Following this afternoon’s suspected terror attack, the first photo of the alleged perpetrator has emerged.

According to Metro, the photo (scroll down) was taken as medical officials treated the suspect after police shot him.

The Jerusalem Post states that two people have died and at least a dozen are injured following the attack, in which the suspect allegedly drove a car into several pedestrians and plunged a knife into a policeman.

The incident took place near Britain’s Parliament.

The Independent reports that a suspicious package was found attached to the suspect’s vehicle. Police reportedly must deal with that before they can evacuate Parliament.

Parliament is currently on lockdown, according to The Mirror.

“Officers — including firearms officers — remain on the scene and we are treating this as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise,” said police in a statement.

The Independent reports that U.S. President Donald Trump has responded to the incident by expressing sympathy for “those affected.”

Press Secretary Sean Spicer says the President will be monitoring the situation.

As for the suspect’s identity, that early photo of him has sparked much controversy and anger online.

Several people have apparently raised a stink about the British media referring to the man as “Asian.”

The Independent
The Mirror
The Jerusalem Post

  • Gary Lynch

    In fairness, Arabia IS part of Asia 🙂

    • DaisyToo

      And in fairness, Christians; Hindus; Buddhists, etc. also live in Asia. However, this guy is a Muslim terrorist.

      • freenclear

        Christians; Hindus; Buddhists and Muslims are not a race, they’re a religion. Asian, is a muthafukin Asian, bad driving and all. He is, or hopefully was, from the Middle East

        • DaisyToo

          Sorry, but you’re not making an awful lot of sense.

          • cuivre2004

            Muslim isn’t a RACE. and people yell “racism” whenever they are mentioned in a negative light.

          • DaisyToo

            That’s interesting, but I never said Islam is a race. I said the guy is a Muslim.

        • Bob Banner

          I hear people say Muslim is not a religion, but when the U.S. tries to ban Muslims at the border, they cry “religious bias.”

          • bjbarr

            It’s nearly impossible to separate the religion of Islam from its political ideology because they are so firmly connected as one entity. This is the problem we face, because we as westerners want to be fair and impartial to all races and religions, but we do not want their politics in our country. 3/22/17

          • Carl Ravyn

            Actually, what they say is that Muslim is not a race. Which it is not, it’s someone who practices the religion of Islam. And when the U.S., or any country, tries to ban Muslims, they cry “RACISM!!!”. In fairness, they will also cry out “Religious Bias!”, at least those who admit that we know it’s not a race will do that.

            However, the problem is that the U.S. did not, nor has it ever proposed to ban Muslims from entering. The proposed ban was on 7 countries that are known to harbor, protect and promote terrorism. Yes those countries are majority Muslim countries, but there are many other Muslim majority countries that were not included in the proposed travel ban.

        • DaisyToo

          I did say he was a Muslim.

    • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

      Asia Minor, to be specific 🙂

      • cuivre2004

        Do you really think the rank and file idiotic journalist knows WTF “asia minor” is? They are JOURNALISTS for crying out loud-some of the lowest forms of intellect there is allowed to walk around in public. The person who described the perpetrator as “Asian” probably just got done binge watching “Marco Polo” and thought he resembled Kublai Khan.

      • LoriBoriAlist

        You’re just trying to be a jerk…and succeeding. You know what the implication is. Stop being an azz.

        • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

          I know the implication… I just want to check how educated people here are to notice this technicality.

          • LoriBoriAlist

            And again, my point is made. You are an azz.

          • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

            And you are an a&shyss.

          • LoriBoriAlist

            I’m not the one trolling the internet making idiotic remarks to make myself feel superior. End of conversation.

    • LoriBoriAlist

      I am American, born and raised, but my ancestry is German. Do you think they would describe me as American or German if I were the terrorist? I get what you are saying, but they are being ridiculous trying to mask the guy’s identity.

      • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

        Technically he is asian.

        • DaisyToo

          Technically, he’s an Islamic jihadist.

        • LoriBoriAlist

          Technically, I am German. You know damn well what they are trying to do here. More liberal media cover-ups and excuses.

          • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

            I’m not taking their part, silly, I am just stating the obvious.

          • LoriBoriAlist

            Well, I think you have already stated that. More than once. Why keep bringing it up over and over.

          • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

            I’m bored. And I thought Milo was a troll.

      • Kirk Eskild

        They would identify you as a White supremist

        • LoriBoriAlist

          They definitely would.

  • Valerie Hightower

    Maybe he identifies as Asian?

    • designwithenergy

      I am identifying as PISSED off at P.O.S. haters who KILL PEOPLE randomly.

  • WoT106

    I mean, the WOGs begin at Calais…
    O= oriental = asain?

  • Large Basket

    may his ambulance “break down” on the way to the hospital

  • positively4thstreet

    They don’t know how to spell waist either.

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    They are using the term “Asian” because the middle east is in fact called “Asia Minor”. They are in a gray zone of being vaguely correct to mislead.

    • blewyn

      It’s not deception. They are simply publishing only what they know to be true, so as not to spread disinformation at such a sensitive time. All we really know at this stage is that the guy is brown and bearded. He could be German.

      • Neuroplastik50

        Or Scandinavian, even

        • blewyn

          Could have been. Instead it turns out he was English.

      • David Shogren

        So…stating that he is asian is not deception? You are right that all we know is he is brown and bearded. So let’s call him Asian so it isn’t disinformation. Good job.

        • Recalcitrant Truth Seeker

          Seriously, liberal thinking at it’s finest, lol!

        • blewyn

          Fair point, they should never have said he was Asian.

      • TheInfamous

        Generally speaking, the only two types of people you widely see grow full beards with no mustache are Amish and Muslim. I know that’s generalizing, but…cmon.
        Your final point is fallacious, though. You’re conflating ethnicity (Asian/Arab/White/etc) with nationality (German/UK/etc).

        • Robert Amaya

          So you are saying there is a chance…that he is Amish?

          • 😀

          • thinkrational


          • Synchro Nicity


          • Badkarma060

            Dang, that must have been on wild stallion attached to his buggy…

          • Gail Lewis Lord

            Good one.

          • Vedrana Vukicevic

            Slight , like 0.01 😀

          • Derek Vancleave

            damnit! why arent you working on the media! they would have said that had they known the amish exist!

          • blewyn

            It’s a pretty low chance, but if a few Amish did happen to commit some crimes, would you be confident in a detective or reporter who tended to assume that they were involved in all future cases of crime, without establishing the facts first ?

            You are actually complaining because the reporters did NOT jump to a conclusion…..

        • Sam B

          youre right. thus, high chance hes a muslim. Next check his passport to see his nationality. Then medical records and hack his electronic devices.

        • John Alan Read

          Today, i learned that my beard makes me a terrorist?

          • TheInfamous

            Why would that be the case?

          • John Alan Read

            “Generally speaking, the only two types of people you widely see grow full beards with no mustache are Amish and Muslim.” – I’m not Amish (i’m posting on the internet), therefore must be Muslim? (and therefore a terrorist?)

          • Carl Ravyn

            The term “Generally” in the statement “Generally speaking” means it is a a commonality in members. It does not mean that all people of that sect/group/etc have that one specific trait. Nor does it mean that other people in different sects/groups/etc never have that trait. By you stating that you have a beard with no mustache you are citing an anecdotal piece of evidence and making an inference that because you carry that same trait (in this case facial hairstyle) that everyone believes you to also be a terrorist. That is false logic and detracts from the point that was made. You are attempting to mislead and obscure the point by making your argument in that manner.

            The point being made by TheInfamous is that, when viewed as a whole group, the only groups that consistently share the trait of having fully grown beards with no mustaches are Muslims and the Amish. Again that does not mean every single Muslim has a full beard with no mustache, but it is an extremely common trait among that group of people.

            TheInfamous did however leave out one group of people that also may have that facial hairstyle as a commonality and that’s hipsters. Actually, scratch that, they typically have the the mustache too, oh yeah, lumber sexuals too. Oh, and don’t forget douchebags….oh wait, their “beards” are usually just chinstraps, not full grown.

