King Kong is racist, according to The Huffington Post’s Zeba Blay.

In an article titled “This Video Breaks Down The Racist History Of King Kong,” Blay bashes the iconic movie, arguing, “it’s a straightforward enough adventure story, but historically ‘King Kong’ has been viewed by some critics as a kind of racist allegory, symbolically depicting white America’s view of black people at the time.”

Here’s the video Blay is referencing.

Blay goes on to draw connections between King Kong’s capture and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

“Kong’s disastrous escape in New York [is] symbolic of the perceived ‘disaster’ of granting black people in the U.S. true freedom,” she argues.

Blay concludes her article by praising the film’s reboot, which premiered today.

Here’s the trailer for context.

“It will be set in 1973 and take place entirely on the uncharted island, rather than bringing Kong to the New York setting, which means there’s potential for Kong to finally shed its racially-fraught past,” she writes.

Many SJWs online appear to share Blay’s opinion.

  • Aitch748 the Дeplorable

    Do you suppose SJWs actually somehow enjoy being laughed at, that they’re all closet masochists and put stuff like this out there because hearing regular people like us scoff at them just makes them think of themselves as martyrs for the cause? Is that why they have this fetish for labeling harmless things “racist”? Drinking milk, Star Wars stormtrooper costumes, and now King Kong are all racist? Crazy.

    • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

      Leftism isnt a form of mental illness, it appeals to those who are already mentally ill.
      Leftism is just pure evil.

    • Sally Smith

      Wait…drinking milk is racist? Guess I didn’t hear that one.

      • Miles to Code

        Yes, you must drink chocolate milk to be non-racist LOL

        • Sally Smith

          I must be such a racist ????

  • Michael Lindsey

    “perceived threat”??? Africans are a parasitic race that causes chaos in every country on Earth in which they are allowed. We make excuses for them and we celebrate the small percentage that overcome their handicap but you can’t ignore reality. . .

    • The Wale

      Go straight to…. you uneducated, lower class sloth.

      • Michael Lindsey

        You got me Wale, your well thought out intelligent, intellectual response is just too philosophically astute to be deemed anything but amazing!!! Clearly you are to articulate to debate. . .

    • January

      No their not. There are small ignorant people in all races that make it look bad for the rest of the people.

      • Michael Lindsey

        Pygmies??? Were you trying to say it is a small number of blacks making the rest look bad? Would that be the small number that fill our over crowded prisons or the small number that shot over 4000 people in Chicago, or the small number that make it impossible for the Red Cross to deliver food into Africa, or the small number that are turning Europe into the rape capitol of the world or the small group that has caused every African country to become a third world hellhole or the small group that cause over 50 percent of the rapes and robberies in the US or the small group that – really do I need to go on???

      • Rekt

        Stefan Molyneux has a video about race and IQ. You should probably watch it, and check out the sources if you’re unfamiliar with the topic.

      • linnilu

        A good example is Michael Lindsey.

        • Michael Lindsey

          linnilu – Another amazing, well thought out philosophy showing a critical thought process. or maybe just a half ass 6 years old response but then I wouldn’t want you to think I judge. . .

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    Whats next? Will they criticise God for creating black people, saying its racist?

  • The Wale

    The article itself is racist. Perpetrating thoughts that were long ago forgotten. Never once in any of the movies did I think or see what the Huffpo suggests. Shame on them!

    • Justin Greiner

      The Democrat party has been and is the party of racism.

      • TomJB

        So who’s the racist, Dems, when the first thought that pops into your minds when you see a gorilla is “black people”???

        • bob

          when your lunatic progressives socialist liberals anything goes.

        • Justin Greiner


    • sndaniels

      Discussing race is not racist. Why is that the one problem in America that people don’t want to discuss? Also, just because you don’t se it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

      • Bandit

        And if you see it everywhere you look does that mean it’s everywhere??

  • January

    Every since Obama was first elected, the word racism has been thrown around and has only gotten worse. There are those that will look at anything and find something racist about it. The sad thing is this country was not ready for it’s “1st black President” because if they had been, they would have held him up to standards as any President before him. If you disagreed with him on his policies, you wouldn’t have been called a racist, they wouldn’t have looked at the color of his skin but instead the “man” who was President. The left started this BS of racism and it’s out of control.

    • Rekt

      They started it because they thrive on conflict and to shift the blame onto everything and anything that is not lefty enough to them.

    • sndaniels

      The film King Kong wasn’t an allegory about blacks. It was about a specific blacm man named Jack Johnson. Just because people don’t remember their history doesn’t mean it wasn’t true.

