A hilarious new video from Campus Reform shows students at George Mason University trashing what they believe is a list of things Donald Trump has done in his first 100 days as President.

Little do they know that the list actually outlines President Obama’s first 100 days.

“Trump recently went on what’s called an apology tour,” ask the reporters in the clip, referencing a tour during which Obama visited the Middle East and acknowledged the United States’ past actions.

“Is that something you would like to see him stop doing?”

“Oh, for sure,” says one student.

“I really think he kind of overstepped his bounds,” replies another. “I don’t think it was up to him to apologize on behalf of a nation.”

In another segment, the Campus Reform reporters bring up Obama’s stimulus package.

“He would tax people then use that money to try and use the government to help create jobs. Is that something you view positively or negatively?”

“I gotta say,” replies one student, “that kinda would be a little – definitely more negative.”

See the full clip below.

Campus Reform

  • David Watts

    There’s the “low-information voter,” and then there’s the “no-information voter.” Epic trolling…

    • Guenther Wilke

      Trolling for sure- those kids were in middle school during BHO’s first 100.

      • David Watts

        And right now, today, they think President Trump is on an ‘apology tour’ of the Middle East. And only a tool would wear that t-shirt.

        • OverTheCoastline

          Can’t decide if he’s a tool or a drool. Probably just a fool.

          • LMinAppleton

            Stalin came up with a term for such sheep: Useful Idiot. When you see people like this, it’s easy to understand why the Elite have such contempt for the masses.

      • joemichaels

        Are you defending them? Because…it sounds like you’re defending them.

        • Tristan Chris Heiss

          probably one of them. Liberals think that they are adults..when they turn 35….

      • BooBooBaby

        I hope YOU are just Trolling!
        My goodness…..Geeze!

      • Paul Turney

        they might have been in middle school but stupidty isn’t an excuse … these people weren’t in middle school when Trump took Office .. but look they have NO CLUE about what he has done in his almost first 100 days !!! stupid people will stay stupid .. expecally if they stay sheep to FAKE NEWS like CNN / NBC / MSNBC / CBS dang still more to list not sure my fingers can keep up !!!

        • Guy Lewis

          stupid people dont know there stupid because there stupid

          • Scott Douglas

            *They’re, also *They’re

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            They’re, their, there…you will get over your obsessive anal retention , and it’s *they’re, also *they’re ..no capitals…. idiot. Thank you for the epic display of your arrogant ignorance. You would make a great liberal university teacher, since you ‘re so damned wrong.

          • hutch1363


          • Daniel Porter


          • Hayden Allen

            When you have no counter-argument and have to start correcting grammar https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0386ce4fc28305037ec838b2877986d3eba0b85d78bf642608b1ef1d6f1a5880.jpg

      • Ranzoid

        Great now I feel old.

      • FugNasty

        middle school?

      • Tom Sawyer

        Middle school or not, it doesn’t matter. Either you agree with what was done, or you don’t. That’s the whole point.

        They agree if one person does it, and disagree if someone else does the exact same thing.

        THAT’S the point.

      • Tristan Chris Heiss

        In Middle school I knew EXACTLY why POTUS Nixon was being Impeached. Just more proof of Comm(unist) Core ability to make children grow into exceedingly ignorant children in adult sized clothing. We are raising idiots, who will raise more idiots.

        • Jo Williford Shier

          Dead on

      • Catherine Diller

        What does age have to do with anything? They can’t read? If they don’t know what obama admin did, and not bother to research anything, than they should stay in their dorms until their name is called at graduation.

      • DaisyToo

        I see you’ve used Obama’s excuse for his own ignorance. Which is kind of interesting.

        • tawana__sharpton

          57 states?

          • DaisyToo

            That too .. but I was thinking of his lies about his grandfather being tortured by the British during WW2 and his shirking responsibility for his lies by claiming he hadn’t been born yet, so how could he know.

      • Happily Ever Autumn

        Lots of middle school kids, that I knew were educated about current events and could say what Obama did and didn’t do during his first 100 days. No excuse. Ignorance is a choice, for everyone.

      • LMinAppleton

        Middle school? No. They were in a youth indoctrination institution for socialist propaganda.

