CNN issued a report earlier today stating that the “vandalism” at a Jewish cemetery in New York this weekend was actually the result of “environmental causes.”

The article reads:

A New York City Police Department hate-crime task force had been investigating whether the damage to the granite and marble tombstones at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn was intentional.

The task force concluded its investigation on Sunday, finding that the cause was environmental, which can include soil erosion and lack of maintenance.

The article very quickly moves on from that finding, moving on to the several other still-unsolved mysteries of tombstones being vandalized throughout the nation.

It also mentions the numerous bomb threats received by Jewish Community Centers around America but fails to bring up Juan Thompson – the former journalist and Bernie Sanders supporter who has been charged with several of those crimes.

Following this news, trolls appear to be having a field day poking fun at CNN’s previous suggestion that this was a hate crime for which President Trump was to be blamed.

Several liberals, meanwhile, appear skeptical and eager to hold onto the initial diagnosis of Trump-inspired hate.

Daily Mail