      • Bandit

        Just keep regurgitating the same stupidity – it is popular in some circles. Jack Johnson beat Jim Jeffries in 1910 to become WC – the first King Kong movie came out in 1933 – not real topical – but keep on H8ng

  • Chris Richardson

    Can we just take Huffpo out behind the shed and shoot it? It’s dying slowly and painfully, and having it put to sleep is too expensive.

  • Sam2

    Okay then. The left obviously represents mental illness. Anyone who says differently is an ignorant and violent misanthrope who is trying to perpetuate the plan of the elites to hold back humanity.

  • Mr Beaujangles

    It looks like pish anyway.

  • Ms_Fortune

    Don’t they realize that linking giant apes with blacks is the real racist thing?

    • Pratim Gupta

      Talk about epic fail.

  • CraigS

    That movie iRobot is racist, those robots ‘obviously’ represent white people.


  • Antonio Phoenix Frank

    Ahahahahahaha all of these ugly leftists are hilarious. It’s just an updated version of an old classic. Blonde white women were the thing I guess. Go take your stupid social justice movement to Antarctica and die. You guys aren’t warriors… you wear masks, I could kill any of you in a fight.

    • Bandit

      No have them stay off of Antarctica so it can be like the only place they haven’t f’d up

  • Surething Toots

    HuffPo is racist.

  • James Moore

    This is what they have descended to … hopefully they will go splat.

  • waterfowl

    Strangely, I don’t remember Obama ever being compared to an ape. (Michelle, yes — once.) Whereas Reagan was dogged forever by “Bedtime For Bonzo,” and Dubya was called “Chimpy McHitler Halliburton” and the like so many times that no one can keep count, and now Trump is the “orangutan.” Since 1980, in fact, the only Presidents not to be represented as apes are the elder Bush … and both Democrats. (Yes, Clinton also escaped the ape thing.)

  • Sam2

    The boogie man has been found again!

  • RalphF

    Racism today is largely a figment of the leftist mind. Kong is a large BLACK beast, according to HuffPo’s Zeba Blay. Well, Kong is a large gorilla and gorillas ARE black. What is racist about that? And the Kong movies are largely sympathetic to the beast. How is that racist in any way?

    • sndaniels

      So when four major motgage companies admitted to charging higher interest rates to black, that was all in people’s minds, or when Toyota dealerships were caught charging higher interest on car loans recently.

      • Bandit

        They charge higher rates because people have poor credit. Nobody ever got charged a higher rate that didn’t sign the papers agreeing to it.

      • linnilu

        King Kong bought a car or a house?

  • ayylamo

    It’s not stupidity, it’s racial struggle promotion. The only way to fight them is exposing them out, how these people imply sickening, absolutely bsurd things for political gains.

    • Bandit

      Outrage porn

  • InklingBooks

    Judging by that trailer, the entire plot of this latest Kong film is absurd. A remote island is filled with prehistorical animals and a giant ape, so our military is sent in to kill them.

    Why? One obvious fact about an island cut off from time is that it offers no threat to anyone who doesn’t go there. There’s no need for that over-the-top military response other than that it creates visually appealing action sequences. In short, why make any other accusation against this movie when “stupid plot” will suffiice?

    I will make one other remark based on long experience. How do you know, say in a work environment, that someone hates your guts? The best clue if often that they’re going out of their way to appear friendly to you and to warn you that others mean you harm. That’s to cover their intent to stab you in the back.

    The same is true of liberalism’s ‘over the top’ concern for black people and its often groundless accusations of the racism of others. That is intended to cover the real liberal agenda, which is to make the lives of poor blacks so filled with crime-riddled neighborhoods and dreadful schools that they abort themselves into extinction. It’s not accidental that the opening paragraph to Roe v. Wade mentions the “eugenics” and “racial overtones” of the decision. Those were and remain the chief reasons for abortion legalization.

    Nor is it accidental that in the late 1960s the most vocal proponent of abortion legalization was Dr. Alan Guttmacher, who was not only the president of Planned Parenthood-World Population, he’d been the vice-president of the American Eugenics Association. Those who know their history, know that in their heyday and at a time when the NY Times called eugenics a “wonderful new science,” eugenists wanted to squelch the birthrates of alleged ‘unfit’ immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe. That’s why Margaret Sanger’s first birth control clinic was in Brownsville, a heavily immigrant neighborhood of NYC. It’s why today’s Planned Parenthood likes to place its abortion clinics in similar locales.

