A Reddit post that appears to be from a woman who was fired for skipping work on International Women’s Day has gone viral, earning her plenty of ridicule.

“So today has been a bit troubling for me,” begins the post – which has been immortalized in screenshot form on r/The_Donald. “I lost my job.”

“Long story short, I was absent from work yesterday to march downtown for Women’s Day. My boss was pretty pissed but I felt like SHE would understand. But today almost as soon as I began work she confronted me about it.”

“So naturally, I responded saying that if she gave a shit about women’s issues, she’d be more than supportive of my decision. Needless to say she was not and we got in a big argument about how she’s contributing to the problems women face today, and how I’m ‘…unable to act like an adult and take responsibility for my own actions’ (her words… sigh).”

“After it escalated a little and some customers began to voice their opinions on the matter, I was asked to leave and not come back. I’m seriously debating getting a few of my friends to stage a protest in front of the cafe or at least generating an online campaign against them. I’m pretty pissed. THIS PUSSY GRABS BACK.”

The first comment on r/The_Donald’s post about the rant speculates that it must be a troll.

“No, I watched an SJW call my client, his boss, a fucking white male,” reads strikes_again_haha’s reply. “Fired on the spot.”

From there, people quickly began mocking the SJW who was apparently fired.

“Her boss is so brainwashed by the white cis straight patriarchy she doesn’t even know she’s being brainwashed,” commented Epicface227.

“These entitled SJWs are finding out exactly who the privileged ones are,” wrote Easter_Bunny.

“These loud, obnoxious morons get so wrapped up in their SJW narrative that they forget that the majority of people give zero shits about your ’cause,'” commented sillybananana.

Over on Twitter, the ridicule continued.


  • Dexter

    Can someone please tell me what rights these women are fighting for?

    What a sick, sad society we have become.

    Leftists have no morals or ethics. Obama and his liberal cronies hate the Constitution and free market capitalism. He destroyed our economy with measures like the ACA and immigration amnesty. The “Affordable” Care Act has been nothing short of a disaster. My health insurance bill is up to $450/month. (Compare this to my $25/month auto insurance from Insurance Panda or my $10/month renters insurance… both private enterprise!)

    This a sad day for unborn babies, like we all were one at one time. People go to great lengths to make sure the baby is safe, make sure a child is safe, make sure a teenager is safe, make sure a college student is safe. What has a happened to the female mind?

    • 0bsoleteMan

      As long as women, and only women, have the first and last say in the decision to legally murder their unborn children, they will always have more rights than men do.

      • Abortion is far, far cheaper than doling out money to raise all those unwanted kids.

        • Itsjust Penny

          So are you saying that saving money is justification for ripping a developing baby apart piece by piece while he or she feels everything? Science has proven that preborn babies feel pain as early as 8 weeks.

          • I don’t like abortion anymore than you do but how are we going to house, feed and educate all of these unwanted children?

            Are you willing to pay more in taxes? Adopt some of them yourself?

            I’m willing to do neither. I’d much rather we hand-out free birth control—-to include voluntary, incentive based sterilization—–and cut all funding (gradually of course) to single mothers.

          • Maya Pinion

            You’re right, but we need to change the narrative back to personal responsibility. Not going to be easy, though…I thinl a little tough love may be in order.

          • Arian Inigo

            I think so. Many have forgotten that you can do what you want, but so can everyone else! As well, at least here in the US parents should stop trying to protect their children from every conceivable form of discomfort, thereby taking away from them the ability to deal with tough situations on personal initiative (also known as “being a self-starter”), and instead begin to allow kids to do as they please (within limits according to the mental and emotional maturity, of course!) and allow them to take personal responsibility for their decisions. If a toddler has a tantrum because she did not get the toy or lollipop she wanted, let her have the tantrum! By struggling with her own emotions and the parent being there to give a nice, big hug when things become more than what the toddler can handle, her emotional maturity will develop and, with often centimetric progress, she will develop the ability to handle even the most emotionally adverse situations.

          • rogercodger

            I have no desire to house and support the mothers either, so instead of giving them housing, welfare, medicaid etc. I would like to see them all given a lead .22 shot to the head and not inconveinence me or my wallet.

          • Amy

            The problem isn’t the children coming into the world. The problem is the adults who didn’t take responsibility in preventing pregnancy appropriately in the first place. Don’t blame an innocent life, or terminate it, just because an alleged adult decided to be an idiot. If they can’t bother to make a family and be adult enough to answer to their responsibilities they should be more careful from the start. There is no excuse to take a life because it’s inconvenient. If they’re willing to lay down and make it they’d better be willing to get up and raise it.

          • Strawman argument @disqus_dR9j7r1WbV:disqus

          • Amy

            No, trying to keep abortion legal over rare cases (rape, incest, 1%) is a strawman argument. The majority of procedures done is solely convenience. It’s either a life or it’s not. Science says it is.

          • Once again @amy I will pose the question which most pro-lifers always ignore: how are we going to raise all of these unwanted kids? Are you willing to adopt? Are you willing to pay more in taxes?

          • Amy

            How about teaching women and young girls to be more responsible and preventing pregnancy to begin with? When does personal responsibility come into play? It should be from the beginning. It’s not the baby’s fault the mother wasn’t well prepared so the baby should not pay for the mom’s mistakes.

          • @disqus_dR9j7r1WbV:disqus

            Please answer the question or admit that you cannot.

            One or the other madame.

          • Retired Navy

            Now that I can agree with.

          • Arian Inigo

            More kids means more hands through which money can flow. Why do you think China is such a big economic power in the world today?

            An “unwanted” child can be seen either as an inconvenience on a personal basis, or as an investment in the future on a collective basis. I would much rather believe in the latter. I sometimes wonder if in the US we concentrate so much on individual, personal rights that we forget the role of collective action in guaranteeing them.

          • What utter rubbish @arianinigo:disqus

            Why then are three of the world’s most populous countries—-Pakistan, Nigeria and Bangladesh—- also it’s most destitute?

          • Ed

            Fetus has a heartbeat in just 24 days….

          • They’ve been saying that since day 1. “Undue burden”

          • Brian Geary

            Let’s be honest, though. Would you REALLY feel bad for the fetus of a Syrian refugee or illegal mexican immigrant? Honestly?

          • Arian Inigo

            One more reason to oppose abortion. Probably the only time I would agree with it is when the mother’s life is in danger and only if she elects to have the procedure.

        • William

          Contraceptives and condoms are far more cheaper, less invasive, and more responsible.

          • Absolutely @William:disqus but I’m not willing to say that women—-or anyone for that matter—-don’t have control over their own bodies.