    • Blucross

      Today a 3rd type is rife within the American European voters and that is the “False information voter”

  • DeanC


  • Mike Suhor

    It’s almost too easy.

    You could take the first 100 days of Adolph Hitler’s term and do the same thing and these people wouldn’t know the difference until you told them.

    it is as if reality is a fractured concept to them

  • dipflo

    3 minutes and the video ends with a single reaction? Come on…

    • Chris Zeina

      Right?! “Ohhh wow” yeah totally worth the battery drain on my ipad hahaah

    • Suzanne

      I wanted to see the others esp. the doofus in the communist shirt.

    • EnchiladaEddie

      My thoughts exactly. I’m guessing they wussed out on the other interviewees.

  • Thrownatbirth

    GMU is a national asset when you want a dork with an idiot response.

  • Israel Moreno

    Mindless morons. They hate the president and they have NO idea why.

    • Ida Cook

      Their either paid by Soros or listen to their so called teachers. No free thought allowed in colleges anymore. These liberal colleges are more Nazi like than any Republican.

      • Kim Davis

        “They’re” either paid….

        • Ida Cook

          Sorry I used the wrong word.

          • Kim Davis

            Hey, nothing personal Ida. I just have this grammar habit when I read peoples’ posts. “There, their, and they’re” are my favorites. I know, I need to get a life. 🙂

          • Jerry Hart

            No. You have this CUNT habit. Fa cough loser

          • Katherine McChesney

            Seem that YOU have the *unt habit you loser.

          • Mark Roland Koenig

            It is funny when people who claim to be educated and informed, do not know how to spell check. If you want credibility, spell it correctly at least.

          • FugNasty


          • Tom Sawyer

            Jerry’s obviously an idiot with an insecurity complex.

            Grow up, snowflake.

          • Ripper4

            “…people’s posts…”

          • Johnathan Doe

            Well Kim thats because you are an arrogant ass!

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            well you were almost right. *people’s. Not as bad as this one who went full face stupid. This is an earlier comments snippet: Guy Lewis Paul Turney • 10 hours ago
            stupid people dont know there stupid because there stupid
            2 • Reply•Share ›
            Scott Douglas Guy Lewis • 9 hours ago
            *They’re, also *They’re
            1 • Reply•Share ›
            Tristan Chris Heiss Scott Douglas • 6 minutes ago
            They’re, their, there…you will get over your obsessive anal retention , and it’s *they’re, also *they’re ..no capitals…. idiot. Thank you for the epic display of your arrogant ignorance. You would make a great liberal university teacher, since you ‘re so damned wrong.

        • Ashleigh

          Get the fuck over yourself. If your only argument is correcting fucking grammar then please move the fuck on. It’s pathetic and extremely annoying.

          • Kim Davis

            Oh, Ash. You should take your own advice. Look at how upset you’ve gotten over my correcting someone else’s grammar I’m sorry you’re having such a bad day.

          • Ashleigh

            Not upset. It takes a lot more than that to actually make me upset. I’ll give you credit for your reasoning to Ida. I’m just not a fan of grammar police.

          • Denileriverafter

            USUALLY, when they start to correct your English, it means you hit a sore spot, and they can’t come up with a VALID reply. SO, they attack your intelligence, looks, education, where you grew up, etc… Makes them FEEL like they scored points on you. When, it actually shows how desperate they are. Makes me happy when they do it to me, because, it means I WON!!!! lmao

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            Just like when they use the word ‘racist’ while they are themselves being uber- racists..it is a strange form of hypocrisy, but they are strange so…..

          • Tom Sawyer

            Then work on your grammar, child.

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            same goes for Ida ,since she made a mistake as well, while correcting someone else..and look how far from the posts issue we have drifted here? Epic liberal side tracking.

          • Jerry Hart

            See. CUNT habit.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Which perfectly describes YOU.

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            and you ..and many more. The whole point of the post is lost.

          • Tom Sawyer

            Jerry wishes he had a cunt.

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            But..you corrected it while yourself made an error …*people’s. Just sayin’ luv..point out the dog poop whilst you step in it? 😉

          • joemichaels

            I DETEST these kids and their movement. That said, if English is going to be OUR language, we should use it correctly.

