Two women on the London Underground got a nasty taste of multiculturalism when some Muslim women started hurling awful insults at them for being white. 

Luckily though, these two tough ladies were having absolutely none of it.

In the video, you can see the ladies completely shut down the group of Muslims harassing them.

Hopefully, the Muslims on the subway car didn’t get too offended because as we all know racism is what causes terrorism.

There was even a report that claims the London attacker ‘snapped’ after allegedly falling victim to ‘racism.’

Check out the video below.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this sort of thing is going on in London. Theresa May herself was the one that claimed it is wrong to call the London terrorist attacks ‘Islamic terrorism’.

The Mayor of London himself is Muslim and he even went so far as saying that moderate Muslims are “Uncle Toms”. This is the same guy who went into panic mode after Trump’s executive order and demanded that Trump’s trip to the UK be canceled.

Watch MILO talk about why these types of events should encourage the UK to leave the EU:

Tarek Fatah

  • tammy

    muslim thee most Hateful cult alive!

    • Ken Adams

      Looking at your face, I think anyone would become hateful…

  • 0bsoleteMan

    The people on the right are not British.

    • EM1

      People on the right? I think you are confusing your other hand, the left.

      • 0bsoleteMan

        I updated my comment.

        • Dick Merganser

          Still doesn’t make sense.

          • 0bsoleteMan

            How so? The people in the seat are clearly not British.

          • James Gibbons

            Just cut to the chase and say the muzzies wearing the hijabs are clearly not British, no need to sugar coat the obvious.

          • jakesdad

            Toning it down with “muzzies”. I prefer to call them goat fuckers… (Poor goats)

    • 7C Boots

      A British Muslim Citizen will never be a British Citizen, they’ll tell ya’ that themselves for free.

  • Jean Collier

    What were they saying?

    • Feminasties R Not Us

      Ugga hooga booga akmed halal

      • Jean Collier

        I envy your fluency.

  • Into the Void

    F*ck Muslims. That is all.

    • RJ

      Meanwhile Andrew Anglin and Daily Cuckers are crying about gay white males…. This is why is disgusting muslim 3rd world mongrels are everywhere – whitey is too busy fighting each other.

      • ManAgainstTime

        But isn’t your comment just part of the in-fighting? And now mine, too!?

    • rwg1949yt .

      your intuition is correct. The People vs Muhammad, The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran for the facts to support your advice.

  • Ryan S

    If it didn’t end in an Allan’s Snackbar beat down… Not sure it qualifies as a feel good video.

  • Islam is LITERALLY a cult. It offends ALL 21 directives the USA Department of Justice uses to define a cult.

    • Ken Adams

      Can you list all 21 directives with a brief explanation on how Islam fits all the directives? Thank you!

  • Reina Rose

    Someone needs to spray paint over the Islamic mess on the overhead advertisement.

    • Becka

      you mean the subway map?

  • Large Basket

    one of the reasons for the head scarf is to keep the lice from jumping away

    • That’s almost ‘white’ of them, lol!

    • Diana Alina

      best comment ever

    • Ken Adams

      But like nuns?

      • Large Basket

        nuns bathe regularly and don’t hang around camels

        • Ken Adams

          nuns wear head scarfs you empty basket

          • Large Basket

            they wear habits

          • Ken Adams

            Take a deep breath and realize that habits are also head scarfs and so are hijabs and you can’t vilify Muslim women for wearing head scarfs without vilifying Christian nuns who also do it.

          • Large Basket

            Christian women do not blow themselves up and kill other people. muslims do. so yes, I can mock them and not mock Christian women. It is quite easy actually.

          • Ken Adams

            Understand the fact that mocking a woman for wearing a scarf for their religion applies both to Christian women (nuns) and Muslim women(hijab).

          • Large Basket

            I am mocking them for their religion and head scarf.

  • Wrecked? You can’t even understand a word they are saying yelling over each other. From the sounds of it both sides in this were losers.

    • mikecnj

      She STOOD UP for hewrself : GOOD on her.

      • Glenn

        No. It’s sad she felt she HAD to defend herself to someone who shouldn’t warrant a second thought. Say fuck you if you want and walk off why stand around arguing with ignorant assholes?
        The whole thing is stupid and not worth writing an “article” about.

        • mikecnj

          Said Glenn : from his ivory tower.

          • Glenn

            You must have some pretty amazing abilities to analyze me like that. I bet you say the same thing to ANYONE who shows you a better way.
            And yea, insult the person without addressing the comment in any way, how intelligent and mature of you…. You DO realise when you say shit like that it just outs you as an asshole with no good points….

