A clothing company designed a skirt featuring a Pepe the Frog lookalike has been shamed by liberals, resulting in retailer Zara pulling the item from its site.

In another case of social justice warriors ruining everything, Twitter SJWs lost their mind because a Spanish clothing company released a skirt with a frog on it.

The frog, according to the outraged snowflakes of the internet, resembles Pepe the Frog.

Poor Pepe the Frog has been accused of being a hate symbol after being appropriated for a wide swath of memes.

The blanket label of ‘racism’ can be linked to several lackluster attempts from the mainstream media to normsplain the great meme wars of 2016 – it just never works.

Harambe, God rest his soul, suffered a similar fate. At Florida State University Harambe Halloween costumes were condemned because Harambe memes are a type of cultural appropriation or something. Now, not just Pepe is racist, but any frog. Zara made the mistake of putting a pretty cool looking frog with sunglasses on one of their skirts – and SJWs made them pay the price.

Here are just a few examples of SJWs that were outraged by the use of Pepe, the horrible hate symbol…

According to The Guardian, a spokesperson from Zara says it’s not even Pepe on the skirt…

“The skirt is part of the limited Oil-On-Denim collection which was created through collaborations with artists and is only available in selected markets,” the spokesperson said.

“The designer of the skirt is Mario de Santiago, known online as Yimeisgreat. Mario explores social interactions through his work and in his own words: ‘The idea came from a wall painting I drew with friends four years ago.’

“There is absolutely no link to the suggested theme.”

Nonetheless, Zara has pulled the frog skirt from its website.

Watch MILO defy Clemson’s Harambe ban:


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