A court has reportedly ruled that Raina Mersane Ina Thaiday, a woman who admitted to fatally stabbing eight children and a pet duck in Cairns, Australia, will NOT be prosecuted because she was of “unsound mind” at the time of the incident.

According to ABC.net.au, seven of the children were Thaiday’s own while the eighth was her niece.

The outlet further states that, according to psychiatrists, “it was likely Thaiday’s mental state had been deteriorating for months, and in the days leading up to the killings, she believed she could communicate with spirits.”

Those same psychiatrists reportedly added that Thaiday was not under the influence of any substance when she fatally stabbed the eight children but, rather, was suffering from “a severe schizophrenic psychosis.”

“She heard the sound of a bird… and believed that was a message that she must kill her children to save them,” said psychiatrist Dr. Jane Phillips in court according to ABC.net.au.

As a result of these psychiatric findings, and in accordance with Queensland law, Thaiday – who News.com.au reports had been smoking “up to 20 cones of cannabis a day” in 2014, which psychiatrists say triggered her schizophrenia – will not be prosecuted for her crimes.

According to News.com.au, Thaiday’s eldest son discovered the grisly crime scene (seen above) on December 19, 2014. (Image Credit – News Corp Australia)

Instead, she will serve a “life sentence in her own heart” according to the Queensland Law Society, which further states that this sort of ruling is “very” rare.

ABC.net.au states that Thaiday is currently undergoing treatment at a high-security psychiatric ward in Brisbane, adding “it is unclear if she will ever be released back into the community.”

Thaiday being taken to a hospital, presumably on the day the children were discovered. (Image via ABC TV News)

Needless to say, many people are not happy with the ruling.

Here are a few choice comments on 7 News Sydney’s Facebook post about the court’s decision.

BLM Australia does not appear to have made any comment about this case as of writing.

Stay tuned to their Facebook page.

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  • Cameron Thompson

    If your black you get away with basically everything in Australian courts. I know a guy who got beaten up by a gang of teens that drove to his house to attack him and they all got nothing because they were aboriginal teenagers. They also get alot more welfare support and quotas than other people

    • Gerardo Gonzalez

      I have to disagree, looking a the jail population statistics. On the other hand, as the previous poster said, being a woman gave her the free pass.

      • Cameron Thompson

        What about the statistics? Fact is even with that they get off alot. It’s easy to say it ain’t so from Uruguay

        • Gerardo Gonzalez

          What Uruguay has to do with anything? First i have lived in the USA for20 years. And using Uruguay as a measure of racism is hard, if consider 95% of the population is white 3% black and 2% other…..

      • Jerry Hart

        Hahahahaha. You basically argued with yourself by bringing in statistics

    • ssgtnelson

      Yeah, the Abos are crazy. I lived in Alice Springs. We were warned, “If an Abo is going to attack you, kick them in the knee and run away or you could get in trouble… even if you didn’t do anything other then defend yourself.”

    • Rekt

      But but…the telly and msm told me abos are peaceful nature people!

      • joe m

        And dingos make good family pets fresh out of the outback

  • breandan

    Being a woman helped: Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, etc.

  • Phelin M’Quirk

    If she is truly committed for life to an asylum for the criminally insane, that would be a solution to her problem – but what do you bet that she’ll be “cured” after a few months and then let out, perhaps to kill again?

  • DGCLE1017

    not even one mention of the duck in this article….

  • Greggore

    And if it were a man killing his children…….

  • Gingerbear Games

    what did the duck ever do to her?

  • Robin Anderson

    So, I can kill some idiot like Drake or some other loser rap artist, and just blame it on a bird? Cool!

  • Chris Richardson

    I posted this on another article but it applies here too. If a person is considered of unsound of mind, instead of being found not guilty, they will instead be declared unfit to stand trial and placed in a maximum security mental facility until they become sound enough or die. None of this “not guilty because insane” crap.

  • 5ini5ter

    Hopefully karma will find her and have it’s day.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    She is clearly nuts and was sentenced accordingly. She’ll serve a life sentence under psychiatric observation. But I’ll bet there’s an SJW out there ready to argue that communicating with spirits is part of the native religion, and she should be left free to go on that basis.

    Oh BTW, for the americans: Australian Aboriginals are basically in the same position as American Indians. Do not mistake them for American Negroes – its a different thing entirely.