        • blewyn

          And Maori, and Hipsters. My point in mentioning that he could be German was to highlight that his ethnicity is as relevant as his nationality when it comes to his motivation for the attacks,

      • Recalcitrant Truth Seeker

        Have you seen the picture? He looks really Asian, LOL!

        But seriously, what other bearded demographic drives trucks into crowds these days?

        • John Alan Read

          Perhaps this situation doesn’t require a demographic. Perhaps we can judge situations on facts, instead of “he has a beard, he must be Arab” ?

        • blewyn

          A hipster barista who has an epileptic fit at the wheel. Unlikely, but not impossible. Hence why the responsible media only report what they know for sure, rather than speculate.

      • Hannes Coetzee

        Rat born in a stable. …….still a rat

      • Yes, he could be John the Baptist, too, but he isn’t.

      • Daniel Burke

        Actually, they are just trying to avoid saying MUSLIM.

      • Gary Vanderburg


      • Badkarma060

        Yes, yes of course… As soon as I saw the photo I thought he was a Hare Krishna… NOT 🙁

        • blewyn

          You are free to think what you like. A reporter has to stick with established facts.

          • Badkarma060

            Facts and truth to a reporter, are what kryptonite are to Superman…

      • jane171307

        give me a break!! lol! baaahhh!

      • Hawkdriver1961

        Let me guess, you’re Hillary’s Communications Director…

        • blewyn

          I’m not even American…..

      • Pat Patrix

        Looks like a tanned white guy to me. Probably Swedish. They’re known for getting that real dark tan right.

        • Vedrana Vukicevic

          …and for terrorists attacks, right !!! Those bad asses Swedish lol

      • Leslie Cox Sr.

        Another attempt at P C Rubbish. He’s Arabic through and through.Like it or not The muslim cult is attacking from the inside as they said they would. It’s time for all idiots to remove the blinkers and report THE truth…not what they purport to be true. Its an attempt to mislead and to hold onto all the idiots they’d already brainwashed into believing that muslim is a peaceful religion instead of a hateful and dangerous cult.

        • Derek Vancleave

          there is one problem with their invasion, they know not of real war. they know strife, they know chaos. however they are breaking some very important rules of engagement. “never underestimate your enemy, never overestimate your own forces.” -Sun Tzu
          they will lose.

        • blewyn

          He wasn’t an arab. He was a Brit, of African descent.

    • Mauny Kaseburg

      I think in the UK those who are from most of the areas of the Middle East and India are referred to as Asian? MILO – can you weigh in on this?

    • TSS TS

      Yeah no, the guy doesn’t even look Arabic or Middle Eastern. He looks Moorish (African Muslim, North Africa, Horn of Africa, ect [think Boko Haram]) – I spent a year in Iraq, i know Middle Eastern, this guy has no traits of the kind.

      • Timothy Hall

        @TSS TS, you spent a year in Iraq so you know Middle Eastern? LOL What an a$$hat statement. What traits are you referring? The populace of Iraqi varies greatly from Southern Shia and Sunni Arabs to Northern Kurds and Yazidis. Throw i the Assyrians and migrant population and good luck learning all the culture variances in one year! My bet is a British born Iraqi… I spent many years throughout that Region and my bet is only speculation…

        • TSS TS

          “Tons of logical fallacies.”

          “Tries to pass off Islamic Sects as difference races”

          “Thinks a Marine who handled tens of thousands of Middle Eastern TCNs from more than 15 different Middle Eastern Countries can’t identify the difference between someone from the ME, and the Horn of Africa”

          “Doesn’t know Yazidis are pretty much the same thing as Kurds”

          Yeah, i think the only Asshat here is you baby girl. I’m blocking you. I don’t like mental midgets blocking my view of good comments.

          • Derek Vancleave

            your statements do not support your conclusion, therefore your argument is as fallacious as that which you claim your opponents to be.

