Rapper Bow Wow and New York Times culture writer Sopan Deb are under fire from conservatives this afternoon after apparently joking about pimping out First Lady Melania Trump.

It all apparently began when Bow Wow tweeted the following in reference to President Donald Trump’s blasting of rapper Snoop Dogg for his mock assassination video.

Sopan Deb caught wind of the tweet and posted this message, apparently mocking Breitbart.

Several conservative Twitter users have subsequently lashed out at both individuals.

Feminists like Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, who have been quick to call for Trump’s impeachment at the slightest of social justice infractions, have yet to criticize the joke.

Here’s a look at Nancy Pelosi’s most recent tweets.

The New York Times has also not addressed Sopan’s participation in the joke, choosing instead to publish a think piece on whether or not museums’ featured content should change to suit the political climate.