This morning, WikiLeaks released “the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency”. Since it can be quite difficult to search through the data yourself, we are assembling a list of the most notable information.

  1. The CIA can masquerade its malware as belonging to a foreign intelligence agency.
  2. The CIA stole hacking malware from the Russian Federation for their own use.
  3. The CIA is hacking everyone, including US citizens.
  4. Every microphone and webcam is remote controllable.
  5. The CIA’s exploits have been leaked internally and can be used by unauthorized people to gain access to virtually anything.
  6. CIA malware can infiltrate iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones, and even your smart TV.
  7. The U.S. consulate in Frankfurt is a covert CIA hacker base.
  8. The CIA created air gap jumping viruses that infect CDs, DVDs, flash drives, etc.
  9. The CIA created malware that specifically evaded certain anti-virus programs.
  10. The CIA can hack cars for “undetectable assassinations”
  11. CIA malware can infiltrate your macOS and Windows computers.
  12. CIA malware infiltrates your smartphone to read messages on encrypted apps, before you send them.
  13. CIA malware can infiltrate Linux and routers.
  14. The CIA was supposed to reveal major vulnerabilities, but instead, hoarded them for their own use.
  15. Notepad++, a popular text editor, has a DLL hijack. 
  16. The CIA steals saved passwords from Internet Explorer
  17. CIA can bypass Windows User Account Control
  18. CIA has Android malware that makes Android phones bulk-spy on WiFi networks around them.


[Updated to include point 18]

  • Jean Collier

    Thanks for this.

  • MOB

    So basically we have no freedoms…at all. Big Brother is watching everything we do and say. But they’re not sharing it with other government agencies. Isn’t that a bit illegal. Right to privacy. We have become the New Russia!

    • David

      They shared the intel on trump as per Obama’s executive order.

      • Turtle Turtle

        Correct. Executive order 12333.

    • Turtle Turtle

      Correct. The Patriot Act changed everything.

      • Christopher Lee Hartsock

        Partially correct:
        The -expansion- of the Patriot Act under Obama and NDAA2012 were the real harbingers of an attempt at totalitarianism.

  • Yannakitten

    I’m Canadian, I hope the same thing isn’t here too

    • John Tucker

      Not trying to be an AH but I think its pretty much past all this for you guys. You dont really have free speech protections much less firearms rights.

      • TT

        not to mention our PM went off record as calling GamerGate a harassment campaign against women(naturally no proof), takes money from Saudi Arabia, and is currently under investigation. We pretty much have an even dumber Obama leading us.

        • Timothy B Sarver

          Yeah but he’s SO dreamy! -Liberals

          • Katara c.

            You can’t argue with hair like that!

        • Yannakitten

          Trudeau is such a fucking joke

          • sleeper48


          • Janet Nary Porach


          • BattleHorse

            What did expect from fidel castros son?

      • Bawk Bawkbagawk

        we dont have the same laws as the US but we own firearms.

      • Yannakitten

        yeah i think we just passed a bill where if we hurt someone’s feelings we go to jail

      • Sol

        The government backed down at Bundy Ranch from just the threat of armed resistance. Americans only tend to resist when an act of tyranny is highly personalized or when they do not perceptually benefit from tyranny (plenty of Americans will accept spying to be “protected” from ISIS).

        • Barbara Goehl

          I think they actually shot and killed one of the Bundy family members as they drove to the court house. Didn’t get much MSM attention

          • Voiceofreason1

            i know his daughter, she is crushed.

          • Christopher Lee Hartsock

            It wasn’t a family member, but you’re right, someone got shot on the way to court.

        • David

          Mostly they don’t understand what is going on The government makes so many laws and regulations it is much more than a full time job just to keep up. The same thing goes for computer security and then some

      • Katara c.

        Actually we have very similar stuff in our Charter of Rights & Freedoms (like freedom of expression, thought, association, etc). No gun rights like you have, but personally I think most of us don’t really care or see it as necessary.

