During the series finale of HBO’s ‘Girls,’ Lena Dunham’s character Hannah gave birth to a black baby, prompting raised eyebrows all across the internet.

Writing for Vulture, Jackson McHenry states that Dunham’s baby “seemed not to look like the product of a white woman and a light-skinned Pakistani man, but rather, as many people pointed out on social media, black.”

“Of all the questions left unanswered by Sunday night’s series finale of ‘Girls,’ one screams out most loudly,” writes The New York Post’s David Kaufman. “Why is Hannah’s baby black?”

Kaufman goes on to state that “the choice to cast a seemingly black kid in an ostensibly white(ish) role confirms that ‘Girls’ was an exercise in unprecedented self-indulgence. Dunham is going to do whatever she wants, without a thought to the world outside her little bubble.”

Social media users have also weighed in, albeit slightly less eloquently than the TV critics at The New York Post and Vulture.

As for the real-life mother of the actor that plays Lena Dunham’s black baby, she’s apparently gotten defensive.

According to The Root, mother Jaclyn Nichole declared in a (now deleted) tweet, “1st off my baby who plays Grover isn’t black! He’s Peurto Rican & His Dad is Haitian.”

This, of course, only complicated the racially-charged situation further.

“Maybe Little Grover’s mother doesn’t actually realize that there are black Puerto Ricans and that Haitians are black,” writes The Root’s Yesha Callahan.

Again, Twitter users weighed in on Nichole’s statement in a slightly less eloquent fashion, as seen in the video below.

Lena Dunham is no stranger to making eyebrow-raising choices in the name of entertainment.

During the 2016 election, the actress released a truly cringe-worthy rap song called “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem” in support of Clinton.

The Root
The New York Post


    What do you expect from Lena DoneHam?

  • Jeanne Wallace

    it’s a BABY..and a TV show ..please get on with REAL LIFE!!

    • OreWaSpyke

      “It’s a BABY… and a really shit TV show… Please get on with REAL LIFE!!!”

      Fixed it for you :^)

    • AverageJoe1987

      Maybe when you liberals stop pushing fake narratives, you might have a leg to stand on.

      • Alice Adendorff

        I adore Lena Dunham. Genius!!

        • caussie

          and the dumb cluck speaks again… seems like you must be the only member of her fan club, because you are the only one crowing over her….

  • nam

    Somebody made a baby with Lena Dunham? This implies actual intercourse with the beast. Not even marginally believable.

    • HeavyCream

      Why do you think she’s in Hollywood? It’s all make believe. The doctors don’t even want to give her anything artificial, citing that going anywhere her vagina would give them arthritis, resulting in the failure of their career. A Dunham a day keeps the doctors away.

    • Joicoh

      Riz Ahmed is equally revolting, I’m surprised the baby wasn’t an Orc.

    • Alice Adendorff

      I cannot understand why you all hate this brilliant young artist? Lena Dunham is way ahead of the boring times.

      • caussie

        sounds like something a brainless chicken would say…

    • Rekt

      You’d be surprised by what Muslims will do in order to obtain a visa.

      • RevoloutionStorm

        Hell, they will do a sheep without hesitation.

  • Why does this surprise anyone? She’s a child molestor. She probably cheated with a little black boy.

  • ShadowSandy

    Its hard when your puritan ways make you a hypocrite at every turn. ????

  • isn’t it theoretically possible the father has a dark-skinned gene passed on from his own father or mother?… the very term “light-skinned Pakistani man” itself should acknowledge the existence of a range of complexions of Pakistanis, as in all other nationalities on the planet… having said that, it’s not necessary to pile on Lena Dumbass when surely she will provide more substantial fodder in the future… and in conclusion, she’s an ignorant and ugly SJW who looks like she stinks…

  • SteppyJ412

    Dunham is not a smart women.

    • el_uro

      A masterpiece of understatement! If you remember this, you’ll understand me


      “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have a small
      problem. All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to
      get them going again. I trust you are not in too much distress”

      What about her engines?

    • Alice Adendorff

      Lena Dunham is a fresh lovely hilarious genius. Someone like no other.

      • SteppyJ412

        There is nothing lovely about her.

      • caussie

        and there´s that deluded chicken again

        • Dab Queen

          Seriously has this chikenhead ever heard of her raping her baby sister?! Guess what she wrote a book about her experiences in wanting to explore with her INFANT SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smarmalicious

    It’s because she’s always wanted a black baby, duh

    • Jim Walters

      She would have to kip on her back for a man for that to happen. Unless Octomom’s unethical dr. is still allowed to practice IVF.

  • Fishface222

    I’m guessing the baby identified as black before birth?

  • Trenix

    What did I just read. This shit is garbage to the mind. It’s like a binge of Jerry Springer, but at least Jerry is funny.

  • Ms.rainman

    obviously the slut was getting some side action, probably charging for it too.

