Forbes has raised more than a few eyebrows with an article listing Iran as one of “the 10 coolest places to go in 2017.”

The listing can be seen on Forbes’ website here in an article written by contributor Ann Abel.

Iran ranks ninth out of the eleven countries on the list (yes, seriously) and its entry cites Indagare Magazine founder Melissa Biggs Bradley, who recently completed a trip there.

Indagare founder Melissa Biggs Bradley is excited about the trip she just completed to Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Persepolis.

The country seemed to be on the verge last year, and that panned out. Tourism has doubled in the past year, Biggs Bradley notes, thanks to the 2015 nuclear agreement along with regular flights from London, Paris, Vienna, Istanbul, Dubai and Doha.

In Melissa Biggs Bradley’s blog post beaming about her trip to Iran, she writes:

Visitors to Iran understand that they must adapt to Sharia law and customs, under which alcohol is strictly forbidden and women must wear hijabs, or headscarves, outside their rooms.

As Breitbart writer Penny Starr points out, the notion that Iran is a cool place to travel to in 2017 goes against the advice of U.S. officials.

Starr writes:

According to the U.S. Department of State, Iran is not an ideal travel destination because of it being designated as the No. 1 state sponsor of terror through its ongoing funding and arming of terrorist groups around the world and its human rights abuses against its own citizens and visitors.

Indeed, the U.S. Department of State website contains a warning – clear as day – informing citizens they should “carefully weigh the risks of travel [to Iran] and consider postponing their travel.”

Unsurprisingly, many social media users are blasting Forbes for their inclusion of Iran on the “cool destination” list.


  • laughatbabyboomers

    lol. yes. i will listen to the state department. totally on my side. 100% trustworthy….

    not the best way to prove your point; eh?

    • tom_quantum

      Yeah they’re totally lying to you just to keep you from having the Iranian vacation of your dreams. You should definitely go there to spite them.

      • laughatbabyboomers

        you should keep choking on saudi cock; I guess?

        • tom_quantum

          I wouldn’t visit there either. Or anywhere else in the ME except Israel, and I’m not in a hurry to cross Israel off my bucket list for that matter.

    • Unlucky#

      I think the writer is proving his point just fine. It’s only that Iran is such a dangerous place that the State Department felt the need to warn mentally disabled people like you of the risks.

      • laughatbabyboomers

        You mean the state department that forget to put Saudi Arabia on the list?

        Iran is nothing compared to that Wahhabist subhuman filth

        • Unlucky#

          My brother told me that a lot of the people there aren’t really allowed to talk about anything that could disturb the peace. Take that as you will.

          • laughatbabyboomers

            How many Iranians were invovled with 9/11 again?

          • Unlucky#

            They were Saudi nationals. Everyone with a straight head knows that.

  • How can one be so obtuse and so detached from their surroundings to think that this country makes for an exciting getaway?

  • Timothy B Sarver

    Wait, so people will go to Iran, even with it’s very real history of murdering or imprisoning gays, but they’re boycotting North Carolina because they’re making people pee in a bathroom that corresponds with what genitals they have?

    • tom_quantum

      Bruh, when you gotta virtue signal hard you can’t get hung up on details.

  • HunchbackKing

    Just found this in a dictionary. New definition of Clueless. adj. describes Melissa Biggs Bradley’s article about Iran as one of the best places to visit in 2017. See also Forbes.

  • dsoberg

    Forbes has always been a publication of irony. Why the consternation?
    Iranian executioner wipes snot from the dead head of an executed homosexual.
    Even Allah must attend to details. (David)

  • Zed Clampet

    Best list ever. Also includes Oregon (because of a solar eclipse you can’t possibly hope to see anywhere else), the Democratic Republic of Congo (where you may also get killed), and Antarctica (because the ice is going to melt due to Donald Trump)

  • Iran has great parties though. Go to the Prince of Persia gay rave club on a Sunday night and pop a few pills of ecstasy. You can wash down their unforgettable nasty flavor with a double Flaming Infidel – a drink served nowhere else on earth as only the most expert ayatollahs know the secret to its preparation. Then, piss it out in style on the glass wall urinal – etched with the face of the prophet Mohammed – with an excellent view of the observation area as the audience hands you their hook up cards through the slot.

  • twosense

    I’m sure Iran was once a great tourist destination, but that ended in 1979. I’m surprised Forbes didn’t have North Korea on the list.

  • tairamonezzi

    Nice one, Forbes! What’s next? China as one of the top 3 destinations for dog-friendly trips? wth.

  • Rekt

    Why the hell would anyone want to spend money in the muslim world? Leave them to rot.

  • Śœarar Ó Murchadh

    make sure you bring your own stones in case you get raped, don’t want to be caught with average rocks being thrown at your head

  • amasterbator

    The only question is, will your travel agency give you a refund if your accused of being a spy and thrown in prison for life???

  • PunJabber

    “You want some candy, little hostage?”