        Of course, in a nutshell, the Charter also enables the government to sometimes override Charter rights, so that’s fun 😛 Luckily it’s never been done, & it’s kind of considered political suicide to do it (with good reason). The limitations clause has been used, though (for things like hate speech).

        • David

          Hate speech laws are an over ride of the charter.

          • Katara c.

            Yeah, but still, in general we do have it. Or at least, we’re supposed to, I guess in practice it doesn’t always work that way (but it doesn’t in the US either). I’m not a fan of hate speech laws myself.

          • David

            It is generally dissenting political speech that gets the boot first in most places. Hate speech is in the eye of the beholder

        • Christopher Lee Hartsock

          The fact that you don’t have FULL speech protections said you don’t have freedom of speech.

          • Katara c.

            Well, we’re *supposed* to have it. I suppose in practice it doesn’t always work that way, but it’s like that in the US as well. Not a fan of hate speech laws myself.

      • David

        I have it on good authority that there is no right to free speech in Canada SO no doubt Yannakitten has to be careful with what she says.

        • Katara c.

          How are free expression and free speech different? I mean, speech is a type of expression 😛

          • David

            They are interchangable in the US

    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      it is. the CIA can read any info the Canadian government has on its citizens. without asking permission.

      • Yannakitten

        Well that’s annoying. I’d be angry but there’s not anything we can do about it

        • Bawk Bawkbagawk

          I used to have a custom email I used for spam purposes “[email protected]” it wasnt much of a “fuck you” but I hope they enjoyed all those penis enlargement mails.

          • David

            Yeah right up until Al Qaeda started using penis and dildo bombs. There is probably an all point bulletin out on you right now ;-p

    • Gabe

      They can (and do) hack anyone.

      • Yannakitten

        yes I know that now

    • Katara c.

      I would be surprised if we didn’t already have stuff like this going on here 😛 Our government’s done some shady stuff.

    • Joay Atkinson

      Oh it is! I’ll bet that you as a Canadian never even heard of the very strong possibility that Justin Trudeau is really Fidel Castro’s son!

      • BattleHorse

        Looks just like him, when fidel was his age. Mom got around I guess.

  • John Tucker

    “Evan McMullin for President – It’s never too late to do the right thing.” – lol! Ex CIA officer. What a crock that was. Obama’s “Republican” man in the Deep State.

    I would normally be against such a disclosure but I believe the CIA no longer works for the best interest of the USA.They are a globalist organization. First.They have proved that.

    • Steve

      F*** Evan McMullin.

    • Mike Brasher

      His funding all came from George Soros!

    • Sure It Is

      Truman wrote an editorial after Kennedys murder. In it he said he should have disbanded the CIA when he left office. The editorial ran in the AM paper but they pulled it for the afternoon edition and Truman would not talk about it after. Yes we are and have truly been living in the Truman Show

    • tom_quantum

      I’ll never forget the words that my friend’s mother said to me when I was young and politically naive. She was referring to George Bush Sr. but it’s just as applicable as ever: “I will never trust anyone who ran the CIA”. Took me many years to fully grasp what she understood.

      • captainkerk

        Your mother was smart.

    • CenaFoura

      The CIA is now an instrument of jihad. Just like the UN. Hijacked by the cult of death and destruction.

  • Kalin Xhaos

    Bury Nobama deep with this.. Drag the hag Hildabeastie down too if possible.. Better yet go after Soros and seize his assets and use them for America!

    • Turtle Turtle

      The majority of these programs started with Bush and the Patriot Act after 9/11. This effort was not started with Obama and the CIA is the agency that gathers info because it’s an INTELLIGENCE AGENCY…Hello. Obama will not be buried and Hillary Clinton is no longer in the picture. Now it’s Trump and his collusion with Russia. And the CIA wire taps foreign entities EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY. And they only tap citizens WHEN THEY HAVE A WARRANT. You are lame.

      • tom_quantum

        Obama dindu nuffin. He aint responsible for the 8 years he was running the country.

      • Floyd Clingenpeel

        Collusion with Russia?
        Pull you head out of the sand

        • Kimchi Ninja

          Pull his head out of his turtle shell. ????