          • michele0767

            bla bla bla

          • Paul Turney

            no one in America uses proper English .. for instance .. look at this years new adds to the English lang. and we wonder why people who don’t speak English have a hard time learning it !!!

          • Mark Roland Koenig

            Sorry , people do understand how to write in the English language. Saying “no one in America uses proper English” means, no one in your trailer park uses it.
            Stop making excuses for lacking the discipline to write in clear and concise ENGLISH.

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            Perhaps it isn’t an excuse, but instead a FACT, as it is a by product of Comm(unist) Core. Just like Fluoride is a toxic waste by product of aluminum processing and is EXTREMELY destructive to the memory ability of those who consume it? These kids have been drinking fluorinated water all their lives..WTF did you expect to be the outcome? They are drinking a toxic waste that is on the top ten of the Poison Control Center’s List.

          • Devo432

            That’s true, but I suspect that when you see grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors, most of the time it’s just a typo.

          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            I use it just fine till I begin to write it…then all liberal hell breaks loose. Still for all my ‘ignorance ‘ of the written version , i still blew Kim Davis and Scott Lewis out of the sand box.

          • Devo432

            Most of the time when I see grammatical or punctuation errors, it’s a typo. I’ve made a few of those myself.

          • Mark Roland Koenig

            I think this is funny, and makes a point about being – dumb, or at least willing to be dumb. People lose their credibility when – they look dumb… Like trailer park class language.

          • Ashleigh

            Credibility? You do realize this is the comments section on the internet? No one has any credibility dipshit. And you proved my point, grammar police are petty and obnoxious. While I know it must make you feel special, it’s nothing more than a sad attempt at making yourself feel bigger than you really are.

          • Denileriverafter

            USUALLY, when they start to correct your English, it means you hit a sore spot, and they can’t come up with a VALID reply. SO, they attack your intelligence, looks, education, where you grew up, etc… Makes them FEEL like they scored points on you. When, it actually shows how desperate they are. Makes me happy when they do it to me, because, it means I WON!!!! lmao Usually, it’s just a typo anyway. Once had a guy TRY to call me on something, I had used a word twice in the paragraph, the 2nd time, I had a typo.. DUDE! REALLY? You think I KNEW the word correctly at the top of the paragraph, but FORGOT how to spell it by the time I got to the BOTTOM of the paragraph? REALLY? I guess you never had a typo in your life!

          • Ashleigh

            Lol exactly. I had a guy argue with me forever! His argument fell flat so he tried to call me out for using the text shorthand “u” for you, but failed to recognize his actual (and numerous) grammar mistakes. Needless to say, I kept those in my back pocket for the inevitable and notorious grammar Nazi tactic. Dumbass didn’t even spell his major right on his Facebook page.

          • Tom Sawyer

            When it upsets you so much it simply means you know you’re ignorant and can’t handle being reminded.

          • For the record, though: Kim was not correcting grammar, even though she thinks and states she’s been correcting grammar. Kim was correcting spelling.

          • Johnathan Doe


          • Tristan Chris Heiss

            yeah ….they use it (grammar) like they do the word ‘racist’. Yet they, themselves, seem to suck at it, A couple of prime examples on this page are, Scott Lewis and Kim Davis. I suck at grammar and stance, but even I could spot their epic ‘foot in mouth ‘ disease.

      • Devo432

        Only they’re not liberal colleges. They’re leftist colleges with leftist administrators, faculty, and students. Let’s stop feeding the government education monopoly.

    • BBK

      They are the useful idiots of the left.

    • Daviska

      Cuz the MSM told them to; that’s the only reason. They don’t even know what they hate. They cannot give any backup info or stats. They just regurgitate what they are told.

      • Mark Roland Koenig


        • Smokin steve

          Yea Cuz, suck a dick. Grammer Nazis are great at giving BJ’S fucking moron. He meant “because” you degenerate POS.

          • Daviska

            Some people just have to appear superior when they are actually inferior. He’s on a power trip; let him have at it.

