A Twitter account associated with the ‘March for Science’ – an outspokenly anti-Trump event – was forced to issue an apology after snowflakes hounded it for referring to women as females.

Here’s the offending tweet.

Here’s the backlash.

Whoops – don’t forget, snowflakes can’t count.

The backlash ultimately forced the admin behind the account to apologize for their apparently grave error.

Louder With Crowder

  • Dudley Morris

    I would’ve got on their case for poor grammar, seeing as “female” is properly an adjective.

    • Kelly S

      They really could have avoided all of this drama by simply saying “female human” instead.

    • PunJabber

      Yeah, and “seeing as” is properly — what? (BTW you’re a Limey, aintcha?)

  • Daish


  • Missy Moo

    They’re scientists! As far as they are concerned the animal world is broken up into males, females and hermaphrodites.

    • William

      Odd that the audience couldn’t get the context that it was the human species the tweet was referring to. There might be a reason why some don’t enter engineering, if they had trouble with that bit up front.

      • Lisa Tanner

        Hilarious and kinda true. Perhaps if there were a special branch of “trigger engineering” more of us would get into it.

      • Lawrence Hughes

        I originally thought it was referring to female goats or sheep, but on re-reading you are right – clearly refers to female humans.

  • Troy McClure

    Reminds me of an old joke. An 80 year old man gets on a plane and is nervous as heck. He asks the flight attendant if he can talk to the pilot. The attendant says “She’s can’t be disturbed right now.” “What about the co-pilot?” he says. “You can’t talk to her either”… “What about the navigator”…. “She’s busy too”. So the old man thinks about a second… “Is there anyone in the Cockpit I can talk to?”. The flight attendant says. “Sir, we don’t call it that anymore”.

    • Mark Pogue

      Thats not why its called a cockpit bro….

      • Diana Maras

        Do you not know what a joke is? WTF?

        • Troy McClure

          I bet he knows why the chicken crossed the road too

          • PunJabber

            Q: What do you get when you cross a road with a chicken?
            A: The National Bureau of Standards Unit Joke.

  • Sam2

    An important point needs to be made here. Always remember this fact, he who controls the definitions of terms controls the outcome of the debate. The left is trying to control the terms used. The left is trying to engineer outcomes and engage in propaganda. Once you see this technique, you’ll see exactly how the left is trying to effect its agenda.

    • Sol

      Yes and the “feminists” are actually misogynists. They want women to be dumb and defenseless, while making them think they are empowered. “Feminism” is a victim industry and it needs victims to survive.

    • Mark Pogue

      So true man… it keeps the person pivoting when words are redefined in an debate.

      Their best response to a question, “the real question is” and then spew talking points ignoring question.

      • Sam2

        Good response. One the technique I laid out is understood it becomes extremely easy to spot. The left loves to do this. Their favorite terms to do this with are as follows: oppression, victim, privilege, deserve, rights, human rights, gender, sex, and finally the word “moral.”

        • Lawrence Hughes

          Q: What’s lower than the belly of a snake? A: The left’s “moral high ground”.

          • Sam2

            That quote gets you the grand prize on Final Jeopardy!

        • HaakonKL

          They also did it with terms like “the left”. Which they have now appropriated.
          The old moderate left of the seventies and eighties is now dead and buried.

  • Sol

    The “offending” image is Margaret Hamilton. She created the computer programs for the Saturn 5 rockets that got humans to the moon. Before her, programmers were not taken as seriously as the hardware designers. Few people, especially feminists remember her.

    The fact that “feminists” refuse to call her female (basically they refuse to acknowledge she is a woman) shows how superficial they are (among other things).

    • Lawrence Hughes

      I am a big fan of Margaret Hamilton – I’ve run across her accomplishments before. Didn’t happen to notice she was a female. Completely irrelevant.

  • Kelly S

    I’m more put off by them referring to it as “doing engineering”.

    • Lawrence Hughes

      I will manfully resist the overwhelming temptation to make jokes about this.