          • MisterGoldiloxx

            A baby’s DNA is completely (as in 100%) distinct from the mother, therefore making it NOT the mother’s body.

          • Oooooky @mistergoldiloxx:disqus

            Simply watching the The Maury Povich Show would tell you otherwise.

          • Christopher Lee Hartsock

            Actually, getting your info from Maury is a bad idea…. at least if you can’t tell that the mother only contributes half of the DNA, and the father the other half, making a UNIQUE person.
            But why argue with someone who only values life by how cheaply it can be murdered.

          • I was being facetious @christopherleehartsock:disqus

          • Rotu

            One is biological, the other environmental. Who the hell watches that bottom-feeding garbage of a show?

          • texasken

            It’s better than CNN. 🙂

          • TinLizzie

            And who would cite it as proof of anything?

          • Talk about missing the point @disqus_YWppq5qflp:disqus

          • Peg Alexis


          • Retired Navy

            WOW – Maury Povich Show! What a valuable source to refefence.

          • Retired Navy

            How about the poor little body that the woman so willingly took the chance to create because she didn’t have the foresight to protect her own body from an “unwanted kid”!

          • Brian Geary

            Exactly; but that’s why as men, we can’t have a “choice”, either. It’s up to us to NOT have premarital or extramarital sex and impregnate someone who might abort!

          • @briangeary:disqus You do realize that there’s no such thing as an accidental pregnancy: women are either too lazy to use birth control or just plain irresponsible in their choice of sexual partners.

            And yes, I am placing the majority of this on women as they’re the ones with multiple options when it comes to contraception..

          • Arian Inigo

            “Accidental” pregnancies are not 100% accidental. Did the woman pay attention to her ovulation cycle before engaging in sexual intercourse with her male partner? At least with this info she can inform her male partner whether she wants to go through with it or not.

            Sex is a physical form of commitment; you are physically committing yourself to someone else and in a highly intimate way, even if emotionally and mentally you are doing just the opposite.

          • @arianinigo:disqus

            You’re still a virgin aren’t you?

          • GTKRWN

            Accidental pregnancies are occasionally accidental. Sometimes.

            I managed to get my wife pregnant five full years after I had a vasectomy, while she was using an IUD. (She’s one of the lucky percentile that have her period eliminated completely, so she’s kept on birth control since her high school years…) And sometimes on top of that we still use condoms, because it helps with clean-up.

            The vasectomy failed spontaneously after four years of yearly negative spunk-tests because apparently my balls have some sort of slow-motion Wolverine healing factor. IUDs, despite being nearly perfect, also have a very rare chance of letting an egg drop. And this was a week I didn’t buy all the lottery tickets, despite having odds so bad it’s proof that God must exist, and she hates my ass.

            I “dodged a bullet” with an ectopic pregnancy. Jesus was born into my wife’s fallopian tube then that prick tried to kill her. Melting him was self-defense. Thankfully this incredibly dangerous condition is nor will it ever be considered an “abortion” because it will actually kill you if left untreated. Women will never be forbidden life-saving treatments no matter how often feminists lie about it.

            If you want to argue that using three forms of birth control and surgically sterilizing yourself by having a doctor rip a hole in your nutsack with metal hooks isn’t due-diligence and somehow we should have been “more careful” I’m going to be amused. You’ll have managed to place yourself at a level even more stupid than liberals have been able to reach. 😉

          • Retired Navy

            But the biggest part of the equation is that a woman always has and always will control if they have sex – rape aside as it, at that point is not up to the woman . They know when they accept a date if they are going to allow their date to have sex with them so it is the woman who has to ensure that THEY are protected!

          • I’m not raising it or paying extra in taxes to pay for someone else to house, feed and cloth it.

            Are you @Navy_Retired:disqus ?

          • Retired Navy

            Yes! But it wouldn’t happen anyway! People that adopt an unwanted child actually WANT to raise the child!

          • Strawman argument @retirednavy

            I never mentioned the motives of adopting parents.

        • kim North


          • Really @disqus_y1YtgAu5yT:disqus? You’re telling me that there are enough qualified families to take-in all of these children?

          • Christopher Lee Hartsock

            Absolutely there is a massive surplus of adoption-eligible parents. Not even controversial to say so. But, the government, again, gets in the way:

            Million abortions a year. Two million adoption-ready parents. I’m thinking, “Yeah, there might just be a partial solution here.”

            Or maybe I should just watch Maury Povich.

          • Even if that were true @christopherleehartsock:disqus, where do you divine the right to force a woman to go through pregnancy???

          • Eileen K Jackson

            where else would the LBGTQ get their children from?

          • monte

            over a million anti-abortionist and half a million children needing adoption

          • That does not answer my question @disqus_axaFYzIuB9:disqus

        • 0bsoleteMan

          No doubt, but say the father decided that he wanted to be a dad to the kids he made… he can’t force the woman he knocked up to not have an abortion no matter how badly he wants the kid.

          Of course, I’d openly question why he’d be making a baby with someone who sees nothing wrong with abortion, but that’s a different matter.

          • Agreed @0bsoleteman:disqus. As a libertarian though, I cannot in good conscience violate a person’s property rights (who owns our bodies if not us?) for the benefit of someone else.

          • linnilu

            My daughter used to work for social services. She was appalled at the treatment of the men. If a woman did not want the baby, she could have an abortion no matter how much the man wanted to raise it. But if the woman wanted the baby and the man didn’t, he was forced by the state to provide child support. And stop before you even start on the “of course he should support it, it is his child” stuff. The woman can kill it because she doesn’t want it and the man does, but the man pays if the woman wants and the man doesn’t. I am all for child support, but not killing. If a married woman had an affair and became pregnant, the baby born into the marriage, the husband was legally made to pay support for that child, even though it was another man’s. And don’t even get her started on the woman who would not and were not forced to pay child support when the man did get custody of the child. But the poor underprivileged women in this country. I despise all of those whiners.

        • carloseg

          Not when it is used by women to avoid personal responsibility for their actions.

          • Your post makes no sense @carloseg:disqus

        • Cut off the supply of money for welfare, and lo and behold, grandma and grandpa start footing the bill, just like in the good old days. Soon, grandma’s and grandpa’s all over the country begin being parents and teaching their kids not to screw around before they have the capacity to take care of the repercussions..

          “…it used to be you could get paid for having kids, or you could kill your baby before it was born. Not any more, sweetheart. My advice is to keep your pants up….”

          • Great idea but it’s not a pragmatic solution in today’s political environment.

            I’d love to be the person who personally turns off the spigot though!