    • Don

      The Middle East is not called Asia Minor… A part of Turkey, Syria, Georgia, Armenia and Iraq are part of the “asia Minor” region not the middle east!

    • Jon Poirier

      The Middle East is not called Asia Minor. The Anatolian Peninsula (Turkey) is called Asia Minor.

  • Steve

    Anything to distract from the real issue at hand, eh British press? I’d say this is “unbelievable” but to be honest, it’s completely believable that British press would call a Muslim terrorist Asian.

    • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

      Saudi Arabia and the rest of the middle east is situated in “Asia Minor”, thats their excuse to use “asian”…

      • Steve

        Of course it is.

        • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

          Google Asia minor if you dont believe me

          • Steve

            No no, I completely believe you. I’m simply saying it’s disgraceful that the British press would sink so low as to not call this animal what he is – a Muslim terrorist (probably a refugee) – and be able to still say they’re “honest” in reporting it because of a technicality.

          • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

            Ah ok, I’m sorry 🙂

          • Vedrana Vukicevic
          • bjbarr

            I believe you, I just hadn’t thought of it in those terms. (y)

      • jane171307

        we know. media is playing games.

    • piotr1600

      Well if they said “Muslim”, then the leftist Euro-crowd would have to admit that yes, radical Muslims DO commonly exist, and they DO cause great harm, rather than saying that “An Asian did this horrible act!”

      It’s pure head-in-the-sand denialism of reality, and the press is REALLY good at it.

  • Dave Mc

    He does have a touch of that Japanese squint to him, but I’m hoping that’s only due to the excruciating pain he’s feeling during every moment of his last hours.

  • Carol Marie

    a rose by any other name……….

  • Bobby Walker

    Why are they treating this Muslim POS

    • Chris Richardson

      So they can ‘interrogate’ him and find out who his buddies are, because he will have buddies.

      • Gilfavor

        bucket of water, , , towel, , , ,board. . . .what am I missing ?

        • Joyce Roling

          a car battery and jumper cables?

          • Gilfavor

            works for me. . . .

          • Derek Vancleave

            ratcan? i dont think we need to know who his buddies are, they will be the first ones saying it WASNT a muslim.

    • That was my first question, too. I’m well aware that I’m heartless in this circumstance but really?? Why spend 50 cents?

    • Gunaseelan Alex

      Why shoudnt they? If not then the brits will have an earful & tonnes of explaining to do to human rights bed buddies, saudi arabia.

      • Bobby Walker

        I would prescribe cutting his throat as he lies on the ground with full video, then locate his family and friends and perform the same decapitations. It sends a message loud and clear.

  • RdHdKid

    So if he’s been identified, ***WTH*** is his name?

  • ashfielder

    Call it what it really is Islamic terrorist!

  • Wrench Galloway

    Doesn’t matter if he is asian, muslim is not a race!! A white man or woman can be a muslim, so if he is Asian he can still be a muslim!!!

    • Leslie Cox Sr.

      100% Wrench. No point in bringing race into it. It’ a muslim cult attack on Christianity.

      • goingbrokes

        Nah. He is wahhabi scum. This is what you get from allowing wahhabis to operate in your country. Every self respecting country should ban salafism/wahhabism as of today. End of terror attacks!

  • piotr1600

    If you haven’t been paying attention, “Asian” is how the most of the European press, but especially the UK in particular, identify any non-white-looking Muslim who has attacked/injured/killed someone.

    It’s literally a leftist “but… but… but, Muslim extremists don’t exist” dog whistle cover for “So, yet another radical Muslim attacked someone again, but we can’t admit *that*”.

    Don’t believe me?
    Search the archives of the major UK news organizations. When you see “Asian” in any way associated with any kind of violent act, you’ll 99.999% of the time also find that it was a Muslim attacker.

    • Gunner_Bill

      Don’t forget “mentally ill”.

      He was mentally ill so it wasn’t really his fault. Or his religion.

  • Dudley Morris

    I thought “Asian” was the UK euphemism for “Muslim”, kind of like “youths” in France.

    • piotr1600

      That is exactly correct.

