In an article titled “Stop Stigmatizing HIV-Positive Sex,” VICE LGBTQ writer John Walker defends Charlie Tredway – a gay HIV-positive man who recently came under fire for allegedly promoting condomless sex.

Tredway recently won the title of Mr. Gay New Zealand. His celebration was short-lived, however, when internet users linked him to an account on a “barebacking” website.

The New Zealand Herald subsequently published an editorial stating, “it is disappointing that the new Mr. Gay New Zealand, Charlie Tredway, has sent a message which threatens to undermine the clear and consistent advice that [the] very best health experts in New Zealand and overseas have conveyed over a number of years.”

The Herald goes on to blast Tredway and the NZ Aids Foundation – his employer – for arguing that advancements in AIDS treatment have made the disease “virtually non-infectious.”

“This does not square with the constant advice of the Ministry of Health, or of medical experts in the field overseas, which is to practice safe sex,” counters The Herald.

Indeed, according to New Zealand’s Ministry of Health website, “using condoms and water-based lubricant correctly every time you have vaginal or anal sex reduces the risk of getting HIV by around 95%.”

Tredway (pictured above) says he has unprotected sex with HIV-negative men who are on treatment that reduces their chance of getting HIV.

Vice soon rushed to Charlie Tredway’s aid, arguing that the backlash he’s facing “is a reminder that our cultural baggage surrounding HIV is as heavy as ever.”

The article goes on to quote Anti-Violence Project co-director Darlene Torres, who says “stigma can easily become violence.”

“The point is to dehumanize a person,” she continues. “The shame is intentional, and the message is that they [people with HIV] are dirty, shouldn’t exist or have a life of happiness, safety or respect.”

Following news of Vice’s defensive play, social media appears to be abuzz with criticism of the implication that stigmatization of HIV is bad.

The New Zealand Herald
New Zealand Ministry of Health

  • Bamsterman

    Why is the left upside down on every issue?

    • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

      Why do you think they are called ‘liberals’? They want to ‘liberate’ everyone from good old moral values and go against everything that has defined humankind for thousands of years.

  • Bolththrower

    Where i live, having unprotected sex as a HIV positive person is considered contemplated murder and will get you arrested and tired and put in jail.

    Jesus Christ Vice has gone absolutely bats shit insane.

    • PlainSpeaker99

      IF the HIV+ person doesn’t ensure a condom is used and doesn’t tell their partner of their
      HIV+ status. I live in Canada, too.

      • Bolththrower

        I do not live in Canada, but yes pretty much that.

    • Tianna92

      Its illegal in at least half the states here in the US. I used to think that there some stigma attached to criminalization of HIV exposure but its pretty damn obvious why the law is in place. As the last couple years have played out for the LGBT community in such embarrassing/negative ways, I can’t help but wonder what the older gays think of this generation completely ruining everything the older gen fought and some died for.

  • BR

    This is why people hate fags…

    • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

      Its only natural… to hate fags xD

    • GetInMyBellyNow

      There’s nothing wrong with fags.

    • AverageJoe1987

      Has nothing to do with them being gay asshole.

      It’s about the stupid stuff liberals champion.

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    “stigma can easily become violence.”

    Lol, but the left stigmatizes everything they dont agree with and answer with violence. BI&shyTCH

    • Yasmine

      Yeah, didn’t you know wearing a condom is exactly the same at smacking the shit out of someone? /s

  • Pratim Gupta


  • AverageJoe1987

    So now liberals consider spreading HIV a “Civil Right”.

    I hate the left more and more every single day.

    • debi1977

      Everyone but the loonie lefties themselves do. Lol

  • Sam2

    Social Darwinism folks. Think about it, these people are okay with spreading a lethal disease. Sooner or later not many of them will be left (double entendre). So while it’s good to speak out about this, this is the equivalent of people saying that there is unwanted stigma associated with drinking full on rat poison. Okay go drink some rat poison, come back later and tell me how that works out for you!

  • John VanArsdall

    Truvada not intended to be used without safe sex. He is dead wrong, selfish and not caring of others.

  • Clay James Belter

    I looked into the study he mentions, and I must say, I am more than a little skeptical for many reasons.

    1: This study is the ONLY ONE that the authors of said study have their names on. Meaning their publication record is pitiful and so you should not take them for their word yet.

    2: The paper has very few citations, I can’t tell who or where to but a citation record shows how much importance and weight the paper carries in it’s field. It might be new but again, 13 citations where I don’t know where they were made in leads me to think it’s not that substantial.

    3: The lead author made a followup which stated that their methods were too limited and so one shouldn’t take their results of near zero seriously. Hell, they even state that people could easily misinterpret their data and only make the HIV epidemic worse.

    4: The study relied on their subjects REPORTING whether or not they had sex and that it was condom-less. And they had them do that every 4-6 months. One must ALWAYS be skeptical of people reporting because either their memories might be faulty or they could be straight up lying. As perverted and twisted as it may sound, if I were conducting this study, I would have my subjects come to the facility and have unprotected sex in a prepared room and have them filmed. If that makes them uncomfortable during, so what? The results of showing that you can reduce the risks even by doing it bareback are so important you wouldn’t mind this detail.

