Following the release of Kathy Griffin’s controversial photo featuring a severed head resembling Trump’s, CNN appears to be doing its best to put out the ensuing firestorm.

“I think it just speaks to the need [for the Trumps] to see themselves as a victim that they have, that they are constantly being persecuted,” said The Atlantic’s Molly Ball.

“I think we’ve got much bigger issues to focus on than Kathy Griffin,” piped CNN contributor David Urban.

Former White House communications director Jen Psaki stated that she agreed with Urban’s thoughts.

As for the host with the least, Jake Tapper, he went against the grain and stated, “it’s pretty disgusting. I can’t imagine how anybody would think that’s appropriate.”

Tapper also acknowledged that Griffin has done work for CNN as co-host of the network’s New Year’s Eve specials since 2007.

See the exchange below.

As for Kathy Griffin, the d-list “comedian” initially defended her photo, stating it was “revenge” for Trump’s comments about former Fox News host Kellyanne Conway.

The following are tweets from New York Magazine’s Yashar Ali, via Breitbart.

Griffin apparently recanted those words (Ali’s tweets have been deleted) and issued an apology, as seen below.


  • misha1d1

    She is a hack. If it is art, my dog has left droppings on the lawn that were more artistic. This is merely offensive and obnoxious. She has a right to self-expression; however, her mode is tactless, tasteless, and stupid, which only reflects negatively on her.

  • Cathleen Reynolds

    nope bitch go to jail moron

  • Michelle Starr- Silva

    She looks like Andy Dick.

  • Randy Lay

    Encouraging murder is not art

  • Robert Latkolik

    my life on the F list (F=fail)

  • Steffy93

    Yes, you must get back to trashing Trump!

  • Valerie Hallmen

    Like … how many people are going to watch the show or the New Years program now???? Smh… pathetic!!
    And she doesn’t want to be jailed.

    • DaisyToo

      That New Year’s program, is, I believe, good evidence of the decline and fall of our culture. Thanks, Leftists.

  • Tami Kaiser

    Clearly, the CNN panel sees nothing wrong with what she did….“I think it just speaks
    to the need [for the Trumps] to see themselves as a victim that they
    have, that they are constantly being persecuted,” said The Atlantic’s
    Molly Ball. – Really?! This lady is totally living in a make believe reality.

  • Joe Powers


  • amasterbator

    I can’t remember any fox news panelist laughing over Obama death photos

  • Zuzana Simpson

    Thank you Kathy Griffin, you’ve shown us the new level of low:(

  • amasterbator

    the laughing got me……fu(k me the laughing …………..

  • Randy Wachner

    Lib piece of Hollywood shit!

  • Stacie Shannon

    Yep, those ice cream stories aren’t going to report themselves.

  • Da_Bunny

    Making death threats and encouraging the people who do, are BIG issues.

  • David L. Stinson

    Had someone been holding Obama’s head, the CNN panel would have been screaming blue murder, lighting torches, carrying pitch forks and leading a lynch mob.

  • Stad1212

    Sessions should put this moron in jail. Pay Per View the Perp-Walk to pay for the BORDER WALL!!! #MAGA

  • MrNishida

    Apology not accepted.
    Burn, witch, burn!!!

  • Youngblood

    The same folks went berserk over a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask.

  • Youngblood

    These same folks went berserk over a Rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask.

    • DaisyToo


  • AverageJoe1987

    CNN says there are bigger issues to focus on?

    Oh yeah, like Trump getting two scoops of ice cream that time?

  • Abraham

    Not only is it tasteless and offensive, it brings to mind the horrible decapitation of Christians by ISIS terrorist. She elevated Islamic terrorism by this so called art. Moreover, by displaying this disgusting piece she sent a message that President Trump should be killed.

  • Dante Alighieri

    Conservatives are such cry babies — really. When this Obama photo was vandalized by “blood” & reproduced ad nauseum by the Right wing blogs, did Conservatives complain? No, they just piled on. Conservatives — just stop whining. Offensive??? Not if you’re Conservative.

  • toddm123

    Hate to use the “What if this was Obama” comparison, but these same people would be calling for jail time, not just a firing of Kathy Griffin.

  • fern

    if it had been a bloody obama head it would have been condemned on every news station and been headlines on every newspaper

  • Lucie Dean

    After watching what CNN has said about Kathy Griffin horrible video. BOYCOTT CNN!!

  • DaisyToo

    What issues CNN? Like how to control the speed w/which your entire network is circling the toilet drain into complete cultural irrelevance?

  • Michael Allen

    Why do I give a crap what Yashar Ali has to say? If she has something to say, don’t hide behind a minority puppet so that people won’t feel comfortable saying bad thing about you. She put out a video, she knows how to type, so don’t go through some progressive meatshield if you have something to say.

  • James Moore

    The poster girl for heterosexual celibacy.