        • Daviska

          Yes, AKA a short cut for “because.” Sometimes I’m lazy; deal with it.

        • Daviska

          Oh, and AKA stands for “also known as” in case you need a road map. MSM stands for main stream media. Hope this helps.

  • Jon Skinner

    oh yeah who could forget the day Bill Clinton was impeached for lying…. You have to try to be this stupid.

    • Brian Padraig

      He was. Impeachment is the process. He was ultimately acquitted, but yes, he was impeached

  • Stacyj Walters

    Where is the video with rest of the reactions?

  • David R Priest

    And these are the same people who are complaining that they cannot get jobs after graduating college. Ask yourself a question. Would you hire any of them for the LOWEST position at a company that you own????

    • Paul Turney

      if I ran a company that digs out sewage tanks that are damaged … I might .. just to watch the snowflakes melt / cupcakes crumble as they see what REAL WORK is about !!!

  • Justin Leeds

    Baaaaaa Baaaaaa I’m a good sheep, I think what ever I am told to think by the Liberal Media and Leftist Cucks

  • Not Amused

    This is why the morons who piss away a real education shouldn’t be allowed into college.
    We need to stop this fucking stupid belief that everyone “deserves” to get onto a campus somewhere.

    That idea was created and is perpetuated by, the only faction that gains from it, the big banks.
    Fuck them. You’re not special little snowflake, not get your ass back to Burger King where your “skills”
    can actually be a function towards society. You’re not COLLEGE MATERIAL !

  • myddrinemrys

    It is just like those videos of people protesting Dr. Peterson, Milo, Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, etc. If you ask them to articulate what beliefs the speaker has that they disagree with, they cannot articulate it. Or they give a ridiculous caricature understanding.

    • Frank Van B

      ‘ because he or she is a fascist/nazi/ kkk…..”

      • myddrinemrys

        I also love how the chant seems interchangeable: “No __________!” No KKK! No Fascist USA!”

        And of course they can’t explain WHY it is hate speech. They can’t explain WHY it is being fascist, and they don’t understand that by suppressing speech they don’t like, THEY are being the fascists.

      • Paul Turney

        yea love the way they call the Republicans and those that voted for Trump Nazi’s .. to bad they failed History .. Nazi’s were a Liberal socialist party in Germany … yep that’s right the same people these liberals voted for and failed to make POTUS .. Hiter-y and Bernie !!!

        • Denileriverafter

          Hitlery!! I love it! I’m stealing it! Tired of Killary.

    • David Watts

      “because… because… because Hate Speech! Reeeee….!”

      Notice the difference between the “protesters” of today and sixties-era protesters. If you asked anti-war protesters at that time what they were marching for, everyone you asked would’ve given the same answer: “To stop the war.” The message was so focused and unified that no one even had to ask. It would’ve seemed too obvious to ask. Where’s the focus now? It’s like those ‘Occupy’ marches: no two people were there for the same cause. So the impact and meaning of such protests is non-existent, except to get a good selfie, virtue signal, and blow stuff up. Wow.

      • Paul Turney

        not true they were there to protest Trump not because he doing anything wrong .. but because the Snowflakes and Cupcakes didn’t get their way and in the end didn’t get a NEW FREE thing .. to bad this stupid idiots don’t seem to understand someone will have to pay for it .. and if they get a high paying job guess what you will be paying for it for 20+ years and in the end will pay more for it in taxes then you paying for it out of your OWN POCKET !!!
        but hey they don’t teach common sense anymore or basic math / ecominey

        • Captnhook

          ..or / english.

      • Denileriverafter

        They don’t know. they just want their participation award, 15 minutes of “fame”, and MAYBE they will get to see an elderly man get hit with a bike lock, video it, upload to Facebook, and be see as “involved”. Rather than a dufus, standing around waiting for someone “cool” to happen.

  • Linda Reid

    The college text books have been geared for the way the liberals were taking the country for the last 20 to 25 years. It’s what they were and are being taught in school. Someone needs to fix the school system and the books.

  • Neoprene55

    Hysterical!!! These are the Obama and Hillary low information and just plain ignorant voters.

