Military experts are poking fun at North Korea’s attempts at displaying military, stating the ‘weapons’ used by the communist country in parades are nothing but fakes.

The Mirror, citing western intelligence, reports that “even sunglasses worn by despot Kim Jong-Un’s elite troops are flat-lensed – making them useless in battle, as they give little sun-glare protection.”

The outlet goes on to cite former US intelligence officer Michael Pregent, who allegedly examined images from North Korea’s military parade earlier this month.

“The display was more about sending a message than being combat-effective,” said Pregent according to The Mirror.

Pregent allegedly added that many of the guns carried by the military members were toys and that the launchers were just “bullet-storage magazines.”

Image via The Mirror

Pregent made his remarks to Fox News, poking fun at even the suggestion that North Korea would be able to manufacture ammunition for all the weapons paraded earlier this month.

“Even the fingerless gloves being sported by some of those soldiers are more for show,” reads the Fox News article highlighting Pregent’s analysis.

“Some of our guys do have them, but most guys go all the way with full gloves based on the heat of the barrel from a round,” he reportedly added. “Not to mention, they’re fire resistant if you need to pick up something.”

Even Very Fake News CNN is calling BS on Kim Jung-Un’s weapons.

Now, of course, North Korea does have some legitimate weapons. But even those are garbage.

Earlier today, North Korea attempted to test a ballistic missile – but failed and broke up in flight.

According to NBC, officials state the U.S. knew North Korea would be attempting to test a missile. It exploded shortly after launch.

Still, President Donald Trump has called North Korea out on Twitter for its defiance.

The Mirror
Fox News
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  • Louis Badalament

    North Korea basically IS one giant military… and it can’t even supply all its soldiers with real weapons. Sad!

    • Ben Kuyt

      Well, it’s the Russians in WWII problem. One dude gets a rifle, one gets a clip and hope the guy with the rifle gets shot.

      • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

        But they won, didn’t they?

        • Ben Kuyt

          Well, yea, cause it was winter and two front war. no one ever wins a two front war.

          • Kommander Rahnn

            The U.S. did….

  • iainnahearadh

    Yes, Trump’s tweet,
    Although seemingly boorish and harmless, plays straight to the power rank and honour codes of the Asian conservative mindset.

    Now, most of China and quite a few other Asians Nations are rudely reminded that Fat Boy has “No Face” and may well have committed a “Disgrace” towards China.

    Fat Boy also won’t take such an insult very well, as it’s very clear to Fat Boy, that as a God King and the third of such in succession, the Chinese should be grateful that they are there to serve him.

    Then there is his aerial ordnance problem, it keeps on ‘shatting itself’ shortly after getting airborne.

    We can but trust that one of the Three Letter US agencies are indeed on the job, and that his aerial ordnance problem is their doing, however, sooner or later this lunatic is going to manage to burn somebody else’s’ house down, Like Tokyo or Seoul.

    However, Shangai and Taijin are also well within range of this Fat Clown and the Chinese must be clearly worried about Fat boy’s lack of mental health.

    Unfortunately, although something has to happen and it will, it’s one absurd theatre that nobody wants to buy popcorn for.

  • Pat Patrix

    Been saying it for years. N. Korea isn’t an legitimate threat. They’re still relying on Cold War era military tech and haven’t figured out long-range missile tech the rest of the modern world has had for decades at this point. They got their hands on some weaponized nuclear material, did a few tests where they detonated them, and haven’t been able to figure out a way to actually deliver the payload and most likely won’t have it figured out for years to come. Meanwhile we could launch a sub-orbital nuke in minutes if we really felt like it and wipe out their entire electrical grid without even harming the population.

    • Stephen Penton

      “they’re still relying on Cold War era military tech ”

      Times might have changed, but you can still kill someone with a rock or your bare fist if you hit them a few times. Old weapons don’t mean they are not a legitimate threat.

      • Pat Patrix

        It does if they can’t actually reach us. You think we’re going to go storming in and have a fist fight? That argument doesn’t even make sense. Not to mention you’re talking about a standing army that hasn’t fought for over 50 years, they have no real world training and no knowledge of what the rest of the world is capable. They’ve been living under a dictatorship for generations at this point, they have no concept of the outside world.

    • Ben Kuyt

      You do know most of the main firearms employed by the US soldiers were made during the cold war, right? The Ar-15 platform, which the M16 and M4 rifles are built on, was assigned as the US weapon for the military back in the Vietnam War.

      Just cause something is old doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. It’s all about how it’s employed and used. Look at NK. They’ve got all the materials you need to build a rocket, but don’t know how to make it work.

