A miserable-looking Kathy Griffin issued a video apology amid the ongoing backlash to a photo featuring her holding a mock severed head of President Donald Trump.

“Hey everybody, it’s me Kathy Griffin,” she says in the clip, looking as though she’s choking back tears.

“I sincerely apologize. I am just now seeing the reaction of these images. I’m a comic. I crossed the line – I moved the line, then I crossed it. I went way too far.”

“The image is too disturbing,” she continues. “I understand how it affects people – it wasn’t funny, I get it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my career, I ask your forgiveness. I’m taking down the image, asking the photographer to take down the image.”

“I went too far – I made a mistake and I was wrong.”

See the clip below.

As reported previously, Griffin was not this remorseful a short while ago.

The following tweets, which have since been deleted, show a conversation Griffin reportedly had with writer Yashar Ali.

Griffin’s apology comes after her photo shoot received fierce condemnation online.

Even the Clinton News Network’s Jake Tapper described Griffin’s stunt as “disgusting.”

Not everyone sees it as a big deal, though; as covered previously, Tapper’s guests on The Lead insist there are bigger fish to fry.

Yashar Ali, Twitter

  • Quagmire

    She’s only sorry because even some of the brainless liberals had a problem with it. If it was only Trump supporters and Republicans complaining, she wouldn’t have said a damn thing.

    • Rob

      It must’ve been a huge blow to her ego to see Chelsea Clinton call her out.

      • Duane Jordan

        Not only that, to realize shes worse looking than chelsea

        • HEAUXBEAUX

          Not only that, to realize shes worse looking than the decapitated bloody disfigured head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • DaisyToo

        Fake calling out by Chelsea.

    • divingnut

      nope, not even her own could get her to apologize,,,it was the secret service going to investigate her,,,,,she is not sorry, she just doesn’t want to go to jail where she belongs

      • Aegis of Truth

        Sadly, this will be enough to keep her out of jail.

        • Rich

          So…if I were to murder somebody, I could avoid prison by apologizing??!!

          • Beth Wright

            She didn’t really murder our President…

    • Martyn Asten

      spot on!

    • Modern-day Cyclops

      She actually isn’t even sorry, even after all this negative publicity and backlash. If you look at her body language during her “apology” video, it is nothing but deception and portrayal.

      This D-lister (who seemed to have a larger following among liberals than conservatives, and who was happy to be around Trump when he was just a billionaire that threw the occasional large party) just imitated ISIS, and likely destroyed her own career in the process, and she still thinks she did the right thing by doing this photo-shoot.

      • DaisyToo

        I agree — see her contemptuous eye movements at 10 seconds – “I crossed the line, I moved the line ..”
        Her eyes go up in a classic display of contempt w/”I moved the line” — where any real responsibility would be taken, were she actually taking responsibility. Which she isn’t.

    • Bill

      Well that with the fact that almost all of the people who have tried to kill a president have been Left wing wack jobs trying to “save the country”. Images like that just arent a positive out liner of the situation right now. Her image was just as stupid and heartless as the images for Obama being hung. There is no place for images like that in today’s society. It is not freedom of speech it is inciting violence vs an elected government. It is anarchy not art. These are the kinds of things Manson and Jim Jones would do to gain followers.

  • As a Catholic, I am required to forgive you Kathy and I am also required to respect your humanity; I am not required to respect you in any other way at all.

    • David Mills

      A key point: She didn’t ask for forgiveness. In fact, she didn’t even apologize to the President or his family.

      • nonerequired

        Actually, at 0:27 of the clip, she did exactly that. “I beg for your forgiveness” were her exact words.

        • DaisyToo

          Fake apology complete w/contemptuous eye rolling.

        • frenchie mama

          to the public.

        • Nancy Parry

          But she never said she was sorry to the trump family

  • Christopher Cherrone

    Personally, I think she is worried about legal action.

    • Steffy93

      I think the Secret Service stopped by and said “hi”.

      • Margaret Price

        My thoughts exactly. Even if the Left doesn’t think it’s a big deal, the Secret Service always does.

