Things got quite heated between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron during tonight’s televised head-to-head presidential debate.

CNN reports that Le Pen opened the debate by immediately skewering Macron – a centrist – as a “cold banker” that would raise unemployment levels and allow elites to “plunder” the economy.

The outlet states that Macron shot back declaring Le Pen as someone that lacks “finesse” and has promoted the “spirit of defeatism” by banking on the anger of citizens.

At one particular point in the debate, Le Pen went right for the jugular and said, “don’t play with me. Don’t play teacher and pupil. It’s not my thing.”

See the epic moment below.

On the surface, that may have sounded like a mere jab Le Pen was making in reference to Macron’s age.

Le Pen, you see, is 48 while Macron stands 9 years younger at 39.

But dig a little deeper and you’ll see Le Pen’s jab has the potential to be something far more naughty.

This is a photo of Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Bridgitte Trogneux.

She’s 64.

According to The Washington Post, the pair met when Macron was just 15. She ran the drama club at his high school. The pair apparently fell in love and Macron’s parents, wary of the whole situation, sent him away to Paris to study.

They wouldn’t stay separated for long, however; soon enough, Brigitte Trogneux divorced and married Macron.

Needless to say, Le Pen’s apparent jab at this awkward situation sits well with many people.

“What is the French equivalent of an out-of-the-park grand slam when you are 3 runs down in the bottom of the ninth with an 0-2 count in game 7 of the World Series?” wrote one user on r/The_Donald.

“Because that’s what that line is.”

Another wrote, “Goddamn I want a picture of Marine, Farage, and DJT all together smokin cigars and laughing it up.”

“Was this a burn against him and his granny wife?” wrote one user. “If so that’s fucking nuclear.”

“WHAT — !! THE MADWOMAN!” screamed another.

Over on Twitter, the celebration of this savagery is also underway.

The Washington Post
The Local/AFP

  • EyeVey

    Love it!

  • Katherine McChesney

    This cheap piece of work was his ninth grade teacher.

  • The Prophet

    Hey, the child rapists in France get to keep their kids, unlike in America where they get charged at least.

  • Savage indeed.

  • Dawn Taormino

    Hope she wins!

  • RCQ_92130

    The problem being, of course, that the French LIKE beta males (witness their love affair with Jerry Lewis).

    The question remain if they love their nation more or love beta males more, because they cannot have both. Macron as President spells the end of France and French culture. Foie Gras replaced by halal raw camel meat. Wine (and other alcohol beverages) banned outright. Jews & Christians on the run. Parisian fashion a thing of the past. Who knows – the new bosses might even tear down famous French buildings and monuments as they did in Iraq.

    Good luck, French people.

    • Tom Huck

      You were not alive in the 1950s. Jerry Lewis was not beta, bro.

      • PunJabber

        He was not cuck to a dame, he was suck to a drunk. (His stage persona, that is; I understand in real life he was quite an SOB.)

        Anyway, he was followed in Batrachophagiapolis by the Italian Stallion, who was more master than beta.

      • RCQ_92130

        Maybe this is a better example:

        The French LOVED Jimmy Carter and HATED Ronald Reagan.

        And don’t assume my age.

        • Matt M


        • Joseph

          Does it matter? America always has to bail the French out of trouble.

          • bobbert

            Other than those times the french bailed out america.

          • akboss

            what a few guns and 1 general….Versus a few million soldiers to push the Germans back not once but twice.
            Then lets bring up Vietnam and how the French needed to be bailed out of that mess called Dien Bien Phu. Seems someone is always pulling France out of the fire.

          • bobbert

            Yea it was the power, muskets, and other vital equipment for an entire army, not a few guns and one general. Plus it was that fleet and army that won at Yorktown, plus the fighting elsewhere in the world. Wars are won with funding, and the majority of US funding came from the french when you needed it the most.

            Russia won WWII, not the US. You saved the french in WWI, also using french equipment by the way.

          • akboss

            So if Russian won WWII all by itself why was France not brought under their control? Half of Germany was, Poland, and the rest of the eastern block were but not France, Belgium, Scandinavia or the UK. Seems like on D-day United Kingdom[1]
            United States[1]
            Belgium Belgium[3]
            Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia[4]
            Denmark Denmark[5]
            Free France[6]
            Greece Greece[7]
            Netherlands Netherlands[3]
            New Zealand[2]
            Norway Norway[6]
            Poland Poland[6]
            All of these countries participated but I dont see the USSR, how odd since they won the war.
            Allied casualties on the first day were at least 10,000, with 4,414 confirmed dead yet no dead Russians.