    • Jim Walters

      You mean paying for it don’t you?

  • At 18 second mark: OMG she’s Already Pregnant AGAIN, LOL?!! Or just FAT?!

  • freenclear

    Did she get knocked up by sitting on that toilet seat naked, shoving cake in her mouth? I can’t even imagine a man rooting around in that crotch.

  • Emi

    I like how dumb people don’t understand that black people are black people regardless of region. Haitian people are mostly black making it about 95%. and while it will be mixed, it still seems like it took the black side of his ancestors.
    It is the same about how people pretend there is no black or white latinoamerican people. they think latino is some kind of “brown” race (apparently), and forget latin americans is just a big region based on language, not on color of skin, but people are stupid like that.

    People like to play so much the color of skin race crap, they don’t even make sense sometimes.

    I don’t even understand why people would waste their time watching this type of shows anyway. it shows that the people who complained about it, have no brains either. if you watch crap, you are not better than the one making crap, if the one making crap is actually gaining money off people watching the tv show, stupid or not.
    If people wanted to really stop these crap to happen, they should go to real world and stop making TV so powerful, and let it keep brainwashing population.

    Everyone seem to be too stupid these days, no matter where we go, left, right, tv, news, facebook, SJW, neonazis, antifas, black, brown, yellow, white. Everyone is braindead these days.

  • Matt A

    Is that the guy from Four Lions? How the mighty fall.

  • dikfor

    You guys have to see the deleted scenes to understand why the baby is black.

    • DaisyToo

      No thanks.

  • DaisyToo

    Oh good God, the stupidity! The Puerto Rican mother of the child, who identifies the child as her ethnicity (which is a whole lot of African, btw) but excludes the father’s Haitian ethnicity as having anything to do w/the baby’s DNA , is clearly an uber-liberal.

    And good God, the humanity … someone take that poor baby away from that disgraceful creature, Dunham.

  • rainsoul

    its a brown baby (mixed)… why do people only see in black and white (and pakistani!)? lol

    I also find it very stupid to call obama black (“race”) the man is mixed.

    • DaisyToo

      He’s mostly Arab.

    • caussie

      I think it is really stupid to even mention Obama….he may be “mixed” but pretty sure that has nothing to do with what colour he is…

      • rainsoul

        i just mentioned him cause he’s an example everyone knows. baby is being called black, obama is called black but they are mixed.
        I’m light skin but I don’t call myself “white” because black and white are always associated with “race”.


    Intrauterine trans-racialism. Sure.

  • informativex

    Such a sad sad woman. I don’t watch the show and now I am pleased with that decision. But those aren’t really true decisions are they? We just see Lena Idiot Dunham and go “No just no!” and flip the channel right? We all do it it’s OK.

  • Robert Jennings

    A much bigger question is, who’s watching this crappy show?

    • Alice Adendorff

      I am in tears the series is over. I appreciated every moment. Lena is too brilliant for the general public.

      • onguard4thee

        say’s the idiot with a chicken head for a avatar. you are too dull for the general public !! Brainwashed moronic simpleton are words that come to mind in describing you !!

      • Dab Queen

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      • Guest


      • RevoloutionStorm

        Thank you for that Laugh.

  • Matt North

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  • Dante Alighieri

    “Lena Dunham is no stranger to making eyebrow-raising choices in the name of entertainment.

    During the 2016 election, the actress released a truly cringe-worthy rap song called ‘Sensual Pantsuit Anthem’ in support of Clinton.”

    Eyebrow-raising because it was cringe-worthy? Or because it was about women wearing pants?

    When it comes to gender, conservatives really should book an appointment with a psychiatrist. Oh, right psychiatrist are in the pocket of the Left too. –D

  • Plebeian

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised.
    The husband was cucked and now he will raise another man’s child.

    This is the reality that the Insane-Left advocates for.

  • Pablo Jay

    Ignorance is Dunham’s baby.

  • Alice Adendorff

    I really want to know why you dislike her and her work.

  • onguard4thee

    Dunham you are such a skank !! Only thing a real man would give you if they got close enough to you is their vomit ! The world will be a better place when you are no longer here !!

  • mike ders

    I would love to see Lena Dunhams curiosity lead her to find out what color her blood identify’s as in both her wrists!

  • Greggore

    Way too many pictures of Lena in this article. Shame on you guys! That’s unnecessary cruelty!

  • Scarlett


  • Rekt

    holy fucking shit! that music video was cancer in the form of sound and visuals.

  • MazzMosBaby

    The baby has the right to choose its gender and race……

  • Epicification

    Why did you post the pantsuit thing? I could have gone the rest of my life not remembering that.

  • RevoloutionStorm

    I happened on this show once during a HBO Free Weekend. I was scrolling thru channels when I hit her show and she was completely Naked and proceeded to vomit on the floor….there are imagery that can absolutely not be unseen, but that is my first, last and only exposure to this “being”.