      • PunJabber

        What, like “there’s on ‘I’ in ‘doing'”? No, wait a minute …

        • Lawrence Hughes

          More like in having “service workers” “do” the entire engineering department… (gotta be “service workers” since there are female, sorry, feperoffspring, engineers now)

          • arla

            HAHAHAHA!! See it’s sad that you can’t make these kind of jokes in an actual workplace anymore lest you be crucified and then fired for having a sense of humor when others don’t. The saddest times I’ve had are when a group of men who don’t know me are laughing and I walk up and they have to stop because they have to live in fear of offending the wrong woman and losing all they’ve worked hard for. It’s a shame and it divides us. Milo was 100% right when he says that humor has the ability to bring us TOGETHER despite our differences.

  • kamenetz

    Triggered FEMALES, do you realize that the wonderful middle eastern scum you all support and want in droves here believe that your status is a touch below a goat? That especially goes for the rich libtard white women that seem the most triggered by anything related to Trump, anything conservative, anything manly, guns, mansplaining, manspreading, etc… Trust me, as a involuntary visitor to the Middle East (US Army) and voluntary (business) in the past, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen men in a pick up truck for example riding in the A/C, while livestock and FEMALES sit in the back, in the heat and shit.

  • Yusky

    f*ck women

  • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

    As a retired engineer, let me just say BS to all of them! I didn’t need your help in getting my schooling, I didn’t need your help doing my job extremely well, I didn’t and don’t need these idiots trying to make this about their cause du jour.

    Engineers use their BRAIN not their reproductive parts as their primary organ. If this is the kind of crap you want to focus on, YOU DON’T HAVE THE BRAINS for the job. STFU.

    • Lawrence Hughes

      I’ve been programming for 48 years now. I can’t recall even ONCE using my gonads or my Y chromosome in the process. I use my brain, fingers and eyes mostly. Last time I checked most fepeople had all of those, and ones very similar to mine.

      • arla

        And thank YOU for being a sensible man in a STEM profession. Young men in programming today need a good role model who isn’t a social justice weirdo or an actual, serious woman hater. (Not talking about men who use a “wrong” word here and there – I mean those who think having ovaries disqualifies you from STEM careers). Real women appreciate a gentleman.

    • PunJabber

      As the kung-fu master says, “Be a role model, gracehopper”.

      • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

        I had followers. But I also had pilot fish.

    • arla

      You are amazing. Thank you for being a POSITIVE role model for women in science careers like me. I’m in school right now while working full time and trying to start my career as a Medical/Forensic Laboratory Technician so I can work in the lab while I continue to become a Research Scientist. All of the men in my program classes are perfect gentlemen and couldn’t be more welcoming to me. Both they and the professors seem actually happy about having a woman around for once. They are the LAST people I would let anyone “call out” for being “sexist” if they used a wrong word or called me a pet name to be nice and make me feel welcome as a female. Yeah I said it, FEMALE.

      Anyways Deplorable Grandma Susan, thank you for paving the way for women like me. And for doing so without making excuses or a big deal about it. You should be proud of yourself.

  • CuckLivesMatter

    I hope they don’t got into electrical engineering. They are not going to happy hearing about the “Male end” and the “female end.”

    • Mark Pogue


    • Lawrence Hughes

      It’s so sad to watch some liberals trying to connect two male plugs or two female plugs. That’s not the way they were designed, folks.

      • djsoulman

        Ha ha you know whats next? Gender neutral wiring.

        • PunJabber

          What, no differentiation of hardwhere and softwhere?

      • PunJabber

        That’s nothing … you should see a non-geologist making a mountain out of a molehill over “orogeny”. [edited to add “non-“]

        • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

          The ‘orogenous’ zones?

          • PunJabber

            I was thinking of “orogenital”, but your turn blew me away. You are “profound knowledge skillful” Grandma Susan!

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    But at the same time those snowflakes have no problem referring to white men as ‘males’. Hypocrites!

    • HaakonKL

      They don’t mind calling men males, because dehumanizing men is okay. Dehumanizing women is not okay.

      Educate yourself you deplorable shitlord! :p

  • Sally Smith

    I’m a FEMALE, and I don’t care if I’m called that. I don’t even notice it!