        • Steffy93

          I would imagine that seeing the Secret Service tweet about you would be pretty scary.

    • Chesapeake

      She should be.

  • Manius

    Idiots like her are and have done far more damage than Trump could ever do in a few short years. Morons like her have been destroying the nation since it was founded!

  • wig

    She didn’t look like she was about to cry! I thought the apology was direct, sterile and cold.

    • Miles to Code

      Much like her “acting” abilities.



  • Steffy93

    And still, liberals will not realize that the hate they spew constantly is inappropriate.

  • Stacie Shannon

    She’s not sorry. In her “apology” she says, “…I’m a comic..” She wasn’t trying to be funny with those images, she was trying to make a political statement. Now she blames it on accidentally crossing the line or moving the line, then crossing it or whatever the hell she was trying to say.
    She’s clearly pissed that she has to apologize. No way is sorry she did it. She’s only sorry it didn’t get support from everyone on the left.

  • Chris Leroux


  • C Kim Lemieux

    It’s not about crossing a line or going too far. It’s that it wasn’t funny.

    Your hatred is not funny. It might feel good to you, but it doesn’t qualify as entertainment for everyone else.

    Mock Trump all you want, I don’t care. You are entitled to your hatred. But, don’t try passing it off as something legitimate. It’s still just your hatred. And it said so much more about you than it does about Trump or what you think about Trump.

    • fuzzi

      She crossed the line BIG time back about 9 years ago, when in an award acceptance speech she told Jesus Christ to “s*ck it”, that her award was her god. Sad, sad woman, so unhappy.

      • Jay

        Not to get all religious speak here but that’s a typical reaction of people who identify themselves by their sins. They think because their sin is condemned then religion is condemning them. They ignor the fact that God offers forgiveness because they don’t want to do the one thing you have to to be forgiven which is stop the sin of choice. Granted it’s not easy to walk away from certain behaviors so they lash out at God like it’s His fault. Typical kid sh*t.

        • fuzzi

          No problem. Those whose conscience is already convicting them of their wrong actions/sins often are hair-trigger about any mention of them.

          I’ve had people tell me how they’re going to argue with God when they die and face Him. Yeah, right. Delusional.

          • Jay

            It’s so sad seeing so many people wrapped up in themselves so much they’re prisoners to their vices.

          • fuzzi

            Exactly. “His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself, and he shall be holden with the cords of his sins.” – Proverbs 5:22

  • Nebokenezzer

    D-List for life…. And there’s the reason Kathy…

  • 0__o


  • Elicta

    She is only sorry because her booked venues are canceling on her…

    • Gale60

      She actually has ‘booked venues”??? Are you sure?

      • jules2u

        Route 66 Casino cancelled her upcoming date.

  • Christian Moyer

    The left’s joke on killing Trump has become the new “why did the chicken cross the road.” Only this time, the chicken has become the most vile thing known to man

  • Christian Jesperson

    She’s afraid of her advertisers being hit and her own career being put out of business due to that fact. If she was on Fox and a conservative, she would have been canned instantly.

  • Marcia Baldwin Reidmiller

    Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. There are consequences for her actions. Her words and actions speak volumes about her character and her heart. She is mean spirited and has a mean and ugly heart. Despite the image that she tries to portray, the real Kathy came through. She is a hateful, ugly person.

    • Christian Jesperson

      They shut Milo down, we will shut her down in response. This is the new right. Gone are the cuckservatives who are ineffective at fighting battles. We need to play to win, not bitch and complain about what if we did what the other side is doing. Now is time for action. We fight fire with fire.

    • DatBus

      Kathy Griffin gives a whole new level of meaning to the term “useful
      idiot”. But Griffin, the photographer, TMZ and much of Hollywood are
      just like ISIS; they all answer to Soros and the same unelected,
      elitist cabal – who fear that Trump and the American People will take
      their country back. And don’t think the world isn’t watching this divided
      and weakened America. What the People want to know is; How are they
      still getting away with this? Where is the Rule of Law?

  • Alicia Cunny

    You can beg better than that

    • NoTreading

      So much for her acting.

