburg, South Africa, you’d be dead.

  • Adnil Yelkam

    I’m sick of the “I’m mad so I’m going to fuck up your life so you can be miserable with me mentality” He drove through them much slower than I would have especially after they started trying to dent his vehicle.

  • Oogie

    Sad, that poor driver will probably be traumatized for a long time, being forced to keep himself safe like that because of a bunch of jerks’ bad decisions. He would have probably felt terrible for life if someone would have gotten hurt, even though it wouldn’t have been his fault. He had zero intention of needing to do something like that even two minutes beforehand.

    • simpleman

      see there’s the problem, assuming a man will have sensitive feelings like a little bit%$.
      NO man I know gets traumatized for fighting or killing let alone stopping your car on the road, I mean come on!

  • Diane Puzey-Boyette

    This is great! Like their stupid orange vests would make a difference. SMH

  • Ouzel von Schwartzwolfe

    do you all remember what happened to drivers that stop for protesters in LA? I don’t blame anyone for not stopping when protesters block the roads and if they get killed its their one choise.

    • D. McCue

      Reginald Denny was one of them and he got a brick to the skull that nearly killed him and left him permanently disabled. Never stop for these violent thugs.

  • The Irredeemables

    Low IQ protest.

  • Owen Perez

    One name to remember. Reginald Denny.

  • Tom Saltzman

    This is gonna be a fun summer.

    • ILLGotti

      Cheers to that

  • peter piper


  • frenchie mama

    The Left realllly all need to get JOBS and go to them. You know, like the rest of us paying their welfare checks.

    • kassykat

      They HAVE jobs….Do you honestly think they do this for free?

  • misha1d1

    They want to protest, fine. It’s pointless, and they are wrong, but fine. As soon as they impede someone else, they are violating the right of the people to go about their business unmolested. That, sir, is a crime, and they should be arrested. Protest on the sidewalk, not on public roadways, and if you are on the sidewalk and someone wants to get through, let them.

  • Rob

    He should demand the protesters get arrested for damaging his truck.

    • simpleman

      rule number 1 for protesting, you must have a valid reason to protest..

  • If anyone I don’t know tries to stop my car in the street, I’m going to fear for my safety and I’m going to start shooting people in their heads.

    You don’t see that crap in Florida where it’s legal to shoot them.

    • simpleman

      castle doctrine. I’m in St Pete
      have not seen it 1 time…wonder why ??????

      • Beverly Levitt

        Because the thugs know we will shoot them. I wouldn’t hesitate period. I’m not that far from you.

        • simpleman

          I have special bullets in my 45 I carry, I drilled out the hollow point 1/4 inch and pressed a slab of tungsten welding rod into it.., when it hits you the bullet acts like a hammer and forces that little piece of metal through you like armor piercing.. and I alternate with other special bullets that I drilled out 1/4 inch and filled with gun powder and on impact explodes and the bullet fragments and shoots hundreds of little shards of metal through out the body, there’s no way they can find and fix them all.., it’s fatal.

  • KenPrescott

    Two word reason why I don’t stop:


    • MisterGoldiloxx

      Three words…

      • KenPrescott

        I was a Marine. We use the f-bomb the way a kid puts sugar on their cereal…

        • simpleman

          US navy used to smile and waive to you guys as you departed all the while saying fk you jar head…
          ha ha ha , gotta love the rivalry..

    • legtingle

      Disgusting and pathetic/circling the drain NPR just did a few days running remembering the LA riots….Po widdle victims, ya know.

  • Bryce Thomas

    damn PROTESTERS are group of disrespectful stupid idiots

  • Byron Shutt

    Get the f#ck off the road you idiots. Even grade school kids know that.

    • #OffThePlantation

      Well, they do have the mentality of a grade schooler.

      • urbanvrwcmom

        I’ve seen grade schoolers far more intelligent AND mature than these characters!

  • Vitali Kolos

    Too bad none of the monkeys got run over!

  • David

    No one got run over? Damn it…. Maybe next time….

  • Paul DesChenes

    I carry a huge and powerful capsasien pepper spray self defense cannister plus a semiautomatic baseball bat and concealed carry in my bright red Ford lariat. Denver’s rectum heads need to leave me alone.

