A viral video making its rounds on Facebook shows a Muslim woman admitting the religion’s prophet Muhammad was a pedophile but going on to state there’s nothing wrong with that, citing the Quran.

According to Jookos News, the page that uploaded the video, the woman in the clip is a Canadian Muslim scholar.

In the clip, the woman opens by asking, “is it true that the prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, married a nine year old girl?”

She goes on to state that there is pressure on Muslims to address this issue, for which she claims there are reports supporting both sides of the argument.

However, she continues, “while evidence put forward to support the position that [Muhammad’s child bride] may have been older when she married may deserve attention, there is no documented report stating that she was older.”

“But, there are reports — authentic [documents] that do clearly state that she was six or seven years old when she married and nine years old when she consummated the marriage.”

The scholar goes on to state that the marriage was not wrong.

See her justification — including quotes from the Quran — below.

Subsequently, a number of people have commented on that video with derision.

Jookos News, Facebook

  • As liberals circle the wagons around Mohammed, Roman Polanski and every other pizza-loving creep.



      • Brian Schreck

        Soros pays dem bills tho bruh, hes my favorite nazi jew!

        • arena

          This Kuschnar guy is just a liberal troll trying to dirty this webpage so feminazis/liberals can go cry for its closure, so dont feed the troll.0

    • ActivistAngel

      Why do we fall in to the “liberal” divide and conquer trap? There are plenty of pedogate pedophiles that claim to be “republicans.” Look up the Franklin Scandal. Look at Ms. Lindsay Graham swooning over a nice war that will bring refugee children to her dungeons and lots of death to please her master.

      • SallyForth

        Because in a Judeo-Christian culture like the US regardless of what party you’re in you will eventually be arrested and imprisoned if paedophilia is proven.

        When it’s widespread in a Western country it will also often undergo a public inquiry in which the victimisers will be perp walked in front of the cameras as has happened often.

        People with a Christian background also do not deify a religious leader who married a 6 year old and consummated a marriage at 9 thereby causing paedophilia to be much more widespread and accepted in Islamic culture then it is in the US and elsewhere.

      • Because it’s not. Liberals coddle sex offenders.






  • Bad_Hombre

    Piss and Shittings be upon him.

    • tanzeel


    • Mister Grimm

      I prefer May he burn in hell forever.

  • mark white

    I took a Mohamed this morning and wiped
    My Muslim when
    I was done

    • Rotu

      Oh, oh, oh. Man.

  • Mike Repluk

    I’m proud to be an Islamophobe

  • Bill Rowland

    Incidents of rape, bestiality, pedophilia, baka bazi, and homosexuality in muslim culture are off the charts. All these incidents of rape and molestation of European children at public pools and in school bathrooms are prime examples of what happens when you bring a sick and twisted culture of humping muslim animals to your country.

  • Izula

    Rape boys, but stone gays?

    • matrixisreal

      Throw acid in women’s faces, murder woman after they are raped, and don’t forget that slavery is totally cool.

      • sarrahsue

        and not even hidden away.

    • Bobby Barnes

      And stone girls who are raped and become pregnant out of wedlock… they were silent, they were asking for it.

      • Robin Martz

        And the WOMEN support this disgusting behavior!!

    • AverageJoe1987

      I guess they kill gays because the idea of both guys being consenting adults is what offends Muslims.

      But if one is underage and forced into it, then Muslims are cool with it.

      • Sean Brinson

        Actually if a man is raped by another man, they kill them both anyway. The rapist is seen as insulting Allah’s word willingly through his actions, and the rape victim is seen as insulting Allah’s word through not fighting hard enough to defend it. That religion’s fucking mental.

    • arena

      Yeah this is very common, i really thought about this a ton of times when i heard… They hate gays but a ton of boys/men get raped in conflicts dealing with muslims…

      Maybe they have a secret law also that in certain situations raping men does not make you a gay… Religion of peace is very logical as you all know…

      • Pat Patrix

        They believe that rape sends the victims soul to hell when they die.