  • lonebear

    Guess she never thought that Trumps little boy might see that garbage. It was beyond wrong. It was evil.

    • fuzzi

      Children only matter to the left if they can be used to promote the left’s agenda.

      • DaisyToo

        The Left prefers their children aborted.

      • Or satisfy the, um, “physical needs” of the Sodomites.

  • ter ber

    Someone needs to recommend a deliverance session for her. Demon possession is not a laughing matter.
    We can call it ‘performance art’.

  • Mark Brown

    She never apologized to the President?

    • MrNishida

      The vile witch apologized to her fans, not to President Trump, not by name.
      Without that, her non- apology apology is completely meaningless.
      Typical ‘progressive’- a loud mouth coward.
      We need to use the same tactics on these progressive dregs they use on us.
      I hope somebody doxxes her butt real good…

    • DatBus

      Kathy Griffin gives a whole new level of meaning to the term “useful
      idiot”. But Griffin, the photographer, TMZ and much of Hollywood are
      just like ISIS – they all answer to Soros and the same un-elected,
      elitist cabal – who fear that Trump and the American People will take
      their country back. And don’t think the world isn’t watching this divided
      and weakened America. What the People want to know is; How are they
      still getting away with this? Where is the Rule of Law?

    • Robin Wallabee

      She will once in jail …

    • Nancy Parry


  • mangonumerouno

    A perfect candidate for seppuku. Hopefully she is hounded into doing so.

  • TonyR

    One can only hope this is rock bottom for the left, but sadly I doubt it.

  • Stanislav Kogan

    I don’t quite understand why she’s taking it down? Isn’t taking down your mistaken statement the same as destroying evidence?

  • Robin Wallabee

    Ah so this is fine this expression of ‘free speech’? How is this not hate speech?

    • ShadowSandy

      Look into the Obama targets. SS brushed it by too, after of course scaring the shit out of the people caught doing it. They say “credible threats” are what they are looking for. Its interesting, you can do this stuff, but you will face your actions when you are grilled a bit.

      • Robin Wallabee

        Totally man totally????

    • AverageJoe1987

      The left only views opposing opinions as hate speech.

      They think calling for the President to be murdered is protected speech.

      • Robin Wallabee

        GOOGLE search is NOT turning up conservative links such as the Project Media Equality! But check out Hannity’s talk on you tube w the initiators of it and you may get via duck search the links …. it is the initiative going against the bullying slandering of conservative (reasoning) America loving normal folks ( as opposed to the mentally ill, lost sociopaths and paid by Dems captives…

  • Gale60

    THE BEHEADING OF A PRESIDENT IS NOT “ART.” It is a dumbass without a brain being a dumbass without a brain

    • Casey Kowalchyk

      It’s a trope that is already kind of floating around out there. Recall the controversy some years back when the HBO series Game Of Boobs was called out for a scene where a bunch of decapitated heads on stakes are shown, and one of them is unmistakably George W Bush. They claimed it was unintentionally a result of using rubber Halloween masks as raw materials for their cost effective special effects, or some such nonsense, but it was clearly intended.

  • “Bigger fish to fry…”

    • JoeDisqus56

      how’s AVFM doing these days? I sort of lost interest but I assume paul still stole his mother’s jewelry at his father’s funeral.

      • Still trying to sell that shit? Good luck with that.

        • JoeDisqus56

          that’s what his brother “balfy” said. It’s a pretty specific thing to be made up.

  • Peggy Hale

    That was not art that was somebody that needs to find the Lord

    • el_polacko

      i didn’t know he was missing.

    • fuzzi

      All she has to do is open the door, He’s outside, knocking and waiting for an invitation.

      The gift of salvation is free, and easy, but most people aren’t interested. They’d rather wallow in the mud of sin and damnation because it’s, like, “fun”. Sad, sad.

  • I don’t think anything should be off limits in the realm of entertainment.

    …But though permitted, acrobatic backflips over a bed of spikes- and beheading jokes- are not something that can be effectively pulled off by just anyone. Practitioner beware.

    Her only chance would have been if it was actually funny, rather than just an impotent expression of ill will.