        • Paul Kelly

          True or not it will cost him his office wait and see Too many enemies!

      • Christopher Lee Hartsock

        The WORST of the programs started under Obama, including expanding the Patriot Act (after promising to REPEAL it, remember, dumbass?) beyond all bounds of sanity.
        The idea that you think the CIA obeys FISA laws with their storied history is actually kind of cute.
        In their CHARTER, they are forbidden from domestic operations. Do you even read?

        • cisco7819

          He lives in the Matrix. He doesn’t have to read or inquire. Just does what he is told.

      • David Cook

        Turtle Turtle, And you smoke guano, and occasional sprinkle it on your food.

      • David

        Except right before he left office Obama greatly expanded them and made them permanent

        • Turtle Turtle

          Obama renewed the Patriot act in mid 2015, not right before. These tactics are not going away. They are set in place and will be used as resources with a warrant. There are entire floors at ATT/Verizon etc. set up for the the recording of comm data aggregated by American citizens. Metadata can be used with no warrant. Don’t blame Obama. This is now business as usual and is justified because of the war on terror.

          • David

            I am not talking about meta data I am talking about Executive order 12333 that Obama signed a few days before he left office that allowed previously un-shared information on Americans to be shared widely within the government.

      • CenaFoura

        Bush is one of them, part of the Clinton Obama gang.

  • Mike Laurance

    Cheers mate! Boiling this off for the make home message

  • ShadowSandy

    Finally proof of what we’ve known all along. ????

    • Turtle Turtle

      So you don’t like the what the CIA does and HAS BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST 50 years plus. The CIA uses technology and there are spies and surveillance. Wow what a revelation! I’m so retarded I didn’t know that!

      • Kimchi Ninja

        So…Obama lied.

        • BlueInfantry

          Say it isn’t so!

        • Andrey Fedorov

          When did Obama say the CIA doesn’t do intelligence gathering? That’s, like, the whole point. And NSA finds 0-days, some of which it doesn’t share with the companies! From everything I can tell, this really is “nothing to see here” kind of news.

          • Kimchi Ninja

            So Obama “word-smithed”, aka lied. ????

            He spied on everyone, including Trump, we all know it. Of course he’ll say HE didn’t do it, HE didn’t order it, that it was independent, bla bla. He’s not dumb, but nobody is interested in more weasel wording.

            Gov staff ON HIS WATCH spied on Trump and leaked stuff. Or they did not, and the entire Russian thing is a fabrication. Either way they got called out, and someone is in big trouble.

          • Andrey Fedorov

            False. CIA has capabilities doesn’t mean they use them against everybody. Keep your wits about you, friend.

            If Obama wanted to leak something, he would have leaked his tax returns. There is no evidence of “gov staff” doing anything of the sort, and even if they did, it was an agency headed by a Republican with the approval of a court staffed by Republicans (Chief Justices since the 70’s).

          • Kimchi Ninja

            What is important is that everyone got called out.

            In a disinformation war, two can play the innuendo game, there are no laws on what Trump can/can’t do with his Twitter account. It was a brilliant move! ????

            Now everyone being much more careful about what they say, mission accomplished.

          • Andrey Fedorov

            The point of the tweets was a distraction from Sessions and his kleptocracy. Nobody got called out — NSA / CIA capabilities were well known before.

          • Kimchi Ninja

            Everyone got called out, big league. ????

      • ShadowSandy

        I am sorry to hear about your condition, most of us have known all along, its great for you that you finally caught up. ????

  • Renaissance_nerd

    It’s time to end the CIA and start talking Treason/conspiracy to commit sedition.

    • David

      Gitmo !!!

  • Sven Åke Svensson

    As a man who regularly follows up on ex DefCon and stuff like that this came as no surprise. Tho.
    The CIA created air gap jumping viruses that infect CDs, DVDs, flash drives, etc.
    That made me quite thoughtful. There has to be a special kinda machine used to ex emit sonic wawes or something like that to be able to disrupt/rewrite a dvd’s tracks. Very weird indeed.

