Twitter has allegedly been caught masking conservative news giant Drudge Report’s tweets behind a “sensitive material” filter, requiring users to adjust a hard-to-find setting if they wish to see the content.

According to Westmonster, Drudge Report’s tweets were even hidden for logged in users. The outlet posted these screenshots showing what Twitter allegedly did to Drudge Report’s profile.

Westmonster does not indicate who – or how many people – were affected by this apparent censorship. The outlet does state that the filter was bypassable.

But users weren’t able to fix it within the Twitter app on their phones.

Instead, they apparently needed to open Twitter on their desktop or mobile internet browser and get into the ‘privacy and safety’ section. Once there, they had to scroll way down to the bottom of the page and click the button that let them opt-in for ‘sensitive content.’

One of MILO’s team members was able to confirm the apparent censorship earlier today:

Breitbart News also confirms that this censorship was in place earlier today but states it has since been lifted.

ZeroHedge reported similarly, stating “hardly any tweets from Drudge were visible today when we first logged in.”

Twitter reportedly has yet to explain what it was about Drudge that prompted the “sensitive content” label.

For many conservatives, however, it comes as no surprise. We reported earlier this month that Twitter had begun hitting seemingly random accounts with “sensitive content” warnings. Drudge is apparently one of the first high-profile conservative accounts to be hit with the label.