      • Dianne Adair

        Look up on youtube Imam says its alright to commit sodomy in the name of allah for jihad. Talk about making room for explosives.
        Yea right like we believe that….dripping with sarcasm

    • Dahjer Cana’an

      Apparently the excuse is to assert male masculine dominance and if the victim of the rape is not masculine then it show’s that he wasn’t masculine and Alpha enough to not be raped making victim of the rape the “gay” one. Two things here.

      1. The victim of the rape is considered the “homosexual” and would be more likely the one executed as ordered by Sharia.

      2. A male who is not considered masculine is also considered a crime in Islam and is even stated in the Sharia that such men existing is an abomination that should be “purged” i.e. executed.

    • Bretton E. Ferguson

      Most Muslims are closet homosexuals. Especially Turks have that reputation for a reason. They screw animals, boys, guys, little girls, whatever, it’s probably because they are inbred and and have genetic retardation.
      I’m not making it up, Google it, if you marry your first cousin you get to many copies of the same genes, if everyone in your family has married their first cousin for 50 generations, and your family tree looks like a double helix, it multiplies the genetic defects.

      • Robin Martz

        They are the most disgusting human species on the face of the earth. I had no idea, with everything I have seen and heard about, that the human animal could get ANY worse. But with Muslim’s, they are the lowest of the low! The lowest, most perverted, sickest, sickening, and evil of all human beings. Bar NONE!

    • Katherine McChesney

      Remember that they engage in beastiality with goats.

    • Divina

      Twisted – aren’t they? Prophet Muhammed himself believed himself to be possessed! Was trembling with fear and could no longer handle it so he decided he would commit suicide. He was climbing a high mountain determined to commit suicide, but the voice of Allah spoke to him in flattering and endearing terms and discouraged the suicide.

    • Trevor Evenson

      they got it half right

  • Peter Solomon

    Fake Prophet Muhammad – piss and shit be upon him!

    • sarrahsue

      where is your evidence of her killing him? i just did a search and found no evidence of it. please support your claim.

      • lurker

        Aisha was not a Jew. (the Jewish “slave/wife” was Safya, also another sad & painful story)

        i have not found any evidence of she killing him. but deep down she must have resented him so much that she (allegedly) had an affair + she started the 1st civil war in Islam shortly after his death.

        Aisha said he complained to her that the poison was still hurting in his guts years later. if the rumor had been true, she may have fabricated his sayings to cover.

      • Peter Solomon

        Sahih Bukhari / Book-51 / Hadith-49 Safiyah was her name…she’s the Jewish woman who Muhammad took as a wife after killing her family and beheading her husband. What kind of a Prophet is that?

  • coshbuc

    And that’s why we say FUCK ISLAM

    • sarrahsue


  • Alicia Stewart

    He was still a rapist….he was a pedophile….you can’t justify the rape of children….pigs are a cleaner than you are

  • Dion smith

    Hahahaha yes the Muslims The more they explain themselves, the more sick and twisted our understanding of them becomes.

  • sarrahsue

    NOT CONSUMMATED. she was raped at age 9.

    • Shawn Ferrie

      I think your comment constitutes Islamophobia under our Prime Minister.

      • Rotu

        I’ve been wondering about that. How is M-103 going to be enforced? I’m guessing it’s going to be pretty difficult to monitor the “web”.

        • DiscusDang

          Paging Snowden…?

      • DiscusDang

        And pronoun crimes…!?

  • Shapster

    This is why so few Muslims are able to take part in televised debates – if they talk honestly and candidly, they expose the foulness of their own religion and culture. But even when this type of story does come out, the liberal PC left / main stream media will not criticise them; they simply fall silent.
    And THAT is why Milo, Breitbart and others like them are SO important to the world due solely to the power of the Internet. Long live the new media freedom…

  • Bobby Barnes

    Silence for girls, even as young as nine, means they consent to sex? Everything
    Feminists say they are opposed to are epitomized in Islam, except, hatred of
    the West. Leftists and Feminists owe an apology to Bill Cosby.

  • AverageJoe1987

    Well of course Muslims advocate for molesting kids.