    • PunJabber

      See other comments. “Air gap” headline is bogus.

  • April

    Was the CIA acting for itself with all this OR for someone? Name the “someone” please.

    • Bawk Bawkbagawk

      when the facts are available Milo will report them. assumptions are for people that prefer feelings over facts.

      • April

        No assumption was made. I asked a question and it wasn’t to you so fuck off.

    • BattleHorse

      Barack hussein Osama, mean obama.

      • April

        Probably but I want proof so I can shove it down the throats of all those claiming its bullshit! Without proof the liberal asshats will say “fake news” or “not a reliable source” or “he was framed” etc.

        • BattleHorse

          He, Obama, wiretapped others, at least twelve. Where have you been for eight years?

          • April

            He, Obama, may have wiretapped at least 12 but that doesn’t mean he wiretapped Trump. He probably did but me believing that does not make it a reality. I wanted proof to provide to the haters. I don’t think asking for evidence/proof is a big deal.

        • Christopher Lee Hartsock

          Darlin’, I admire your spirit, but facts still will not penetrate the leftist bubble.

          • Aleksandar Tomić

            And that is a fact.

          • April

            you are probably right Chris. One can always hope though 😀

    • Turtle Turtle

      All speculation at this point my friend. This leak just says the obvious. That the CIA is involved in espionage.

      • Christopher Lee Hartsock

        If that’s all you got from this, maybe it’s time you hush.
        You’re missing a tsunami while you stare at cute waves.

      • April


  • Dysphoric Raven

    Is anyone really surprised by any of this?

    • Tony Thomas

      Not surprised at all…just glad it’s coming out!

    • Luckylucylou

      Not at all. Most of it has been “talked” about for the last several years. The only surprise is #8.

      • PunJabber

        See other comments. “Air gap” headline is bogus; “gap jumping” refers to infecting executable components as they are burned or flashed into storage.

  • kamenetz

    The deep state pant suit CIA is one of the worst swamps that is in desperate need of draining, along with indoctrination camps, formerly known as schools and universities. Deep state attempted mind control at both! Fire these dangerous agitating mofos!

  • Brent Clark Palmer

    Milo, I learned this news from you via your facebook. I am so grateful to have a trusted news source in these times. Thank you.

  • Thomasinwonderland

    George Orwell’s 1984 was off by just 33 years.

    • Andrey Fedorov

      False. 1984 talked about a surveillance state where (1) everyone was being watched all the time and (2) everyone knew they were being watched all the time. Targeted hacks and intercepts change absolutely nothing aside from making targeted surveillance cheaper.

      FBI and others have abused their surveillance capabilities long before any of this was possible.

  • Josh Leonard

    Number 8 seems a little crazy. Not saying impossible but would take some significant signal emitting tech that I’m unaware of to achieve that or they somehow pretarget the devices before it reaches the consumer. If anybody’s going to have that ability though I would imagine the CIA does.

    Out of curiosity what is used to verify the validity of these leaks?

    • Sol

      I am guessing they hack the firmware of the CDR drive to write virus code to a CDRW as it writes other files.

      • PunJabber

        The “air gap jumping” was airbrushed into list item 8.
        The actual article says “gap jumping” (remove asterisks from following link)

  • Otto Mann

    ABC and CNN refuse to mention anything about this. MSNBC, Fox, NBC, CBS, its all front page news. Trump was right.

    • Dan Everest

      He is never wrong!

    • Terry-on-disqus

      CNN and ABC are now leading with this item, they were just slower off the mark.

    • Turtle Turtle

      I saw it on CNN Jack Trapper dumass. And Trump is a jackass.

      • Christopher Lee Hartsock

        Until you learn to spell ‘dumbass’, you’re not allowed to call anyone a dumbass, dumbass.
        I’m sure you meant “Jake Tapper”, too.
        And I’m looking around for a Tapper mention of this. None to be found.
        Care to provide a link?
        Because, I’m thinking you’re a jackass.

        • cisco7819

          Well it says he is a lawyer….so he has that going for him.