      • Dudley Morris

        “Asian”, “youths”, “aspiring rapper”…I love leftie euphemisms.

    • Between the Lines

      He’s black.
      Not Asian.
      Not Arab.
      You @$$ holes are blind as [email protected]

      • Leslie Cox Sr.

        You’re mistaken! Black people cannot grow facial hair that densely. Definitely Arab

        • Between the Lines


          It’s the East Asians that cannot grow thick beards.
          Not Africans.
          He’s surely not a Jap.

          • Leslie Cox Sr.

            I’m not suggesting hes Jap. I grew up in South Africa ,spent 60 yrs amongst them. Facial hair that dense hardly exists.

      • Dudley Morris

        Just like a leftie to fly off the handle over insignificant shite.

        • Between the Lines

          Dudley….I mistook you for a Jew.
          Hope you’re not offended.
          Try not to “fly off the handle over insignificant shite” ????????

    • Leslie Cox Sr.

      Definitely not the same Dudley.

    • Gunaseelan Alex


    • blewyn

      Nope. The vast majority of actual Asians aren’t muslim.

  • Steve_o

    2 dead, 12 injured. Motive to remain a mystery. Damn that Lt. Sulu!

  • Chris .

    looks like a trump supporting ,right wing, tea party, Christian, again!

    • piotr1600

      Radicalized Amish. Those guys are such a problem…

      • Brian S

        That’s probably why Gov. Wolfe put the “refugees” he took from Barry in the Allentown/Lancaster area. Cops probaby have to carry straw hats in their trunks in case they need to drop one at a crime scene.

        • Joyce Roling

          OMG! I’m just about peeing myself!!

      • Neuroplastik50

        Yeah, the self-radicalized, lone-wolf Amish…

      • mawskrat

        the AAG strikes again “Angry Amish Gang”

      • Vedrana Vukicevic

        I know, right … 🙂

    • crosshr

      may be a gay Christian Polynesian ex-marine ,lol

      • mawskrat

        his family will say they had no clue and he was a really nice guy…….

  • West, Adam

    if he is asian then i am hispanic. (and i’m white as a freakin’ ghost)

    • January

      Didn’t the UK take in Syrian refugees? Syria is located in the Continent of Asia. Sounds like the UK news reporting is trying to hide the fact that possible the guy “could” have been a Syrian refugee & a Muslim.

      • Derek Vancleave

        yes. yes they did. its amazing how many refugees are fighting age males, yet how few REAL children or females. orchestrated invasion. world is waking up though, so hopefully somebody will burn the trojan horse before it reaches the gate.

        • January

          That’s because the Syrian women are back in Syria being trained military fighters while their wimp males are only wearing their suicide vests or driving trucks into crowds of people. You think England would learn a lesson since they have the largest national born muslim citizens leaving to join ISIS and then they let them back into the country along with refugees. And those countries laugh at us because we don’t want to let them in until better vetting. Who’s the fool?

    • GallifreyMadman

      The UK uses the term Asian differently than the US does. There, it’s used to describe someone from India, Pakistan or other Middle East countries.

  • Peter Wiggin

    …of course everyone describes the Middle East as “Asia Minor”

  • DLShow

    Shocker…a Muslim.

  • Already my facebook friends are raging at Trump for this.

    • AverageJoe1987

      Libs will do anything to keep from having to admit that Islam is a death cult full of rapists, terrorists, and terrorist apologists.

  • sanjay

    Friggin’ Brits, throw those Muzzies out of your country or keep facing attacks like these