    5: The study showed that in 11 cases the partner who was HIV-negative came out positive, they state that in these cases the partner claimed to have had sex with someone else. First off, I don’t trust that claim because they could always be lying. But also, this shows a crass lack of concern really for the negative partner. In my mind a better course of action would be introducing something that makes those of us without HIV more resistant. This is why we have vaccines in the first place. To reduce your risks of getting it in the first place. Sure, might be easier this other way but seriously, cover your bases.

  • SallyForth

    Proof that the Left wants to kill you.

    • a01

      Well, they seem to want kill themselves. I’m sure that anyone who objects is a bad person.

  • HT

    Well, it is called Vice. It should more accurately be called Moronic.

  • MidwestNorsk

    Vice started controlling their comments about six months ago and got rid of disqus. I bet their site traffic has plummeted.

    Commie garbage.

  • Max

    The dude is intentionally spreading HIV and somehow people are trying to make him the victim. He’s a fucking murderer.

  • jamesearnhart

    the NWO and the WHO does not want to fight aids. They need slaves, even sick slaves still pay taxes until they die…. the only way to stop an epidemic is death, until it goes away. kill the disease, and the host and it will cease to exist. sick hosts only continue to spread the disease.

  • Katara c.

    Wait wait wait… so if a person wants to wait to vaccinate their kids, they’re horrible people for spreading diseases around, and dangerously ignorant of medical science.

    But if a dude wants to have condom-less HIV-positive sex, and people criticize that & say it’s against medical science, they’re shaming and dehumanizing people.

    Right. I shouldn’t be surprised to hear this by now, but somehow I still am.

    • Tianna92

      Im not surprised myself. Just enraged with every psychotic musing of a left wing degenerate.

      • Lotsa Snuggs

        i’m starting to think liberals must have a niche book to refer to when looking for a profession….”sjwrastafarian-(white)…taken;………troll 1-science change, britain, taken. oooh, but look! madagascar is open!”

        i think darlene just found her niche.

  • a01

    Hm…AIDS is leaning ‘left’? Makes sense.

  • Bardock Diszno

    Look it’s just a matter of time b4 some drastic world changing event happens a global war a super volcano an asteroid hitting the earth when this happens we can reset and go back to only the strong of body and mind survive most of these liberal wierdos will die off and the rest won’t last 5 years now I’m not Republican or a Democrat but these liberals are the strangest weakest people on earth they are weak of mind and need wiped out they may even cause the event that will bring upon their own demise the irony of that scenario will be awesome

  • Ahhhh reminds me of the medical professionals losing their ^&@*@&, albeit very quietly, in regards to refugees coming into the country WITH FRICKIN POLIO, SMALLPOX, and PLAGUE. “Rwar human rights!” Just smile and pump that Purell! Bathe in that Purell *sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifff AH!*

  • Michael Duggan

    Guys, having an undetectable viral load on treatment renders you uninfectious. Over 58,000 reported unprotected serodiscordant sex acts (one partner poz but undetectable, the other negative) in the partner trial resulted in zero transmissions. The drugs make all the difference.

    • Christopher Lee Hartsock

      Sources? Because reduced infectiousness is not ‘uninfectious’, no matter how much you torture the language. You’re talking about a survey, not a study.
      DANGEROUS mentality.

      But, let me wrap my head around this…. are we -required- to have sex with HIV+ people just so they don’t feel bad, and so we don’t get labeled? Is that the threat here?
      Wise up.

    • happytortuga

      Sounds like you need detailed medical information. You’ll need to know which drugs they are taking and if they are taking them faithfully. Get detailed blood work regularly and share your viral load counts with every casual encounter you have. Or………………………….just use a condom.

  • Hannah

    This reminds me of how much shit I get for not wanting to get herpes. The way people look at me when I say I don’t want it – like I’m the most horrible person ever. Fuck you, go fuck yourself, I don’t want your diseases. Sorry not sorry.

  • TheLight

    HIV is not “non-infectious”, not unless you somehow manage to cause it to mutate to a non-infectious form, which has not happened yet.

  • Calm down, everyone.

    The facts are this, and supported by over 120 independent organizations & experts: being HIV positive and undetectable poses no actual risk, even with condomless sex. Being undetectable IS considered having safer sex. And nobody has ever shown that an undetectable person can actually transmit. They can’t prove it. Instead of the relying on some tired stale attitudes, just listen to the experts, like Dr. Diffenbach from the NIH… “cannot transmit.”

    How do you think people in different status relationships can have an hiv negative baby? Science has come a long way. It’s time you chill out your attitudes towards the ppl that actually admit the truth. The attitudes are WHY PEOPLE lie. Think about that. Lol. Geez.

  • Lince Ibérico

    are they fucking stupid? they are acting like HIV is the only disease they will not get, well how about the others?