  • Mr.Kaka

    She’s a brain-dead liberal cancer tumor. Apology not accepted.

    • BaggioIsGod

      Just following you page to page for laughs now

  • Alan Scott

    Just how old is the hag? Wiki claims that she’s 56, but that’s horseshit, she ain’t a day under 70.

    • Nancy Parry


  • SharronF

    There is no excuse for this- no matter how much of a loser she is. She thinks that it is ironic, or funny. I will never, ever watch her again. We’ve seen her heart.

  • Ali Stearns

    Yeah well at this point Kathy old girl an apology just isn’t going to cut it at this point- this isn’t something that can be fix with a well I messed up ‘Sorry’. I want to see criminal charges brought up on her for threatening the POTUS which is a class E felony. Maybe it will teach others not to go so far and threaten the President.

    • Aegis of Truth

      She will never be charged. Celebrities, even shitty ones like her, never are.

  • Marc Freeman

    I saw ZERO remorse… the MOST disturbing image was NOT Trump’s severed head to me… that was tasteless and vile…

    what was disturbing was… how she looked in that video.

    OH SNAP…. HORRID!!!!!

    She needs to apologize for being so ugly… (I mean on the inside of course).

  • Tina Stachura Newby

    Molly says, “Who is saying it’s acceptable discourse exactly?…I have a hard time bringing myself to care about something like this. I think it just speaks to the need to see themselves as a victim”.

    You just did, Molly. You just did.

    • David Watts

      Molly obviously thought it was cool and funny, and didn’t like having to say even the little she did. She also seemed to resent the fact that airtime was devoted to something that wasn’t…. RUSSIA. The whole panel seemed in an immense hurry to get back to that.

  • Marc Freeman

    I mean wait.. she’s tryin to suggest she did this as an attempt at comedy?


  • sunshine888

    The image is out there & cannot be ‘taken down’ or ever erased…it is forever.
    I think she knew exactly what the aftermath would be…it was carefully planned, she achieved more coverage & ‘celebrity’ than she ever has in her whole miserable career. Pathetic.

  • jules2u

    I think it did have to do with her bottom line, after all at least one scheduled date has been cancelled that has been published.

  • Eric

    Liberals want us dead.

    • fugly

      I think you hit the nail on the head. They don’t hate DJT for DJT. They hate what he stands for. What we voted for. That’s what they want to behead.

  • Greg Miller

    Screw you, you hag, you made that bed now you sleep in it. Apology NOT accepted.

  • John Smith

    She finally realizes that she was actually holding the remains of her career..now its life on the “F’ed” list.


      and realizes that she actually looks worse than the remains that she was holding

      • Nancy Parry

        Lol she does look nasty

  • janelle

    Poster child for ISIS and CNN is ok with it. Tells you a lot about them.

  • Floyd Clingenpeel

    Of course the panel saw nothing to get up about,but if it was Obama?
    You know they would be throwing a hissy fit

  • Cherry Walker

    Sounds like Secret Service and/or DOJ had a little discussion with KG.

  • Corinne Tramaloni Marsilio

    The apology and near-tears; too little, too late. Never thought she was funny, just a loud mouth moron.

    • Nancy Parry

      Tears I didn’t see I tear ,she isn’t sorry

  • Da_Bunny

    What she means is it’s easier to beg forgiveness than it is to stand by her despicable actions.

  • Jeff Jones

    These Liberals are all clueless sociopaths tweeting out their narcissist virtue signaling and victim shaming with no true conscience. The fact that a million people had to shame her first tells it all. She should get job working for the ISIS propaganda network under the name Jihadi Griffin and join an ISIS training camp. I hear ISIS will pay for redheaded infidel whores that like gang banged by a hundred inbreeds.

  • Duane Jordan

    Red heads have two options. Butt fking ugly Chelsea style or plain beautiful.
    Kathy got the butt ugly option.