          • awake

            better to be alive have with “no good points” than being a dead self righteous evil enabler.

          • Feminasties R Not Us

            Glenn, the weaselly little coward, it’s because of people like him that we have this problem.

          • Glenn

            LOL right you know me so well…
            Have fun wasting your breath on people who want to kill you. You’re oh so brave.

          • Glenn

            Right, because saying the whole thing is stupid is self righteous…. Who the hell am I enabling by saying both sides are idiots?
            That makes no sense.
            If you think standing around arguing with racists who have no interest in solutions is “being alive” and learning to not engage in bullshit that doesn’t help anyone is “being a dead self righteous evil enabler” I truly feel sorry for you.

          • mikecnj

            Typical flake : instant resort to sht language.

          • Glenn

            If you have no interest in discussing things properly why comment in the first place?
            If anything you are the one acting like a typical internet commenter not addressing the point at all. This is fucking stupid. No one here wants to address the original point, its just babble nonsense and insults, which really is unfortunate.
            I’m out.

          • mikecnj


          • mikecnj

            It’s a “COMMENTS” board. Not a “DISCUSSION” board.
            BTW : Check Ur self-importance

      • Who did?

        • mikecnj

          monkey know … monkey look at video again … then monkey know.

          • I guess you didn’t read my original comment then.

          • mikecnj

            Got bored. Bye

          • You must be bored. Since you took the time to comment and said absolutely nothing.

          • mikecnj

            XOXO, monkey. Lots of lovies coming Ur way

          • I know.

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    I dont care if those women are white or black or whatever, they all need to SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

  • Hyna Hammond

    I wish they all go back to where they really belong their own Muslim land, where they can practice their religion, customs and traditions only maybe there will be world peace. Just stay where you belong and feeling at home in your Muslim countries. Give us Peace.

    • Luca Barbato

      No, here should not be a “muslim land”, The world will be a better place once we’ll have a pulled pork restaurant at the Mecca.

      • Ken Adams

        So defacing other religions gets your rocks on, huh? You weird little shit lol

    • 0bsoleteMan

      No kidding… they constantly complain about how “intolerant” western countries are but they keep coming here by the plane-load.

      • MissKittysoftpaws

        Because they want to spread Islam. It’s pretty simple if you think about it. Why else would they leave their own Countries where they can practice their sick beliefs without persecution? Think about it. At least we can’t say we didn’t see it coming because the signs are all over the World almost daily now. Latest in London, is acid attacks, look it up. London has a Muslim Mayor. The city is going to hell fast.

        • Heather Cross

          They only way they can spread islam is by breeding like rats. Their conversion rates are very poor and in fact in western countries many will abandon that shitty cult.

        • CTConservatives47

          Bernard Lewis, the leading scholar of Islam, has predicted that Europe will be majority Muslim by the year 2100. It’s happening sooner in some countries, like Sweden, that naively welcomed them with open arms. They know they can outbirth the West and have every expectation that they will be the majority in the near future. When that happens, Western Europe will be ruled by a primitive patriarcal culture desended from a mass murderer and pedophile–Mohammed–who created Islam as a religious justification for his evil and perversions.

        • Ken Adams

          Umm like immigration and emigration are pretty normal but nice to know ignorance is well and alive and pretty damn stupid!! haha

  • Sam Stoke

    if this were reversed, this would be on the daily mail, bbc, the guardian, the express…..

    • 0bsoleteMan

      And the British women would have been arrested.

    • David Mechner

      No, the daily mail and express are right wing.

  • john

    fucking cockroaches

    • Ken Adams

      Yeah you really are one

  • Zafer Ozveren

    The Muslim women were hotter. By a considerable margin…

    • DefiantDeity

      I hate to see what kind of beast you bring to bed… wolllffff

      • Feminasties R Not Us

        It was a typo, he meant sodder. I wonder if their mother or grandmother extracted their clits and if they’ll do the same to their little girls. What a despicable religion.

    • Nikk Person

      They probably are to you, since you’re only comfortable with fellow inbred types.

    • Storm Saxon’s Gall Bladder

      curious. Zafer Ozveren has made two comments
      on Discus. The other one was three years ago.
      He was lying then, too.

    • Omar

      No shit — they’re brainwashed into covering themselves in multiple layers of clothing in sweltering-hot weather just so they don’t get assaulted and raped by their male counterparts.

      Obviously muslim neanderthals are hotter, compared to civilized human beings who know how to dress sensibly.

  • mikecnj

    Entitled goat fkers … WAY TO GO, BRITIAN

    • Ken Adams

      You’re a goat fucker? Eww

      • mikecnj

        Hey SS07. How U doing.

