Former U.S. State Department Counter-Terrorism official Larry Johnson laid into CNN’s Brian Stelter this morning when the former attempted to coerce him into declaring RT a Kremlin propaganda network.

The pair were discussing the now-widely-disputed reports that Obama cooperated with British intelligence to obtain information on Trump when he was a candidate — a report that originated on RT.

“Why is it appropriate for any American to appear on a Kremlin propaganda network?” asked Stelter, an apparent reference to an interview Johnson gave the network that fuelled the allegations.

“Well it’s not a Kremlin propaganda network,” replied Johnson, who has worked as an intelligence consultant for numerous networks.

“You know what the fundamental difference I’ve found in appearing on Russia Today as opposed to CNN,” he continued, “they don’t do pre-interviews.”

“I’ve done pre-interviews with your people, I’ve done pre-interviews in the past when I’ve appeared on other networks.”

“Just two days ago I did a pre-interview with the BBC. They were going to have me on air but once they heard what they had to say they came back and said ‘oh, we don’t need to use you.'”

By this point, Stelter was very ready to move on.

“You say it’s not a Kremlin propaganda network,” he said, cutting Johnson off. “We’ll put that to the side.”

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