    • Pat Patrix

      Our Native Americans have a much more diverse genetic background than Aboriginals and had developed whole differing cultures, armies, and held territories at various times.

      Abo’s were removed from the gene pool for like 50,000 years. They’re basically early humans.

      • PaulMurrayCbr

        That’s worth keeping in mind. America is pretty big, and native americans are no more a single group than native europeans. Bad news for the Mormons, of course, but I digress …

  • Ruth Gauthier

    After having Postpartum psychosis with my 2nd child I can understand how one can temporary go crazy, The only thing that saved my son”s life was the fact that I knew about it ahead of time. When I held him he would turn into the devil full blown hallucinations, Told my doctor he gave me a shot of estrogen and 15 minutes latter I was fine not more crazy. Too bad more doctors do not understand, if they did many a women in prison would be home with their children instead of having had killed them. Fast forward 30 years taking a RX by my doctor of Lyrica and I go batshit crazy on the drug nothing happened but had stop quit taking it. I guess my point is we never really know what another is feeling or going through.

    • David

      And if you harmed your child I would have wanted you in prison or dead.

      When you start having fucking hallucinations you have an obligation to be checked out .Fucking any doctor I have ever seen seeing a declining mental state and a newborn will jump on that shit immediately.

      You let it get worse and you kill a fucking newborn because your an ignorant cunt; enjoy your cell mate.

    • arena

      Oh i see doctors killed her children, i see, i see.

      As i say my friends: “Don’t stick it on crazy.”

  • joe m

    Unsound mind…see…it was the duck…7 kids plus a niece…yea…but to toss in a duck…oh yea…thats over the top unsound right there…

  • Diana Alina

    she does not have schizophrenia, she was hallucinating under the influence of drugs, these courts are a joke

    • Pat Patrix

      Pot doesn’t make you hallucinate. But it can have very bad effects for those who are diagnosed for schizophrenia. No one smokes pot and goes on a killing rampage because of pot, it’s because there’s already something inherently wrong with them. Some studies have shown that drugs like shrooms and LSD, drugs that actually do make you hallucinate, have had some promising results in treatment of mental disorders like schizophrenia. It’s a complicated medical disease, it’s also exceedingly rare for someone with schizophrenia become violent. Sorry but your understanding of medical science is the joke here.

  • arena

    Every week you can find news about female teachers having sex with 15 yo boys, none go to jail… Meanwhile men…

    Read a bit about Macron the cuck going for France election and her wife 20+ years older having a relationship with Macron when he was 15…

    Pussy pass is the correct term. Probably this murderer will be released and will kill some more people… Noone will be made responsible then.

  • happytortuga

    Where was the dad?

    • bieberhole69

      You really think she has only one baby daddy? Pretty sure they are all in jail.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Let her go because she just saved the Australian taxpayers a whole bunch of dollarydoos?

  • Independenceday

    Wait a minute, you trying to tell me she smoked pot and had that much energy???

    • Mike Pearson

      Yeah, it’s almost like all those things you keep hearing might not be true.

    • Pat Patrix

      Cannabis in general is pretty safe, but it can trigger certain psychological mental health issues if you’re pre-disposed. Rare but it happens. Guess it lowers the mental inhibitions keeping those mental health issues just on the edge, smoke enough and the damn can finally break. But lots of substances can do that to these people, society just likes to focus on weed. Could have been pills or alcohol and probably wouldn’t have even been mentioned.

      • bieberhole69

        Sounds like you believe in reefer madness. Lol, GTFO with that propoganda shit.

        • Pat Patrix

          No, I believe in medical studies. If a person is predisposed to mental health issues any intoxicating substance can trigger it. Stop being a fucking retard, I have a cannabis card in the Bay Area, I’m all for cannabis, I’m all for education too though you moron.

          • Lyn Patricia

            I saw enough cannabis heads back in the day to tell you they were the ones acting like morons, it has a huge impact on behavior making ordinary people not prone to mental illness behave like stoned idiots.

          • Ryan Thompson

            Those who aren’t used to it definitely tend to make fools of themselves. Take a trip through Denver, see all the shameless millennials passing out face down in their food in public places

          • bieberhole69

            Drunks have been doing this for thousands of years yet alcohol is still legal. Being passed out in public is shameful but is not killing anyone but maybe the person intoxicated person.