            Nice try at rewriting history.

          • Michael P. Ivy

            Actually no – you’re wrong. The war was on the eastern front and it was the eastern front that consumed the majority of German resources, fuel, food, machinery, etc. By the time Americans engaged a single German, the war for all intents and purposes was over and I mean no disrespect to Americans, but, more German lives were lost in just one battle (Stalingrad), then the number of American lives lost in the entire war.

          • Kris Moore

            winter and bad leadership, not Russians. to be exact.

          • Bob O’Hara

            Wars aren’t won by losing soldiers. The Russians lost a lot of soldiers fighting on the side of Germany too. Russia fought on the side of the allies for only a few months before the US entered the war, and wouldn’t have lost so many soldier if they didn’t lose so much territory. The wars were all fought in different times. They were decided I it’s now time to decide the war between liberty and removing all flavor of life.

          • bobbert

            Oh the allies fought, but they fought so that countries like france, italy, half of germany, and others wouldnt be red after the war. The germany army was already defeated and in full retreat in the east. Allies never invade and France does become russian. the allies did next to nothing in the war util the german military was already defeated.

          • Batters Box

            Yes, it was the battle and Victory at Bemis Heights (Saratoga) that finally after American losses and many deaths the French finally fully supported the American revolution.Better late than never..

          • bobbert

            Saratoga was little more than a year after the declaration of independence, and six years before the treaty of paris. France was at war for three years before the america joined the war in 1917, and four years before americans showed up in any significant number. So better late than never.

            Arms began arriving for the americans well before a formal alliance was announced. That victory at saratoga was fought with french muskets and french cannon for example. At least in part.

          • Kris Moore

            um no

          • bobbert

            Which part is inaccurate?

        • sammy

          not only french.

        • DaisyToo

          I totally got your Jerry Lewis reference … The contrarian French adored Jerry Lewis, a pretty obnoxiously unfunny guy.

    • FreeYourMind2

      And forget about French poodles. Muslims don’t like dogs.

      • RCQ_92130

        I thought Jihadists considered poodles a delicacy ….

        Don’t you remember Obama saying …

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        Another example of there being something seriously wrong with Muslims. I don’t know how true that is but ANYONE who doesn’t like dogs is a horrible person.

    • RapeyYogurt

      Le Pen’s an alpha female.

      • Mauny Kaseburg

        And a funny one at that….she is FIERCE and FUNNY!!!

    • tim

      And yet that’s who Obama wants you French to vote for. Wonder why? hmmmm

  • DeanC

    Wham, Bam, thank YOU, m’am! I flinched and I’m not even Macron! Epic, just epic!

  • BrotherWill

    See the epic moment below in the 2 hour and 33 minute video we inconveniently forgot to edit to the exact point? Really? REALLY?

    • THDisqus

      Lol. Thinking the exact same thing … but not phrased nearly as well as you. Milo, Inc. Folks: A little more attention to detail, please.

      • Matt M

        Milo is clearly too fabulous to blame. It’s clearly “the help”

    • maxime1793

      Start watching around 23:30 for that exchange.

  • BrotherWill

    Oh and the fact that Macron married his pedophile teacher is pretty freaking disgusting and should be enough to ridicule him right out of politics. Fucking sick fucks.

    • PunJabber

      I have no time for a ward-abuser, but sex with a late adolescent is not pedophilia. It’s ephebophilia and it’s not sick, it’s just out of bounds. The authority matters more than the age.

      • Origen52

        He was 15, it is pedophilia, or the Catholic Church has been blasted for ephebophilia since most of those molested were over 14.

        • PunJabber

          Words have meanings, which can be looked up. Pedophilia is sexual attraction to a pre-pubescent child. With mid-to-late adolescents, It is not pedophilia.

          • Janet Silverstein

            Wrong definition of Ephebophilia. It is the preference for mid-to-late adolescent sexual partners, not just attraction. Either way, Ephebo or Pedo, it is an underaged not yet emotionally mature person who is abused. But interchange Priest and Teacher, the perception changes from pervert to cougar.

          • PunJabber

            You are right; I was abstracting the essential of both definitions of those terms (“attraction is strongest” vs “attraction is acted upon”) since the accusation of “pedophilia” was based on her reported action, not her inferred preference. The underlying attraction to a nubile youngster is a temptation to a normal healthy appetite, as if sugar and fat had a fragile personality.