    • arla

      Amen! Talk about not picking your battles, right? So happy to see other women here who are as irritated with this nonsense as I am.

  • StanS

    Did you see Rachael TatMAN?
    Considering her offense over the “F” word, I wonder how many suicides have been attempted by her.

  • fishydude

    My liberal sister, who earned a masters in engineering blames the few male teachers in K-12 for discouraging women from science.
    My daughter credits a male AP Physics teacher in 11th grade for sparkling her interest. She got a 5 on the AP exam.
    A male dean of physics personally called her to talk about studying physics when she had multiple college acceptance letters.
    Now she is a physics undergrad. BS, not BA with a minor in math. She was the only undergrad presenting at an astrophysics conference last summer. And she plans to go on the graduate study in astrophysics.
    Just maybe the problem is the over 90% female teaching staff in K-12 that is discouraging women from science and engineering.

  • Diana Maras

    These fucking idiots over identify with their vaginas because they have no character.

    • PunJabber

      They spell powerful “pussiant”.

  • drdov

    I hope i triggered a democrat there

  • Sol

    Feminist is derived of the word female. They will have to change their own label. Of course they will not because they are always hypocrites.

    • PunJabber

      To be accurate, these soggy sad sacks are femisogynists!

  • Adnil Yelkam

    oh dear god! first of all, don’t try to feed a rabid dog. it will bite you. second, if they don’t like it tell them to twit off.

  • Lawrence Hughes

    Well, “FeMALE” has the awful “M” word in it, so use feperson. But feperSON has the “S” word in it (still male dominated). So “feperchild”. We need more feperchildren in science. OK now?

    • PunJabber

      No, “child” is ageist. You must use “feperoffspring”, which has the advantage that it doesn’t specify singular vs plural.

      • Lawrence Hughes

        I am humbled by your superior avoidance of even a HINT of political incorrectness, and promise to steal your idea.

        • PunJabber

          “Imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarism.” — not Joe Biden.

          • Lawrence Hughes

            A man, no person, no peroffspring, after my own heart. BUT YOU’RE NOT GOING TO GET IT. (actually +10 for your great comments)

  • Lawrence Hughes

    There is something totally hilarious about THIS ad on THIS page. I’d love to see the algorithm that chose this ad. Clearly a STEM major. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/36a562ab3fe3480f76a1764d8927fa52c2615b2d19852d4faefa6914537ad809.png

  • fugly

    Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than watching these leftists eat each other like the Donner party.

  • Skyhawk

    So let me get this straight. These folks calling themselves feminists don’t like others to call them female. It must be hard to be a leftist. So much BS to keep straight.

  • eastSideTracy

    i’m a female.

  • Kimmy3

    Oh christ! What’s next? Listen, I have a big ole’ hairy vagina and that makes me a female. What’s the problem??? Bunch of pussies!

  • sdavid0650

    They will eat their own.

  • Emanuele Ciriachi

    You can’t make this stuff up!

  • Mango

    Meh, if they used the word woman, that would have offended the same crowd of people because ::insert any snowflake trigger here::

  • Bob Lake

    This is a quirk particular to Americans when they speak “officialese”. “individual” instead of person, “utilize” instead of use, “male and females” instead of men and women. Makes them sound stilted and its annoying as hell. American cops are typical of this but this speech pattern is widespread.

    • HaakonKL

      Leverage instead of use too. Jesus fuck I hate the word leverage.

  • Terry-on-disqus

    All of the objections have come from females.

  • DJT

    Yet we have ‘feminism’ not womanism. So from the little quote above (1880 -66) does that mean that feminism is the pursuit of equality for sows and mares?

  • Neral Kujata

    “I have recently been informed that 5 is less than 6.”

    Was no one else laughing themselves to death at this?!?

  • arla

    Jesus. These people REALLY don’t get the concept of PICKING. YOUR. BATTLES. This organization is dedicated to including all people in science. Maybe they’re not the ones to take our YOUR boredom and misplaced rage on?????