      • Pat Patrix

        They have a huge standing army and no way to deploy them. They could all have rocket launchers and mini-machine guns, it wouldn’t matter when they’re getting hammered with missile strikes from hundreds of miles away. And I was more referencing their missile technology along with their lack of an air or naval force. We’ve moved on since 1950’s submarines.

      • Kommander Rahnn

        It’s the M16 that the M4 and AR-15 are based on.

        • Ben Kuyt

          No, bud, you got it mixed up. The M16 and M4 are based on the AR-15.

          • Kommander Rahnn

            The M16 came first dude. Look it up.

    • informativex

      What electric grid? Have you ever seen the space photo of North Korea at night? It is already blacked out from lack of power sources. knocking out their grid would do nothing to them that they haven’t already done to themselves.

      • Pat Patrix

        The one over their capital. Completely fry what little tech they actually have.

    • Lancaster

      The North Koreans has almost zero capability of attacking the US… but they can do serious damage to Japan and especially South Korea. Seoul is like a 45 minute drive from the DMZ. The area has like 20 million people, tons of corporate/business offices and countless manufacturing facilities…. an invasion by the North Korean, while it will be beaten back, will cause hundreds of billions of dollars of damage. Even worse if they are able to detonate a crude dirty bomb there or even Japan.

      If NKorea attacks, then the United States automatically assumes control of the ROK military and is obligated to defend South Korea the same way they would protect any NATO ally.

      • Pat Patrix

        They do have a standing army numbering in the millions…but they have no genuine long range capabilities. S. Korea could hammer advancing tanks and troops with ballistic missiles from miles away the moment they cross that border. Hell a single deployed carrier from the U.S. could eliminate their entire army within probably a day if really pushed to that end. There’s just no benefit’s of N. Korea actually starting a war unless they really are that crazy. In which case China is far too pragmatic to put their full military force behind N. Korea and stand against other world powers, it’d ruin their economy. We should definitely get them to stop trying to advance their nuclear arms, but the idea that an attack is right around the corner just isn’t realistic. It wasn’t during the past 8 years of the Obama admin, nor the 8 years during the Bush admin. This is just more of the same, they’re no closer to launching a nuke today then they were 16 years ago when they threatened the same. Even their propaganda videos use special effects from a 1980’s Hercules movie.

  • January

    Makes you wonder if Kim Jong-Un would even let them have real weapons in their “parade”. That fat little mental child is probably afraid they would all turn on him and shoot him. That would be the best time for them to over throw that fat little ________. (Feel free to fill in the blank.)

    • Midak

      Mental child?

  • colorado2

    seoul is the only thing nk will hurt and hurt bad …..time for his own peeps to take him out

    • Jack Keating

      his own people won’t do anything because they’ve been brainwashed and had it beaten into them for the last 70 years that the Kim family are immortal god rulers.

      • BillR

        It only takes one.

      • cristina willigs

        they arent brainwashed, they are afraid for their lives, people are sent to concentration camps just for being weird or having a relative who is weird

  • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

    Lil’ Kim needs to go. But he has his people convinced that we will come and kill them all. We should prepare a soft landing space by preparing the people. They are desperate for food. We should try to get the UN – before we dump them – to carry out a country wide drop zone of food.

    Nothing through the hands of Kim and his Central Committee, just turn the whole rural part of Korea into a drop zone and rain on the MRE’s and hershey’s bars.

    • January

      I bet he does have those poor people scared that we’ll kill them but at the same time I think they are also scared that he’ll kill them.

    • Will Jenkins

      Great idea except if even one plane, especially a U.N. plane flew over the DMZ it would be shot down and trigger the war.

      • Bob N

        Maybe if they let Kim Jong Un know in advance he would allow a UN humanitarian food drop plane to come in.

        • Will Jenkins

          They could sure try but he uses food as a control weapon against his own people. He’s not about to give up that power I don’t think. Their famine and starving population was caused on purpose to control the population and also blame it on the U.S. and the U.N. to make them hate us.

          • Jaq

            South Korean NGOs have been sending balloons with info and food for years. Unfortunately if a North Korean is caught even picking up any of it, they can be imprisoned or worse.
            While it would be great if we could send food this war is a going to come down to information and knowledge.
            There are amazing brave people smuggling in USBs with information about the outside world. Information is Kim’s biggest enemy. That’s why all three of them worked so desperately to keep DPRK isolated.