            As for “cougar”, I think it’s less “Priest” vs “Teacher” than “Poor Girl (or Bugger)” vs “Lucky Boy”. The perception is that an erection is better to give than to receive, and a female does not have the standing to rape a male forcibly. As we get more “Girlz in the [Priest]Hood” I suspect we will see more clergy wearing “cougar hats”.

      • Susan

        Sorry, but she is 24 years older than he is. She was an adult and he was below the age of consent. Doesn’t matter if he was a mid teen. His parents told this woman to back off and stop molesting their son. She refused.

        This whole election for him appears to be about daddy issues and proving them wrong. Doesn’t matter he is going to drag the whole nation through the mud by making a molester First Lady. This guy is some serious sick.

        • maxime1793

          Well … I don’t know if I’ve heard it alleged that they had sex or he was molested when he was a pupil! I think they got married when he was 26 or 27.

        • PunJabber

          It is true he was below the age of consent, and she was in authority over him. He was out of bounds to her, morally and legally: “Jail bait”.

          However, he was NOT a pre-pubescent child (“noose bait”) so calling her a “molester” is ambiguous, and calling her a “pedophile” is incorrect. It matters, because that trivializes actual pedophilia, which is worse.

      • maxime1793

        I don’t think there’s proof they had sex when he was in school.

        I think the larger body of opinion is that he’s a fag with a high-flying career and married her as an awkward cover for his real personal life.

      • FreeYourMind2

        OK now that somebody gave it a new name, that makes it OK. A 15 year old is still a minor.

        • PunJabber

          Fact 1: The term is not new; it has been used for more than a century.

          Fact 2: The attraction is normal, which is why the action must be restrained by a legal boundary. Attraction to children (pedophilia) is not normal, and restraints against the action are much more fierce.

          Fact 3: “A 15-year-old is as bad as a 6-year-old” means the same as “A 6-year-old is no worse than a 15-year-old”. I do not agree with that statement.

          I didn’t say “that makes it OK”; but if you are expressing your opinion rather than inventing mine, I will be glad to discuss your reasoning.

          • dennodog

            I agree, Pun, but we’re now headed into even sicker times in the USA as degenerates are pushing for the decriminalization and the promotion of pedophilia. The way things are going, they might succeed.

          • PunJabber

            In which they are aided by those who lump the 6-year-old and 15-year-old together. Gresham’s Law — bad outrage drives out good. See “Fact 3” above.

  • Sculder_4

    at 2:00:35 – “I’m interrupting because you are saying stupid things!”

    gawd, what a misogynist Marcorn is, amirite, liberals?

  • texasken

    Reminds me of when Teressa May was being badgered by the opposition leader and she retorted something to the effect that he was good at running a political campaign but the “she was running a country”. I love strong folks regardless of the gender. Maggie was the same sort as was Sir Winston. Even Reagan, though he flattened people with humor, still flattened them. When he met Gorby in Iceland, he came out of the building they were going to meet at, in only his suit. No overcoat, no gloves, no hat. The temp was below freezing. Gorby got out in a heavy winter coat, gloves, hat. Bam, Over. You cannot manufacture leadership. You got it or you do not. Obama did not and it looks like the leftist in France does not either. Ditto Trudeau in Canada. Note also that Teressa May did not wear the scarf offered her when she met with the Saudis (?). Hillary did and many others. Merkel HAD to refuse the scarf recently or she would have looked week compared to Teressa. Of course, we already know that she is. Bibi in Israel. Golda also.

  • disqus_GB8lUuziuG

    “France will be led by a woman, it will either be me or Ms Merkel” -Le Pen


    • Matt M

      She cucked him a few times. It was one of the only times I wish I was fluent in French to understand the domination fully.

  • Stoppointingfingers

    But is she a communist?

    • Right_in_ur_face


      • Pokerface

        Her Father is a Communist – She dumped him. Expelled him from the party.

  • This is better than anything on television. Le Pen spanked Macron like a naughty little boy. Hah!

  • David C. Smejkal

    Too bad he will easily win, he’s up 20 points over her. Europe, as we know it, is gone. They’ll continue to miss every opportunity and it may very well be that Europe will be the center of yet another world war. Sadly, to change course a lot of people will have to die.

  • Steve_o

    Mommy Issues vs Bad-Ass Mommy.