          • “Its too hard”

            Not to me.

          • Arian Inigo

            An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I would have a strong, almost friendship-like relationship with my daughter if I were a parent. This way, she will not feel any need to fill an emotional void with the feelings of a sexual relationship when I should be the one to help her fill it in, or feel the need to use a sexual relationship to avoid dealing with deep issues in her life.

          • Joseph S. Lania

            IF YOU CAN’T FEED IT,
            THEN DON’T BREED IT

        • shitstains666

          If I am against drunk driving does that mean that I am now responsible to drive drunk people home? Don’t be a fool. And there are extensive waiting lists for adopting newborns, so let’s quit pretending abortion is the only solution to unwanted pregnancy.

          • What a ridicilous analogy @shitstains666:disqus.

            Extensive waiting lists? Prove it!

          • Amethyst Heart

            It’s almost impossible to adopt. The guidelines the have in place make it so hard that people are going to other countries. They don’t want us to adopt children in America anymore. Now becoming a foster parent is not as hard as adopting. It’s much easier to become a foster parent and then adopt one of the children you have fostered. People just don’t know this.

          • Sherry Sue

            Check the lines for in vitro clinics or adoption rolls.

          • No. It’s not my job to disprove a point @disqus_z1cdkxbqRQ:disqus

          • Sherry Sue

            And not your job to do your own research obviously. Just throw out your comment and dare others to do it for you. I see….

          • @disqus_z1cdkxbqRQ:disqus

            Lol! Saw that comment coming a mile down the road. Look, you’re not a teacher and this isn’t high school where you get to shame kids into doing your work for you.

            When you make a claim that “X” is true then the burden of proof lies with you, the claimant—-not the audience.

          • Because it’s not my point that I’m trying to reinforce here @disqus_z1cdkxbqRQ:disqus.

            Have someone explain how burden of proof works to you.

          • shitstains666

            I’m not going to do your homework for you. I’ve been there already myself. Look into adopting a NEW BORN and you will be put on a list and expected to fork out much more than you can afford.

          • @shitstains666:disqus You made the claim so now prove it.

            And if you can’t—-or won’t—-then you’re nothing more than a troll!

        • whoselineisitanyway


          • Wonderful counter-argument you posited @whoselineisitanyway:disqus

        • Jean Meyer

          Cheaper? Maybe the man who really WANTS that child doesn’t feel that way. Maybe the man who might have liked to have raised that child would have felt that it was worth all the money on the planet. But they never get the choice. Obsolete is correct.

          • Your comment is invalid @disqus_OAULSe6eMl:disqus

        • David Withington

          If money is the issue, then there’s an even cheaper option than abortion. Slaughter the mother. You don’t even need any medical practice to tear her apart limb by limb, just put her on the rack and start ripping.

          But something tells me that you would rather spend money than murder people.

          • Lol! @davidwithington:disqus Typical talk-radio hyperbole—-nothing more..

          • David Withington

            It’s a perfectly rational solution if money is all that counts. The point I’m making is that money is not an issue when the alternative is ripping someone in pieces.

        • GTKRWN

          Killing all the blacks would be far, far cheaper than prison. It would wipe out nearly half of all crime, almost half of all welfare spending, and over 80% of all gun crime overnight. Not to mention tens of thousands of white women would be spared brutal rapes. (Actual “knife-to-your-throat-in-a-dark-alley by Tyrone” rape. Not “I had two coronas then my boyfriend caught me fucking the entire lacrosse team at a party” rape.)

          Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t make it right, but I’m willing to make exceptions if libs are.

        • Peg Alexis


          • So it’s just that easy @pegalexis:disqus —–“just give them to someone that does want them”?

      • Jean Meyer

        Amen ObsoleteMan. I have always thought it unfair that fathers have no say whatsoever.

        • PlainSpeaker99

          Fathers should have say. But there is a big difference between a man and a father. Fathers are men who limit their sex to women with whom they are in a committed relationship and have shared values. But men who f**^%$ indiscriminately without thought of possible pregnancy have no moral authority .

        • Lotsa Snuggs

          i don’t know why this statistic keeps hitting my frontal lobe, but it does…something that stuck in my head from a forensics class. this is not to detract from your message/reply.

          9/10 murdered pregnant women are murdered by bfs/spouses/significant others.

          • Rbt Evans

            10/10 babies who are aborted are murdered by their “mothers”.
            Now that’s a “horrible statistic”.

        • Why? We’re not the ones having to carry that thing inside of us for 9 months and then have to go through hours of agony to get it out.

          • TERRI

            carry that thing ? Oh my gosh it’s a living breathing BABY not a thing…….

          • Peg Alexis

            That’s true, but why murder a baby that didn’t ask to be made. The 9 months and the agony isn’t that great a price to pay to not commit a “murder.” Than give it to someone that will love it. IT IS NOT A THING, IT’S A GIFT FROM GOD FOR SOME ONE ELSE TO HAVE THAT CAN’T HAVE A BABY. THAT IS WHAT IT IS CALLED, A BABY, NOT A THING.

          • Rbt Evans

            No, we just get to go through years of agony being accused of not caring. If we’re lucky enough not to be accused of molestation.

        • Peg Alexis

          I’ve always wondered that also. How come the father has no say?? If they don’t want the baby, give it to the father or let a family that wants a baby to love, have them. It isn’t fair that a father has no say.

          • just_one_ Sewer Rat_guy

            But not to worry. We will get to pay for it anyway.

        • Rbt Evans

          There are MANY men who would want to keep their child rather than have it discarded like trash. But no one’s asking them.

      • Brian Geary

        No, if you teach your sons to stay virgin until marriage, as the bible commands, they won’t have to worry about whether the one night stand they picked up who knows where will abort the child if she gets pregnant. Your son (and you) have a choice; keep the zipper closed except for your lawfully wedded wife. Problem solved.

        • 0bsoleteMan

          I’m simply pointing out the legal quibbles.

          Abortion should be abolished.

        • jetrod

          But if you brainwash(I mean teach) your children to follow the bible, then you have to also teach them that gays need to be killed, snakes can talk, unicorns are real but dinosaurs never existed because our flat Earth isn’t as old as the dinosaur bones that have been found here. You also have to teach them that insest is a-ok since Adam and Eve’s children also had their own children while Eve was the only woman on the planet. You go ahead and teach them that, send them some Vaseline when they go see their priest, it might save them from a sore anus caused by those representatives of your imaginary god, you know, that god that forces innocent children to get molested cuz its all part of his great plan. You must be sick to worship an all powerful being that lets these things happen when he could stop them at a whim, and now you want to teach your children to worship this pervert?

