The internet is reeling after news that Lena Dunham has LOST WEIGHT.

The news comes via The Daily Mail, which reports that Dunham attributes her weight loss to President Donald Trump, claiming the “soul-crushing pain and devastation and hopelessness” she feels has helped her drop the pounds.

“Donald Trump became President and I stopped being able to eat food,” she says.

Dunham – a fair bit more than half the woman she used to be, but hey it’s progress – appeared at the opening of her friend Tracy Anderson’s studio in New York yesterday.

She also – gasp! – exercises, describing her regimen as “a mix of aerobics, strength training, and something that kind of resembles Pilates.”

Many social media users appear to be taking this as a sign that under Trump, anything is truly possible.

Others aren’t so enthusiastic.

The Daily Mail

  • Hajvan

    She’s still ugly tho. No amount of training can fix that.

    • Proud2bfromtheUSA

      Only God could fix that.

      • HT

        It would be better if he just turned her into a pillar of dogchit.

        • Proud2bfromtheUSA

          I thought that had already happened.

          • HT

            Good point.

  • TheAngryGerman

    Jeez, this woman is a disgrace for all women of the world. How can one be so ugly?

  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    she is still ugly as all get out.

    • Jack Bannerman

      As a southerner, I approve of the use of “all get out” lol

  • Eric Poland

    I have to ask this about many current “celebrities”: Why is she famous?

    • Proud2bfromtheUSA

      Apparently she diddled her sister as a child and then has some kind of mental handicap that causes her to say stupid crap all the time.

  • Bill R

    He is the Miracle Man

  • Truthfully, she probably started dieting and exercising because a) she felt ugly, and b) her doctor told her to get healthy. She’s probably just making this Trump excuse to be melodramatic and political, plus it will get her fat positive fans off her back. Either way, at least she’s losing.

    • JasonRMJ (جاسون)

      That’s a really good assumption.

    • Yasmine

      That, or she realises the tide is turning and people aren’t going to take fat whiners seriously any more.

  • HT

    She’s still a disgusting pig.

    • Reiver

      A walking yeast infection.

      • Ima Man-In-Adress

        I’m sure she’s got things MUCH worse than a yeast infection. Yeast infections are fairly common among women. Lena Dunham is more like a walking case of STDS like herpes and genital warts–INCURABLE!

  • Mark LaPointe

    Trump helping fat woman lose weight since 2017.

    • Joanne Dorlando


    • Ima Man-In-Adress

      He actually had a big brouhaha with that Alicia Machado Miss Universe–who won the title and then spent the next few months packing on about 50 pounds or more. Remember evil old lesbian Killary Clinton dragging her into the limelight to try to smear Trump in the press?

  • CB750Rider

    Now that she lost weight all she needs is some plastic surgery and a good psychoanalyst.

  • Sunsha

    She will lose more weight, feel attractive and join the Trump team. Join our side, we don’t have cookies!

  • pinetreeflag

    Amazing how inconsistent these libs are with their self-love. Wasn’t it just anti- body shame week? Shouldn’t she have continued with her body as before. Trump didn’t make her work out!

    • Manius

      Hopefully now it’ll just be a matter of time before the fat ones attack this skank for offending them. It could easily happen now that she doesn’t have “fat hog privilege” to talk about fatness.

  • Jack Bannerman

    No worries, Michael Moore will eat what she won’t.

    • Manius

      He ain’t goin hungry!

    • Ima Man-In-Adress

      450 pound Michael Moore got some ugly chubby Joo boy to do an anti-white documentary that was promoting Mike Brown of Ferguson as ‘misunderstood’ when he tried to steal officer Darryl Wilson’s gun.

  • She’s working out? Isn’t that implying there’s something wrong with being fat? What, she’s body shaming women? Not accepting fat people? Too good to be fat, is that it Lena? You make me sick 😀

  • Randy Lay

    the fat bitch owes Trump bigtime

  • Randy Lay

    hope she waste away to nothing ..wait she is nothing

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    What I have feared has started to happen: Dunham is collapsing into herself like a neutron star.

    • Ima Man-In-Adress

      She’s no ‘star.’–not of ANY kind. Do you mean a BIG BLACK HOLE?

  • Jaybergen

    You can lose weight, but you can’t lose stupid and ugly.

    • Ima Man-In-Adress

      She’s still an ugly, degenerate, vile, disgusting member of the ‘Tribe’ who admitted to molesting her younger sister, who is now an adult and a lesbian. ‘Coincidence’? I think not.

  • Ryan S

    Who else thought the first two pics were before and were waiting to see after??

  • NoMore9to5Work .

    She’s still fukin ugly

  • txqban

    Gravity is getting a well-deserved break.

  • Myob Nosy

    If Trump is all that “soul crushing”, he apparently didn’t do it right. The lard *ss is still living. If her soul were truly crushed, she’d be dead.

  • DaisyToo

    That’s funny, she still looks fat.

  • charles_1

    It’d be nice if she lost about 200 more pounds.

  • mark white

    Can she continue this and take the Karen Carpenter route?? Please?!?!?!?

  • Neral Kujata

    Wow, looks like fat shaming really does work.

  • Reiver

    Coyote Ugly: When you wake up in the morning next to that, and chew your arm off at the shoulder, rather than risking moving it and waking that up,

  • Chauncey Hall

    Eat a big bag of Dicks and Scrotums, you whore.

  • Manius

    Seems like disgusting skank should be thanking him. Too bad he can’t implant a working brain for her.

  • Jackie Puppet

    If Lena keeps losing weight, she’ll disappear altogether soon enough.

  • Once a potato, always a potato.

  • RooThree Story

    Yet another example of a person who lives secondhand. She lives through other people’s opinions of what she is supposed to be.

    Beware of Darkness.