  • Viswanath M

    Did anyone find where she said that in that 2 hrs 33 min video. . . If so Plz share. . .

    • maxime1793

      Start watching around 23:30

      • Viswanath M

        Oh Ok. . .Thanks. . .

  • Matt M

    Even in the liberal press… I’ve only seen one liners about her owning his ass.

  • Turd Gobbler

    I wasn’t expecting to be asked to watch a 2 hour and 30 minute clip.

    • maxime1793

      Watch around 23 and a half minutes for the bit about the teacher-pupil relationship

  • matrixisreal

    I like the French people, I hate the French government. I wish the two would sort themselves out. French people are totally cool, chill, fun. Then their nanny socialist government screws everything up. People of France… we love you, abandon your government. Le Pen FTW! Nothing is perfect, but going in the wrong direction is always wrong!

  • FreeYourMind2

    France needs to listen to icon Brigitte Bardot, who is all for Le Pen.

  • FreeYourMind2

    The woman was already married with children, she dumped them for her teenage student. Wow. That’s illegal in this country.

    • Carrie Mack

      It was, and still is, illegal in France, but it was never reported to the appropriate authorities. Had it of been, the teacher would have been jailed. She had a .lucky escape’! But don’t understand why the parents didn’t report it, it may have been that they didn’t realise the situation with their son and his teacher, until he was of age, 18.

    • Alea Iacta Est

      I had an 8th grade English teacher do the same thing. He was a year behind me. They started seeing each other while he was still in junior high. She had a toddler son and husband. Left them both for this guy. They stayed married for a long time, but I heard that they are now divorced.

    • Mauny Kaseburg

      How old was he when they married?

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      yup. Milo gets in trouble for even speaking about that sort of thing, yet this cuck ends up president of france.

      Oh well. RIP FRANCE

  • Chris Leroux

    French debates sound a lot more eloquent and intelligent than American debates.

    • Brutally Remastered

      Well, that would not be difficult.

  • ytuque

    Japan, Poland, Hungary and some others do not suffer from Islamic terrorism proving Macron’s statement false.

  • Dante Alighieri

    The age dig was clever because of its implied message about his wife. Below the belt? Hardly.

  • Marsherfokker

    Gold dust..

  • ytuque

    What is Macron smoking? He thinks the Brits will pay the EU 60-80 billion Euros to leave the EU.

  • ytuque

    It’s clear, Le Pen or Le Cuck.

  • RunningBulldog77

    Finally, a French politician with brains, literally speaking, and balls, figuratively speaking.

  • Jason Mendelson

    Hey it’s France. LePen’s father was a holocaust denying racist. Why are all these ‘conservatives’ praising LePen like she’s going to make france a utopia? She’s basically Elizabeth Warren if Elizabeth Warren wanted to stop immigration. Look at LePen’s economic policies.

  • Midnattsol

    I want to like LePen but she has never seemed to distance herself from her father’s extremism. but Macron comes off as fabricated, manufactured, and sold. France is between a rock, a hard place and fire.

  • DaisyToo

    Le Pen’s warning works both ways: It’s an apt warning shot to a condescending French Socialist and a put down of his relationship w/his grandma wife.

  • RapeyYogurt

    Marine Le Pen is an alpha female… and they’re scared shitless of her.

  • imarvolo

    That moment when Marine Le Pen brings a MOAB to a knife fight

  • James

    Why aren’t the feminists blindly supporting Le Pen ‘just ’cause she’s a woman’? They quite obviously don’t really like strong women and prefer the sort that are apologists for rapists and puppets of super rich men.

    20 years ago France’s biggest source of income was tourism. Tourism has dropped 80% in 2016 alone.

    In that time Islam has went from being 4% of the population to 14%

    I guess this is one of those times leftards will selectively ignore correlation.

    Pretty much the same way they say you can’t blame all Islamics for the terrorism of now, but are happy to blame all white people now for slavery 200 years ago.

  • Tom Lockwood

    Why can’t they just put English subtitles? The two languages going on at the same time is really distracting!

  • Emilio Lizardo

    Title of Macron’s future autobiography “I married my rapist!”.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Such a disaster that France elected this awful cuck. Le Pen was brilliant. Very sad. RIP France 485-2017

  • John Smith

    Everyone should start calling Macron and Brigitte Trogneux Ben Braddock and Mrs. Robinson from the movie The Graduate, just for a laugh .