    That’s the reason that terms such as “birth control” and “planned parthood” are ambigious about who’s doing the controlling and planning. It’s why the champions of “choice” fight informed consent laws that’d ensure that a woman contemplating abortion is truly informed. It’s why they fight laws that would esure that “safe and legal” abortion really is safe.

    The louder liberals yell about racism, the more we can be certain that they’re the real racists. After all, both Obama and Hillary sneer at ‘bitter clingers’ and ‘deplorables’ who’re honest, hard-working people. Just imagine what they really believe about violent, inner-city, drug-dealing criminals.

    –Michael W. Perry, The Pivot of Civilization in Historical Perspective (a book about the eugenic roots of Planned Parenthood)

  • MichaelConnery

    Is that why we were all actually happy as children when we saw him escape? Because we were against the freeing of the slaves? Who comes up with this stuff???

    • bob

      Lunatic mentally ill progressive liberals that is who!!

  • imarvolo

    -_- I personally identify as Godzilla.
    Don’t compare my race to that overgrown primate.

    • werewife

      Oh, then technically, your race is Kaiju. You’re welcome.

      • imarvolo

        Touche Werewife.
        In that case I activate the Rachel Dolezal trap card and choose to identify as Kaiju

  • Vincent Law

    well since Samuel L Jackson is the antagonist i guess they really cannot deny black on black violence now can they?

  • Maximus Bloviatus

    Because of course, not a single lefty, ever referred to President Trump as an Orangutan once during the entire Presidential cycle.
    Or made fun of his skin colour.

  • Nikki

    Way to ruin a beautiful love story, Huff Post! Never did I once think the ape symbolized a person because I don’t try to turn everything into racism.

  • carlos bento

    “Many SJWs online appear to share Blay’s opinion”. i believe they agree with everything has long has there are some crucial words, racism, islamophobe etc etc, we all know them. i guess the next big thing is an article about how sjws are racist, then they can protest against themselfs.

  • Retired military

    The author of the Huffpo article is an idiot.

    • linnilu

      Well, of course, she’s writing for Huffpo, isn’t she?

  • Clay James Belter

    Why do I get the feeling that I could make a similar analysis of the Wolfman saying that it’s anti-gay propaganda or something and then have SJWs all over praising me and then lying saying that they always thought this same thing too.

  • bob

    This idiot reasoning is why these fing lunatic socialist progressives lost the election and yet they just continue with the BS!! You cant fix fing stupid dmba a##$%’s

  • Deserie Sanders

    Wow….seriously? lol. The stupidity is just endless lately isn’t it. King Kong is representative of a giant “Gorilla” not black people. They make movies about giant sharks, and crocodiles, and piranha, and octopus’ and reptiles (Godzilla), and butterflies/moths (Mortha), and spiders, etc. Get a life! This is what happens when you look for things to find racism in…give me a break and stop turning one of my favorite movies (love all those giant animal movies I mentioned lol) into something it’s not 🙁

  • Dion Riutta

    They are the racist ones for linking an old movie character who is not even human with black people, they have nothing in common

  • sndaniels

    The original film King Kong was a direct reaction to Jack Johnson, who upset many by becoming the first black boxing champion and also by openly dated white women. (He also patented the adjustable wrench, which whites mockingly called the monkey wrench.) He was hated and admired at the same time. And please understand that sports was an extension of national and racial pride in America. The same way Hitler was upset when Jesse Owens beat his own athletes in his own country, white Americans were upset about a black boxing champion. This is where the term “great white hope” came from, as in we are hoping that a white boxing champion will come and set things right again. King Kong comes from Africa, is put on display in Madison Square Garden of all places, breaks loose and runs amuck in New York city and hooks up with a white woman along the way. That was the life of Jack Johnson through their eyes. And if you think it’s too far fetched to believe that an entire film would be dedicated to race issues, race riots sometimes broke out after Johnson’s fights. He would win in the ring and angry white mobs would attack blacks in the streets. Also, please remember that the first feature length film in America was the original Birth of a Nation where post civil war freed blacks (played by whites in blackface) rape and pillage the south. Who comes to the rescue? The KKK. What does this say about America that this way topic of the first major motion picture. (By the way, Thomas Edison inadvertently popularized the myth of blacks loving watermelon when one of his nickelodeon films portraying American life showed a group of black workers on a lunch break eating watermelon.)

  • Yellow Car

    I was planning to watch Kong: Skull Island yesterday, but the scheduling didn’t work out. If you want to see a race based movie, try Get Out. It’s a combination of horror, comedy, and science fiction, but is basically about white liberals treating young blacks as sub-human to extend their own lives.

    “Serket’s Movies: Commentary and Trivia on 444 Movies”