If Twitter had a star rating system, Comedy Central’s latest attempt at humor would be right up (down?) there with Amy Schumer’s Netflix special on the list of failed comedic endeavors.

The failed endeavor in question is a rap video featuring self-described “cuckservative libtard” Moshe Kasher and MC Serch.

In the video, which appears to be a promo for a news show called Problematic, the pair raps about cultural appropriation.

Lyrics to the song include, “yo, I’m finna kick a verse, it’s dope and amazing and about the history of cultural appropriation” and “appropriation happens when oppressed culture gets coopted by a dominant other.”

See the full video below (warning – will cause an unimaginable amount of pain and suffering).

Remarkably, despite having nearly 2 million followers on Twitter, Comedy Central only managed to scrape together 57 retweets and 108 likes for that tweet as of writing.

What it does have many of are replies – mostly negative.

“This is the dumbest thing on the internet right now,” wrote @MarkDice. “And there’s a lot of dumb things here. A lot.”

@MrNashington wrote, “Cancer Central.”

“This is the worst thing ever,” declared @koniconnie.

@ArranClark replied, “their flow was almost as bad as the topic.”

“How is this on the same network as south park?” roasted @IronicTrollFace.

“Who knew part of having a multicultural society would lead to sharing cultures,” pondered @LonelyGoomba. “The f*cking HORROR of it all makes me sick.”


See the cultural appropriation episode of Problematic below.

The video below has earned a whopping 21 likes to 106 dislikes with several negative comments as well.

“Why are all of [these] cringe “comedians” suddenly qualified to talk about politics and social issues?” asked one particularly observant user.

  • Alexis Nicole

    Do you ever think about how great it was that back in middle school we weren’t able to upload and post videos to youtube, because of how cringe they would’ve been? It’s like that.

  • popehentai

    But wouldn’t the mere existence of white guys rapping BE “cultural appropriation”? is that the joke? Either way it just shows the lack of talent of both comedians.

    • tropicalhotdognight

      (((white guys)))

  • Erin Marie

    The two white idiots don’t know Cher is part Native Americans. Whites were the ones who created raping. Too stupid for words.

    • Jack Manson

      You’re damn right whites invented rape.

      • John L.

        Do they have a patent on that?

      • AverageJoe1987

        Whites invented rape?

        How do you know this?

        Is it your own hatred of whites that makes you believe that?

      • c2000lbs

        Yea, and all the other races appropriated it from us!

      • krampus

        First human civilization was African/arabian. This would mean they where very brown/black. I’m pretty sure they figured out rape before migration to Europe. Fun fact,, guess where in the world slavery still exists.

    • Agent 99

      What a bunch of krap.

  • John L.

    This is complete nonsense, I completely reject the whole notion of
    “cultural appropriation”. It`s not even a thing. We can dress and talk
    any way we want. These two jackasses can suck a bag of dicks.

    • Peter

      Rejection is apart of my culture. You’re appropriating it. Please stop rejecting things you cis-gendered white nazi.

      • CrouchingWeasel

        Please do mankind a favor, drink a couple of quarts of bleach & remove yourself from the gene pool.

        • Peter

          Snarky comments are also apart of my culture.

          • CrouchingWeasel

            “Apart”? So snark comments are separate from your “culture”? Maybe you mean “a part”?

          • Peter

            Using Facts and Logic to defeat my arguments is White Patriarchy, which is how the white racists destroyed the good wonderful people of the world and turned it into a wasteland of skyrocketing global temperatures and misogyny. How about you get educated you Neanderthal.

      • John L.

        You are right, I am sorry. Please don`t be offended.

        • Peter

          You damn right you are!

  • Tanker74

    People whining about cultural appropriation should do so in a language other than English, which they have no right to appropriate to spout their racist gibberish.

  • Edward Donnelly

    Those were comedians?

  • AverageJoe1987

    Is there any verses in there about non-whites enjoying the fruits of white ingenuity and work?

    You know, all of the things that wouldn’t exist without white people having invented or discovered it.

    Cars, planes, electricity, phones, internet, computers, the printing press, etc.

  • Thomas Crane

    I love that Mark Dice was the first tweet quote thrown in there. He’s such an entertaining nutbag with his videos from his green screen bunker.

  • krampus

    When you argue against cultural appropriation you are secretly supporting separate but equal /apartheid. There is no better way to reinforce isolation and “otherness”. Here is what the scam really is. Minorities, as a group (obviously not as individuals) don’t really want to be equal. They want to be special. complete integration and cultural blending removes that specialness and they are no longer able to claim things like racism, classism, privilege or any other advantage/excuse they have for not succeeding.

  • fugly

    You fruitcakes better buckle up, because the post-millennial generation is projected to be the most staunchly conservative generation since world war two. An astonishing 84% of Gen Z identify as fiscally conservative or moderate.

    • daniel_ream

      Politics is downstream from culture. It doesn’t matter if they’re fiscally conservative; without a socially conservative culture there can be no fiscal conservatism.

    • Dante Alighieri

      Conversely, youth (18-30) support from Republicans remained relatively constant: Trump got about 37 percent of the youth vote, roughly equivalent to what Mitt Romney received in 2012.

      Not quite.

  • Peter

    MC Lars is a great hip hop artist and he’s white like snow.

  • DaisyToo

    That was excruciating.

  • Dante Alighieri

    Clever. But it’s becoming old. —D

  • Neral Kujata

    “Problematic”? Sounds about right.

  • tropicalhotdognight

    Ugh, just watched the interview at the bottom. These liberals really don’t get the Alt-Right or the Alt-Light or Fox or Trump.