        • TruthBeTold

          And proud to be a dumbocrat jackass, full of bull, no doubt ????

      • TruthBeTold

        Hey Turtle Turtle Turtle Troll, playing a shell game and on a roll. That’s Fur Trapper, from your favorite channel, The Libtard Fake Newsroom. ????

        • Turtle Turtle

          blah blah bla spewing rhetoric. Conservatives are the ones who despise education.

          • CenaFoura

            Not. Christians are the reason why education is so prevalent today.
            We despise common core. We prefer that our children learn the kaffir’s version of islam and its history, not get converted by stealth.
            We despise the fake evolution theory that is taught as fact even though the evidence stands against it.

          • TruthBeTold

            Awwww, come out of your shell or stay there and turn yourself over so you might be able to see a little bit more clearly. By far, conservatives love education that teaches students how to learn to discover the truth and throw out the false. But it is leftists like you that are deceived into loving “education” that is nothing more than marxist propaganda and globalist lies that will most certainly lead to their own bondage, disillusionment and ultimate destruction. Only when they start to drown will they begin to wonder why they are starting to vet so wet. Pathetic, but mostly very sad.

          • Turtle Turtle

            I’m not a leftist in your definition. I have never received a dime from any government. Have you? I even once received a tax return of 2 dollars and never cashed it. I have a college degree in computers and business and paid for it myself. You know nothing about me yet you spew of what you think are facts.

      • CenaFoura

        Trump is the best thing that has happened to America.
        obama is the worst.
        hillary or bernie utter nightmare

        • Turtle Turtle

          That’s what they said about Nixon.

  • Penny LB Perkins

    Disqus will not allow URLs to back up a claim. I’m not an IT person by far but I have tried numerous times in order to prove a point. Is anyone else experiencing same or am I doing something wrong?

    • Sol

      This website does not allow links for some reason.

      • PunJabber

        Insert asterisk * in domain (“com” “org”) and language (“http” “htm”) to get thru disqus filter. Reader can remove them.

        Can’t say I blame MILO for Scotchguarding his threads …

    • PunJabber

      see my reply to Sol

      • Penny LB Perkins

        Thank you, but I am unable to find.

        • PunJabber

          Okay, it looks like MNEWS has set disqus to remove ANY link, even an internal one within the thread. So I have denatured the link by inserting asterisks in keywords — remove them to activate

          • Penny LB Perkins

            Aaaaaw Very wise PanJabber 🙂 Thxs

  • Sol

    Refugees will not be profiled and don’t tell us the Israelis are successful with profiling: it’s racist. Be a good American and let us spy on you: a police state is a safe state. (sarcasm)

  • Paul Anderson

    The CIA is nothing more than domestic and foreign terrorists

  • Whoaboy

    So the government can hack and make it look like the Russians? Interesting

    • srfe

      Well anyone could do that, that’s not that hard. The other things are interesting.

      • plusaf

        … like airgapping a virus onto a CD?! I’d like to know HowTF THAT is done!

        • cisco7819

          Especially since the CD is “burned”. How do you change the bits on a CD without using a laser beam or changing the master? From Wiki “CD mastering differs from burning, as the pits and lands of a mastered CD are moulded into a CD blank, rather than being ‘burn marks’ in a dye layer (in CD-Rs) or areas with changed physical characteristics (in CD-RWs). In addition, CD burners write data sequentially, while a CD pressing plant ‘writes’ the entire disk in one physical stamping operation. Sounds like voodoo.

    • Christopher Lee Hartsock

      My first thought was…that’s what happened to the DNC, and that alone is interesting. False flag to make Hillary look like a victim of yet another ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’.

      • Andrey Fedorov

        You’re not paying attention. CIA is on the record as having intelligence of Russia doing the hacking & orders to help Trump get elected. They don’t have to make anything look like anyone when they’re the ones who are providing the analysis.

  • Kexessa

    I’m not sure which is more frightening. All the swamp goo President Trump is dredging up or the fact we never would have known any of this if HRC had been elected.