      • mikecnj

        Hi SS07, howz it.

  • poloperlib

    What we are seeing here is stage 2 Jihad which means after stage 1 Jihad in which the minority Islamic populace cry out victimhood, they now are lashing out like predators toward the centuries old established culture of that country.

    • Stüntkök

      Kalergi plan in full effect

    • pablo


      should start posting posters of the Savior of Spain EL CID, after a similar act in spain, see how they react.

      • Heather Cross

        If you’ve got the video handy I’m sure we’d all like to watch it.

    • Derrique

      One more stage to go. I hope the UK rises up to eradicate them before it’s too late.

    • Ken Adams

      Did you really get all that from a subway confrontation. Do you like not take the subway or sm?!

  • Beld

    Come to eastern europe . Poland/hungary/czech/slovakia . 98% white population + its very safe here . ..

    • 0bsoleteMan

      And y’all did the right thing and built walls.

      • Dawid Trapp

        You all do the right thing and throw them away. Don’t wait for permission, just act while you can.

    • Feminasties R Not Us

      I’m on my way.

    • LindaRivera

      Sane and SAFE Beautiful Eastern Europe! The envy of Brits and Western Europeans! The countries who have patriotic leaders who love and protect their own people!!!

    • Christopher Grieb

      And some of the most beautiful women in the world! **checking flights**

    • Srikumar Kurup

      Very true…. ! Where ever muslims are there, there’s a problem or they will creat one . And added to that they breed like rats !!!

      • Ken Adams

        Or they become doctors and surgeons, engineers and store owners, and cab drivers and customer service!!! how terrible!!! sad !!!!

        • mikecnj

          And cut off his head and stone her and throw that one from a tall building and set that one on fire and

    • ManAgainstTime

      After suffering under the Soviet occupation, Eastern Europe wasn’t fed poison through the teets like here in the West. It was brutal, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but communism inadvertently saved Eastern Europe.

      • Agnieszka Szy

        Exactly. People in Poland had problems with outlander for many years. My parents remember that. We’re not naive, beacuse we know the threat. If polish goverment says that we won’t take “refugees”, it’s not beause we’re not tolerant, it’s just foresight.

  • chiarabrown

    We don’t even know how this started, or who started it, and what exactly did we see here? Some people yelling at each other on the train for reasons unknown. Thank for wasting 1:18 minutes of my time.

  • RicardoSousa

    Muslims are the scum of the earth. And so are liberals for ignoring this.

    • Feminasties R Not Us

      Do they actually believe all this BS about wearing things on your head is going to make you more holy, are they total morons. Why were they ever allowed into the UK in the first place. This stuff is driving me crazy. I hate to think what I’ll do if anyone of them starts up with me in public.

      • LMinAppleton

        To answer your questions: Yes. Yes. It’s part of the plan to destroy Western civilization in order to bring about a one-world government, totalitarian society.

      • rose sigut

        its the open border thing. trudeau has started that here. he has advertised it all over Europe. idiot.

      • Ken Adams

        But like nuns?!?!!?1?!?!

    • boredd

      This is an important statement. People who ignore this shit need a fucking reality check.

  • Feminasties R Not Us

    OMG. WTF.
    If they don’t like Western Christian culture, go the f back to camel land you f ing pieces or scum.

  • Larry Isaacs

    Psychotic Rabid Monkey Cult (PRMC) at yer throat, or under yer boot. You choose.

  • Steve_o

    It’s war or convert. Eventually people will have to choose.

    • Keesh Mantle

      I’ll choose war and my possible death before I ever convert.

      • Ken Adams

        I’ll choose common sense and logic and a little bit of reason!

        • Lorri Anne

          Ken, I think you mean you’ve chosen “virtue signaling” and “wilful ignorance” and a little bit of “submission”. Let us know how that ends up working out for you.

          • Ken Adams

            OP’s comment conflated the issue beyond comprehension. It reeks of paranoia and ignorance. But sure, why not? 🙂

  • HunchbackKing

    Glad to see the white women stand up to that bs. They’d been apologizing for far too long.

  • Katherine McChesney


    I was hoping that they would cold cock those Muslima whores.


    Sooner or later it’s going to come down to all-out war.

  • MisterGoldiloxx


    The myth of ‘radical Islam’:
    I have read the Koran / Quran. It states that Muslims are to give infidels (all-non Muslims) three choices: 1) convert, 2) be their slave and pay them a tax (Jizya), 3) die.
    There is also a practice called Taqiyya in which Muslims are allowed to lie to infidels.
    There was NO New Testament in Islam. Anyone NOT doing the above is the radical!
    Given the above how can you ever truly trust a Muslim?
    And anyone using the phrase ‘radical Islam’ has NEVER read the Quran / Koran.