    Their prophet was famous for having a 6 year old wife who he finally slept with (actually RAPED) when she turned the ripe old age of NINE.

    • lurker

      i read that he had been “thigh-ing” her for years;
      also she said she was sick for a long time (years? maybe). otherwise, he would’ve raped her much sooner.

  • Dawson Craig

    Did anyone else catch the part at 7:18 when she quoted Mohammed (piss and pork be upon him) as saying “her silence then means her consent?” No? Just me? Okay.

    • Fandrie Koh

      This is very bad Mr Craig. I think the western society is going bonkers accepting such perversed ideology into civic society. And they are not even shy about proffering such justification for their prophet . Its sick.

  • Carmelle Sohn

    You ridiculous Muslim hag–SHE didn’t consummate anything at 9 years old; she was RAPED. This is the scourge we are importing–strong work LIBERALS!!!

  • Rotu

    “SHE did marry at the age of 6 or 7. SHE did consummate the marriage at age 9. And SHE did remain in the marriage until SHE was widowed for 9 years.” Amazing that this “Muslim scholar” can place ALL of the responsibility of this barbaric treatment of a child ON the female child — especially, when girls and women have NO rights under Sharia Law, are thought of as less than beasts, and treated as such.

  • LindaRivera

    Our Glorious, Awesome Creator, created every human with infinite Love and Care!

    Adults are required by Almighty God to protect children from mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual abuse!

    Who will dare to ANGER our Precious Creator by abusing the children He gives as beautiful gifts?

  • posse rush


  • Ricardo Almeida

    Aisha, a brain-washed sexual slave suffering from Stockholm syndrome who didn’t know any better, is obviously the best source to use in order to support your fucked-up sexual practices of marrying and sexually abusing young girls who won’t or can’t speak out. :/

  • Seventh Angel

    Democrats support people who rape little children, so why are we surprised they support Islam and it’s pedophilia practices as well?

    • ActivistAngel

      Nothing to do with democrats, fellow angel. Watch the documentary “Conspiracy Of Silence” about the Franklin scandal.
      Blackmail and satanism are bipartisan.

  • Frangi

    Agitation and curses be upon him.

  • novictim

    People have claimed that Islam could become reformed if only it had a
    “reformation”, a returning back to the basics, the spiritual roots, as Christianity finally did.

    I am certain that that cannot actually happen because,
    when all is said and done, Islam is driven by the life and sayings of
    Mohammad, a murderer, liar, child-rapist and slaver who is supposed to
    be the “best exemplar” for all mankind.

    You cannot make silk purses out of sow’s ears. Muslims who say that
    you can make something decent out of Islam are lying to you just as
    Mohammad taught his followers in the 7th century to lie in order to gain
    advantage for the cult.

  • Islander790

    Why can’t somebody in power just say fcuking little kids is WRONG! It was wrong then and it’s wrong now.
    Jeez what’s with this sick fcuking cult!?

    • Imagine one of us saying that Jesus was wrong for something. Granted, we’re very, very hardpressed to find something we would argue is racial profiling or something, but Mohammed was a legit piece of shit. Can’t be a follower of a religion while insulting the guy whom you say is perfect and uncorrupts God’s message.

  • Marie Tarr

    I am reading the book: CHASING A MIRAGE: The tragic Illusion of an Islamic State. By TAREK FATAH. Islam has been led to confuse Being in a state if Islam (peaceful religion) , and an Islamic State (Conquest by the sword.) Originally, The Prophet was giving his people a Peaceful doctrine, but unfortunately , the follwing leaders brough back the savage tribal traditions of the 7th century people of the sands….Did you know that Muslims should be horrified to know that the House of Saoud is destroying the houses of the family of the Prophet to build high-rise buildings? (Money talks.)

  • Michelle Marie Butler

    I had read something awhile back that I commented on about it seems like their little prophet was a pedophile and used that’s to start a religion and whatever his NUT JOB SICK ASS THOUGHTS WERE he put in this quran. So now having this woman TOTALLY CONFIRM IT! And we want to protect these people ??? Really!!

  • Stuart McHardy

    Mouldering Mo, may his grave be voided upon forever…..