    • Dustin Davis

      Wikileaks released this. We would have this info with Hillary or Trump.

      • cisco7819

        True but hillary would have continued along as if nothing happened or merited discussion.

        • Andrey Fedorov

          Which is exactly what Trump will do. Nothing that’s been reported so far is news to anyone who has been paying attention, anyway. NSA finds 0-days in things and shares them with CIA. Whoop-tee-doo!

          • CenaFoura

            Hardly. He is taking this all very seriously especially since the Muslim Brotherhood inspired CIA deliberately targeted him and those around him. Very, very wrong. Obama is guilty. Trump is right.

          • Andrey Fedorov


      • K Garrett

        If it was anything against the left she would make sure it never got out or it got buried.

  • Nine Inch Nail

    My Logitech USB webcam’s mic is always hot, even if the camera isn’t on. I always unplug it.

  • ggoblue

    Is that all they’ve got?

  • Jamie Wares

    I blame Dar Adal

  • Captjack5169

    no surprise here

  • Karen Lyster

    Among these leaks are what I have been relay to people for months now. The CIA can and have the ability (like most hackers) to embed themselves into a trogan horse malware system and use it wherever they like and IT WILL LOOK LIKE AND LEAD BACK TO THE “MAKERS” of that Malware. That is how they can “make it look like Russia” hacked when they did not. This is so easy to do that I really wonder why on earth the CIA has a “Special Unit” devoted to it. A 6 year old kid can do it. Beleive me, there are not “reds under the bed” but the US Government’s tenticles.

  • Jodee Hibdon

    As the plot thickens, this just gets deeper by the minute!

  • Christophe De Loup

    So, basically the CIA set up their own NSA to avoid all that pesky bureaucratic this and that (checks and balances and oversight).

  • livinfree2010

    It would be interesting to see if this corruption accelerated under that POS President Obama. He obviously benefited from this.

  • Sculder_4

    Hi Mom!

    (She works for the CIA)

  • Lore Johns

    I guess she knew to smash it with a hammer to actually make it where No One could read it. She knew what was at stake.

  • Kimchi Ninja

    Right, so the government is spying on everyone, which means they were spying on Trump too…

    • Turtle Turtle

      The CIA only spies on foreign entities. So if Trump was corresponding with a foreigner he would have probably been tapped just like Flynn was tapped talking with the Russian Ambassador. Flynn sat next to Putin at the RT event. The connections between Trump and Russia are endless. Oh, that raises no suspicion whatsoever… This is suspicious correspondence with Russia, an enemy of the US. So the CIA will tap as protocol. Any dummy knows this.

      • Kimchi Ninja

        Okay, so Trump was right, and Obama lied. ????

      • Christopher Lee Hartsock

        You’re an idiot of the first order.
        What on EARTH makes you think the CIA doesn’t operate domestically?
        A complete ignorance of the dozens of times they’ve been caught doing it?
        Rattle on about Trump and Russia. No sane person believes it.

        Russia poses no direct threat to the United
        States – or even Western Europe for that matter. At best, it poses a
        threat to some of the old Soviet satellite states. You and the DNC paranoia about them is laughable. AT BEST, they are a ‘state of interest’. What are you afraid of? Their ‘military might’?
        We beat the Soviet Union, and changed the face of Russia forever. So much so, Hillary could sell them 20% of US uranium mining rights… and you’re dumb enough to be okay with THAT, and even dumber to think Trump would ever do something so crooked and stupid.

        Turtles are reptiles. Be a human for a day.

        • Michael Garnett

          Yes, Christopher. We ‘beat’ Russia. By overburdening our economy and selling it to corporate interests, we ‘won’ the Cold War; all it took was decades of war to fuel the military-industrial machine.

          I’m not a fan of Hillary’s Uranium One deal, but you underestimate the situation in Asia right now. Russia and China won’t be dependent on our oil allies for much longer (due to each operating its own energy supply network) and while neither of them is stronger than we are right now, they both favor Iran over the US, militarily.