    • legtingle

      I have a pepper spray gun (don’t have what it takes to carry/shoot a real gun), have thought of carrying a large can of wasp spray in the car. Now that crap can do some permanent damage. Still, if in my car I will just keep the horn on and move along. A car is a pretty good weapon!

    • simpleman

      I carry a loaded german shepherd trained to get
      and a 45
      the dog is the only warning they get..


    Driver should have pulled out a gun and defended himself. I’d shoot first ask questions later. Clearly they displayed hostility towards him. If it was a smart car, they would broken in, pulled the driver out and killed him.

  • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

    Good. But why did he drive slowly?
    Not as if they mattered in the scheme of things

  • Steve Baker

    Ill run them over in my Prius as to break up their protest and run people over in an environmentally friendly way. Is that ironic?

  • RedShirtCowboy

    Break a window…I’m going to assume you are threatening my life…and we all know what happens than.

    • caligirl

      Hate to say it but it needs to happen. Something has got to stop this. They show no fear because cops do nothing…maybe they are told not to.

  • BmoreBirds88

    What would be the most American sounding horn? Please suggest! I want my horn to be the most American sounding horn EVER.

  • Texas 72

    These dum asses need to be areested for blocking traffic.

  • simpleman

    Carry a base ball bat and come out swinging, they endanger peoples lives stopping traffic, people get rear ended and killed that way, could start a chain reaction collision…., beat as many as you can until they scatter, and remember. ( You feared for your life) . Say that and nothing else except I want a lawyer, the police will drop charges.

  • simpleman


  • Scotty Avalos-Crusty Demons

    Even if I’m not on my way to work , just on my way to ride Moto, these call me pieces of shet get in my way, they’re done! #splatgoestheweasel

  • Scotty Avalos-Crusty Demons

    Even if I’m not on my way to work, i’m just on my way to ride Moto these Commie pieces of shet get in my way their done! #splatgoestheweasel

  • informativex

    Driver won’t be charged? How could he be charged those people were throwing themselves in front of a moving vehicle. Every one of them should be placed into psychiatric detention for their own safety.

    • simpleman

      now there’s an interesting angle…
      they’re suicidal, lock them up for 72 hours..

    • 0bsoleteMan

      The protesters should be prosecuted for false imprisonment of the driver.

  • #OffThePlantation

    What a bunch of idiots. They are just lucky that they weren’t ran over.

  • simpleman

    I own a fire extinguisher company and if it starts here, I’m filling a 2 1/2 gallon water extinguisher with rancid old piss , orange dye and pepper spray…, I’ll take them all out by myself in less than 30 seconds and laugh my ass off.

    • simpleman

      once in 94, at end of the school year during de-segregation , black bussed kids were shooting them massive squirt guns at people while going down the road, one little bastard shot me in the face as I was driving by and I lost it, I hit the breaks, let the buss go in front of me and cut around it to the left and cut it off and stopped it. then got out with a 10 pound abc fire extinguisher and jumped through the window and shot that little bastard back in the face. the whole bus filled up with yellow powder, the emergency door opened and all the kids took off as a cloud on yellow dust spewed out of it. I got in my truck and split and when I got home it was on tv, buss on fire on 49th street….ha ha ha , never got in trouble.

  • Chris Porter

    Hell I’d keep circling the block, looking for David Doria.

  • William McLean

    Are we allowed to open the doors to improve our efforts at taking out as many as possible.

  • lori58

    he will not be charged? how the hell about charging the protesters with attempted kidnapping?

  • *Crunch*

  • proctologsOfZion

    get a job, toy protesters. Get a fucking job !

  • Linda Nitzschke

    I think what would work best is a flamethrower mounted on the hood. Shoot that thing off as you approach the mob, and see what happens. If they don’t get out of the way…well, BBQ anyone?

  • ytuque

    ” people with different mobilities”

    If you have the mobility to block a road, you best mobilize your arse out of the way or wind up as roadkill.

  • Steve_o

    Get Out Of The Road.

    There’s nothing to win out there.

  • saintfighteraqua

    What else do you expect zombies to do?

  • Brenton

    the best defence the driver has is that he was under attack and took action to leave.

  • John Ramirez
  • Danzo

    I like how a small group of skinny shits is trying to push back a 5,000lb truck with nearly 400 horsepower.

  • Constitutionalist56

    Guy in Brazil just did the same thing but he ran right over 3 protesters. He’s NOT getting charged either.

