The 4chan group /pol/ (politically incorrect) has apparently begun placing webcams on the America/Mexico border and are informing Immigration and Customs Enforcement of any intruders they see.

News of this plan comes via a Twitter account apparently associated with /pol/.

The tweet contains a number of screenshots, one of which highlights what appears to be the post that started it all.

“How did I just find out that we can watch the border and report illegals trying to cross from the comfort of our homes and/or basements,” it reads.

“How is this not a regular feature of our border defense? I know we’ve got WH people reading this board. If you put webcams on the border and make it a game, I guarantee that you’ll have the best autistic crowdsource surveillance outfit on the planet.”

The other two screenshots from the post appear to show /pol/ members in the act of catching illegals sneaking their way across the border.

News of /pol/’s plan has earned them plenty of praise.

  • $100 bucks a head? lol This is just too good.

  • Syntax Toy

    $500 sounds good. Boon to the economy as well.

  • Dudley Morris

    Now can they couple those remote cams with remote-triggered machine guns?

    • Caleb Wachter

      Even just PAINTBALL guns would be amazing.

      • capers2

        Use indelible ink balls like Foresters use for marking trees…

    • RedRockRun

      I’d like something with just enough psi to put holes in their dinghies.

    • NiceAbs

      Even buckshot would work. I’ll PayPal into that.

  • Chris Richardson

    This…is fucking nuts. I don’t know whether to laugh that they’re having fun finding illegal aliens, cheer for the help, or weep because these guys have nothing better to do. Maybe I’m just too retarded to make the proper face for it.

    • Les Shu

      If you know how much potential damage can be done by just ONE illegal alien you’ll realize they’re probably doing a more important job than you ever did. For one thing, they don’t have id, they don’t have any record in your country, so when they commit crime there is simply NO DATABASE for you to start your investigation with.

      • Chris Richardson

        I was trying to make a joke. Apparently it flopped.

    • TBill

      How do you feel about people who watch TV, Netflix, or sports? Do you also weep for those people who have nothing better to do? At least these guys feel like they are doing something that makes a difference.

    • capers2

      All they need is an app to capture/send photo’s with time/date/location to ICE! No monitoring req’d…

  • THDisqus

    Bwahaha! That 4chan crew is starting to rack up some pretty impressive wins.

    • Shinobi DeeJay


      Every generation gets impressive wins.

  • The World’s Best Poster

    Sometimes the good guys win.

  • Dennis Fandrick

    Done. No wall required. if 4/Chan has made up its mind about the border, its as good as secure. Praise kek , there is an autistic army guarding the border now

    *Dennis sleeps well tonight
    DNN Deplorable News Network

  • Ragga

    Blueservo is fake! Watched webcam one, immediately you see 7 people with a raft walk up. Refresh the page, play the cam, you’ll see the EXACT same thing. The Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition is run by two hispanic people too… Gonna give them a call tomorrow. This should be a real thing though!

  • Stoogie

    They should put turrets all along the border that is operated by AI that shoots anything in sight.

    • rx㏅

      ‘Are you still there’?

      • Stoogie

        What a mindless and totally irrelevant thing to say. Do you have any brain matter up in that head of yours?

  • Mutt Cheddar

    This week on ‘To Catch a Coyote Lover’

  • KShrike

    This is amazing in every way.

  • ThatsSimplyMyOpinionNigga#RIPQ

    dont try it, its fake. you will have to provide an email and then it will just play a video in a loop (watch source-code of website)

  • Tweesa

    The cameras are awesome but, let’s hold back on the guns. We would never hear the end of it with all the pregnant women with children in tow. Low voltage electric fencing every few yards, maybe.

    • Masaikai

      No guns, but a big river full of tetanus rubbish and crocodiles

      • PharmDoc61

        No tetanus, they’d flood our hospital and health clinics. Crocs for the win.

  • SallyForth

    Based weaponised Autists on patrol!

    • Lotsa Snuggs

      can you plz explain “based” to me? i saw it used to describe that protester who faught back a few weeks ago, and i’m clueless. kplzty!

      • SallyForth

        “Based” basically means Trump supporter and other like-minded politicians.

        • Triple D

          Based is an adjective for a person who can be described as having done something of epic proportions, such as giving factual and mindblowing information, to someone who is trying to spin a false story in a nationwide interview. That being said, not all Trump supporters are based, but a Trump supporter could be considered based, based on his actions. ‘Milo is based af because he tells it like it is’

          • Triple D

            Source: i’m a spicy meme master

        • RE

          So when are you opening your home and wallet to those crossing illegally into our country? That’s what I thought. Shut up biotdch.

      • Paranoid Android

        Based is a term created by Lil B ‘the based god’. a memeworthy rapper.