  • David L. Stinson

    She apologizes now that her minor and un-noteable “career” is in the dump where it belongs. She can throw her insincere “apology” into the dump right after it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1a8a7d106e4a3173a190f182a1473d12ccdb847422a83a7e09049ad248e0b453.jpg

  • Cenobite

    Sorry I don’t believe the apology. I thank you though for finally going the step that all your leftist, socialist buddies kept hinting at. It is official the left the MSM, and the SJW’s don’t have and never did hold the moral high ground. Why do you think Chelsea, Tapper, and Olberman all virtue signaled so hard they saw the cliff you so lemming like were running them all off of and tried so very hard to stop. Too late.

  • suqsid4

    She gets it… as if it’s our responsibility to help the idiot navigate her depraved mentality.

  • Peggy Erickson

    I use to be a fan of her’s, but this is not funny not “art” I’m sick of people not respecting the office of the President.. but she even made fun of her mother for being a catholic. never again I will Never watch her again. I’m sick of the liberals thinking We republicans will put up with their bullshit, because of how they have acted I won’t watch any of them.. not funny, won’t get any of my money!!! Crybabies.

  • David Power

    Who is this odious cunt and where does she live?

  • Standupguy

    She’s not a bit sorry. She made her headlines and she’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    • fugly

      It was more like, “I’m sad people didn’t like the head I got for them. I worked so hard finding a homeless man who looks just like the president”.

  • ytuque

    Aren’t comics supposed to be funny?

  • Ricky Spanish

    “I’m a comic”

    This is not an excuse for being a piece of shit

    • fuzzi

      She’s not even funny, ever.

  • Abby Rexroth

    Isn’t it convenient that they make light of it but God forbid if a Republican/Conservative comedian were to have a picture of a noose around Obama’s neck (depicting a lynching) or Hillary’s bloody decapitated head being held by her hair. They would be calling for people to rise up and become violent. We as conservatives are making “way to big” of a deal about it and should just let it slide. They are such hypocrites!

  • DatBus

    Kathy Griffin gives a whole new level of meaning to the term “useful idiot”. But Griffin, the photographer, TMZ and much of Hollywood are just like ISIS – they all answer to Soros and the same unelected, elitist cabal – who fear that Trump and the American People will take their country back. And don’t think the world isn’t watching this
    divided and weakened America. What the People want to know is; How are they still getting away with this? Where is the Rule of Law?

  • Jeremy Best

    On a personal level, imagine Barron Trump seeing this. I wouldn’t appreciate seeing my dad’s decapitated head being mockingly showcased to the country/world….Also, inciting hate and violence, not to mention normalizing this sort of behavior. The left is going through an awkward phase that we will all look back on and cringe..Hell, I’m already cringing….

  • fugly

    What part of this Jihadi John sequal was supposed to be funny? Is she even aware that those people being shown on CNN being burned alive in cages and beheaded are real people? Or maybe she does and she’s a full-blown sociopath who fantasizes about murdering people.

  • Mark

    She’s a genuine hack. She staged this for publicity for her not to hot anymore career. As for CNN, I don’t know how much more biased they can possibly become. Stopped watching MSM years ago, and they are the main reason why.

  • James Ray DeBerry

    The idea that the Trump camp is using this to play victim is ridiculous! But then the left should know victimhood, they invented it!

    • AverageJoe1987

      Someone’s upset that liberals can’t call for beheadings without repercussions.

  • James Ray DeBerry

    Some Sally woman called said “Thanks a lot , she’s quitting the business, you ruined her life.

    Jerry: What! You’re the one who ruined her life.

    Kramer: Well that’s not how she remembers it.

    Jerry: Well , I got to talk her out of this.

    Kramer; I thought you said she stinks

    Jerry: She does stink and she should quit. But I don’t want it to be because of me. It should be the

    traditional route; years of rejections and failures till she’s spit out the bottom of the porn industry.

  • Sally

    Apologize to the actual person you offended – President Trump, you idiot!

  • Ricardo Cantoral

    It’s a wonder how a D-list celeb has managed to have such a long career.

  • Juan Doroteo Carrio

    The “left” is the most violent tyranny on earth and always has been. When ANTIFA riots, destroys and assaults people the media calls the “protesters’.