  • ActivistAngel

    This is why the blackmailed child raping ring at the top is so hot for “muslim” values to be embraced. Watch the documentary “The Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan.”
    As their crimes are uncovered, they are trying to normalize their actions ahead of the worldwide citizen’s investigation.

  • Casmige
  • True.Epic.Crusader

    Not surprised, muslims are savages.

  • Jan Nestor

    this is fucking…I mean how the fuck can you defend this cult



  • Josie

    Approved morally by all around him. Proving God Almighty was nowhere in the vicinity.

  • fishydude

    She completely ignores that Muslims use this to justify selling little girls to pedophiles and calling it marriage.
    The historical context is irrelevant when Muslims are still doing it today.
    Muslim refugees are raping boys and when caught are saying “but it is was okay back home!” “My religion says it is okay.”
    Islam promotes the use of rape as a weapon against non-muslim societies. But she says nothing about that. She is a brainwashed, brain dead submissive slave to Islam.

  • Jack Walker

    Did this girl have a choice…no

  • TheHutMaster

    Hang this bitch, NOW!

  • Bretton E. Ferguson

    I love Muslims who say it was okay because it was socially acceptable 1,400 years ago. But homosexuality is still bad. But I thought it’s okay as long as it’s socially acceptable in this time period?

  • Disgusting!

  • AJ Bernard

    Here’s the problem: Muhammad, according to the Qur’An, is the pattern of conduct for all Muslims. What he did, they do. That’s why so many of them grow their beards but shave their mustaches… it looks ridiculous, but they do it because he did.

    The Qur’An tells Muslims to do what Muhammad did. If we, then, believe what this speaker says, that makes sex with 9 year old girls the pattern of conduct for all Muslims.

  • Bretton E. Ferguson

    She rambles on about puberty, menstruation, and it was socially acceptable and legal. She has lost the plot. The question is who gets turned on enough to get an erection to have sex with a nine year old girl?

  • Bernie Lounds

    I believe anyone who would follow the teaching of the Quran is a sick S.O.B. anyways.

  • Ravn Rey

    you would think, their allah would know and want people to follow a prophet’s actions for the future and be a great example! OBVIOUSLY allah is satan and hence muhammed!
    Let’s compare Jesus and Muhammad.
    – Stoned women for adultery. (Muslim 4206)
    – Permitted stealing from unbelievers. (Bukhari 44:668, Ibn Ishaq 764)
    – Permitted lying. (Sahih Muslim 6303, Bukhari 49:857)
    – Owned and traded slaves. (Sahih Muslim 3901)
    – Beheaded 800 Jewish men and boys. (Sahih Muslim 4390)
    – Murdered those who insulted him. (Bukhari 56:369, 4:241)
    – If then anyone transgresses the prohibition against you,Transgress ye likewise against him” (Qur’an 2:194)
    – Married 13 wives and kept sex slaves. (Bukhari 5:268, Qur’an 33:50)
    – Slept with a 9-year-old child. (Sahih Muslim 3309, Bukhari 58:236)
    – Encouraged his men to rape enslaved women. (Abu Dawood 2150, Qur’an 4:24)
    – Ordered the murder of women. (Ibn Ishaq 819, 995)
    – Was never tortured, but tortured others. (Muslim 4131, Ibn Ishaq 436, 595, 734, 764)
    – Advocated crucifying others. (Qur’an 5:33, Muslim 16:4131)
    – Died fat and wealthy from what was taken from others in war or demanded from others in tribute.
    – “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” (John 8:7)
    – “Thou shalt not steal.” (Matthew 19:18)
    – “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” (Matthew 19:18)
    – Neither owned nor traded slaves.
    – Beheaded no one.
    – Preached forgiveness. (Matthew 18:21-22, 5:38)
    – “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”(Matthew 5:39)
    – Was celibate.
    – Did not have sex with children.
    – Never harmed a woman.
    – Never encouraged rape. Never enslaved women.
    – Suffered torture, but never tortured anyone.
    – Was crucified himself.
    – Demanded nothing for himself. Died without possessions.