          • Rbt Evans

            I get it, you hate Christianity.
            But there’s no practical difference between them preaching, and you being all offended and intruded upon, and you preaching your religion to everyone else.
            That’s called hypocrisy.

          • jetrod

            I don’t have a religion to preach, unless you count reality a religion. Teaching your kids that Santa is real is one thing, you eventually admit to the lie, teaching them that an imaginary man is watching their every move is likely causing unbelievable stresses on some they shouldn’t have to suffer. At least wait until they can form their own opinions before forcing your fairy tales on them, but of course the church likes to get them young, just like the guys that convince kids to blow themselves up cuz their god tells them that they should. There’s very little difference between the religions, but theres a huge difference with those that follow reality, not imaginary men. Notice how an athiest has never, ever killed for their religion. Athiests dont try to pass the blame on a god claiming the god told them to commit murder etc, ya need religion for that.

          • Rbt Evans

            Atheism becomes a functional religion to those who won’t shut up about it.
            Like you.

      • AaronTwitterShadwBannd✔TRUMP

        That particular “Dexter” guy (disqus_jex2cbimLV) is spamming. It would help if you flagged it. Clever spam.

    • Jerald

      Everything you say is true, except the lies about insurance panda because you are a paid advertiser and spam political posts with your drivel.

      • Golden Cobra

        Actually Obama care is a complete disaster. For every person that got insurance, 3 more lost it. I know families who’s premiums went up 1200 a month. In some areas that is a HOUSE payment. Obama care is a complete disaster. Dexter is right.

        • Missy Moo

          I know so many people who pay through the nose for insurance, but their deductibles are so high they can’t afford to use it, rendering them uninsured…

          • Jerry Rogalski

            That’s me…sure, I’m “covered”…with incredibly expensive and unusable insurance….of course, the non-working, non-contributing Obama voter types are getting pretty much a free ride…on the back of those who work…

          • anitamicah

            when osamacare went into effect i needed to get insurance so went to the site to check how affordable the government’s insurance was. for me alone to get insurance through the osamacare site would of cost me over 400 a month. the year before i had to take my car off the road because i couldn’t afford the $98 a month for car insurance. if i couldn’t afford that a month how the hell was i going to be able to afford 400+ a month. ended up getting insurance through my states marketplace with financial assistance from my state (job had stopped giving part timers insurance until 3rd year of employment cause the rates had gone up). then because i got state assistance to pay for the insurance the government made me have i got charged for that assistance at tax time. the dollar amount they charged was the same as the no insurance fine.

        • Jerald

          He is right. I have 300+ a month premiums with 7,000 deductibles, so I can’t afford insurance, but I’ve seen Panda insurance salesman on other sites. They post something relevant, then spam about Panda insurance. It’s smart marketing, but still marketing nonetheless.

      • Jean Collier

        Jerald. I thought Dexter’s post was relevant. Have you seen previous messages in regard to Panda Insurance from Dexter or are you guessing?

        • Greg

          He is a clever spammer. If you Google for the phrase “month auto insurance from Insurance Panda” (in quotes), you will see thousands of spam posts using the exact same phrase.

          • linnilu

            Yup, and they are all worded the same. And they are on almost all comment boards that I frequent. I have seen them everywhere.

      • He has a private profile so either you’re stalking @disqus_jex2cbimLV:disqus or guessing.

        • Greg

          Actually, if you Google for the phrase “month auto insurance from Insurance Panda”, you will see thousands of spam posts using the exact same phrase.

        • Jerald

          People like him spam Panda insurance on other sites in every article. Nice try defending an obvious insurance salesman though.

    • PeterCottontail

      The right to kill their children, and strip down to their flabby boobies and flabby belly fat with no repercussions.

    • skant153

      they’re fighting to get privileges, such as abortions and birth control, to be treated as rights, like speech.

      • sez-who

        Paid for by somebody else.

    • Danny Ferrell

      Let them kill their babies if they want. Maybe that will eventually weed out the cold twisted breed of females that call themselves women.

    • DaisyToo

      Apparently, the right to high tail it from work and not be fired.

    • GTKRWN

      The women wearing vaginas on their heads are fighting because those evil white men want to put small amounts of restrictions on their “right” to kill an unlimited number of babies. Anything less than every baby is a war against women committed by Hitlers.

      That’s it.

      That’s literally it.

    • Peg Alexis


  • Russ

    oh, you skipped a day’s work without booking time off ahead? oh…welcome to the real world where nobody owes you anything (including your job), where safe spaces are non-existent, where hot chocolate is only handed you after you hand over $4, and where nobody gives a shit about you, your feminism, your politics, or your privilege…

    • NuttyCatLady

      Millennials should file a class action suit against Barney the Dinosaur for indoctrinating them to believe that the world was one big safe space. What a rude awakening these poor, misguided snowflakes have had! No wonder they’re so unhinged.

      • Hey!

        Don’t forget to include the teletubbies in there as well………:-D

        • cyran

          The teletubbies at least taught us how to be freaks.

          • Jimbo

            I like the hair bears

      • Billy Beane

        Best response I have read in weeks.
        BRAVO BRAVO.

      • brch2

        To be fair, most of them missed the message that Barney and his world only existed in their imaginations. It’s right there in the first line of the theme song. “Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination…”. Oh and the last, “Barney can be your friend to if you just make believe him”.

      • frenchie mama

        Barney turned out to be a pedophile 😉

        • Jimbo


        • John Golt

          Rly? LOL fucking figures.

      • Lotsa Snuggs

        and were you able to maintain a straight face whilst typing this?

        reality, she be a bitch.

      • Jimbo

        And Henrietta hippo too.

    • pjt36

      To be fare, if you’re a skilled engineer in our shop, you get free coffee / tea / “cocoa” due to the positive effect caffeine has on the the productivity level of your typical EE.

      Or perhaps it should be viewed like any “benefit”
      … as part of our compensation package

  • Jared

    I’d be WAY MORE IMPRESSED if these women did these protests in countries where women have actual problems.

    • William

      no way! Do not how spotty 4G cellphone coverage is in some places around the world? Are you a monster??

      • Bryant Steury

        Exactly! Then how would they post about it and share snaps and instagrams and vines?! Can’t do that in those places!

      • Sylveria Shini

        What’s the point of protesting if you can’t snapchat it?

      • youcancallmecrazybut

        They could only visit countries where IEDs are detonated by cell phone. They should have good reception there AND they would learn a lesson at light speed in those areas.

