The new Chief of Scotland Yard in the UK has said that diversity is at the heart of her role after confirming that she is in a same-sex relationship with a Scotland Yard inspector, reports The Daily Mail.

According to the outlet, Cressida Dick stated that there is still “some way to go” to gain the confidence of the British public.

Dick also said that she was “slightly different” from other officers and that the forces were “chock full of people who are very diverse.”

Dick explained that her commitment to diversity will “mark me out” as the Chief Officer of the largest police force in the UK.

She went on to say “I believe passionately that we need to represent the public, that we need to have confidence from all our public and there’s some way to go for the Met, You will see me doing an enormous amount to try to improve confidence in our communities.”

According to The Daily Mail, Dick (pictured above) has confirmed she is in a relationship with a Scotland Yard inspector named Helen.

Dick doesn’t seem all bad. In fact, she will seemingly bring some positive changes to the force.

As The Daily Mail reports, Dick is pushing for more officers to carry tasers (Scottish police officers generally do not carry guns) and increase stop and search procedures.

Reducing the levels of violence, which includes gun and knife crime, will be her main focus in her new position.

After 31 years in the force, while tackling some of the highest profile inquiries, she applied for the position she now holds after Prime Minister Theresa May urged her to do so.

Dick has also taken a £40,000 ($51,000) pay cut voluntarily, which has already set her apart from her predecessor.

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