  • Jay

    She can shove her apology up her ass. She’s only saying that b/c it didn’t go the way she wanted it to. She knew before she posted it that GOP would get offended, it was when Dems feigned disgust that she’s backpetaling. She didn’t care she was going to offend half the country. Goodbye Kathy it hasn’t been nice knowing you. Your chances to entertain the American people are dead. Maybe give ISIS a call.

  • ShadowSandy

    So few people can do it, I can respect her admitting her wrongness.

    I did not respect the act, but an admission of guilt was the right move here.

    If it wasnt so rare for people to do, I’d respect it less. But less than 1% if assholes I’ve encountered online have ever admitted when they were wrong. So, Kathy, thank you for having respect for reality.

    • happytortuga

      An apology is only good if you do not repeat the behavior. She’s deranged.

      • ShadowSandy

        There is value in humbling yourself enough for saying it. Most never even do that. I appreciate even the smallest gestures of humility, it shows at least a moment of self reflection.

        I understand fully the severity of her actions. but if we don’t encourage good behavior we see even less of it. ????

        • happytortuga

          This is a tactic of the Left. Do something completely unacceptable. Somewhat apologize. Take back the apology. Repeat the offending behavior. That is not humbling yourself in any way.

          • ShadowSandy

            Meh, I try to be less cynical about it. Encouraging good behavior is better than generalizing a negative outcome.

            Stayin’ positive is how we got Trump. ????

          • happytortuga

            I’m far from cynical. Just a realist.

          • ShadowSandy

            You can be a realist and still try to find a bright side. 😉

          • happytortuga

            Are you ready for her to walk back the apology? “Kathy Griffin is set to explain the reasoning behind her controversial photo shoot with a bloodied mask of President Trump and respond to alleged bullying from the Trump family on Friday.

            Griffin and attorney Lisa Bloom said in a joint news release they will hold a press conference in Woodland Hills, Calif. 12 p.m. It will be the first comments Griffin has made since she was relieved of her duties as CNN’s New Year’s Eve host.”

            Like I said: This is a tactic of the Left. Do something completely unacceptable. Somewhat apologize. Take back the apology. Repeat the offending behavior.

          • ShadowSandy

            Yes I was very disappointed.

            But I won’t give up a positive outlook just because she is two faced.

  • Bobby France

    I can’t help but notice she only apologized after being caught (as most Liberals do: see Carlos Danger…etc). She only apologized for the act (after being caught) and her Apology wasn’t to the President. She apologized to her fans (all two of them…one being her mother)

    • happytortuga

      That’s their formula. Do something completely unacceptable. Sort of apologize. Walk back the apology. Do it again.

  • Sraaken

    I don’t think there is a level that is too low for the Democrats to go to. Didn’t Sarah Silverman already call for a coup, and Madonna talk about blowing up the white house? They should all be arrested. People with their values belong in prison.

    • fuzzi

      No, don’t imprison them, we’ll have to pay for their three hots and a cot. Deport them to some socialist/liberal paradise…like Sweden.

  • 100athelstan

    Can you imagine the reaction if the severed head was Hilary Clintons held up by a man,it would be nuclear, feminist trolls would go into overdrive,

  • happytortuga

    Lock her up!

  • Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016

    Those two eyerolls, though. I’m not feeling the sincerity….

  • Samantha Stephens

    Griffin, just like any other “comic” is nothing more than a mean spirited bully.

    Sorry? …. Yeah right.

    She’s only “sorry” because she’s finally gone so far over the line in the sand, and angered so many people, that she’s afraid of some very serious, possibly violent or deadly repercussions aimed at her nasty ass.

    It astonishes me in this day and age of extreme political correctness how “comedians” (bigots and bullies) can be horrid and hateful toward any public figure and get away with it.

    It’s kind of humorous watching Griffin trying to save her ass.

    • Monica Tarr

      oh but remember like the photographer that took these pictures said…its art….bullshit..its treason and they both should be held accountable…

      • Samantha Stephens

        Yes, and that’s another thing ……art.