  • Murray Hughes

    These guys aren’t anti-fascist, they’re anti-social….. very good at making people despise them

  • ssgtnelson

    Alright.. got my popcorn… ready to watch the video.

  • Helmut Thick

    Very nice!

  • Josh Torgeir Walmsley

    good advert for Ram Pickups!

    • sez-who

      Wouldn’t you love to see a commercial like that, instead of the airy-fairy crap they do show?

  • John Ash

    “There were kids there and people with different mobilities that were not able to pick up and move,” said Christine Hawn, a safety marshal with the protesters according to ABC11.

    Pro tip. If you’re a disabled idiot, don’t jump in the middle of traffic. Though….it looked like everyone got plenty mobile enough when it was clear that damaging his vehicle wasn’t going to make him stop.

    • sez-who

      “A safety marshal with the protestors” WITH the protestors? working with the protestors? You’d think a safety marshall would know enough to advise people not to play in traffic. Hope they didn’t pay her very much, because she surely fell down on the job.

  • Senator IGnatius T Foobar

    The reason this is so cool is because it reveals that the protesters will not allow themselves to be run over, but instead get out of the way. Floor it!

  • Рон Джамин

    Carjackers deserve to be run over.
    Thats what they are, aren’t they?

  • Gulllaker20

    Good luck stopping that truck D-ckheads!

  • Colonel Colonoscopy

    The guy in the video did it right. You fucking weirdos talking about accelerating in order to injure people with your cars are the actual idiots here. Vigilante justice isn’t legal, call the cops or cruise through patiently like the truck driver in the video. Fucking plebs with half a brain think they are smart because they were able to beat another pleb in a debate. WOW GOOD JOB GUYS! Libs and dems libs and dems libs and dems. If you consider yourself either, you might be as dumb as a fucking rock.

  • BooBooBaby

    I am so sick of these Lunatic Lying Lefty Libt4rds, and their Silly CryBaby Protests aka Riots!

  • Ali Stearns

    I have a solution ya’ll I think it’s new and no one has thought of it before……DON’T PROTEST IN THE STREET….. and thus traffic can go on like it has a right to and don’t block those ppl walking on the sidewalks either. U have a right to protest if u have the right papers from the city but even then your right to speak does not give u the right to try to stop folks and make them listen to u.

  • J Hall

    How about just turning your ass around, and going the other way? I see all kinds of phony tough guys here making all kinds of claims about what they would do. Grow the fuck up.

  • marcdanarc

    If someone hits my car I get all tense and push the pedals really hard.

  • Pearlbuck

    I was feelin’ kinda down in the dumps tonight. Then I watched this video and life is good again.

  • tsengakera

    You know, most parents taught their kids at a very early age not to stand in the road. It seems like these morons are learning the hard way why they were told this. I’m sorry but if you are in the middle of the road you’re going to get hit.. Protest all you want but use that empty void between you’re ears for something other then a space to store hot air.

  • Ron

    So now if they put orange vest on they think they are legal. NO its illegal to block a commerce road without a permit.

  • Dale Dimick

    If they surround you start shooting them.

  • Cody

    If I ever find myself in a situation where a mob is illegally blocking a roadway, I will first check if I can veer off, back up or go around them in any fashion. If they have me locked in, with no where to go, I will lay on the horn and idle through, so as not to run anyone over and give them time to move. If they start attacking my vehicle, I am flooring it and not stopping until I am out of the threat area.

    Stopping people with no escape is a form of illegal detainment and akin to kidnapping IMO. GTFO of my way or become an organic speed bump, your choice.

  • Patrick Hughes


  • Aleric

    Stopping my car means you also have stopped a CCDW holder who is always armed and willing to defend himself.

  • sez-who

    “North Carolina Senate committee is looking into a proposed bill that would make drivers immune to lawsuits if they hit protesters who are disrupting traffic.

    According to The News Observer, the bill passed the state’s House on Thursday in a 67-48 vote.”


  • Khanscott

    Well, I suppose North Carolina legalized assisted suicide.

  • Open Here

    “Fear for your life and keep driving”

  • Sparti Angerstein-Crncec

    well – in austria i would get sued even if i would stop … ” bringing people in danger ( with a evil vehicle) who wants to express their fellings ” or so ..