Bulgarian ‘migrant hunter’ Dinko Valev has purchased a helicopter gunship to look for potential Jihadis posing as migrants.

The attack compliments his amphibious assault vehicles, tattoos, and ATV’s.

Dinko Valev is a former semi-pro wrestler with some pretty cool tattoos. Now, he’s a ‘migrant hunter’ who claims to have immunity from the Bulgarian government to hunt down and detain potential Jihadi migrants entering Bulgaria.

Dinko Valev has a lot of toys like ATVs and armored amphibious assault vehicles, but he’s adding something new to his collection – a legit attack helicopter.

It isn’t 100% known whether or not the guns on the helicopter are operational, but one thing is certain — they are there.

The menacing chopper adds to Dinko’s immeasurable levels of badassery.

You can check out his Facebook page to see him riding his horse, playing with his helicopter, or drinking with his friends. Bulgaria isn’t the only European country that is having to beef up border security. In fact, Hungary has decided to start building army bases along their border and have even built two walls along the border as well – all in hopes of keeping out migrants from Turkey just like our friend Dinko Valev.

Watch this video Dinko Valev posted to Facebook of him checking out his new toy…

Dinko Valev uploaded this photo of the new chopper to Facebook:

ISIS has even put a $50,000 bounty on him, according to Daily Mail.

Valev, who lives in Yambol, close to the Turkish border, has claimed every refugee is a potential jihadi and last year ISIS reportedly put a $50,000 (£38,000) bounty on his head.

Daily Mail is reporting that Valev had this to say about criticism of his migrant hunting activities…

Valev claims every refugee is a potential jihadist and once described his hunts, saying: ‘I would describe it as simply a sporting activity. You can’t describe sportsmen as violent.’

Listen to MILO talk about Muslim migrants and the EU…

Daily Mail

  • QualisRex

    Judging from the condition, I’d be surprised if that helicopter left the ground (or if he knew how to fly it)

  • Dimiter Shalvardjiev

    Being a Bulgarian myselfand knowing the case, 95% of the article is simply not true. Sorry.

    PS. Footage is from a military museum. The person in question – Dinko – is known for public stunts like this one.

    • Axiomunbroken

      It’s just funny.

    • Minion Man

      Don’t spoil it, let them get triggered.

  • feztonio

    Vlad Tepes – the guy Dracula was supposedly loosely based was one of the most brutal human beings in the history of humanity. his country was on the border between Europe and the Islamic empire. he single handedly protected all of Europe by keeping the various Muslim empires from expanding into Europe through sheer force of brutal will. Vlad recognized that Islam and the Arabs and Muslims who practice it only recognize one thing: STRENGTH. in their culture you’re either strong and can do what you want, or you’re not and you’re a victim. So Vlad out brutalized the brutal and kept Europe save from invasion.

    Vlad was smart. Be like Vlad – it sounds like Dinko is!

    • Iulian Lita

      You confuse Romanians with Bulgarians. Vlad was Wallachian(Romanian). And believe me, this country stood against Islam for 600 not only because it is overly orthodox christian(almost 90%) but also nationalistic as hell.

  • Harmless Immigrant

    Why just try to find the jihadists when you can wipe them all out and take the guess work out the the game of wack a mole?

    It’s just a matter of time before any one of these anti-christ fanatics snaps and kills indiscriminately. Just look no further than England today.

    Btw, I call my penis Dinko.

    • Miro Rodozov

      Because they are like roaches dude. And once you start an open battle against them, you will suffer. Trust me, we did it and we know (Bulgarians), we fucked up, the Serbians tried after us and failed even more miserably. It’s not that we don’t want to do it – OH DEAR, DO WE, YES WE DO, it’s just counter productive. It’s fucked up i know 😀 Meanwhile have some fun and troll the shit out of them, reminding them our girls walk around half naked AND THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT THAT , just you know, trigger them for sport

  • kiszka6911

    Looks like maybe a MIL MI-24 HIND? 80’s vintage?

  • William E Dunn Jr

    I’ll ride door-gunner position and even bring my own weapon and ammo!

  • Mike Manci
  • Fake news yet again. That us a museum piece, he did not buy it, he just visits a museum and he has no immunity in any sense.

    • Miro Rodozov

      lol you are everywhere

  • Miro Rodozov

    Listen, dear right wing geniuses triggering around this fake piece – we, the Bulgarians, being even more raterded and triggering on average concerning Islam issues since we 1. lived under Ottoman rule as slaves for 500 years 2. have (and always had) the border with Turkey, which is the gate to the islamic world, would like to tell you that antagonizing islam as entire religion simply doesn’t work, but hypocritical tolerance does and we are actually nailing it this way for long time. Raging against muslims ended pretty bad the last time we did that here, and let me remind you of Kosovo, which is the hot example of ‘what will happen if we openly confront muslims’. It creates more problems than it solves – and thats the moral of the story here. Do not tolerate them because you believe in tolerance, this is simply retarded, but because open discrimination against any minority creates tension that you can avoid employing hypocricy. It’s not that hard, so ignore the alt-sexual cunt rants, he never had to face the result of confrontation – but we did, also the Serbians. He is right about one thing tho – the EU policy on refugees in the pursue of ‘compasionate’ image should change. No doubt we shouldn’t take this cunts rather take them back to the shitholes they belong, so they can ‘protest’ against human rights violations in front of whoever gives a shit. Because i simply don’t , neither do you and i’m pretty sure about that.