Despite being habitually obsessed with the Trump family’s every move, several mainstream media outlets have apparently failed to mention Melania Trump’s visit to a group home for abused children.

The Palm Tree Post reports that Melania Trump visited seven girls at HomeSafe, a facility in Florida that houses victims of abuse and domestic violence.

“This is a day that the girls will never forget,” said Matthew Ladika, HomeSafe’s CEO. “It was extra special and touching.”

According to Breitbart, Melania brought Easter baskets and stuffed bunnies with her, handing them out to the shelter’s residents.

She also reportedly spoke to the girls for nearly one hour.

Liberal outlet The Hill – which covers everything from changes to the President’s travel route to plummeting rates of tourism from Mexico –  apparently ignored the story altogether as of writing.

CNN has apparently ignored Melania’s good deed as well, choosing instead to focus on stories like Janet Jackson’s releasing of her baby’s photos.

So who did cover the story? Here are a few sites.

Screenshot, Google

Now, it’s not like the mainstream media is completely disinterested in anything to do with the Trumps and Easter.

Just days ago, outlets like the Daily Star, CBC, and even The New York Times declared that the Trumps needed to get cracking on organizing the traditional White House Easter Egg Roll.

Palm Tree Post

  • Ron Scott

    We love you Ivanka !

  • positively4thstreet

    the sad and twisted MSM could not say anything nice about anyone related to Trump if their lives depended on it. I’m sure the girls appreciated this at Easter.

    • Correct because they are very horrible. If you do not see it, then you don’t really love your country.

  • Barbara Barrington

    We love you Melania……

  • DaisyToo

    Melania is a powerful woman, deeply maternal, doing powerful things as our FLOTUS.

    Cannot even begin to express how relieved I am that MO is no longer FLOTUS. Among other things, MO took a lovely traditional Easter egg roll done on the White House grounds and turned it into a 3 ring circus. Melania is returning it to right sized; she’s using her influence soberly and kindly.

    • OMG that is truly hysterical.

      • DaisyToo


        • Darlin with all that hysteria going on in YOUR head I wish you a good therapist. I am not hysterical, alas it is YOU.

  • Sasha

    Unlike Michelle Obama …Melania doesn’t need tor want the attention for her acts of charity.

    • Jonathan Sinegal

      And why are we seeing this if she doesn’t want someone to know about it. She could have told the people not to mention anything about what she did on this article.

      • Sasha

        Duh … the news didn’t cover this when it happened. Can you read ? And unlike Michelle Obama …Melania doesn’t try to CONTROL the press or the pictures posted..

        • Jonathan Sinegal

          Oh like her husband Trump who banned media outlets who he disagreed with. You Trump supporters are really sad. And I don’t care about Michelle Obama. I was just pointing out your delusion about Melanie not looking for a photo op.

          • Sasha

            You LOVE Michelle Obama. Everyone knows it. LOL Obama banned fox news . Guess you don’t remember that! You still failed to understand what the article was about. DUH.

          • Jonathan Sinegal

            Get some help woman. Your mind is lost.

          • Sasha

            You mind has been lost on Michelle Obama. LOL. You still haven’t grasped the article though so back to your sandbox.

          • Not even congruent with the article….stay focused Sasha you need to fill you nasty quota.

          • Sasha

            Wow Tracy …if I ever stop fast I could spit you out of my mouth. My own personal stalker! You follow me around like a puppy dog in heat. Now back to your sandbox.

          • Sasha

            It’s obvious you don’t have one. LOL

          • You are a nasty thing, aren’t you?

          • Sasha

            So you don’t remember. Just admit it loser.

        • you are deluded

          • Sasha

            Did they just let you out of jail or something. These posts are 4 months old. Bahahahahahahahhahhahahaha

    • She rarely does anything to report on. Michelle did many many things that you never gave her credit for. Do you recall the broohaha over a no sleeve dress with Michelle? Yet, Pat Robertson (allegedely a man of god) speaks of Melania’s nude photos as art…not the modelling ones….the one’s she did for that orange idiot so they could get frisky…..omg you guys come on!!!

      • Sasha

        Michelle is really a man in drag and never did anything but spend the taxpayers money on assistants and luxurious vacations for her and her family. Oh …lets not forget how she screwed up the school lunches. And stop being so jealous of Melania…..makes you look so small.

  • ytuque

    As long as she continues to behave in a dignified manner, she has my support.

    • Sasha

      When hasn’t she?

      • NUDES darling, Howard Stern show, photos on Donnie’s plane ……..are you really this ignorant?

        • Sasha

          European model …..darling. Don’t be so dumb. Crawl back under the rock you been living under.

  • Jennifer Moran

    “The first lady made an unannounced visit to children at HomeSafe, an organization that supports victims of abuse and domestic violence in Lake Worth, and she made a return to Twitter after a week-long absence.”

  • Jennifer Moran

    She snuck over when Trump left to play gulf, knowing the media would follow him. Really bad attempt at propaganda Milo (and Brietbart). Who informed you .. Trump or Brannon?

  • caussie

    guarantee none of the Obamas wore shoes from Walmart…

    • No, but being that Walmart rapes our government with their corporate welfare practices by not paying their employees enough so that they need to get Medical benefits and food stamps why should they? They do however shop at Target.

  • Byron Shutt

    It doesn’t fit their narrative.

  • Jonathan Sinegal

    Easter isn’t about giving out easter eggs. It’s about celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.