        • Frank Earl

          Well at least around the speed of the shockwave…

    • DS11T

      GREAT IDEA, then we wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore because they wouldn’t come back alive !!

      • GTKRWN

        Some “empowered feminists” willingly travel to these countries to let rich alpha muslims shit on their chests.

        • Peg Alexis


    • Kexessa

      Impossible. How would they get a no foam skinny latte while charging their iPhone after posting their review of last nights $200 dinner on Yelp while discussing their upcoming vacation to Jamaica while simultaneously wondering if they need a pedicure if they were in Syria? Puuleeese. These women actually believe they have problems. And they want to get to decide who runs the country. Ohh Emm Gee

      • Dominic Ericson

        Don’t forget to mention that the $200 dinner was paid for by a man who she didn’t give a second date to because he kinda sighed when she said she forgot her purse when the check came…like a true misogynist…oh yeah and she also then made twitter and facebook posts about how selfish and cheap men are.

    • AverageJoe1987

      But that would mean feminists admitting that they have it pretty good here in the US and are always outraged over nothing, and it would admit that Muslims treat women poorly in the Middle East.

      They have too much fun playing victim here and are too up the butt of Muslims to ever do either.

    • Alias Darker

      i’d actually support them if they did

      • linnilu

        Me too. I’d even pitch in on plane fare.

        • colinrippey

          I’d pitch in for the rocks

    • Deborah January


    • over it!

      Yeah they would be stoned to death!!

    • lindacarlson

      It would cost her her life, or she’d have to pay a heavy fine!

  • Bobby France

    I love how these self entitled mutants seem to think, Other people’s rights end at their butt hurt.

  • Steve_o

    Sounds fake.

    • Golden Cobra

      It’s real as real gets. This is the mentality of many SJW’s.

      • Lorenz Stransky

        Let’s hope it gets more and more real for these SJWs. They need a good dose of reality biting them in the rear.

    • William

      Because people don’t get fired for not showing up at work or because SJWs are never this arrogant? Which one seems implausible to you?

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    From all the crap that I’ve heard about lately, I cannot help but believe that this is as real as it gets.

  • happytortuga

    I’m sure it’s another hoax.

  • Acacia The Vet

    Can we all say Douche Bag

  • Badkarma060

    Can someone explain what rights they have lost? Voting, working, driving, acting like imbecile’s. They seem to still have these rights what is their gripe other than following the organizers of their march, one a Sharia supporter, and anti American, another one was a criminal. These women need an enema, to clear their minds….

  • Flavius Josephus

    The fact that she “works” in a cafe pretty much summed it up for me. I liked the part where she said she was going to get a few of her SJW buddies and boycott the place. These millennials are a useless bunch, not all, but most like her. Lame Brained Liberal.

    • Arian Inigo

      The boycott can only work if it causes the business to lose a good part of its clientele. One cause would be if the café is located in a college town and over half the student body is aligned with the SJWs. If it’s just Ms. SJW and her friends on board, then the business won’t feel anything.

  • deplorable jmarie

    I’m finding this story a as hard to believe as the stories about Trump supporters attacking muslims. No source, no verification. Sorry, but I’m a cynic.

  • ShadowSandy

    Fake or not, The depicted woman would probably have a history of unprofessional behavior based on the snarky tone.

  • TonyR

    Thats a truckload of butthurt right there!

  • Kevin O’Quinn

    Anyone know where that cafe is? I think I might want to go by for lunch.

    • DireWolf1240

      Or if you know of anyone looking for a job, it sounds like they might have an opening.

  • Phelin M’Quirk

    Refusal of assigned work is grounds for discharge with cause, and (at least in my state) prevents the discharged employee from claiming unemployment compensation chargeable to the employer’s experience rating. That’s as it should be, regardless of the reason for the employee’s refusal.

    What these SJWs never remember is that engaging in civil disobedience implies a willingness to bear its consequences. Martin Luther King was prepared to go to jail for expressing his beliefs – and did. This specimen whines because she was fired for behavior that would cause any employee to be fired – and shows no sign of having learned anything from the experience.

    How much do you suppose was wasted on her university education, and how much of it was at the taxpayers’ expense?

  • claudiusxiii

    Postmodernist commie scum.

  • charles_1

    Either you have a work ethic or not. If not, get used to being fired.

  • Ed

    So women are marching for EQUAL PAY…but believe its OK to skip off work without consequences !!

    • AverageJoe1987

      She got her equal pay alright!

      She got the same pay you or I would also get if we no-called/no-showed work.

  • Jonathan Shupe

    Dumb cunts are gonna dumb cunt. For the women who are actually going to women – what better way to woman than to put a dumb cunt in her fucking place? By punting said dumb cunt, that’s how. Punt the Dumb Cunts ladies. Punt them so hard they will think twice about dumb cunting ever again.

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    so many teachers too th day off that schools had to be closed. the SJWs dont like it when you point out the financial burden that placed on parents and especially single moms. it is a conversation stopper.

  • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

    Speaking as a retired ‘boss person’, I offer a tip: Make me think about doing without you, I would seriously think about doing WITHOUT you.

  • Sixty Ville

    Responsibilities before politics, or else the rent doesn’t get paid and the refrigerator stays empty.

    Fact of life, kids.

  • Wes Harper

    I guess it’s just not that easy being a member of the most privileged (using their term to honestly describe them) group of people on this earth. I mean, how dare anyone question these feminists about anything unless they are also feminists, but even feminists that do not agree with these feminists have absolutely no right to question those feminists, Life just sucks when one out of, say, 100,000 things doesn’t go completely and entirely their way.

    • Arian Inigo

      Hoping for a perfect world while living in an imperfect paradigm.

  • Dertle

    “In front of the cafe”

    How did I know

  • Tony Spagnoli

    You play, you pay! Now GTFO!

  • topowernine

    Yesterday I saw the photo of a yezdi woman being sold as a sex slave by Islamic state but it could have been the video of a woman being stoned in Saudi Arabia or flogged like in more “moderate” countries.

    After that I watched a video of two white American women of European ascent performing the bowings and kneelings of the Muslim prayer at a mosque. They wern’t converts, they were simply white liberal poseurs. One of them was wearing the pink pussy hat of those who protest about Trump’s “sexism”. That what passes today as feminists. And in the meantime the yezdi woman is being raped by her new master..

    • AverageJoe1987

      That’s how feminists operate.

      They ignore real oppression of women so they can be outraged over nonsensical stuff in the West.

      • PlainSpeaker99

        Too simplistic. The dogma is that racism is worse than sexism or homophobia – so women and the LGBTQs must shut up in the face of any allegation of racism. Look at the how Blacklivesmatter took over the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto and the organizers bent over and took it.

