Populism is a term lately thrown around with abandon, but what does it really mean, and why are we supposed to be so afraid of it? What role do provocateurs like Milo play?

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What populism does, and does very well, is bring to the attention of often insulated and economically cloistered elites the concerns of ordinary people. Populism screams from the rooftops x is a problem, and typically, if a lot of people see x as a problem, it’s a problem. The ideals of democracy require that the concerns and problems of ordinary people drive the leadership selected by the people. Neither populism nor democracy require that the people who have noted the problem of x come up with the best solution to x. Proposing, implementing, evaluating and refining solutions is what leaders and legislators are paid to do. That is their job.

Sneering at the entire concept of x, and hence the people concerned about x is not democracy: it’s demagoguery. Hillary Clinton may consider herself akin to a god, but the people most certainly do not. Clinton lost the election long before she called the American people ‘deplorable’, but that moment sealed her destiny. Democracy means you listen to what is troubling the people and take those concerns seriously. It doesn’t matter whether x is ‘no taxation without representation’ or ‘religious freedom does not cover political Islam’ – if a majority of the people are indicating it’s a problem, then it’s a problem.

But how do you know what the majority of the people are thinking and feeling? What do they consider the pressing problems governments must handle?

Enter Milo Yiannopoulos. Popular YouTuber Thunderf00t calls Milo an ‘idiot magnet’ and even tips his hat at Yiannopoulos’ extraordinary talent in this regard: if there is an idiot within 100 miles of Milo, you can be certain the idiot will show up at his event to be subsequently eviscerated and scorched into ash, like a moth to a flame. Milo’s talent is twofold: he articulates the problems ordinary people have identified as being a problem, and he draws out the corrective course of action proposed by an unlearned, out of touch, contemptuous liberal elite.

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