        Repurposed through time and board culture (4chan culture) to mean anything really great.

        • Lotsa Snuggs

          pa, did you used to blog on mindsay???

      • Samantha63

        lol I wondered the exact same thing when I saw BasedStickMan. I was thinking what the heck is based? And how does the word derive?

      • Cody Stark

        It’s shorthand for “based in reality” i.e ‘redpill’ as opposed to the ‘bluepill’ illusions of mainstream/leftist ideology. So its praise, something smart or cool

  • BruceMichaelGrant

    Someone thought of an idea shortly after 9/11 and wrote an article about it which I cannot find.
    His idea was to feed pictures from security cameras from sensitive areas around the country (such as power plants, substations, water plants and any other potential terror targets that weren’t normally manned or regularly patrolled) into a central database accessible to citizen volunteers with access to the internet.
    Example: A security camera would take a picture in response to an intrusion or perimeter alarm. That picture would be sent to the database with the caption: “Do you see a person in this picture?”
    If the volunteer selected ‘yes’ law enforcement or site security would be alerted to respond and investigate.
    I have no idea if this plan was ever tested or implemented.

    • Samantha63

      Not sure why this idea wasn’t implemented…it would work, and would even fit in with the nontraditional job that liberals tout so much and tell us to stop complaining that less 9-5 jobs available because “they’re not coming back” and we should get the “skills” to work different jobs. Well, here’s one. Volunteering is fine but you can actually pay people small amounts of money to do it as well. There’s an entire industry who do internet Turking and get paid a few cents or a few dollars for clicking, scrolling, editing, typing, etc.

  • Lotsa Snuggs


  • kikz2

    it’s about time we utilized our own tech to see to our vested interests, instead of allowing it to be culturally appropriated by our enemies and used against us!

    • Samantha63

      IMO there’s no reason why any border around the world can’t be watched, when we have satellite and infrared and AI and everything else. If the NSA and CIA can watch you or find you, why can’t they see thousands of people crossing a river or field? It’s because they don’t want to, period. Just like they didn’t want to stop the flow of drugs from the cartels to America, because there was too much money involved and too many hands were greased.

      Go do something the government doesn’t want you to do, and see how fast they find you. I was thinking a long time ago, if Snowden literally had no place to hide around the world except Russia, (despite the ability of anyone to get a fake SS and fake ID card and disguise themselves and so forth)….then it means the CIA can find anyone, anywhere, rural or urban, inside or outside the country. Now tell me again they can’t catch people crossing a border.

      • kikz2

        don’t forget ground penetrating radar as well for tunnels. the drug money is handled by the big banks, that’s why it continues. yep!

  • Steve_o

    Awesome. Faster, please.

  • Paul B

    “You can’t police a 2,000-mile long border.”
    Pol be like:

    • Michael John Allsop

      Hold my beer!

    • #TUCKED

      “That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo”

  • Alan Smith

    Would be a waste of time in Europe, screen would look like thousands of scurrying rats

    • hideousguy

      And when you report that to the authorities they would just grab all the cash and blonde women they could and present it as a welcome present xD

  • MidwestNorsk

    Need American citizens on the border shooting them as they come across.

  • Sally Smith

    There are people who watch tv in their free time. There are people who read books in their free time. There are people who sleep in their free time. There are people who engage in many political debates in their free time (me). And then there are people who catch illegals and save America in their free time. Impressive.

    • GTKRWN

      We have the best autists.

  • EnchiladaEddie

    Top kek!

  • Leigh

    they should make it the new version of pokemon go….but with real pokeballs, catch as many illegals as you can….

  • Rab iBurns

    Sort of work that autistic and pensioners could do

  • Xeloda85

    good lord weaponized autism strikes again

  • AF7

    LOL These 4chan fellas never fail to impress me.

  • Epic if true, how do we know it’s not a loop?

  • Rae’s Soapbox

    As someone who’s disabled and literally cannot work I would love to serve my country patrolling border cams to catch these fuckers and earn my keep however I can.

  • englanddg

    The videos were fake looping videos. The site, before it hit bandwidth caps, would ask you for personal information to register, then had a series of cams looping. This was provable reading the source code.

    This isn’t “fake news”, but a bunch of people on /pol/ got scammed (and hopefully didn’t give away real information to the site). Or, this was a counter op. Depends on your level of tin foil Just be aware.

  • NiceAbs

    Can we just deploy drones to fire on these guys? It would take many times before they stopped coming. Please please please.

  • Tony__Bologna

    Exactly why the wall is a stupid idea and proof the government never really wanted to fix illegal immigration

  • Mike Manci

    Good for them!

  • disqus_GB8lUuziuG


    This might be my new favorite web site.