          • Bob N

            Thanks for reminding me. I wasn’t thinking about thst

      • Fred Strychnewicz

        I think it’s cute how you believe North Korea’s air defense technology is strong enough to do that

        • Will Jenkins

          Maybe you should read up a little bit on their capabilities. Don’t you think our military would be flying over them day and night if they had no way to shoot down planes? China and Russia have been supplying them anti aircraft and helicopter missiles for years. No reason to be an asshole because you don’t understand the situation.

    • Rob M

      Hershey bars? Wow, you really hate the North Koreans, don’t you? 😉

    • Megan Pioch

      The problem is, no matter what you give to NK, they thank the Dictator. We have doctors going in and performing simple cataract removal surgery, and when their bandages are unwrapped and they can see, they thank their Dictator! No matter what we do, nothing will help. North Koreans will decide whether to remain oppressed, or escape. All we can do is give the ones who escape as much help as we can. Why? Because we ARE Americans, and this is what we do.

  • Mike Machin

    Now he has truly lost ‘face’ and will go to any lengths. If his ‘own’ take him out and allow the world to feed them it would be a great outcome!

  • hero37

    They are used to acting crazy and then the world calming them down by offering peace or food or whatever. Now, he acts crazy and we get defensive which makes him more crazy and us more defensive. He will either fight soon or lose face with the military.

  • Islander790

    I’m so Rone-ry!

  • Eek Eek Ooogada Boogeda

    The NK military is a joke. But, do they actually KNOW they’re a joke?

  • Lope Status

    Those aren’t launchers….they are hi-capacity magazines.

  • deplorable big dingus

    Kim sum dong needs his fat little ass fucked by Denis RODMAN . Once that gay baket ball weirdo shit all over those north Korean hotels Kim wants dong went crazy !! I think RODman might have nailed ol lil kim in his pooper

  • Pablo Jay

    Sadly, our experts have failed US at all things important. I’m sure these “experts” laughed at the thought of 9/11 tactics (before 9/11) until they didn’t (after 9/11).

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    I dont think it would be a good idea to bring live weapons to a military parade. The leader lives in fear of someone attacking him. And maybe NK is using these ‘fake’ weapons to deceive so-called experts into believing that NK’s army ain’t sh&shyit. The news we hear and read about that country and its failed missile tests and nuclear program could all be fake. Anyone here able to verify all that information? Do you trust the things you read about that country?
    Where are Saddam Hussein’s WMD’s? Just think about that.

  • gregg keyes

    air drop millions of pamphlets over every military base showing them what other countries HAVE, that they do NOT HAVE and what they COULD HAVE, without Kim Boy! Show them what life is like elsewhere, even in S. Korea, China, Japan other Asian countries.
    The thinking will begin. Planning for change will follow.

  • Michael Lewis

    Feels kind a like picking on the retarded kid at school. Unfortunately the kid has a gun.

  • Your average NK soldier is also a hair over five feet tall, and maybe 120 pounds dripping wet. Malnutrition has caused them to be on average short little runts. They have a lot of them, but they would get stacked up like cordwood by US and SK forces. The only thing keeping NK relevent today is the fact that they have hundreds of heavy artillery and rocket tubes pointed at Seoul.

    NK is mired in 1960s era military tech, and SK and the US would butcher them in job lots if they tried to make their war go hot again.

    • Jaq

      There is no doubt who would win, of course. The problem is how much damage a fight would cause, and economic strain on South Korea. The economic and educational difference between North and South Korea is many times more than it was between east and west Germany. I am concerned that China will argue for a piece of it. Even though it is historically, linguistically​, and culturally Korean. We got a glimpse of China’s thoughts on the matter from the revisionist history lies they fed Trump.

  • oplix

    the display is simply to keep the rest of the population in check

  • William Harkness

    so i guess the missles and nukes are fakes as well?

    • ssgtnelson

      Their missile systems are a joke… and if they can’t launch an atomic weapon it isn’t much of a threat. So we turn towards the more realistic threat… ground troops.

  • ssgtnelson

    North Korean military deserters have said that for years. Most just wear a uniform… that’s it. They’ve never held a rifle. They have zero training. A handful or allowed to fire a round or two each year for proficiency… but they aren’t issued a weapon.

  • Ted Boland

    Well, it only makes sense that a tyrant would not let all those guys pass in review with live weapons. Sadat made that mistake, once.

  • Lob Strumer

    NK Army can cause havoc, but only for about twenty-days, then their ability to wage war will be depleted. The line will be drawn at Daegu, Republic of South Korea. Then they’ll have no place to go but to hell..

  • cristina willigs

    i guess it would be an easier ride than irak