  • Jason Hunt

    All these ‘warriors’ sound like little kids.

    • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

      Liberals ARE little kids. As are Demoncrats

    • Kameron Brown

      There are REAL warriors who would break these snowflakes in two with their bare hands.

  • jamest1148

    Where’s the cafe at? I’m hungry. I would love to support a business that puts the customer first and not some entitled brat that thinks the world owes her a living for being a certain gender.

  • That Guy (Don’t be that guy)


  • Carl Ravyn

    Regardless of whether or not this story is fake there are some points to make here.
    If an employee at a cafe/restaurant/etc does not get an approved/scheduled day off and they decide not to show up this poses problems for the business.
    1. The manager may have to run the establishment short handed. This can cause delays in customers getting/receiving food (or whatever the service provides). This basically means that it takes longer to provide for a customer, which means less customers can be provided for during the course of business hours. Which means that the business makes less money.
    2. The manager can attempt to call someone in on short notice. They will still have to work shorthanded until the replacement can get there. Also, there may not be anyone available when they try to call, so then end up with problem number 1 for the day. Even if they do find someone, that person is not currently scheduled for that time, and it could cause that person to have more than 40 hours that week, meaning overtime pay. This ends up costing the business money.

    If I was the owner of a business and an employee cost my business money, either in lost potential revenue, or additional expenses, and then had the audacity to argue with one of my managers in front of customers they’d be gone in a heartbeat. Even if they didn’t argue in front of customers, but skipping out on work days without getting things approved became a habit, they would be looking for another job. Either way, as an employee, if you cost the business you are working for money because of acting irresponsibly, you need to be humble and begging forgiveness or you will most likely be out on your a$$, especially in low-skill jobs like working at a cafe/restaurant/etc, because you can be replaced pretty easily.

    • TinLizzie

      But that’s the point of “Day Without A Woman.” To show everyone how much we are NEEDED!

      So much so that the employer will hire someone more reliable… Maybe even a man who doesn’t wear pussy hats.

  • Jack Dannenberg

    She did NOT skip work because it was International Women’s Day. She skipped work for “A Day Without Women”. 2 different things. IMHO she got her just reward.

  • Large Basket

    I did not notice any change in my day without women. I wonder if this means anything.

  • Cloud Strife

    It’s fake, my peter didn’t get hard so…

  • Bryant Steury

    The real rub is, if she told her boss about it a week or two prior, I’m sure the boss would have been just fine with it. But not showing up and then turning a discussion about your absence into “but YOU’RE the problem”? Wow, that’s a level of stupid that’s hard to get out. I can’t imagine ever confronting a boss in that manner, even if, objectively, they were completely wrong and I were completely right.

    • Rocketman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

      Well, unless if you really didn’t want to work!

    • Kameron Brown

      That’s why why you get them alone, THEN you discuss the best solution to the issue at hand.

  • Surething Toots

    I live for stories like this. Is it bad of me to enjoy SJW fails? It’s like magic shell on an ice cream cone for me.. yummy.

  • Crystalsinger

    A woman fired by another woman in America for missing work on Commie-inspired “International Women’s Day”? Oh, the irony of it all!

  • texasken

    What Sowel said above. You don’t take your boss on in front of customers. The boss had one reason for firing her but the thing that got her was shaming the boss in from of customers. Dumb bi***

  • AverageJoe1987

    If you don’t show up for work and you don’t bother calling in, you get fired.

    It’s common knowledge and it happens to all of us, no matter our gender.

    This moron needs to stop playing victim and accept responsibility for her actions. She chose to not go to work and she chose to not call out for the day. Now she needs to stop whining because she caused herself to get fired.

    She needs to drop the “I have a pussy, I should get special privileges” nonsense. Because it just makes us laugh at her predicament rather than sympathize. Not that we’d have sympathy anyway.

    • Arian Inigo

      Agreed. These SJW women act as if the State had been actively repressing their right to freedom of sexual expression all along. So what’s with all these protesters wearing Yoni hats? I sometimes wonder if Japan’s Kanamara Festival should be brought to the US. If not that, then instead of going to protests these women should be handing out sexual education literature and the like. I would prefer hearing explanations on sexual behavior in human beings and ways to use the info for improving sexual relationships to hearing a group of mostly female protesters whine about the lack of state support for their preferred sexual lifestyles. I say this because if more married couples can learn how to get the most out of their sexual relationships, promiscuity would not be so widespread as it is now.

  • hiway280z

    Who convinced these women they are so mistreated and have no rights ? when you do not go to work just to try and prove a point then your hurting your company. Why should your boss put up with that when there are many others wanting a job and are willing to work only missing if they are sick or some thing happens that they do need to be off like a family emergency.

  • skyway1234

    Hey, Milo! How are you? I’m glad to hear from you again. Found a link to this in my Facebook feed and I’m very happy to see you in the public eye again. Keep up the fight, buddy. There are millions of people who have your back and want to hear what you have to say.

  • Karen Langlois

    It does grab back and it fired you moron

  • Hal Slusher

    Women getting stoned beaten sexually molested (total silence) America wont pay for my birth control women running streets in of all things “Pussy” hats

  • Hal Slusher

    Why is the first decision to spread your legs the start of having to kill a baby? Think ladies do you really want to murder your offspring for a quickey?

  • Mitch Strikes Again

    Bye Felicia…When it comes to work, looks like both your nipples just got freed…along with the rest of your stupid snowflake self.

  • luis martinez

    suck it up butter cup. Welcome to the real world! BAH BYE…

  • icy69hot

    Protesting the treatment of women, in a country that treats women better then any other nation on earth is about as stupid as it gets. Then to complain to your boss because they are upset that you took off to protest, abandoning your job to do it and then thinking your going to keep it. Not a smart idea for the following reasons. Took off for an unauthorized reason, shorted the employer of staff making it harder to do the job for the day, comes back the next day and berates boss for not being understanding, and they wonder why they got fired. People, sad to say but this is our fault for allowing Liberals to take over the education of our young. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    She assumed her female boss would give her leeway because of her sex?


  • John Wayne

    All they had to do is call in to work sick. Just not showing up to work screwed her boss. Soros will be happy to have another minion to add to Obamas Army. All these phony events are not grass roots but planned assaults and these morons don’t realize they are the tools who lose in the end.

    • Arian Inigo

      This is what mental and emotional slavery does to you. Which is why it’s good to question everything! I was thinking they would at least think about how large-scale events affect their personal lives and take action to preserve normalcy therein, instead of trying wholesale to become part of the story! If I am going to join Communist International or any like organization, at least I want to know what I am getting myself into!