  • Hairatic Rick

    $240. Gosha Rubchinskiy Hammer And Sickle Print red T-Shirt, made in Turkey with over works, under paid, semi slave labor. Power to the people, HA! ????

    • Frank Van B

      Not to mention the harm this communist symbol caused to millions of people in the USSR and China….but this cuck has no clue ……

      • Hairatic Rick

        Hundreds of millions as I know you know. It is just hard to say of with so many far left wing psyadelic sissies wanting Communism.

  • Lanceman

    “We need to nationalize the means of production.”

    Idn’t that what Hitler, Lenin, Castro, Mugabe and Chavez did?

    • William Walter Wong Hollis

      at the very least claimed to try to do while killing millions of people…. at least if what I learned in history class is still accurate enough?

  • ARTS2000

    yep – low information voters

  • Gale60

    The sheep have spoken: Ignorance is bliss.

  • My Shocked Face

    Have to admit, when I was in college I had no ideas regarding politics. Just tried to focus on getting good grades, working my part time job and having some fun. Why can’t these kids just admit that?

  • “Gotta colectivize the means of production…” Says a non productive douchebag that is Incompetent of producing Anything! (Ok, except hot air and excrement, lol!)

  • EyeVey

    This perfectly illustrates the idiocy of many of our youth. ????

  • 1HughJassole

    Glimmering jewels of colossal ignorance.

  • Verbal Bomb Chucker

    College kids are IDIOTS. They think they’re smart when the truth is they’re clueless.

  • AverageJoe1987

    It just shows that the left knew Obama was a dud but were scared to say anything out of fear of being called racist.

  • LastSurvivorAR

    This is pathetic… but I’m not surprised those kids did it at all. Like someone said, they despise Trump, but they have NO idea what it is they hate so much. They have NO idea what he has (and has NOT) done… all it requires is that he’s not ‘one of them’, and their Professors think he’s ‘a monster’.


  • Dingus

    It is so disheartening to see the students struggling to make a comment that is intelligent but have absolutely no idea what the conversation is about. they know nothing of their own guy but think they know everything about their opposition. And what really is worse is that is EXACTLY how their own belief system wants them to be. Clueless. uninformed. Ignorant. And they allow themselves to be manipulated and controlled because it’s “easier” than being responsible for themselves.

  • UCBerkeley1995

    George Mason U should be ashamed.

  • KissMyGrits

    They are just parroting their anti-American professors. You could tell they don’t have an original thought.

  • Mr Beaujangles

    Fucking students.

  • Ros feldman

    Oh my, they really have no clue, do they. Ignorance is bliss!!!

  • Paulmatthew22

    LOL,.Stupid does as expected,.OH WOW! LMAO

  • joemichaels

    I *think* I understand what’s going on. People who choose to do their own research — and rationally investigate both sides of an issue (i.e. beyond the MSM drivel) usually end up as conservatives and protectors of free speech. Those who choose to go along with the narrative — either because they’re too lazy to do their own research, because they’ve been indoctrinated by friends, family, media, etc., AND/OR react to things more emotionally (than rationally) — largely end up as liberals.

  • Frank Van B

    That guy in the communist flag t-shirt……prolly not aware of the genocides this evil system caused to millions of people……

    • EnchiladaEddie

      He’s prolly not aware of his genitals.

  • misha1d1

    Not very bright are they?

  • Cody

    That arsehole wearing the Communist shirt amd advocating for Communism, needs a mud hole stomped in his arse and then deported to Cuba.

  • chris

    The thing that grated me most? Weimar being mispronounced as “Vee-mar”. I hope that guy isn’t studying that or he’s going to look like an idiot!

  • Howie Adelman-Ise

    This is fucking stupid on an epic level.

  • Howie Adelman-Ise

    Or a regular Milo/Trump level.

  • Greg Johnson

    Should have asked them one example of Trump being ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ or whatever.

    And no, quoting CNN or some other talking head does not count.

  • tn_tea _ partyer_420

    These people are perfect example of mine numb robots. They can’t even think for themselves. It’s depressing what the future brings To America with idiots like these. I hope the little fag boy with the commie shirt looks over his back now.Millions of people have died because they disagreed with Communist. I have lost Shipmates during the Cold War because of communist. A few men I knew would be alive today if we didn’t have to play fucking deadly games with the commies back in the 80’s .