    The audiobook and .pdf versions are available FREE online via an easy search.
    I work full-time and was able to complete it within 2 days. I dare you to match my effort.

    • SkepticalQuery

      I disagree; there is a “New Testament” and it consists of all the abrogated surahs, and is scattered about the Qu’ran in a somewhat random chronological order to help the objective of taqiyya.

    • Ken Adams

      Despite the obvious arrogance, if you work full-time that means you’re working 8 hours a day. For ease of calculations, let’s say your entire travel time takes 1 hour. That’s 9 hours. Sleep is 6-8 hours. That’s 15-17 hours. Waking up, showering, freshening up and getting breakfast is about an hour. so that’s 16-18 hours. Lunch: 17-19 hours. Dinner, 18-20 hours. So that leaves you about 4-6 hours to read the Qu’ran a day. If you’re reading in depth, actually trying to understand the translations, and spending time on comprehension, you’re reading about 20 pages an hour (if you’re a genius, which by your arrogance I’ll assume). That’s 80-120 pages a day. So the most you could’ve read in two days is 160-240 pages. That is if you have no life whatsoever and dedicated all your free time to just reading the Koran. However the Koran has 604 pages in almost all copies so even at Einstein’s speed, you couldn’t have read that in two days. If you spent 4 extra hours a day reading it and only slept four hours, you still would’ve only read approximately 120-160 pages a day, meaning you would’ve finished 240-320 pages at most, which is roughly half the Koran. So exactly how did you manage this, Mr. “I dare you to match my effort.”

  • Matt Garner

    I wouldn’t say they got REKT, but it’s still nice to see someone actually stand their ground against the self-centered little bastards.

  • Eugene Leader

    On a scale of 1-10 as far as being interesting, this video is about a “3”. Milo please practice better vid selection.

  • Jane Wilson

    Good for those 2 for standing up to those damn muzzys. Go back to your damn cesspool country and leave the rest of the world alone.

    • Ken Adams

      Umm everyone that’s not white did not immigrate to London. This might sound crazy, but there are people in London that are not white AND were born there. AND SOME OF THEM ARE EVEN MUSLIM?! crazy right?

      • Open Here

        She never said there weren’t any. Don’t build a straw man

        • Ken Adams

          verbatim: “damn muzzys. Go back to your damn cesspool country and leave the rest of the world alone.”

          But really nice of you to defend hateful comments!

    • Ken Adams




  • Charles Borner

    Tell them to shut the fuck up and hurry back home so they can suck their 95 year old husband’s dick.

  • deplorable big dingus

    I wish I was there Id have fucked the dude up just to get the ball rolling then punch the pisslam whores in their dick suckers 🙂

  • Zola

    Vote in the conservatives until all Muslims are out of England. They don’t respect or care about the English mores or folkways. They only want to impose their thinking on Europeans. GET THEM OUT!

  • Pat Patrix

    These fucking animals hate Europe and the western world…why the fuck are we bringing them in? Leave them in their shit holes to die. Tens of thousands of years to evolve their own culture and what do they have to show for it? Mutilated pussies that’s what.

  • Thomas Brown

    Why are muzloids such a desirable commodity? I forgitt.

  • Don’t take any shit from none of these people. Islam is a cancer anywhere it goes.

    • Ken Adams

      Yeah fk Islam! How dare those Muslim doctors save lives, or Muslim engineers invent, or Muslim cab drivers serve, or Muslim store owners own!!!! what the hell!!!1!1111111

  • Terrible Teddy

    what a bunch of Orcs . . .they don’t mind parasitising all the First World goodies, though!

  • Daniel Krill

    We give them an all expense paid trip and we’re the mother fuckers. Screw them and the goats they rode in on ! (From an ex Dearborn Michigan resident)

  • M&M

    they did such a shitty job in their home country they had to find a new place to destroy

  • disqus_GB8lUuziuG

    Appeasement doesn’t work, all it does is encourage more aggression. The only thing that works in the face of unrelenting aggression is domination, they need to either integrate or get out.

  • rumennek

    they believe they will own England soon and they will if the English don’t stop with the political correct stupid stuff

  • Derrique

    “White” is a race; “Muslim” isn’t.
    Islam sure attracts the imbeciles.