  • Freudz Wet Dream

    Good news for dirty filthy pedophiles, peace and blessings be upon them.

  • Robin Prestwood

    Like a 6,7,8,9 year old little girl understands ANY of this. She can say no? She can divorce? That is why the laws in the west refer to statutory rape. They are not old enough (chronologically or legally) to be able to make such an adult decision. It is rape now and it was rape then. And it still continues to happen today in the Muslim community. And, yes, with less frequency in other fringe groups as well.

  • livinfree2010

    Sometimes I wonder if liberals want to import muslims just to make pedophilia legal.

    • Jennie Henney Zellers

      WOW….You’re probably right! For almost a year now I’ve been incredulous as to why liberals would coddle such a legalistic group. Now this all makes more sense. Thank you.

      • livinfree2010

        I think it’s actually two reasons. 1. They are ok with pedophilia and 2. No matter how great their new host country is, they want Islam and they would easily vote to override any constitution or style of government that interferes with their barbaric beliefs. The globalists see them as their best chance for a one world government AND a way to exterminate those pesky white people.

        • livinfree2010

          Correction, 3 reasons. And probably the very first reason the left loves these people is the mutual hatred of Christianity.

  • maggeedee

    There is a special kind of hell for this woman who would defend this sick ideology

  • I’m SURE the left has an excuse for this… I mean ‘kill whitey’ USED TO BE the words of a troubled youth… now such an utterance is ‘brave,’ ‘warranted,’ ‘accurate,’ ‘inspiring.’

  • Vince Kelly

    savage muslims are not comparable with american laws or morality , ban them and deport them

  • cyran

    so fucking annoying how she keeps saying “Blesses and peaces be upon him”

    you know, outside all the other sick shit she said.

  • DiscusDang

    More rubble, less trouble?
    MOAB 2017!

  • Fandrie Koh

    “The marriage between a 6 year old and muhammad was accepted by her parents, by the people around her and even by his enemies. So this shows that at that period of time, its acceptable to marry a six year old.” No madam. This shows us how perversed the society was at that period of time. Please fucking wake up and face the reality.

  • Robin Martz

    Oh my gosh. They will justify everything. Funny though because tons of old doddering sick Muslim men “marry” young girls and rape them to death. This woman , if you want to call her that, is sick in the head. What disgusting PEOPLE!! SHE is gross!!

  • Barbara Frank

    Pedophilic apologetics! Wife beating, child rape and if you cannot contain your urge,beastiality. Torture, murder infidels, take sex slaves – there is a quranic verse and hadith for each… How would a 9 year old ever understand marriage let alone be happily married to a 50 something year old perv who had a total of 15 wives? Islam means “submit” and muslims terrorize their own, not just infidels. Nothing peaceful about this religion.

  • moneyol

    This is further unquestionable proof that the Quran is a book written under the inspiration of Satan, an instrument of domination of the poorest and weakest by wealthy (governments of Islamic countries) and possibly (thanks to the globalist left) a probable return of human civilization to the age of darkness.

  • Trudy Its-the Principle

    To me the fact that they have a woman espousing this crap is a huge indication of social manipulation of normalcy. preparing us for the raping immigrant muzlum males have in mind ….. ALWAYS HAVE IN MIND. The bombing did kill all their sheep after all, suppose its not a wonder they need an alternative. Perhaps #juscumtrubag would allow these men to babysit his young son so we all can determine if our sons will be safe from this sexual preference muzlum men openly exhibit.

  • Porus

    Aboo Buc kher & Great Prophet : “You marry and ‘consummate’ my 6 year old. And I will marry & ‘consummate’ your’s”.

  • Porus

    Islam. Murdering, raping, looting, pillaging, kidnapping and destroyng the world over.
    For 1,400 years.

  • TheGuardian

    You know what I find offensive? This bullshit source has the BS title “Canadian Muslim Scholar” I call BS. What’s her name? Where does she teach, what University? Why is she speaking with a British accent? There is no source indicating she is a Canadian scholar. What the fuck “According to Kws News???” Fucking lies to tarnish Canada.