  • After liberating Berkeley I should go here!

  • Jim Burke

    sooooooooooo what??????? We should start taking these “OH WOW’s” seriously? Would have love to see the reactions of the rest of the bimbos and bozos.

  • TruthHurts2013

    That guy in the ‘hammer & sickle’ shirt. If I saw someone wearing that I’d kick the shit out of them.

  • Trevor Evenson

    problem is, there are stupid people like this on both sides. If you voted thinking it makes a difference, you are the problem.

  • llred

    Just goes to show that colleges truly turn out educated idiots!

  • Bell Ringer

    Thank you: department of education, democrats and hillary.

  • Artur Krejčík

    wearing a pro commie shirt means you got shit instead of a brain

  • Ann

    Could have been a great video if they showed the idiot’s reaction to learning it was their Zero hero.

  • disqus_QYvLaKc1mj

    My brain … it hurts.

  • Joseph Ganci

    He would never apologize, he does not have too its always someone else’s fault. The economy is the slowest it has been in the last three years, great businessman. I think its kind of exciting watching him trying to bully North Korea by giving them a reason to act out. Two bullies in a nuclear pissing contest, outstanding twit ,or is it tweet.

    • SteppyJ412


  • lv1950

    Useful idiots. Their parents should demand a refund of college tuition.

  • Mark Goodwin

    See! you do go to college to get stupid!

  • There are few people in this country less educated than the typical college student.

  • “Oh wow.” Morons.

  • BooBooBaby

    Hahaha! This is your typical Lunatic Brainwashed Unhinged Uneducated Violent Triggered Jealous Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob DemonRat Snowflake Libt4rd!

    And I love when they are Exposed!! Lmao!

  • Kim

    It amazes me that they cause so much damage with their rioting, but they are opposed to guns?? Sheep, just mimicking their teachers and parents and can’t think for themselves. They gotta be a part of a revolution, just like the 60’s at Ohio State and that went no where….
    Like · Reply · Just now

  • juan

    i feel like people hate on trump just as a bandwagon. goes to show the “tolerance” for non-liberals we see here. people are hating on trump because you’re supposed to, and i’m not exactly a trump supporter myself.

    • #OffThePlantation

      They think that they’re fighting against the establishment but not realizing that they’re playing into the establishment’s hand.

  • michele0767

    Just goes to show you how UNINFORMED the college students really are and they are being led around by the nose by the Fake news media to be in lock step with the liberal agenda.

  • Vice Liberty Andreas

    Surprise, surprise, they only hate Trump because of the name alone. what a moron

  • Charles Hollier

    I remember Obamas Apology tour. Dumbasses.

  • Ranzoid

    The same thing can be done with Trump supports. A low information voter is a low information voter no matter who they vote for.

  • #OffThePlantation

    It’s always fun to see their reactions at the end.

  • Melinda Johnson Gamble

    Dumb ass college kids!

  • Mark Stone

    Anyone with any basic knowledge of what a lying POS #45 is would know these three hypotheticals are bullshit. How many people were asked that called you on your crap that don’t appear on the video? No different than David da lie dude’s edited propaganda pieces against Planned Parenthood. Just more right wing propaganda. Little Milo you’ve had your 15minutes of fame as a republican stooge, no go away.

    • SteppyJ412

      It would have been easier to type “Waaa!”.

      • Mark Stone

        Liebst du Herr Goebbels?

  • Ali Stearns

    Girls at end ‘Oh wow…’ Pfft yeah OH WOW (these are the ill informed ppl who are voting, bleeding hearts who know nothing except what liberal brainwashing has told them and they think they have the answers to the world *smacks head* cause they know nothing else and are to busy getting starbucks and snapping their fingers at poetry readings to gain actual knowledge for themselves). Now ladies and Gents in this video, if you come over to Nebraska I have some beach front property I’d like to sell you.

  • Rob H.

    “It’s just trying to fix band-aids at this point.” Uh… what?