  • Barbara Abraham

    The EU are determined to change the West into multiculturalism societies, Yet Islamic Country’s as Iraq and Saudi Arabia would not entertain Western cultures! This on Its own should be a warning to the mentally sane, Which leaders In the West dont seem to be

    • Ken Adams

      English much?

  • Dante Alighieri

    • How can you trust anyone who cites the Koran as a document of moral authority? Stoning a woman for her husband’s infidelity. Throwing gays to their death? •

    Islam is wicked Period —D

    • Ken Adams

      How can you trust someone with bias and prejudice?!

  • Linda Otruba

    they rape little boys…. that makes them violently gay!

  • Marty Thomas

    elect someone like Trump if you want to keep the Jihadists OUT.Be honest with yourselves and admit you won’t stand for Muslim Sharia law in any civilized society.

  • Harambe

    yo how am i here

  • Rocky

    Sick of this cult. Sick of idiots clamming it is a religion. Need a bounty on them. Turn in a matching pair of hands and get a reward.

  • I’mfromflorida

    Ugly old white ladies

    • Agent 99


  • racist iconography 5000

    Imagin what happens when they pass the 20% overall population mark. Unbelievable these people are brought to our countries in truck loads.

  • Mauny Kaseburg

    There are still some very brave women in Europe. Stand up….march on, march on! Stand up for women’s rights!

  • rushthezeppelin

    Could anybody even understand what was being said? They were talking over eachother so much I heard hardly jack shit.

  • Jade Marks

    Come to America and try that crap. They would have gotten the shit smacked out of them and their hijabs shoved up their black Somali asses

  • Zafer Ozveren

    The Muslim women were hotter. By a significant margin.

  • True.Epic.Crusader

    Sacks of inbred low-IQ sh* t. Who the hell wears a garbage head on their head when they’re out and about?
    Garbage, that’s who.

  • Pray Hard

    Milo rules. Death to Islam. White women, keep your stupid mouths shut unless you can defend yourselves against the assault of moslems. I already know that only about 0.000001% of you even have a clue about how to do that and trained and able to do so. Live to fight another day. Train daily in martial arts, firearms combat and military tactics. Always carry iron. Until then, shut up.

  • Jennifer

    i got like every 10th word. what language were they speaking?

  • Crystal Rose


  • Julie drewls

    Jihadists and radical muslims must be controlled. Hitler has correct

    • Ken Adams

      you good fam? you need a shrink?

    • Open Here

      They could use Hitler now

  • Ken Adams

    How do I take this dude seriously if he’s wearing those sunglasses fml

  • Teresa Scott Bolen

    I could not understand a single thing anybody was saying since they were all talking at the same time. Total waste of time.

    • SplashAvoca

      Well, I think I heard that one of the white girls was pregnant. And the other white girl was called a white slut. And blaa blaa blaa…

  • MartelC

    a few years ago an English women did something far milder and the police tracked her down and she was forced to undergo reeducation and threatened with having her child taken away.

    We all know the authorities will do nothing about this.

    Muslims and other minorities KNOW They can use the system against us. I know extremely ‘racist’ chinese who hate blacks, etc but use the ‘racism’ and diversity ploys to gain advancement and sympathy from whites.

  • dspencer1969

    It’s coming, don’t be scared,be prepared. First thing everyone should do is get right with God. The next step is to get some training. It’s really that simple.

  • Dan Hassard

    Here in Australia we have a high profile muslim wife of a high profile commentator really, swearing that islam is all for women’s rights. The total shit people believe because they want to ‘feel’ good.

    Churchill had it right, If you weren’t progressive when young you didn’t have a heart, If your not conservative when your older you don’t have a brain!

  • Kyle S.

    What are these immigrants giving to their new homeland? What’s the appeal with islam? Is this something they orchestrated at a bohemian grove meeting or what?

  • Agnieszka Szy

    I’m from Poland, I live in Warsaw. It would be some kind of “suicide” if any muslim woman would behave like that in our country… Nobody would harm them physically, but probably they would start to regret they told any of words like that. It’s not about tolerance, but elementary respect.

  • Phil Mcgroin

    when you think about it , these radical cult members are pretty savage. they walk around dressed to impress, openly saying sleeping with children is acceptable, women is property, the country they are guest’s in must have it’s democracy shut down, gays must die, YOU cant drink alcohol , or should eat swine, have any other beliefs, and if you question THEIR beliefs, you should be killed. oh and suicide bombing children is the answer, to the lack of sympathy they feel, they are given.

  • Christina McClain

    Ban Islam problem solved

  • Johan Ferreira

    Note the pathetic fearful male standing with head lowered. Projecting picture of potential victim. “I am a candidate victim; you are free to come get me!”