  • Rick Martin

    American women are the most entitled, privileged people on the planet. Wage gap, that’s been proven false. Campus rape “epidemic”, also proven false. These women who march and protest are disgusting. Perhaps if they had to work as hard as men, they wouldn’t have time to sit around and bitch.

  • Robert Schuler

    Good for the women that did protest weather we had to agree or disagree. People said the same thing hundred years ago when they were petitioning for labor’s rights women’s rights for women suffrage movement child labor laws civil rights there’s always naysayers. It’s best to stand for something if you don’t stand for anything you’ll fall for everything

  • just1guywhocares

    She can always get a job with one of Soros’s shadow orgs…Good on you Ms Boss, though. We here to work!

  • MidwestNorsk

    *laugh reacts only*


  • Sandra Shelton

    I am confused on why you would have “International Womens Day” which celebrates all womens achievements, “The day without women” which was for their insecurity and the “Feminist hate Trump” march all on the same day? confusing

  • irtechie

    It’s one thing to plan things out. Say “I need next Thursday off so I can protest”. “Let me know what I can do to get a head”, no call no show doesn’t work anywhere. The firings aren’t because of beliefs. It’s a failure of responsible action.

  • Naru

    Can I just say I’m a millennial and I can’t stand the way a lot of them act. I’ve had the same job for 6 years as of next month on the dot (since I was 19) I hate seeing the sense of entitlement that come from my age group. I work for everything I have and if it’s not in my budget I don’t get it. If I do something wrong at work I tell on myself lol. I was stressed out and snapped at my co worker one day and I told our manager I’m really sorry but I snapped at so and so it’s just been really stressful today and it came out

  • Vince


  • Truthisnotmeasuredbyconsensus

    Im a female and have been a boss, manager, owner etc. You no show, no job! You cost the company money, time or add responsibilty to others because of your unexcused absence and then have the nerve to be insubordinate, no job! EVERYONE is expendable and replacable. Maybe if more people respect what they have and stop fighting against an exaggerated issue, maybe just maybe we could all get through a day without having to take a handful of aspirin. We hear less whining from kids than we do from these “women” loosely stated. And by the way lets make this clear- im sure i can soeak for most- we are tired of heaing about grabbing “p” i personally hate that word and for any female using it is nasty. Trump said ” being a celebrity i COULD grab …,” he NEVER said he did. And to note.,,HES NOT WRONG! We all know full and well celebrities can get away with just about anything when groupies or fans are concerned. Even i will admit i wouldnt turn away Matthew McConaughey so stop it! Be a lady and put the kitty away- the rest of us are tired of seeing it!

  • Cindy Gale Helton Gilland

    Ok… I’m stumped. What is SJW?

    • G. Scott

      Social Justice Warrior

      • Cindy Gale Helton Gilland

        Thank you.

  • Mister Misanthrope

    These people don’t even realize they’re the one who are privileged.

  • DaisyToo

    “I was absent from work …” No, honey, you were absent when you skipped school. When you skip work, you’re fired.

  • Darren Wilkens

    Idiots (like her) will never take responsibility for their own actions. #stupidliberals

  • Todd MacCubbin

    Women have it better than ever, I don’t understand what they are protesting about. Be happy you have a job and quit creating problems for yourselves, this 2017, not the 1900’s!

  • bobbert

    In a vacuum, ignoring the idiocy of SJW causes, you cant just not show up for work one day. Talk to your boss about it and clear it with them before hand. Failing at that dont get into a fight with your boss when you didnt show up for work. This is nothing but entitlement and if I were the boss I could not fire them fast enough.

    Its common sense.

  • Sol

    “Feminism:” turning women into shrinking violets while making them think they are empowered.

  • Sol

    Who feminists are being led by: www*thegatewaypundit*com / 2017 / 03 / breaking-pro-sharia-law-muslim-linda-sarsour-arrested-nyc-adaywithoutawoman-protest-photos/

  • gabby35

    No-show at work… strike one. Disrespectfully arguing with your boss by telling her she is “part of the problem” …strike two. Challenging her authority in front of customers and other employees… strike three. I’d fire her too. Had she approached this from a place of respect instead of a place high atop her pedestal of righteous indignation, she might have gotten off with a written warning. Her attitude is what cost her the job.

    • Arian Inigo


  • Ali Stearns

    Lol like anyone cares about her supposed issues. I love how she doesn’t go to work and then she acts like the affronted one when her boss is like that’s not gonna fly. Protest on your own time not when u should be at work.

  • The Wale

    I am playing a finger violin. It was not about being absent, it was unprofessional attitude the next day at work. Stupid person.

  • chucky

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!! EAT SHIT, you whiney, ignorant, feminazi cunt!!!

  • SplashAvoca

    Looks like this little girl’s trophy train has come to an end. She’s gonna be angry for a long time. Not conducive to a good life.

  • diana

    I still think reinstating the draft ..criteria could be ..1. .if your unemployed or on any assistance …would make people alittle more wary of blowing off work The draft would help them …Maybe after crawling around in a sand pile and being munched by sand fleas…she would be glad to do her job…Give respect to her boss …Can’t see a Drill sargent letting her diss them like she did her boss

  • The Abstract

    The first thing that SJWs need to learn is that decisions/choices have consequences. This is the entire idea behind safe spaces – that they can be “free from the consequences of their actions.”

    Sorry, but the world does not exist within the confines of your “safe space.”

    • Arian Inigo

      What they need to learn is that you can do whatever you want, but so can everyone else! As well, one should not seek a safe space, but a stable platform from which to venture out and deal with the world’s problems. Sail through the rough waters of life, on a stable ship!

  • frenchie mama

    You silly immature little children can’t do anything but try and shame people into behaving the way YOU want them to! Hilary tried to do this too; to use guilt to manipulate. So do BLM and CAIR actually. How did that go over?
    The thing is- that manipulative crap may have worked when you were 3 with mum, maybe even now as you live in those basements, but it won’t work on non familial people! LMAO!
    We take care of our business, our kids by doing our JOBS. Not by trying to manipulate a whole planet by trying shame them into giving us free money and “rights” not earned. You generations of twits think that the world owes you “dessert”? before you finish your chores? Never mind you all demanding an allowance for doing NOTHING to contribute to the household of America?
    Anyone brought up thinking you get what you want by expecting OTHERS to give it to you? Is not living in reality.
    Where has mandatory draft gone? The boys and girls of today need to learn how rights are earned and WHO protects those rights. They need to learn discipline not micro aggressions against them. Fire every moronic liberal professor catering to the agenda of ENTITLEMENT and MANIPULATION 101, and put some real teachers in place. The sort of teachers that aren’t afraid to award detentions and big fat F’s for not showing up.