          I wouldn’t bet that we would lose to Russia, or China; but if we start another war in the Middle East, as it’s looking like we very well might.. I don’t think we can handle both of them at once, and that very well might end up being the situation.

  • Like it is

    just like the draconian TSA, you can lay the blame for this invasion of our privacy squarly at the feet of the liberal crowd

    THEY are the ones who cry ‘racist’ when profiling was done, and through bully organizations like the UCLA et al, we ALL are now suffering under that.

    If we would just go back to proper profiling, then the rest of us wouldn’t have to suffer under the liberal ideology.

  • Sally Smith

    I just HAD to wave at my webcam. It makes me seem less…suspicious!

  • oplix

    I hope Trump blows this the FUCK UP

    • Turtle Turtle

      Trump is all about diversion now. And any info that exposed any wrongdoing in regards to Trump has most likely already been collected. So if he pursues that angle it will raise more suspicion.

      • Christopher Lee Hartsock

        With WHOM?
        Jesus, are you really this paranoid?
        Trump just more than doubled the HCBU outpays which Obama -reduced-.
        All the leftist media could say about that meeting was that KellyAnne had her feet on the couch.

  • Suzy Enola

    Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

    • sleeper48

      Yep….this is my shocked face….

  • Ewilk


    #7 – Frankfurt WAS a covert operation.

  • StanS

    I guess that Sprint spokesman is correct. You really don’t need to say “Can you hear me now?” anymore.

  • Apronlady

    I’m reading this and I’m thinking…is this the same group that bitched to high heaven to Apple because Apple would not break the iPhone’s security code back in San Bernadino last Christmas? Am I confused? Literally every gadget in my house can spy on me. The sorry bit of black electrical tape I have on my laptop’s camera is a joke! What the hell kind of country do I live in?!

  • sleeper48

    I’ve known this since forever. What do you think happened to Michael Hastings?

    • Commander Pepe:Clinton Smasher

      Anybody listening to Alex Jones has known this for 15 years. He’s right again.

  • Russ

    George Carlin was right

    • Kimmy3

      In other words, we’re f##ked.

  • Steve_o

    The CIA is Big Brother.

    Got it.

  • David

    Hey if convicted and obama gets sent to Gitmo how many hostages could he be traded for?

  • Matron Malice

    This is why I hate Bush and Obama. They stomped on the constitution and Bill of Rights. Reform is needed so badly in government.

  • HaakonKL

    But Milo, only plebs use Notepad++. It’s utter shit.
    Real men use Emacs or Vim. (Although only Emacs has a teledildonics package.)

    • James

      Actually real men think that vim is too modern and prefer vi. On a teletype (paper) terminal. With a 500 baud connection.

      • HaakonKL

        We’re talking about Homo Sapien Sapien here, not Cro-Magnon.

        • James

          Thank you, Captain Obvious, for making my point for me.

          I was making the point that there are far newer and better tools than these. I used to write software using the old stuff–all the way back to “cro-magnon” paper tape and punched cards–and the new stuff is much better.

          As for the “Cro-Mangnon” remark, I’d like to see you code a 2k overlay in assembly language before you make an idiotic remark like that. But that’s OK, your youth and inexperience are a good enough excuse.

          • HaakonKL

            Really. A comment about the editor wars, and you’re pretending to be some sort of guru?

            What tools exactly are better than Emacs/Vim as text editors and why? Or do I have to make assembly programs to be able to distinguish good from bad now?

          • James

            You really need to brush up your sense of humor. Bye.

  • Robert Power

    The Deep State killed Kennedy.

  • David Schiffer

    Milo, if you do have connections with WIKILEAKS, please ask them to publish all the exploits so that everyone can use them. Only them will the exploits be removed from the products in question.

  • Mark Bailey

    Has Trump corrected Obama’s abusive modification of 12333? Also, this original Order by Reagan was never intended to be used by NSA and CIA like this!

  • shappens


    CIA paid the big bucks to Amazon who also owns a newspaper!

    After Michael Hastings…..nothing surprised me about them.

  • riversideCA

    Treason is trending. Time for some that “letter of the law” we heard so much bout