          • Ryan Thompson

            I’m not saying pot should be illegal, I love the stuff personally. All I’m saying is if you’re gonna use, you gotta be able to handle what you choose 😛

          • Pat Patrix

            Oh shut up, don’t do it if you don’t like it, but there are literally millions of people who use cannabis in the U.S. alone, more than enough to dispel your bullshit. This isn’t the 70’s anymore, not everyone who smokes pot is a hippy, get your head out of the past.

          • bieberhole69

            Cannabis heads? Really? I stopped reading after I read that, grandma.

          • Brendan Cleary

            You’ve just managed to make the other side’s point for them. It is well known that heavy use of cannabis induces or triggers schizophrenia. Ergo, a heavy user of cannabis knows, or should know, that she may wind up schizophrenic. That being the case, she’s as culpable as a drink driver or ice user and should be dealt with accordingly.

          • Pat Patrix

            Just because cannabis in itself can’t kill or harm you doesn’t mean it’s good for EVERYONE. You don’t just “wind up” schizophrenic, no sane normal functioning person just goes schizo after they smoke some reefer. They’ll have other diagnosable symptoms before hand. Cannabis can trigger a psychotic episode in a person who is schizophrenic, it’s a very complicated mental health disorder. So a real cannabis advocate would understand that someone like her, a diagnosed schizophrenic, shouldn’t be using any intoxicating substance period. There’s still responsibility in regards to cannabis use.

          • bieberhole69

            What do you think psyche meds are? Those are some heavily intoxicating drugs. People on those drugs shoot up schools and movie theaters, not the pot heads.

          • Pat Patrix

            I’m not against pot, I have a cannabis card, I’m just pointing out the facts.

          • bieberhole69

            You are probably right. You go to the head of the line when the government starts taking cards from patients for reefer madness. You sound unstable talking out of both sides of your mouth.

          • Pat Patrix

            You’re a fucking moron, it’s not my fault you’re too stupid to understand my point.

        • David

          I do not believe you are this ignorant.

          Its clear this guy has no inherent beef with marijuana, hes citing commonly known studies.

          There are side effects and risks with all drugs, and you honestly think marijuana is a fucking miracle with no down sides?

          • bieberhole69

            I didn’t say it doesn’t have side effect, I was just pointing out how silly it is to promote the myth of reefer madness.

          • David

            Where did he say reefer madness. Stating the well known effect on mental illness is not the same as hyperbole about how marijuana smoke drives everyone craz

          • bieberhole69

            My innitial response was to Pats comment that marijuana can trigger mental health conditions. We can see from experience in society that psyche drugs can cause people to do horrible things like shoot up theaters and schools.

    • bieberhole69


  • Katherine McChesney

    She’s black. That’s why she is protected.

    • bieberhole69

      She would have gotten the death penalty here in the US.

  • Jerry Hart

    This really pisses me off. I love ducks!

  • PunJabber

    From “Son of Sam” to “Daughter of Duck”. Paging Dr. Doolittle!

  • David

    You know something i call out as particularly faulty in this assessment is that they attributed her “psychosis ” and declining mental state to non stop usage of marijuana. I think that disqualifies her

    She chose to consume that, its really no different from getting drunk to the point of blacking out and killing someone; and using that as a defence. First the blackout from drinking really does not excuse the crime, and its impossible to prove. The entire concept of an insanity plea is that something happened through no fault of an individual. I just cant fucking fathom how someone smoking a massive amount of weed for months, and then allegedly having a psychotic episode and killing fucking eight kids can be reasoned away that easily.

    Particularly since the psychiatrists mentioned nothing about her mental state when she met them, only what she told them about the incident .

  • Chev Doering

    Horrible crime yes. Bad reporting? Yes! Her marijauna use would not trigger/cause schizphrenia. My brother and ex-wife both have it, so I know from mental health doctors it actually helps with mental illnesses like this. Quit spreading “Reefer Madness” propaganda for the failed war on drugs. War on the poor is more like the truth.

  • Keninoz_1

    Anyone who deliberately kills someone has mental health issues. Normal people simply don’t do this. Does this decision now mean that people who murder someone can escape the consequences of their actions?