        Interesting? Something vile, hateful, inhuman, and disgusting ….. no problem! Just call it art and suddenly it’s okay!

        Everything from armpit hair and menstrual blood smeared on a canvas to Eminem’s “music.” …… Just call it art.

  • Dante Alighieri

    She should apologize for bad acting. This was staged. And from the looks of it, it worked.

  • Robert Bobbee Broderick

    Yes, agree with the fat boy, we do have bigger problems, but this is the tip of the iceberg on the biggest problem. It’s the liberals and Dems not accepting that they just plain lost. Get over it, move on and please, stop taking Soro’s money to do the tings he things are important ‘to’ this country.

  • Arturo Cuenca

    America: KKKathy, Apology Not Acepted!

  • Esta
  • Sterling Twighlight

    How many Facebook posts have you seen wishing death upon Trump? The left has fostered a lawless society and they empower one another in their depraved statements. I find interesting that my Facebook friends who are on the left will not even post to denounce Kathy’s vileness, as though doing so will violate they’re own liberal position.

  • DaisyToo

    Fake apology performed by a real Leftist vulgarian.

  • Mark Davidovich

    Appologize all she wants but if everyone would have thought it funny and agreed with it and liked it,I bet she would be pretty damn proud right now and unappologetic,she probably figured if she was succesful in this disgrace she could start a movement and lead it and get some ratings back and lead to success which is what a pathetic comic would do.

  • Foster

    Squatty Potty just dropped a load on her! I guess they realized someone who spews shit out her mouth shouldn’t be a spokesperson for a product marketed to people who only shit from the correct place.

  • Forrest Cook

    She’s not some naive young woman just starting out her career…she KNEW this would bring a lot of negative press and she wanted whatever press she could get. Your apology is worthless and I think you SHOULD see jail time.

    • Nancy Parry

      How old is she

  • MomaBee

    The LEFT and ISIS share a certain nihilism and disdain for western civilization. The majority of people need to truly understand this.

  • CynicismSells

    “I’m a comic”
    Are you really a comic though, Kathy?… Are you?…..

  • Vaughn

    Oh Molly, Molly, Molly… I’m sure you’d manage to muster up at least a smidgeon of “care about this” if the photo happened to be of Obama’s head.

  • jaabqn79

    She is one ugly b#tch.

  • Chesapeake

    She’s only sorry now that she’s had a backlash. She thought she’d be a liberal hero but even the Potty Squatty people dumped her (pun intended).

    • Nancy Parry


  • Alana Forsyth

    Kathy Griffin only made manifest what the left actually feels and thinks about Trump. They are in agreement with her, actually, but are too smart to pull the stunt that she did.

  • Quackcrow

    I don’t think that is her apologizing cause it sure doesn’t look like her.

    • Nancy Parry

      No makeup ugly isn’t she

  • Yvonne Massey

    Bogus. Fake. Everything about her is backwards. This lame attempt to regain the respect of people is right in line with who she really is. She doesn’t even have an opinion of her own. She played into the liberal hogwash that almost every celebrity has. False accusations, false statements, rude comments, protesting against nonexistent issues, slander, division, complete disrespect for the constitution, etc. etc. These liberal celebs are playing a game (and have been) that will destroy the very fabric of what this country stands for. This woman is a perfect example of everything wrong wit society today. She has no independent thought, only that of a collective attitude of her peer group. She follows the disrespectful path because it is also the mentality of her peer group who find it amusing to treat others with such disrespect in all manners. She had no desire do protect a child from the evils of her own actions because, like her peer group, her message is worth the destruction of a child’s mind. She and all those like her, Cher, Madonna, Alec Balwin, Streep, Stephen King, Pharrell Williams, Springsteen, etc. have no idea what it means to be at the mercy of our past government leaders. They have no idea of the genocide their un-informed liberal causes have done to our constitution and the people of this country. These people, like Kathy here, are their own worst enemies. And in my opinion there is no human more disgusting and irrelevant then someone who would harm a child.

  • Samantha Stephens

    I’m a witch too, but certainly not in the same category as this nasty piece of shit!
    She is an insult to nice witches everywhere.