Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović has an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm that reportedly features a man screaming for 2.5 hours.

According to, Abramović’s exhibit is called “The Cleaner” and contains more than 120 works including “Freeing The Voice” in which a man lays on a mattress and screams until he loses his voice.

Abramović reportedly first performed the “art piece” herself in 1975 when she attempted to “purify her body and mind and switch off her consciousness.”

You can hear an excerpt from the recent display in the Instagram clip below.

This exhibit has not been well-received by many social media users.

Marina Abramović, of course, is known for her ‘spirit cooking’ ritual which many prominent Democrats — including John Podesta — were involved in, according to WikiLeaks releases during the 2016 election campaign.

News of the rituals very quickly drew the ire of social media users.

Marina Abramović defended the ritual, insisting it was merely performance art and not any sort of satanic ritual.

“Anybody who wants can read my memoirs and find out that [my work] is far away from Satanism,” she said. “My work is really more about spirituality and not anything else. This is a misunderstanding.”


  • Alex Blum

    switching off consciousness is right. it’s not hard to see they’re pursuing spiritual death

  • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

    I always thought the essence of Art was to transport the viewer/participant into a higher realm? To be lifted by that greater skill and vision.

    “Art” that debases and ridicules is not art. These are Practitioners, not artists.

  • Sixty Ville


    1997-05-08 04:00:00 PDT SAN FRANCISCO – THE PERFORMANCE artist whose fluid-filled act stunned The City’s political elite at the 50th birthday party of power-broker Jack Davis says he was simply putting a modern spin on his American Indian heritage.

    However, several Bay Area Native Americans don’t see the connection between traditional Mescalero Apache rites and the routine performed by Steven Johnson Leyba at the Saturday night bash for political consultant Davis, who is running the drive for a new 49ers stadium and managed the campaigns of Mayor Willie Brown and predecessor Frank Jordan.

    Leyba wore a sacred ceremonial headdress while a partner carved a satanic star in his back, urinated on it and sodomized Leyba with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

    • Cassandra M Randall

      Oh my gosh that’s crazy thank you for the info

      • Sixty Ville

        It’s what SF Democrats consider art.

  • Outlaw

    No such thing as “spirit cooking”, LOL. Just some BS made up by idiots to try to justify their insanity.

  • I’m going say that if you don’t get to that high plane in the first hour you are doing it wrong 🙁

  • wkj1970

    He reminds me of one of the characters from the Sprockets skits on SNL.

  • dsoberg

    Milo extols Wagner, Mozart & Bach yet seems disinclined to support the Western Canon. Can’t have it both ways M.

    Then why subsidize yet another Air Craft Carrier?

    Socialism for Defense Contractors is simply socialism by another name. We have 2,000 nuclear missiles. Who needs ancient air craft carriers. Oh, right. They are the defense departments pet project equivalent of defunct art; they are as much Andy Warhol as studio 54.

    The NEA, NEH, PBS etc. is the Social Welfare that is the Defense Department. Get rid of it. We need 50 people to man the silos. That’s it. Retire the rest. And save $680 billion. (Oh right, we can’t offend the portly generals who can’t live without their socialist pensions.)

    Get rid of the socialist overspending. Kill the Arts? Fine, then abolish the Defense Department. The real (only) power rests with the Energy Dept. which oversees our Nuclear Arsenal. Oh shit, thats Rick Perry. Ha. (David)

  • DaisyToo

    I believe that the vile pink pussy hatted creatures – along w/ the one dressed as Our Lady – who recently did a performance piece involving perpetrating a very late term abortion of the unborn Jesus in front of a Cathedral in Argentina in celebration of International Women’s Day also think of themselves as artists.

  • infowarrior kaimanahila

    Can we do a witch burning?

  • Martelson

    Don’t save the recording of this – the future doesn’t need it to know how bad ‘modern’ art had become for this to be considered ‘art’.

  • Wrench Galloway

    Not art, just complete stupidity!!!!

  • arena


    Not surprised even for a second.

  • bkungl

    Do people pay to see (and hear) crap like this? Absolutely ridiculous.

  • twosense

    Let me guess, “Freeing the Voice” is meant as a portrayal of the modern American liberal’s reaction when presented with facts and reason.

  • claudiusxiii

    Of course he’s screaming, no pillow.

  • CuckLivesMatter

    Art has definitely come a long way since Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel…

  • Jeffrey Sanfilippo

    He’s not screaming it’s an occult ritual I can’t make out the syllables but that is a mantra he’s intoning, the pentagram with the Hebrew letter shin represents fire so this is some form of a destruction ritual which judging by the names title freeing the voice I have to assume this is black magic ritual against the voice of reason.

  • Brian Clark

    Notice the child drawn pentagram and altar of goat worship in the background? This is what libs call a meeting hall.

  • Mario Albritton

    Did you all see the drawing of the Satanic star on the wall?

    • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

      My favorite thing about the video you took the picture from is when he/she/it stops and looks up for a second to make sure the camera is still on him/her/it.

      That was always the point in a child’s tantrum that I burst out laughing.

      • GTKRWN

        Virtue signaling only works if everyone on your Faceberg feed can see how virtuously you’re virtueing. Missing the shot would make the entire act pointless! I agree, it is quite hilarious watching the left try to fake human emotions. So scripted, so corny. It’s like watching original Star Trek episodes.

        … and I believe the Autistic Screecher prefers “zir” as their pronoun now.

  • tsengakera

    Well shit if screaming is art I got three Leonardo’s living with me.. why am I not cashing in.

    • GTKRWN

      The modern art world is little more than a money-laundering scheme for Jews and rich pedos. No one is legitimately interested in paying millions of a canvas that is painted a single solid shade of blue, or someone splattering a taco bell shit all over a wall. It’s how you move large sums of money cleanly.

      You just need to know the right people, and diddle kids together to get in the big league.

      • tsengakera

        Dude..I think you dropped your foil hat somewhere.

        • GTKRWN

          … she said while musing at a liberal art gallery that paid large sums of money to watch a snowflake scream.

          • tsengakera

            That alone should tell you they don’t have the brain power to run these huge money laundering schemes. but i forget that the far right is just as bad as the far left.

  • Leslie

    As an artist, I find this “art work” tedious, boring & cute… one should never ever call art cute, so it’s very cute, it’s so cute, it’s demonic kitten cute. Geez, now I know what HELL would sound like.