  • Haaseline

    Russian Asian.. Transgender ..her name was Rosa Klebb

  • Soyouthinkyoumakesense

    Enjoy your refugees…Have fun with your non Muslim, Muslim

  • chevieman62

    The Obstructionist Liberal idiots in America are like a hamster on its wheel running in circles on their liberal feedback loop of lies and disinformation. They couldn’t get a fact straight if their life depended on it. Their “identity politics” reveal them to be unintelligent, incapable or research, spreaders of lies, disinformation, smear tactics, as they are completely brainwashed by a News Media who is the biggest threat to Americans and their Freedoms in this country as they constantly try to sell us another bullshit story while covering up the actual facts. President Trump is Awesome. He has done more good for our country in the past 2 months than Obama was capable of doing in 8 years. Give the man your support or move to hell out of the country. The Vast Majority of Americans Support President Trump and don’t give a damn what the liberals think unless you are the Corrupt News media who promotes them. With mass Muslim migration comes all the barbaric practices their religion and laws have to offer the West. Whether it’s child marriage, rape, persecution, or slaughter, the devout worshipers aren’t about to leave the examples their prophet modeled for them in order to follow un-Islamic Western laws. Of course, this is perpetuated by the left’s pipe dream that all cultures are equal, even ones with a founder who beheaded, enslaved, and conquered through his unsuspecting hosts’ hospitality.

  • Inish Scull

    Heard he’s dead. Gone to the great beyond and knows by now that he was a piece of crap just like we knew he was. Ran over children with no thoughts other than being children.

  • David Reminder

    hmmmm. he doesn’t look anything like Jackie Chan.

  • GallifreyMadman

    WTF!?! Milo? You’re British mate. You know damn well that Asian means something completely different in the U.K. compared to the U.S.

  • Tjoddleik

    In UK everyone between Istanbul and Wakkanai is an “asian”.

  • Not Sure

    The only thing becoming more predictable than these attacks is the hand-wringing over ‘Muslim or non-Muslim?’ that breaks out immediately afterward. Then the liberal kneejerk topic switch to ‘Christians are worse’. Then some jihadi kills innocent people somewhere else and we start it all over again.

    • cojar

      Yep. So predictable it is boring

  • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

    Wow, he looks like a Methodist to me.

    • jane171307

      whhaaaat?? no way. that’s a lutheran, for sure.

      • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

        Yea, you could be right…

  • Jim Belichick

    Glad that Muslim Fuck is DEAD!

  • CrabTroll

    The linked article doesn’t have the term “asian” in it. So someone changed it since.

  • Cano Whupass

    Hey, dumbshits… Pakistan (former UK Colony) is in ASIA.

  • PastProdigal

    It took me a total of…oh, I don’t know…ONE SECOND to figure out he was a muslim.

    They learned nothing from Chamberlain, did they? They’re so far into dhiminitude, that when they are finally taken over, they won’t know what hit them.

    But then, they’re no worse than the Left in this country.

  • Ronald

    Everyone jumping to conclusions the person in the picture is a Muslim man. You certainly cannot tell by a picture. Did someone speak to him? He could very well identify as a Asian woman.

  • Seth Grossman

    Is he a Jehovah’s Witness?

  • staad

    the facker looks more like a goat facker

  • DeanC

    This happened in London. Current mayor? Sadiq Khan. You figure it out.

  • designwithenergy

    Why must we always be insulted by these idiotic media reporting LIES. This guy is CLEARLY — C L E A R L Y — NOT asian. GIVE ME A FREAKING break. This is just STUPID. Of course it’s EXACTLY what it seems to be. A LUNATIC Muslim HATER — Serving Satan by KILLING the ‘INFIDEL’ (that they were born and brainwashed from childhood to ‘HATE’ on) This is super simple stuff here folks. Let’s not be naive.


    I have no sympathy for this attack. These scum have been taking over Europe after Merkel was stupid enough to invite them in. Parts of every European countries are “no go zones” where these scum have taken over. Until Europe gets rid of liberalism/socialism/communism/multiculturalism and either deports, exiles or exterminate these scum, this is going to be the norm so get used to it. And we of the West are locked in by our laws barring us from seeking reprisal and revenge for this. Sorry, I’m not sympathetic and truth to tell, this serves them right. Thank G-d for President Trump!

  • Monika Solomon

    Why not just call him swedish?

  • Recalcitrant Truth Seeker

    Sucks that they even tried to revive him.

  • Steampunk Sweetheart

    The British use Near Asian instead of ‘Arab.’ Everyone in the UK or who reads UK media knows they don’t mean East Asian.

