It appears 4chan users are not done terrorizing Shia LaBeouf just yet.

According to The Verge, LaBeouf is currently engaging in an art project that “involves texting people from a remote cabin in Finland.”

The project, called #ALONETOGETHER is intended to last a month and will be shared with the world via a live stream. The location of LaBeouf’s cabin is apparently so secret that people in Finland aren’t even allowed to tune into the live stream.

That doesn’t matter, though, because the sleuths on 4chan – who recently wreaked havoc on LaBeouf’s #HEWILLNOTDIVIDEUS project by repeatedly capturing his flags – have apparently already tracked the cabin down.

It all began when this photo of LaBeouf – and his partners in the project, who are located in separate cabins – was circulated.

Soon enough, by tracking wood patterns of various cabins in Finland, the sleuths narrowed their search down to one cabin.

They discovered that the rental cabin is booked for the same dates as LaBeouf’s project.

They even honed in on a couch that appears in the cabin’s profile and LaBeouf’s live stream.

The location of the cabin hasn’t been completely confirmed yet. But that hasn’t stopped some 4chan users from suggesting pranks to pull on the property.

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  • Bill Rowland

    Why don’t we replace the incompetent FBI with these guys?

    • Bad_Hombre

      They’ve already called in airstrikes on ISIS and reported pedos (with results!). Maybe we should.

    • They went after George Zimmerman for racism when even Trayvon Martin’s family denied it..

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        Yeah, sometimes they do the right thing, sometimes not.

  • Jose Alvarez

    Poop on fire place! Best idea ever!!!

    • Rob

      To be really vicious, drop limburger cheese down the fireplace. They’ll never be able to get the smell out, the owner will force him to buy or replace it.

      • Edward Kochen


  • patrick quinn

    TSK- TSK…and IKEA furniture no less..(Gotta’ save $$$ since Hollywood stopped callin’)

    • ShadowSandy

      Well you see.. IKEA furniture is totally roughing it in the woods. Like if it was proper furniture he couldnt tell us about his serious camping art trip…. But since its the cheap stuff we know he’s tough… ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • tchall

      IKEA furniture is what regular people furnish with in Europe… It’s not a “premium brand” it’s more mid level stuff.
      I remember my girlfriend in Germany dragging me along for a IKEA run when she wanted to redo a couple rooms in her apartment

  • Jamie Findlay Sarna

    I have a sturdy “N” flag (from the maritime flag alphabet. ) About 2.5 by 4 feet. Will glad post it to someone who can fly it for Mr. LaBeouf.

  • BannedbyBreitbart

    Just plaster the place with left over Trump Pence bumper stickers and call it a day.

  • AverageJoe1987

    No one is going to see Shia LeBeouf’s movie.

    So he should be grateful someone wants to see him. Even if it is just to mess with him.

  • Benjamin Thurber

    Chimney will be capped, so that idea won’t work…

    You could seal the plumbing vent tubes on the roof: the water traps will be siphoned out with use and vent sewage gasses into the house.

    The right kind of rubber balloon stretched between four inverted pins should work. So when you “land” the ballon on the vent tube it pops off and seals around it. A steel cookie cutter ring would work better than pins, it would ride the tube on the way down and stabilize the drone. Otherwise, you risk tilting and crashing it. No need to sacrifice good drones or give your opponent ammunition.

    (Don’t seal the chimney, though. Serious safety hazard.)

    Take this post and deliver where it’s needed, Anon!

    • MisterGoldiloxx

      According to them, if they get to it the chimney will be crapped.

  • Mike Dimitri

    Why don’t we let him stay shut in a cabin in whatever country he wants? That means he’s not in the US and we don’t have to hear his dumb lib logic.

  • They ought to stand outside the cabin and serenade him with songs from the P.E.P.E. record, or send him Trump-themed deliveries.

  • Victor

    People should just hide out in the woods and pelt the cabins with rocks at random intervals through the night, it’s gonna freak them the fuck out.

  • Hamm Sammichez

    Wrap the whole cabin in plastic stretch wrap at nights so that he can’t get out any door or window (but not enough that he can’t breath, just immobilize him).

  • Ned

    why not just raise a kek flag over the cabin? Or we can go the asinine route and just blast him with Kekistani classics

  • Midak

    God is clearly at work here.

  • Gary

    Maybe there’s a way to jam the wifi network around the cabin.

    • Lord Lazy

      Cover it with a giant lead blanket

      • Benjamin Peters

        Correction: Maybe there’s a way to inconspicuously way to jam the wifi network around the cabin.

        • Lord Lazy

          Get a quadropter and drop a magnet next to the wifi box outside and disrupt the connection.

  • Pratim Gupta

    They would have founded Osama in less then a month

    • Benjamin Peters

      To be fair, we did find Osama in less then a month. Just wasn’t very convenient to get him at the time.

  • Ray Johnston

    Oh, Shia, what ever have you done…….to have the 4chan boys…….upon…

  • ShadowSandy

    Lol, he cant even do a rustic trip to the woods. He has to stay in a luxury cabin that is well advertised. Hollywood roughin it… ????????????????

  • Nathan

    Good to see people coming together 🙂

  • This saga is nearly the funniest thing ever. Stupid Hollyweird flake vs normal people. Guess who wins? Not the flake.

    • Benjamin Peters

      Verse “normal people”? NORMIE GET OUT!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  • Ski

    Just send a group of country singers to his doorstep to sing patriotic songs 24/7 until he cracks.

  • Daniel Preston

    Top Kek.
    I am so excited rn to see the results.
    I fucking love 4chan.