    • PowerGrid

      Hear hear, very well said

  • Linda F.

    Stop whining, princess! You didn’t show up for work because you wanted to march around town while carrying a sign with not-even-remotely-clever phrases about how special and powerful you are, just because you’re a woman! Your boss confronted you about it. Instead of admitting that you’d made a mistake – instead of apologizing and trying to make amends – you threw a massive hissy fit (In front of customers, no less!) and got yourself fired. Now you want to throw another massive hissy fit, instead of taking responsibility for what you did.

    Well, boo-hoo! Cry me a river! Stop acting like a spoiled SJW princess and start acting like an adult!

    Good luck finding someone who’ll employ you! Don’t put your most recent employer down as a reference.

  • flatbedbill

    Good. She just learned the hard way that you can’t have it both ways. Her parents should have made sure she already knew this before she flew the coop, but I’d bet she knows it now.

  • Alex Kazmier

    The comments are hilarious lol dam I’m so proud of u guys

  • Brian Geary

    Anyone who protests anything on company time should be fired. I fired a Jewish guy for shirking work to March in a pro-Israel demonstration. I had to threaten to fire another employee that wanted to take part in a pro-life protest during the week (he thought better of it and didn’t go). None of my female employees took part in this last protest, but I think it’s because they know my stance and my history! They were afraid, lol.

  • Toni Parker

    The lack of perspective of these women astounds me. They have jobs, responsibilities and apparently bills to pay and a roof to keep over their heads and they feel the need to point out how important they are by Protesting? These women seem to have little in the way of true convictions other than a “me first” mentality… I sincerely hope none of them have children because it would seem their children come in line of succession that isn’t first.

    • Bandit

      Sort of … but mostly they’re so self absorbed they don’t really understand that the world’s purpose isn’t to accomodate them

      • Toni Parker

        Life has a humbling way of educating people…

  • Brian Geary

    Women knew better than to take off at my place of business. I’ve already fired a Jewish guy for attending a pro-israel rally during work hours and threatened a guy who wanted to attend a pro-life rally on my dime (I’m not opposed to his politics, just not on MY time). Protesting belongs on the weekend.

    • Arian Inigo

      Couldn’t the guy call in sick at least? Then you can tell him he won’t be getting paid for the “sick day”.

  • Steve Michael

    she got what she deserved

  • EnglishGit

    Play stupid games, get stupid prizes. Suck it lol!

  • This is CHOICE. She CHOSE not to show up for work and EXPECTED her boss to understand because she was a woman. Yes, a woman RUNNING A BUSINESS who was put out one less employee because of this chippie’s choice. How ironic the Boss is living her accomplishments, while the SJW plays hooky and calls it a protest. Too bad the organizers didn’t warn you of those consequences, Ms. SJW. Maybe it’s them you should protest. If you dare protest at that Cafe then an arrest would be next. Think not a smart woman won’t offer the cops free coffee?

  • PowerGrid

    hahahahahaha, priceless. Here in my town alot of people lost their jobs as well during march for immigrant day, love it.

  • Joe Cicchelli

    fire that rubber hole she took the day without permission and now she’s talking shit fk her !

  • De Rhon

    I’ve got a job for her. Only takes about 7 minutes, and pays a lot better than the cafe where she used to work.

  • Lisa Austin

    As a manager at one time myself? Lets list these offenses this fired worker committed. If I was her boss…. this is how I would have evaluated the situation

    #1 Did not show up for her scheduled shift
    #2 Did not call in the day she decided to not show up for her scheduled shift
    #3 Decided to curse and argue with me about why she missed work
    #4 Decided to act like a fool in front of customers and clients
    #5 Disrespecting her boss
    #6 Disrespecting the business
    #7 Disrespecting clientele with her foul language


    Reality is…. you as an employee DO NOT

    #1 Skip work because you feel like it
    #2 Bring your attitude to the workplace
    #3 Dictate to me what hours you will and not work
    #4 Disrespect me in front of staff
    #5 Disrespect me in front of clients
    #6 Curse at work
    #7 Disregard rules at the workplace “because you feel like it”

    Bye Bye….find another job

  • Gunnvald Kleveland

    “act like an adult” yeah thats spot on , ACT

  • Message to SJWs…you do not get to call the shots in your place of employment. That is why you have a boss. You ask PERMISSION to take off. If they say no, you report to work. If you get fired by defying your boss’s denial, don’t be surprised when you no longer have a job!!

  • HeavyCream

    Marches for women’s rights but bails on her boss and talks back to her as if her boss was her employee….that is a woman. Where is this business? I want to stand outside and PROMOTE it so it makes more money, because “I”, am for that woman boss and her business.

  • CraxyD

    Oh come on, there HAS to be more stories of this happening. At the same time, many employers might have been hesitant to take any kind of disciplinary action for fear of a sexual harassment lawsuit.

  • Ryan Thiago Cortes

    Women’s day shouldn’t exist.

  • Cholo Joe

    Not how they taught her things would turn out in her feminist studies course at Berkley.

  • Jane Jessee

    Get over it, Buttercup!!! You wanted to act like a spoiled 5 year old and guess what , I would have fired your sorry ass as well.!!!

  • jonklement

    What an ACTUAL adult does, if they want/need time off from work, especially for something pre-planned far in advance such as this march was, is they ASK FIRST AHEAD OF TIME, to see, again, AHEAD OF TIME, how their boss would feel about it. That’s what real adults do, honey.

  • lindacarlson

    She went AWOL! She showed that she couldn’t be reliable nor respectable or responsible!

  • CuckLivesMatter

    Poor her, she lives in country where she has an opportunity to earn a living, just like any other citizen. She lives in a country where her gender can get promoted to a higher position, like her boss. I bet she even was allowed to commute to work by driving her own car too.

  • Peg Alexis


  • jetrod

    Thats quite the long story to write just to promote Panda insurance, I guess it’s cheaper to print this then to actually pay for your ad tho……

  • Seventh Angel

    Women just want more special privileges. They already have enough. Time for them to be drafted for war. That’s equality.

  • Kyle S.

    check with your boss first, and when you ask your boss you need to remember that they might say no, also if you skip work for a cause then you better make it a worthy cause

  • Khanscott

    That is some l33t Windows Paint skills with that tear going down her face.

    In all seriousness, its entitled morons like her that are the reason universal basic income, or whatever-the-fuck the left calls it today, should never be permitted to exist.