  • mark larsen

    The current youth are the dumbest morons in history!
    They are facilitating the destruction of this country!
    SJW = Shithead, jerk off, whiners!

  • OverTheCoastline

    Yay! The youth of America. Can’t wait to see what this country looks like in 20 years, if there still is a country….

  • Tom Sawyer

    “Oh wow…”


    And do all college males look like limp-wristed nancy-boys now?

    (no offense, Milo)

  • OzzWorx


  • Tristan Chris Heiss

    proof the liberal universities dont teach.


    And that ladies and gentleman are liberals….. lying uninformed hate machines.

  • Shadeslinger

    Perfect examples of whey some people should NOT be allowed to vote. If you don’t know why your voting or what your candidate stands for, stay home.

  • Vicki Jones Pierce

    I would like to have seen EVERYONE’S reaction instead of just the two “oh wow” girls.

  • Richard Beltzhoover

    And these are supposed to be educated and comprehend current events.Furthermore, if they are the new generation God help america.

  • npet

    Good to see such well informed students , their parents and teachers should be proud . Be careful where you send your children to be educated their life depends on it .
    America needs COLLEGES OF COMMON SENSE —anybody know where those are ?

  • DaisyToo

    Oh wow 🙂

  • Bob Janvrin

    Brain dead, brain washed

  • Matt Olson

    I have a feeling “Oh Wow” was just another way of saying damnit im ignorant asf and on top of this im a sheep. But oh well im just going to continue on with my day and forget this ever happened.

  • Happily Ever Autumn

    That is so embarrassing and sad. Furthermore, I hope that fat bitch knows that even people who aren’t trying to pursue “higher education” (which has nothing to do with college, these days, btw) still need jobs, still need to support themselves and their families, and still have everything to offer society. She doesn’t even know which President is which; some “higher education”. Loser.

  • Mark Peace Thomas


  • Rebecca Hutchins


  • Marv Sannes

    Trump pins a Purple Heart on a guy wounded in Afghanistan? 16th yr. at war with the planet’s 5th poorest country? Do you think that soldiers would ask the Commander-in-Chief: What the hell are we doing in Afghanistan? Nope, no questions, please, this is an American war and we’re making some big money here, and some of us got to take a bullet once in awhile, I mean, some of YOU got to take a bullet once in awhile. “The pin looks good on you, sucker, eh, soldier”.

  • John Allison

    Just shows that all these kids “know” about Trump is what they’ve been told. Not a single original thought in their heads…

  • Ki Wi Birdman

    Where do morons wearing t-shirts with fucking hammer and sickle crawl out from? I’d send that guy to gulag for re-education.

  • Jack Gamatta

    Anyone notice the student with the sickle and hammer shirt looks just like pajama boy from obumbum commercial???That;s millennial masculinity.First arrogant pussy I ever saw.

  • mike

    ROTFLMAO at retards! Especially the Lesbian insulting working Americans not getting useless degrees in Gender Studies

  • Ivan_in_Phoenix

    A new whole generation of morons thanks to lib-prog educators. They should’ve offered ice-packs to the morons after telling them Obama had done those things. Troll level: MASTER!

  • Dante Alighieri

    Such tedium.

    Where’s list of things “Real America” believe Daddy has accomplished, but hasn’t — such as destroy ISIS with 100 days?

  • Their dear sweet teachers are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The other half of the Propagangstas is the Media to finish off the indoctrination. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8fed66abb5cf851c5b5193dc41802d0b5a9018db4ed41d0a34209260d5c427e4.png her

  • bob usarmy 62-65

    this proves that a college edjumacatun aint wut it used to b lol

  • 欧思廷

    Of course the guy with the commie shirt doesn’t know anything about politics or real life, how typical of commie sympathizers…

  • may19girl

    Dear Lord, please give us back the caustic and wonderful voice of Milo… gosh he is greatly missed….

  • may19girl

    Fools will believe anything…. sadly teachers cannot be sued for failing to teach… and those on the left continue their HATE FEST against those who don’t subscribe to their worldview… such a silly endeavor..
    especially when so much good could be done if folks would unite under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for ALL Americans…. sigh…

  • John Smith

    Tomorrows leaders from behind.