  • Randy Underwood

    Cop was bad shot, his head is intact.

  • Andria Newbauer

    Enough of the PC bull—-This man is not Asian—Don’t tell me the Brit’s are not into calling a spade a spade.

  • Rachael Cain Wells

    If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck….it’s a duck. Smells like an ass, it’s a Muslim. Libs only wish that they were right at times. Pigs don’t fly yet, otherwise, we’d have these Muslims in check. Js!

  • Craig Samples

    What’s the betting his name is Mohammed something or other?

  • Fred Rayner

    Are you sure he’s Asian kind of looks Irish to me

  • Cyn Lee

    Oh…Wow….it is another White, Christian, Conservative from the NRA!!!

  • ejonezey

    That CPR Conductor pad looks like it’s way to low. Good job!

  • Gary Vanderburg

    another fucking backward inbred murdering terrorist rapist paedophile cunt!!!! Asian or Arab who gives a FUCK? HE IS MUSLIM SCUM NOW HIS ENTIRE FAMILY NEED TO BE DEPORTED

  • Bill

    The CULT of islam…

  • Klavius Morph

    That’s a mighty impressive beard for an Asian fellow.

  • disqus_ZhzNhBKfH0

    Alley Clarkbar mofo!

  • Zola

    An Asian? I bet his name is Mohammed. Such a strange name for an Asian.

  • Truth thrower

    Does it fn matter what region of Asia/middleeast he is from?…the fact is he is a dirty scumbag of a human.

    • cojar

      It does matter because his motivation was not just being a dirty scumbag. His motivation was to kill the infidels

  • Truth thrower

    If Obama had a son

  • cojar

    The “liberal’ Orwellian media really believe that they change reality by concealing the true identity of these people.

  • Vance Lebeouf

    what different does make, he is still terrorist

  • Punk Rock Patriot

    All that really matters is that it’s another attack by a mooslime.

  • Laurie Williamson

    He looks very Scandinavian to me…with all that blonde hair, fair skin and his dilated blue eyes.

  • wbedwards

    He’s an Islamic Terrorist who launched this attack….

  • AKgrandma

    I say, that by committing this crime he forfeited all his rights and that the policy should be to publicly announce that he has been buried with swine guts after being castrated. And that to all future terrorists, this is their fate, also. Zero tolerance for these animals!

  • Nick P 1967

    “Asian” in the UK is codeword for Muslim, when they are terrorists or rapists etc. “Asian grooming gangs” In the US, people would think of Chinese and Koreans. Of course they’re always Muslims when the media is giving them a positive spin.

  • BGills

    Clearly they simply misspoke!
    What they really meant to say is “the suspect ‘self-identifies’ as Asian,” leaving them helpless to report any conflicting information!
    Um… Didn’t a single one of them consider the possibility that a photo of the suspect would eventually surface?

  • Johnny Mcgillicuddy Macilhenny

    Broadly speaking almost any race could fit the picture (even possibly a
    very tanned white guy). But from this point we can already see where
    this is going to go. The left wing is going to try avoid the term
    Muslim. The right wing hope above all that he was Muslim. Meanwhile ISIS
    will claim responsibility (even if its just some crazy guy who had a
    bad day), and that way we can all so nicely go on discussing the danger
    of Islam, or the need to accept Islam. That way we don’t need to think
    about the huge social issues (global poverty, disillusionment with the system, increasing precariousness of western life and work in general, rising levels of inequality, etc.) that actually lead to the issues like terrorism. So rather then both left and right wing (some great thinkers on both side) now arguing over whether he was Muslim or not, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves what led this man to do this, so we can make sure similar things don’t happen again (and in case your wondering no I don’t think the answer is as simple as “that religion is just inherently more dangerous or violent). My point is rather then trying to figure out what racial/ethnic identity this man had (identity politics), we should figure out the underlying issues that caused this breakdown.

  • writesalot

    Isn’t this racist? Why are the Sinisters not yelling racism?

  • Robert W Ryder

    Fill him with pig blood and shove bacon in his mouth!!!#!##! 🙁